S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e19 Episode Script


Previously on SWAT If you keep putting in this practice, you're gonna blow the other recruits away.
Deac says you got what it takes - to do real SWAT work.
- You're the one who gave me the chance, so It means a lot to me.
The baby was born, but Crystal changed her mind.
We're gonna figure this out together.
I withdrew my name from consideration with the adoption agency.
Hey, let's have a kid together.
I want the same thing.
I still feel the same way I did when you left.
I want to give this a real shot.
You know we can't be together right now.
I would never ask you to compromise yourself at work, but I can't keep doing whatever this is.
Don't worry.
I didn't sleep in.
I'm already at the airport.
I was worried.
You had a whole day to kill in Miami, and I thought maybe you got into trouble.
I mostly just walked around, took the city in.
Really, it's beautiful here.
Good place to clear your head.
And what were you thinking about as you stared off into the Atlantic? Honestly? Us.
I mean, it's hard not to.
Every time I'd see something cool, I'd think, "I really wish Chris was here to see this with me.
" Come on, we talked about this.
No, I know, a thousand times, but nothing ever changes.
Chris, I don't know how much longer I can do this.
I can't make you do anything you don't want to do.
Look, I got to go.
My prisoner's here.
I'll, uh, I'll see you when we land back in L.
Jim Street, LAPD SWAT.
Don Urbano, U.
Nice to finally meet you in person, Jim.
I assume he needs no introduction.
Peter Galloway.
I've seen your face on SWAT HQ's Most Wanted board.
I'm here to take you back to L.
I was impressed with your team - tracking him down.
- He got desperate, reached out to a few Miami contacts and put himself on our radar.
All we did was scoop him up.
Missed home, Galloway? Well, lucky for you, you'll be back in L.
before you know it.
Can't wait.
We got it from here, guys.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Let's get on board.
Humming and hot cakes? What's got you so perky? Oh, you know, just waking up next to my boo.
- Mwah.
- Mm-hmm.
Now I'm suspicious.
Okay, you got me.
That was pretty cheesy.
Show you something.
I got you a surprise.
Oh, babe, you know I'm not a jewelry person.
No, no, no.
It's way better than bling.
Open it up.
That's a key to this house.
Um, I love the presentation, - but I've already got one.
- No, no, no, no.
You've been holding on to my spare.
That key right there is all yours.
Baby, you're here every night, and I'm getting kind of tired of always having to invite you over here.
I want us to live together.
You sure about this? I mean, sharing a place is more than just sharing a bed.
I've got my own things, my own life.
And there's space here for all of it.
What do you say? - What's good, Luca? - Hey, morning, boss.
Hey, you're never smiling before PFQ drills.
What gives, man? There were some good tunes on the radio, I guess.
- I don't know.
- Oh, yeah? Sure it's not 'cause you got some big news you're busting to spill? Street's plane just took off.
Hondo, what did Nichelle say? Okay, what's going on? Who y'all been talking to? Oh.
Hey, Deac.
So, the team's decided that my personal life is fair game.
They seem to be under the impression that I might have some good news.
Well, do you? All right, all right.
She said yes.
She's moving in.
- Oh, yeah! - All right.
Hey, slow your roll.
- It's not happening right away.
- But it is happening.
Never thought I'd see the day.
You were just waiting for the right one.
And waiting and waiting.
Hondo Harrelson, SWAT's oldest bachelor, is finally settling down, man.
You're the oldest one here, Luca, and you still live with Street.
- Ooh.
Shots fired.
- Hey.
All right, hey, hey, hey.
That's enough, that's enough.
Y'all got your licks in.
Shift's about to start.
- Let's get to it.
- All right.
Snack cart'll start at the front in a few minutes.
Wanted to make sure you two got served first, though.
- I'm all set.
Thank you.
- Okay.
I'm good for now, but, uh, don't let them run out of those tiny pretzels.
I'll make sure to save a few bags.
She never asked me what I wanted.
Uh, that's 'cause she doesn't like you.
But she sure likes Jim, though.
I got to use the bathroom.
Oh, watch your head.
Hold on.
Wait there.
Go ahead.
Mind coming back in a few minutes, buddy? Galloway! Drop it! Cuff the cop.
Zip-tie the rest.
Kill anyone who resists.
In the back.
Go, go, go! Punch in the code.
Punch in the code, or I blow your head off and then make him do it.
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
Legion 319 declaring an emergency.
Hijacking in progress.
Don't worry, I'm not here to change course, but I do need you to get me air traffic control.
Commander, we just saw the alert on Street's flight.
What the hell's going on up there? It's Galloway.
I don't know how, but he got free, and he has the plane.
Air traffic control just relayed a message from the cockpit.
This is Peter Galloway.
I'm willing to exchange this plane's passengers when we land in Los Angeles for something in return.
My wife is imprisoned at L.
Regional Detention.
I want her released and waiting on the tarmac when I land.
Once the plane is gassed up, and the runway is clear, I will release the passengers before taking off again.
Flight crew and law enforcement stay with me.
I don't want to see anyone on the tarmac other than my wife, alone, and a small crew to refuel the plane and deboard passengers.
If I see anyone else, I start executing hostages, starting with the cops on board.
There'll be no further contact or communication beyond this message.
I will not negotiate.
All right, Chris, you round up the team.
I want everything on this flight: the plane, the manifest, Galloway.
I want to know how the hell he's pulling this off.
Sir, how long would it take to pull the SWAT practice plane out of storage? We could have it up and running at a training facility in 30 minutes.
You want to plan a tarmac rescue? This plane lands in under five hours, Hondo.
Then that's how long we have to figure out how we're gonna save Street and everyone else on board.
Training facility is being prepped as we speak.
Now, Street touches down in just under five hours.
By then, we got to be ready to raid that plane.
Protocol says we surround it.
We force the hijacker to negotiate.
Galloway's message made it pretty clear he's not willing to do that.
Forcing him into a corner might set him off and put the passengers in even more danger.
Especially law enforcement.
This is the same guy who ran a black market empire here in L.
for years.
Guns, drugs, contraband.
You don't control all of that without a rep for being ruthless.
Organized Crime had a solid case against him till he found the undercover cop in his crew.
He tortured the officer, then executed him before fleeing L.
His wife, Beth, ran the books.
She went down for everything LAPD was trying to stick on him.
She's currently serving 20 years.
You got to think Galloway's been planning their reunion for some time.
Hijacking like this, there's no way he's acting alone.
He's got to have help up there.
Aside from the crew, there's 19 other passengers on board.
None with a record or tie to Galloway.
His co-conspirators could be posing as passengers.
We can't plan a raid till we know how many hijackers we're up against.
I know Galloway's talking tough, but maybe there's still room to reason with him.
He's a psycho who's already killed a cop once before.
Chris, I agree, but Deacon's got a point.
We do need to know how many hijackers are on that plane.
I think I know a way to find out.
Ladies and gentlemen, we should be arriving in Los Angeles on schedule.
If everything goes according to plan, you should see your loved ones tonight.
Don't do anything that would jeopardize that.
You're being radioed.
Legion 319, this is Sergeant Harrelson with LAPD SWAT.
Are you reading me? I thought I made myself clear.
There will be no further communication.
Problem is, you have my teammate, Jim Street, and a U.
Marshal up there with you.
We're willing to play ball, but I need to confirm that they're okay first.
Bring LAPD.
This is Jim Street, LAPD SWAT.
Street, it's Hondo.
How's Marshal Urbano doing? Hey, boss.
He's, uh, he's shot in the shoulder.
He should make it to L.
, but he's gonna need a doc.
And the rest of the passengers? They're just tied up in their chairs in the main cabin.
I can't really see them from first.
Careful, Officer.
Hondo, just give this guy what he wants.
Don't worry about me, just save the passengers.
But, hey, listen, c-can you call Molly and tell her I'm not gonna make it? We're supposed to have our third date at the Culver French Market.
Copy that, Street.
Galloway, I'm gonna need the injured Marshal included in the hostage release.
If he needs medical attention, we're gonna need an ambulance on the tarmac.
I already made my terms clear.
If the Marshal dies, you're not going anywhere.
Am I clear? It's an act of good faith.
Can we agree? Fine.
Do not call here again.
Smart kid.
Using Molly's name, he knew would get our attention.
Third date must mean three gunmen.
Where'd he say he was taking her again? Culver French Market.
"C," "F" and "M.
" Cockpit, first class, and the main cabin, maybe.
Hijackers' positions.
Mock-up plane's ready.
It's good timing.
If we're gonna pull this off, we're gonna need perfect timing.
All right, here she is, the SWAT training plane.
She hasn't seen the sun in a few years, but we used to use it to run regular hijacking drills.
It's been a while since I've seen this old bird.
All right, listen up.
Thanks to Street, we know that there are three hijackers, covering these areas.
Here, here and here.
Street and Marshal Urbano are being held in first class.
Our objective is to neutralize all three targets simultaneously.
Any of the hijackers gets tipped off, - Street pays the price.
- Galloway will have a view of the whole airport as he lands.
How are we approaching without being seen? These are the vehicles that Galloway's expecting to see on the tarmac.
So, Chris and Tan, you'll stow in the stair car.
Luca, you tow it in, undercover.
Deacon and I will arrive under the fuel truck, driven by - the real grounds crew.
- What about Beth Galloway? Beth will be dropped off as soon as the vehicles are in place.
We hold our positions until the hostages have deplaned and Beth is on board.
Once she's inside, the coast is clear.
That leaves us a small window to come out from cover, get into position, and then breach.
All right, we're gonna begin with a direct approach.
We'll use the forward and the aft doors.
Now, the real plane, obviously, those will be ten feet off the ground.
Luca, Chris and Tan, you're gonna take the front via the stairs.
Hondo and I will take the rear, using the fuel tanker to reach the door.
And we want this to feel as real as possible, so meet the hijackers, our current crop of SWAT recruits.
Now, the bad guys are in red, Street's in blue.
Now, Galloway will target him as soon as he realizes something's up, so we protect blue at all costs.
So all I got to do is sit here? For now.
After each run, I want you to switch roles.
Don't be afraid to throw us a curveball or two.
Keep us on our toes.
We won't make it easy on you guys.
All right, let's move.
Tac up.
Clock's ticking.
Hostages and Urbano are off the plane.
Beth Galloway is on board.
Front doors are closed.
On my count.
Three, two, one, go.
One hijacker down.
Cockpit! Street's down.
I can't cover the cockpit, and cover Chris.
We need to plan, for a hijacker in the cockpit - prepping for takeoff.
- Tan, that's your responsibility, starting now.
Let's do it again.
Three, two, one, go.
Cockpit's clear.
Chris out.
Damn it.
They changed positions, and I'm blind if I'm checking the cockpit.
Then we need to know whether or not someone is in there before we breach.
Everyone outside.
We're going back to the drawing board.
How you doing? About as well as everyone else.
How's the Marshal? He's not looking too good.
Yeah, but I haven't seen any white light in the distance either yet, so I'm sorry.
I just feel so helpless here.
Listen, there's something you might be able to do, but it's dangerous.
If it helps us, I'm in.
There's a stun gun in the rear galley.
It's in my bag.
Did you get a look at it when I brought it on? Yeah, I remember it.
SWAT Big Shot had to have his bag kept away from the rest of the passengers.
The passengers are complaining.
They need to use the bathroom.
Don't care.
Follow my lead.
Make an example of the next person who speaks up.
Got it? Hey, hey, hey.
Help! - He's having a heart attack! - Oh, my God.
Galloway! He needs a defibrillator.
There's one in the back.
You're good, buddy.
Hey, just breathe.
Take it easy.
Stay with me.
The cockpit is still a problem, but what if we seal it off? Anyone inside would be out of commission until we take out the rest of the gunmen.
- Okay, what about the pilots? - Well, Galloway needs them, right? He's not gonna hurt the only people that can get him back in the air.
Besides, all we need is a few extra seconds to neutralize the other hijackers.
Okay, our riot shields could fit down the hallway to the cockpit door, but there's no way you could hold onto one while hanging under that fuel truck.
The EMT might have room for one in the back of his wagon.
Three, two, one, go.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Suspect down.
Suspect, come out of the cockpit with your hands up.
All right, we found our sweet spot.
Now we run it again, and again, till we get it perfect.
I know it's in here somewhere.
Just just give me a second.
What's taking her so long? Something's wrong.
Bring her back here.
Enough! I found her trying to pocket this.
This was your plan? To get this? And then? Hmm? You just made a big mistake, Officer.
What's up, Commander? I got Midwest Regional ATC on the line.
Galloway wants to be patched through to you.
This is Sergeant Harrelson.
My demands are reasonable, Sergeant.
I was playing fair.
We're working on getting everything you asked for down here.
Then why won't Officer Street behave? There have to be consequences.
So, I'm setting new terms for our exchange.
No hostages.
No Marshal.
He can bleed out for all I care.
Okay, hold on a second.
Let's talk about this.
Talking was my first mistake.
If I see anything I don't expect on that tarmac, you'll regret everything about this day, Sergeant.
Sir, none of our raids work with a cabin full of hostages.
- Now we're back to square one.
- Yeah.
Hey, that last one was on me, Deac.
I couldn't get a clean shot through the hostage cutouts we added.
There's too many variables under Galloway's new terms.
Every run, we get hit, a hostage gets clipped Or Street dies.
What if we breached through the floor of the middle galley? We could enter through the cargo area.
That's tricky.
The cargo hold is rigged with a sensor that detects excess weight.
Second you get inside Cockpit would be alerted, and Galloway would see it.
Yeah, unless you disabled it.
Hey, I remember something from our old training days on this thing.
The weight sensor's on a delay to ensure no false alarms.
I guess sometimes a quick change in cabin pressure could set it off.
It's like 20 seconds.
So if someone moved fast enough, they could override the sensor before it alerts the cockpit? Yeah.
You'd need to get to the electrical panel up here by scrambling through that crawl space.
That's 40 feet for someone to breach, crawl, and cut wires - in no time at all.
- Well, it comes down to someone who's good in really tight spaces.
Hey, it was your idea.
Lose the tac gear.
Department of Corrections just brought Galloway's wife down here.
All right.
So, we've got just over two hours, and so far, our best play involves Tan crawling through a space small enough to make one of my kids claustrophobic.
We got to reconsider a-a negotiation strategy.
Galloway's wife.
You think she could convince him to come back to the table? At the very least, get him to release the passengers.
Hey, I know we got to get back out there.
Time's short, but you got a sec? Yeah.
Okay, you reacted late to one of the breaches earlier, and I caught you favoring one of your ears during a debrief.
You having hearing problems all of a sudden? It's nothing new.
An IED damaged my right eardrum back in Afghanistan.
Sometimes I get this faint ringing.
Makes it tough to hear really quiet things.
It comes and goes, though.
It's no big deal.
And you never told anyone about this? Doctor says it's manageable.
I've learned to live with it.
Okay, you know SWAT's got strict medical standards.
If you don't meet all the requirements, you're cut.
It's it's not like I can't hear, Luca.
This is just an off day.
There's gonna be a physical before graduation.
It includes a hearing test.
If you don't pass that, that's it, there's no do-overs.
SWAT has been the hardest training of my life.
The finish line is in sight.
I won't lose it to some technicality.
Okay, I'm not the doc.
Maybe you'll pass, maybe it'll be fine.
I just want you to know what's ahead of you.
Okay, right now, we need you back out there.
All right? Let's go.
Galloway, I'm sure you're wondering why your rec time was cut short.
Your husband hijacked a plane, and we were hoping you can help us open another line of communication with him.
There could be a lot in it for you if you cooperate.
We could help get your sentence reduced.
What do I care about my sentence? Where I'm going, I'm a free woman.
No extradition treaty.
You know exactly what's going on, don't you? I've been counting down the hours till I see my husband again.
Just a few left to go.
You really want to try your luck on the run for the rest of your life? I'll be in good company.
With the man who abandoned you to take the fall for his crimes? You're wasting your time.
Just give us what Peter asked for.
Don't forget, I'll be on the tarmac.
If you make a move, I'll know.
And if I know, - my husband will know, too.
- Is that so? We have our ways.
God help those poor passengers if I see one person even resembling a cop.
Hey, deep breaths.
Don't panic.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I'm not panicking.
I'm frustrated.
I was this close to getting that stun gun.
I blew it.
You put your life on the line.
That was incredibly badass.
Yeah, and somehow I managed to only give them more weapons.
I know that my team is working on something on the ground.
We're gonna get you home safe tonight.
I'm not sure I'd call my barely furnished one-bedroom in Santa Monica home, but Where would you call home, then? I don't know.
I'm still looking for that place, or that person.
What about you? Is anyone waiting for you to come home safe tonight? There is, but it's complicated.
We've been in this holding pattern.
I've been patient, but it just feels like it's never gonna happen.
I get it.
I dated this guy in Boston.
He promised he was gonna move to L.
He told me just be patient.
Two lonely Christmases later I realized I'd passed up a lot of my life waiting for something that was just never gonna happen.
I guess at some point you just got to move on.
And Boston guy is gonna realize he made a big mistake when he sees your face on the news when this is all done.
Hero flight attendant saves SWAT officer.
God, don't say that.
Now on top of staying alive, I have to worry about being camera ready? - I mean, look at my hair.
- Come on, I think you look great.
- What is it? - Your hairpin.
There might still be a way for you to help us out of this.
20 seconds starting now! Time.
Sensor's tripped.
Let's run it again.
I need a minute.
We don't have time to take a break.
Everyone up there's counting on us.
- We need to do this again.
- Hey, Chris.
We're all feeling the clock.
Tan just needs a breather.
All right, let me try it then.
Come on, Tan.
Take the watch, let's go.
Chris, that's enough.
Stand down.
We can make this way work, we just need to try harder.
I said stand down.
You need to take a minute to cool off.
We need to work together on this, not fight each other.
We're all trying our best here.
What if our best isn't good enough? Then what happens? Hey, look, I know you guys are fried, but this is what SWAT's all about: planning, training and endurance.
Starting positions.
We're going again.
I got dibs on not being Street this run.
Hey, are you good? I've been avoiding my hearing issue since my diagnosis, finding ways of compensating rather than facing it head-on.
Even if I pass the SWAT physical, the problem's not going away.
And I made a decision.
We got another hour to get this raid right, then I'm packing up my locker.
Wait, why? You don't need to leave, okay? The requirements to be a TEMS officer are less strict.
You can still roll out as a medic.
I've been through the ringer.
Proven myself.
I wanted to make SWAT, not hang back and watch everyone else live out that dream.
So that's it, you're just gonna quit? Be honest.
If the roles were reversed, would you stay? Probably not.
But don't throw this all away.
Okay, you're an amazing medic.
You make a difference every day you're out there with us.
I'm gonna pass on the consolation prize.
Look, nothing changes the fact that SWAT's a family.
And you're already a part of it.
There's a place for you here.
Sorry, Luca, my mind's made up.
If your bosses sent you here on some girl-talk mission, I am really not interested.
Your ride for the airport leaves in a few minutes.
Thought maybe you'd want to be wearing something a little bit more familiar.
And my bosses don't know I'm here.
They think you're a lost cause.
They wouldn't be the first.
I know why you're doing this.
It's not just 'cause you want freedom.
It's 'cause you love this guy.
Well, if that was all this was about, I'd just wait till my sentence was up.
He's a man with a lot of enemies.
He was gonna get caught eventually.
And we both know he'd have a target on his back in prison.
Maybe you were afraid this might be the only chance to see him again.
You ever been in love, Officer? It's rough, isn't it? Makes you act irrational.
It will be worth it in the end if Peter and I can actually pull this off.
I'll level with you.
There's no second destination once that plane lands.
SWAT will do whatever it takes to stop it from taking off.
You're bluffing.
He has hostages.
Including somebody I care about.
But that won't stop us from doing our job.
We can make sure he winds up safe behind bars.
But at least you'll be able to visit him once you're released.
You have the power to save Peter's life right now.
And you guys have all the power to give us what we want.
Come on, Beth.
We're both too smart to believe in "happily ever after.
" I take it your love story didn't quite pan out.
You either see your husband get hurt, or you save him.
What can you live with for the rest of your life? Travel time to the airport is at least 30 minutes.
We need to be in position before Galloway starts his descent.
Tell me you and the team have made some progress.
We haven't.
There isn't a scenario with good odds.
Galloway has a gun pointed at Street's head, which means we don't have time to move in before he pulls the trigger.
What if I found a way to buy us a few more minutes? Well, short of stopping time, I don't know how you pull that off.
I took a run at Beth Galloway.
She agreed to cooperate.
She said that she and Galloway have a secret "all clear" signal.
He won't open the plane door until he sees it.
She's supposed to put her hand to her heart, like this.
Beth just wants her husband alive, and to save his life, she'll give the all-clear.
- I don't know.
- Hold on.
If we don't have to worry about Beth seeing us, Hondo and I can scale the plane, and make entry from above.
And I can enter from below - through the cargo hold.
- All right, hold on.
How do we know she's not playing us? We're just gonna have to trust her.
I do.
Trying a completely new breach we haven't trained, I mean, that's a huge risk.
I know it is, but what other choice do we have? Guess there's never been a better time to be perfect.
I thought 20-Squad rolled out to the airport already.
We're loading the AV now, but we're missing something.
Look, we have no idea what shape the Marshal's in.
Okay? EMTs are standing by, but they can't move in until we take Galloway down.
That delay could cost Urbano his life.
So you're asking me to join the raid team? This is an untested strategy.
We need to prepare for anything to go wrong.
We need a TEMS officer.
You're the best there is.
Tell Wilson to prep for our descent.
Go, go, go, go, go.
She's here.
Almost there, baby.
Okay, move into position two.
Come on.
What's taking so long? You think she changed her mind? Go to the back.
Watch the fuel trucks.
I'll get us ready for takeoff.
- When are you letting us off? - When we say so.
You said Everybody just shut up! The passengers are gonna lose it when we start to take back off.
If anybody gets unruly, Jerry's back there to keep 'em in line.
- It's time to give him this.
- Okay.
There must be another hijacker.
He's been pretending to be a passenger this whole time.
What does that mean for your team? They think there's only three.
They're not expecting a fourth.
Entering the lower plenum.
Starting 20-second countdown now! 25-David.
I'm caught on something.
You got ten seconds before that light comes on and our cover's blown.
Why isn't she getting on? She's waiting for us to move in.
What the hell is that light? 25-David.
I clipped 'em.
Must have been an error.
Go sit in there.
Let me know the second the fuel gauge is full.
Galloway's out of the cockpit.
He traded places with another hijacker.
Okay, on my call, team.
Beth, come on.
Beth, I don't know what you're doing, but you got to get your ass on this plane right now.
Three I couldn't let you die, Peter.
- two - I'm sorry.
I was gonna wait till we took off to do this.
Get down! Chris, down! This is 20-David.
Call us Code 4.
- Send in the paramedics.
- Already on it.
I got you, Marshal.
- Thank you.
- You're gonna be okay.
Welcome home, Galloway.
You're under arrest again.
Hey thanks for picking me up.
The situation's under control, folks.
Who wants to get off this plane? Thanks for dragging me along today, Luca.
It didn't take much convincing.
- See you at work tomorrow? - Yeah.
See you tomorrow.
You came up big with the save today.
I'm sorry I lost my cool earlier.
Tempers were running high, but for good reason.
We knew if we failed, we'd never see Street again.
Grabbed these from the galley before I got off.
Told you I'd save you some.
My tiny pretzels.
Thank you.
I mean, you saved us with your hairpin, you have excellent customer service.
- I got to tell your supervisor.
- I didn't save anyone.
You picked the lock, got out of the cuffs.
Full disclosure: if you have the right tools, it's not that hard.
Just don't tell anyone.
Thanks for, uh, reassuring me up there.
I was a lot more afraid than I let on.
You helped me get through it.
Look, it seems like the least I could do is buy you a bite or a drink.
Any way you could give me a ride home? Uh, yeah.
I think I can figure something out.
Oh, there she is.
How's my pretty girl? Mm.
So, check this out.
You know how we were talking about a getaway? How about a cruise? 'Cause I damn sure ain't feeling planes for a while.
You about to give this back to me? I was caught up in the romance this morning, but maybe this is all a mistake.
A mistake? What, moving in? Or us? Hey did something happen today? Nichelle, talk to me.
I had a doctor's appointment last week.
Routine visit, but I asked them to run some extra tests.
I knew my odds of conceiving naturally were low, but I heard today it looks like they're even lower than I initially thought.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Well, we'll just find another way.
IVF is expensive.
And you know how traumatic that failed adoption was for me.
I do.
I don't think there's anything else to do at this point.
Forgive me, what does this have to do with moving in? You just came around to the idea of being a father.
I don't want you to stick around with someone who can't make that happen.
- Okay, stop it.
Come on, now.
- I understand No, no.
Hey, hey, come here.
Hell no.
The only reason I thought being a father and having kids made any kind of sense to me is 'cause I get to do it with you.
There is no family without you first.
The rest, it's just What, exactly? A distant second.
You sure?
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