S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e20 Episode Script


1 Previously on SWAT Mama Pina, these here are Officers Dominique Luca and - Chris Alonso.
- PINA: I open my home to undocumented women escaping bad situations.
CHRIS: I know it's really hard for you to trust someone in uniform.
My, uh, cell phone number's on the back.
You need any help in the future, I'm your first call.
STREET: Really is beautiful here.
Good place to clear your head.
And what were you thinking about as you stared off into the Atlantic? Us.
CHRIS: Come on, we talked about this.
STREET: But nothing ever changes.
Is anyone waiting for you to come home safe tonight? There is, but it's complicated.
It seems like the least I could do is buy you a bite.
Any way you could give me a ride home? ♪ LUCA: I was thinking first we hit up Sikumen, grab some dim sum.
Then we move on to Delalo's for cocktails.
Then, if things are going good, we roll back to ours for some coffee.
Wait, what are you talking about? Double date night.
Don't tell me you forgot.
I've reminded you twice.
- That's tonight? - Yes.
It's my third date with Olivia.
But I can't stand seeing you moping on your lonesome any longer, so Olivia's bringing her friend Darcy.
- You're gonna love her.
- I don't know, man.
I-I was thinking of having an early night tonight.
What's with you, man? You're turning into a monk.
No, I'm not.
I went on a date last week.
Yeah, and you were home in bed by 9:30 with a cup of chamomile tea for company.
She was a flight attendant.
She had an early start - in the morning.
- And you haven't made any plans to see her again.
- I didn't think she was that into me.
- Look, it's a numbers game, dude.
But you have to be in the game to play the game.
Come out tonight, meet Darcy.
I've been talking you up.
I'm just not really feeling it.
Look, I can't bring Olivia back to our place if you're gonna be sitting on the couch watching one of your baking shows.
It's a real mood killer.
8:00 tonight.
And you can thank me in the morning.
What's up? Just had a call.
Mama Pina's in the hospital.
- She okay? What happened? - I don't know.
- She wants to see me.
- All right, then go.
- Go.
- You sure? Yeah.
I'll get one of the new SWA officers to fill in for you, and I'll square it away with Hicks.
- Thanks.
- No worries.
Send Mama Pina our best.
- I will.
- All right.
You coming? Jackpot.
Pizza and beer.
Breakfast of champions.
We should go.
- Don't get your panties in a twist.
- [SIGHS.]
I just want to take a quick look around.
Hell yeah, man.
Oh, these things are worth, like, hundreds.
Look around.
See what other toys you can find.
Dude, what are you doing? Don't just stand there.
You think this thing's legit? Ho-ho-ho.
Feels nice.
Take my picture.
I'm like Daughter of Rambo.
I don't think you should be doing that.
Ooh! - [LAUGHS.]
: Oh! - Just-just put it down.
- Let's go.
Come on.
- Okay.
That's right.
Oh my God.
You think this thing's loaded, too? Oh-ho-ho! We-we got to get out of here! - [EXHALES.]
- What are you doing?! This is 1-Adam-10! Shots fired! Request immediate backup! I can't believe it.
: I made it.
- Best of the best.
HICKS: Cabrera.
Commander, I just want to say thank you for the honor.
I won't let you down.
I promise.
Well, that's why you were chosen.
- We're counting on you.
- Do you mind if I ask what team I'll be assigned to? There's still some algebra to be done - before we make that decision.
But, for today, you're gonna be joining Tan and the rest of 20-Squad.
- For real? - Yeah.
For real.
Hondo's a man down, so you're up.
Hondo just buzzed me.
We're rolling out.
Better get moving.
Uh, yes, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
- Go.
HONDO: You saw the suspects - breaking in the house? - Yeah.
Two kids.
They're from the group home a couple streets over.
Kids? How young are we talkin'? 15, 16, maybe? Girl's always causing trouble.
Vandalized my neighbor's yard last week, smashed up her lawn chairs.
Cops came, gave her a slap on the wrist.
- Is there anyone else in the house? - OFFICER: Not that we know.
DMV says the homeowner's got a red pickup.
There's no sign of it.
All right, get her someplace safe.
- Go.
- Copy.
LUCA: Hey.
Property records show the place is owned by Sergio Molina.
No priors.
Got a permit for a single handgun.
That's definitely not a handgun.
Get to the Gurkha.
Unis evacuated every house in a two-block radius.
20-Squad, post up.
This is Sergeant Harrelson.
I need you to put that gun down and come out with your hands in the air.
CARLY: And I need you to come a little closer.
Tan, Street, find a way around the back.
- I'll distract them.
- STREET: Roger.
HONDO: Talk to me.
Let's work this out.
Nobody needs to get hurt today.
Listen to what he's saying.
Go see if there are more bullets.
I got movement at the front door.
- It's opening.
- Stay alert.
It's the boy.
He's unarmed.
Hands up! In the air! Chicken! Keep coming.
Come on, keep going.
Keep your hands up.
Anyone else in the house - besides you two? - No, it's just us.
I have a visual and a piece of the suspect.
She's just a kid.
With a lethal weapon in her hands, Cabrera.
: Street, Tan, what's your status? - In position on the three side.
- 20-David, you're clear for entry.
Making entry now.
HONDO: Cabrera, you're their cover.
You ever heard of Teena Marie? The singer back in the '80s, way before you were born.
My mom used to play her record all the time.
That's why I know all the lyrics.
You want to hear them? - LAPD! Don't move! - No! [GRUNTING.]
- Give me your hands.
- STREET: 26-David.
Suspect in custody.
Checking the rest of the house.
Oh, man.
What was that Teena Marie song? - "Don't Look Back.
" - I used to love that tune.
Hondo, you need to see this.
HONDO: Homeowner's either stocking up for end of days, or he's an illegal arms dealer.
Looks like he's also in the ghost gun business.
HONDO: He's making drop-in auto-sears.
He's turning these ARs into fully automatics.
Hondo, look.
Looks like he might've just done a deal.
Judging by all this cash, a pretty damn big one.
But with who? And why? If those kids hadn't broken into this house, might never have known a gunrunner was sitting pretty in the middle of Toluca Park.
Imagine if that kid had found them.
We'd be sitting pretty in the middle of Apocalypse Now.
Hey, Hondo said the homeowner, Molina, drives a red pickup, right? That's got to be him.
That's Molina! - Don't let him get by! - On it.
I'll cut him off at the corner.
LUCA: Hey! Stop! On your knees! Hands in the air, now! - LAPD! Don't move! - On the ground.
Hands behind your head! Give me your hands.
Those are for personal use.
- Pest control.
- Right.
Shooting squirrels with a 50 cal, are you? Yeah, yeah.
Pellet gun's got nothing against those critters.
You can only get them one at a time.
Cut the crap.
You're dealing illegal weapons, and you're making automatic rifles with the help of that 3-D printer.
Exact type of gun that was used in a mass shooting in Sacramento last year.
And an ambush on law enforcement officers in Bakersfield a few weeks ago.
They found one of the guns at the scene.
I'm sure it won't take much to link it back to you.
All they got to do is match up the plastic auto-sear to your printer, and you're looking at an accessory to attempted murder charge, on police officers, too.
That's a capital felony.
Add that to an illegal weapons charge, how long you think he'll get, Luca? I'm guessing that they'll be carrying him out of prison in a cheap pine box.
Looks like you made some bank recently, hmm? $60,000 to be precise.
Found it in a duffel in your gun room.
Start talking.
Tell us what you sold and to who, and then maybe you won't be leaving prison in a pine box after all.
Okay, s say I did sell something hypothetically speaking, that is and the buyer paid a premium to expedite the goods because they needed them for something big, something going down today.
- What kind of big? - Big.
But that's all I know.
What goods are we talking about exactly? MOLINA: Hypothetically, uh, we're talking maybe six of those ARs, converted to full auto.
50 Cal.
A thousand rounds of ammo, give or take.
A handful of grenades.
You got a hypothetical name for me? [STAMMERS.]
But get me a deal signed by the D.
, granting me full immunity, and I will give you a full detailed description of him and his pickup.
Let's roll, Luca.
- Officer.
- Wait, wait, wait, what? What about, what about my deal? - You-you need me.
- Not anymore, we don't.
You just gave us a lead.
And we got this.
Come on, man.
Hot Don's? It's pretty bad coffee, if I recall.
Stale donuts, too.
I also remember it sits opposite the Son of a Gun shooting range.
And judging from the number of cups in this hoarder's paradise you call a truck, you spend a lot of time at that range.
Yeah, it's likely where you do your business.
If we grab a warrant for their security tapes, I don't think it's gonna be that hard to find out who bought the weapons.
Get him out of here.
We got to find out who that buyer is.
We don't have much time.
How you doing? Uh, good.
Talk to me.
Ten years under my belt as a cop, and I've only had to draw my weapon twice, and I've never once had to fire it in the line of duty.
Two minutes into my first SWAT assignment, and I got a teenager in my sights, and my finger on the trigger.
I knew being on SWAT would mean facing these kinds of situations, but shooting paper targets and shooting kids are two very different things.
Yeah, today was a tough first callout, that's for sure.
But no one got hurt.
No one died, thank God.
But they could've, that's the thing.
I know I would've pulled the trigger if Hondo had given me the green light.
I guess I'm just wondering how I'd be feeling right now if he had.
How do you deal with that? My faith.
Spend a lot of time in confession.
Every day, I wake up, and I pray that I won't have to take a life.
Most days, those prayers are answered.
And when they're not? Nothing I say could truly prepare you, but just know this: every time I've had to take a life, it was the only option.
I did what I had to do, and it saved the lives of civilians or the lives of my team.
And if that moment comes, you can trust that you'll make the right decision because you've trained to.
Doesn't necessarily make the weight of it go away, but it helps.
It helps knowing that you did the only thing you could do.
The harder part? Reconciling it with my conscience.
And with God.
I hear you.
You working through the security tapes from the gun range? Yeah.
It's definitely the place Molina does business.
His truck's parked out there almost every day, but the books show he isn't going in to shoot.
I caught him doing some small-time deals, but nothing big and no sign of the truck.
- You want some help? - Yeah, sure.
Olivia sent over Darcy's - social media links, by the way.
- Who? Darcy.
Your date tonight.
What is with you, man? Anyway, I did a deep dive on her.
You guys are a match made in heaven.
Oh, yeah? How you figure that? Check out her posts.
And, extra bonus, she loves English baking shows.
Look, what's the matter with you? I've seen criminals more excited to do a lineup.
Are you nervous? Is that it? Why would I be nervous? 'Cause your dating skills are, like, super rusty.
Look, man, I get it.
You're scared you lost your touch, but trust me, those moves will come right back.
I'll be your wingman, there to catch you if you flame out.
Here we go.
- That's Molina, right? - Yeah.
That's him.
Looks like our buyer.
Why don't you run the plates on the truck? See if we can ID him.
What's the treatment plan? Stage four.
You can fight it.
The doctors have done everything they can.
The only thing they can offer now is palliative care.
We can get a second opinion.
Doctors aren't always right.
- A friend of my cousin's said she - It's not why I called you here, Chris.
There's nothing more they can do for me.
They've tried for over a year.
You knew about this? Why didn't you say anything? 'Cause I knew everyone would tell me to slow down, and I don't have time to put my feet up.
I have too much left to do.
What do you need? How can I help? You've done so much already, and I know SWAT keeps you so busy.
These last few months helping out at the safe house, they've changed my life.
I'm so glad to hear that.
On SWAT, every day, we're called to emergencies.
Uh, we-we-we put out the fire, and then we go, leaving people to pick up the pieces behind us.
Volunteering with you, helping these women, I've been able to help people put their lives back together.
It feels good.
You've really made a difference.
So, what can I do now? I don't expect anyone to take over the safe house.
It's too big a responsibility, but what I need is for you to help me find somewhere for the women in my care to go.
There are shelters I can look into.
It won't be the same, but I know, but it's the best we can do in these circumstances.
Gracias, Chris.
What about all the women that are gonna need a safe place in the future? What happens to them? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
What are we looking at? We ID'd the truck of the guy Molina sold the guns to.
Belongs to this guy, Elliot Byrd.
LUCA: 75 years old.
Vietnam vet.
No criminal record.
Not exactly sounding like a prime suspect.
Yeah, but so far, he's our only lead, and if it wasn't him, he might be able to tell us who it was.
We got an address? Uh, he's got an apartment in Sun Valley, but he also owns an appliance repair shop not too far from there.
All right.
Split the team and hit up both, uh, but be careful.
This guy might look like someone's grandpa, but if he's the buyer, he's a one-man army.
Right side clear.
Left side clear.
TAN: He's alive.
Vest stopped it.
Deac, check this out.
Looks like one of Molina's guns, adapted to fully automatic.
We're lucky he didn't get a chance to get a shot off.
Damn woman shot me.
You should arrest her.
Get away from me.
We got it.
So, where are you hiding the rest of the guns? What are you planning on using them for? Well, now, even if I told you, it'd be too late for you to do anything about it.
You ain't catching them.
You people.
You couldn't catch a cold if you stood naked in the snow.
Who's them? What are the targets? My ass.
I ain't telling you squat.
I was in 'Nam.
Fought for my country.
Flag bomb killed three of my unit.
You think we cooperated with the enemy? I am not a traitor.
You are the traitors.
Stooges for a corrupt government.
Found this.
Guy has zero personal effects, except for this one photo.
Who's this? Is this your son? Hmm.
Well, I guess we're done here.
Cabrera, you want to do the honors? Get him out of here.
I just got a hit through facial recognition.
The younger guy in the photo is Elliot's nephew, Tom Byrd.
SWAT arrested him a few years back.
Pulled off eight armed robberies.
Targeted high-end jewelry stores in Beverly Hills and Brentwood.
That's right.
Didn't he kill a security guard? - I thought he was given a life sentence.
- He was.
He got out.
Paperwork error in the D.
's office.
I just sent Luca Tom Byrd's mugshot.
He thinks Byrd's the man in the video doing the weapons deal with Molina, so he must've borrowed his uncle's truck to pick him up.
Maybe he's got a crew together, planning another robbery.
You don't need grenades and automatic weapons to smash-and-grab a jewelry store.
What if he's not planning another robbery? The way his uncle was talking, he had a lot of anger towards the government.
Words like "traitor" and "stooge.
" What if Tom shares his uncle's views? We can check with the FBI.
See if either of them have been flagged for anything domestic terror-related.
Well, we already got a BOLO out on Tom Byrd.
There's no address or phone number on file for him, so tracking him's gonna be tough.
What if we throw a geofence warrant around the appliance store? That should get us the phone numbers of anybody that's been hanging out there.
Might get us Tom Byrd's number.
We could trace that, get a lock on him.
All right.
That's a good idea.
I'll fast-track a warrant, and I'll get on with the FBI.
Hey, there you are.
You, uh, you saved my life earlier.
Thank you.
Training kicked in, just like you said it would.
How you feeling about it now? Like I passed a test, you know? I didn't freeze in the moment.
I mean, I'm glad he was wearing that vest.
You know, you might want to hit the gym, work off some of that adrenaline, otherwise you'll-you'll crash later.
I'm good.
I'm fine.
Can't wait to get back out there.
FBI just sent over intel on our suspect, Tom Byrd.
He recently came across their radar.
He was flagged for expressing extreme views online.
TAN: What kind of extreme views are we talking about? Well, apparently, Byrd was calling for the secession of the eastern part of California from the West Coast elites.
Urging people to rise up with deadly force against politicians, the police, saying they were traitors who needed to be executed.
Well, Tan did some digging into their background.
The Byrds had a farm near Fresno.
Now, Tom's father, Elliot's brother, killed himself a couple years back when the farm went under.
Blamed it on state regulations and high taxes.
During his robbery trial, Tom claimed he only carried out the jewelry heists to save the family farm.
Bank went and foreclosed on it while he was in jail.
HONDO: So, we got ourselves a motive, - we just don't know their targets.
- Yeah.
Likely, it's someone or something connected to the government.
Tan, let's comb through Byrd's social media, see if anyone there could be a lead.
We know Tom Byrd did not act alone.
Yeah, I'm already working through it.
There's a lot of people on there, though.
Hating on the government, police pretty popular cause.
We got to get moving.
If Molina's right about this attack going down today, we're running out of time.
Geofence warrant finally came back.
Same six cell phones kept pinging at the appliance store, despite the fact Deac said it looked like it hadn't seen a customer since 1987.
Who are the phones registered to? They're all burners, so no idea.
We can ping them.
Find out where they are right now.
Yeah, that's what I'm doing.
Just take me a few minutes to triangulate them all.
So, you ready for your big date tonight? You know about that, huh? Yeah, Luca told me.
Showed me her profile.
Seems pretty great.
They're even compatible horoscope-wise.
- Mm.
- That's meaningless.
- You know that, right? - No, it isn't.
I never date Scorpios, sting in their tail.
TAN: Hey, I'm just glad you're getting back out there.
It's about time.
How's your research going on the social media page? Oh, it's mainly a forum to complain about gas prices and property rights.
Lots of talk of a new California, but it's hard to tell how much is bluster, - how much is for real.
- A new California? Yeah, they want to carve out a new state.
As far as I can tell, this utopia will have no taxes, no regulation, free gas - and no cops.
- LUCA: So, let me guess, just a volunteer militia to keep the peace? And we already know they have all the weapons they need.
Finished triangulating all the phones.
Looks like we got something.
STREET: All six burner phones linked to the appliance store just pinged to the exact same location in Calabasas.
What's this right here? TAN: It's a private, gated community.
Get on the phone with the security company that mans the gate.
Warn them not to let anyone through.
- And send units.
- On it.
- We got a list of residents? - Yeah.
Pulling it up now.
HICKS: Mariko Almassy.
That's the same last name as the governor of California.
- That has to be a relative.
- TAN: Yeah, I'm checking.
All right, according to Wikipedia, Mariko's the governor's mother.
Sir, the governor's in L.
right now.
I saw a bulletin this morning.
She must be visiting her mom.
CHP handles the security for the governor.
Get on with them and warn them of a possible imminent threat to life.
- [SIGHS.]
- Commander, says here the governor made an off-the-cuff comment last month.
Reporter asked her what she thought about parts of California seceding, and she laughed.
She called it absurd.
- That's why Byrd's targeting her.
- I'll grab my team and roll out.
I just hope to God we're not too late.
Me, too.
CHP's alerting the governor's detail, ordering them to shelter in place till we get there.
Patrol units are still a few minutes out.
We might beat them to the punch.
Oh, rummy.
Another round, or shall I make some tea? Another round.
Oh, okay.
OFFICER: Hello? Great.
What's that? Governor, we need to move, - now.
- What-What's going on? [GUNSHOT.]
What's happening? - What do you want? - Take her outside.
What are you doing with my daughter? Let her go! You can come and watch if you like.
MARIKO: Laura! - You don't want to do this.
- Sick of people like you thinking you know what I want, that you represent the people, when you're all in the pockets of corporations, raising taxes, ignoring property rights.
Ordinary folk are sick of it, so we're making a stand.
Forming our own state, governed by the people, for the people, and this is the first step in the battle against tyranny.
Please, stop.
No, what are you doing? No! Help! Stop! [WHIMPERS.]
- Take them out! - [GUNFIRE.]
- [GASPS.]
: Airship-5 to ground support.
We are taking fire.
Get us on the ground! Now! Inside! Inside! Quick! Come on, let's go! We planned for this, and we're gonna have the eyes of the world on us.
Let's show them we mean business.
Use this as a call to arms.
All right, get busy.
Fortify the place.
And lucky you, you got two minutes to say goodbye to your mom.
Byrd cut the phone line and all the burner phones have been switched off.
They don't want to negotiate.
They plan on killing her.
We got to get in there before it's too late.
Looks like they're fortifying the house.
All right, listen up.
These guys want a confrontation.
That's why they're so heavily armed.
They want to use us to put on a show, and we're not about to turn them into martyrs.
Elliot was a Vietnam vet.
He mentioned something about flag bombs.
LUCA: Yeah, that was something the Viet Cong used.
They used to booby-trap flags to blow up when U.
troops captured their bases.
My dad was in Vietnam.
Stories he told me gave me nightmares.
Let's get in there and save the governor.
♪ 30-David.
In position.
In position.
They're coming.
Stay focused.
Let's push them back.
Buy us some time to chargrill the governor.
In position.
Ready for entry.
On my count.
Three, two, one.
On your stomach.
: 30-David.
One suspect in custody.
Stay down! - Stay down! Don't move! - TAN: Going hands-on.
Second suspect in custody.
Go ahead.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's booby-trapped.
Move, move, move.
Three side slider door booby-trapped.
Do not make entry.
DEACON: Going hands-on.
Two suspects down, one injured.
Continuing on.
Anyone got eyes on the governor? Negative.
Fourth suspect down! Byrd's on the move! Find him.
Find the governor.
You ready to face the music? Hold.
Tan, hold.
Trip wire.
Stand back! DEACON: Drop that lighter.
You let the hostages go.
Deacon, keep him talking.
Tan, pull back.
DEACON: Stop! You move, I will pull this trigger.
You really want to die today? - For the right cause? - Sure.
DEACON: You think anyone will care? That it'll achieve anything? I guess we'll find out.
You won't find anything out.
You'll be dead.
I'll be a hero for the cause.
I'll be in the history books, and from now on, anyone that stands between us and our freedom will know what happens to traitors.
Bullets are too good for them.
Move, move, move! On your stomach.
Hands behind your back.
You're okay.
Final suspect in custody.
better not screw up this time.
Won't happen.
Not with you and me on that witness stand.
Byrd's going away for life.
I guarantee it.
Hey, you own deck shoes? I look like the kind of person who owns deck shoes? Why you asking? Olivia's boss lent her his sailboat.
She's invited us to Catalina Island for the weekend.
It's awesome, right? I got stuff to do this weekend.
Like what? The finale of a cooking show? Laundry? I think I'm gonna pass.
Okay, so let me get this straight.
You're saying no to a weekend sailing trip with two beautiful women, to a paradise island? Is there somethinggoing on that you're not telling me about? No, I'm just not interested in a relationship, that's all.
Who said anything about a relationship? And, anyway, you sure you're not looking for one? I mean, you're sure you're not secretly falling for someone? Like Chris maybe? What? Every time her name is mentioned, you light up like a ray of sunshine just got spilled.
You just did it.
Right there.
- I did not.
- See? Admit it.
You're into Chris.
That's why you're turning down every other option.
Look, I've known for months.
I've just been waiting for you to come clean about it, so fess up already.
Does anyone else know? I don't think so.
So, what's the deal? She's into you, too, right? I see how she looks at you.
I thought she was.
Then she started blowing all cold.
That's why I went on this date with the flight attendant last week, but even that didn't work out because all I can think about the whole time is Chris.
Listen to me, I've dated my fair share of women.
If I found someone as perfect for me as Chris is for you, maybe I wouldn't still be a bachelor.
You got to tell her how you feel.
Dude, it is so much more complicated than that.
Why, because you're both on the same SWAT team? - That's one reason.
- So what, man? Just figure it out.
If you don't, you're only gonna regret it.
Hold on, if you knew how I felt about Chris, why were you pushing me so hard to go on a date with this - Darcy? - Yeah.
'Cause watching you squirm all day was pretty funny, man.
So there is no Darcy? No, there's a Darcy.
What about the sailing trip? Looks like it's just gonna be me along for the ride.
Send me a postcard? No, not gonna have time, my friend.
Glad I caught you.
How's Mama Pina doing? Not good.
She's, uh, she's dying.
They're moving her into hospice.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
She, uh, asked me to, um, help her find a shelter for the women she looks after.
Well, listen, if you need a hand with any of that, you let me know.
I know Nichelle's got connections to shelters, and I think Street does, too.
We'll find them all a place to go.
- You don't worry about that.
- Thanks.
I just don't think it's enough, though.
Mama Pina provides more than shelter.
She provides these women with hope.
When she's gone, I don't think there'll be anyone to replace her.
You trying to tell me something? I've been thinking about what's next for a while now.
Ever since Erika died, if I'm honest.
It made me question everything.
What I'm doing with my life, how I want to spend my days.
Taking over the safe house feels like maybe the change I've been looking for.
But I love SWAT.
I know you do.
And I don't want to I don't want to let you or the team down.
You won't.
I feel like I'm betraying you all.
I ain't gonna lie, you leaving will feel like the team's losing a limb.
But everyone will understand.
And if you feel this is the right thing to do I think maybe it is.
Then maybe it is.
Chris, you are one hell of a SWAT officer, and the main reason is 'cause you got a heart.
That's why I know you're the best person to carry on Mama Pina's work.
And as far as SWAT goes, you are leaving behind a legacy here that you can be damn proud of.
Two women graduated SWAT academy this year because they followed in your footsteps.
This has been home for so long.
This will always be your home.
Come here.
I think he's done.
Just taking your advice.
You hear anything about that guy? - The one I shot? - No.
Let you know as soon as I do.
Hey, Cabrera.
You doing okay? I don't know.
Everyone else seems so squared away, but my head won't stop buzzing.
Well, everyone deals with the pressure of this job differently.
I mean, working it out, the adrenaline is one thing, working out what's inside your head, that's, uh, something entirely different.
But if you don't, if you lock it in, that's-that's gonna get you into trouble.
Trust me.
Lot of good SWAT officers, they break down 'cause they haven't figured out how to process things.
- How do you do that, though? - Best way is to talk it out.
You know, Dr.
Wendy's available to us.
A lot of officers say that she helps.
Does that include you? Let's just say Dr.
Wendy's great, but I found something that works a little better for me.
David, good to see you.
Father Jack, nice to see you.
Like you to meet a friend of mine.
This is Alexis Cabrera.
She's new to SWAT.
Alexis, nice to meet you.
You, too.
Father, do you have five minutes? Of course.
Of course.
Come on in.
What you doing here? I just came by to talk to Hondo about something.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- I just, uh - What I, uh I just quit SWAT.
What? I'm gonna, I'm gonna take over the safe house from Mama Pina.
It's-it's a long story.
I-I'll tell you later.
Wh You're-you're leaving? You're leaving SWAT? In two weeks, yeah.
I didn't I didn't even know that you were thinking about this.
I've been, uh I've been restless for months.
- [SIGHS.]
- I mean it's not gonna be the same without you.
Hey, this is, this is so weird.
I was just coming to see you.
I-I wanted to talk to you about something.
And now this feels like crazy timing.
What are you talking about? I was coming to tell you that I want us to just do whatever we have to do to make things work.
I want us to be together.
And now, now that you're leaving SWAT, we can be.
What about, what about the flight attendant? Flight What? Really? We deserve a chance.
Isn't this what we've been waiting for? I didn't quit SWAT for you.
I quit for me.
I'm sorry.
I-I-I just I just, I just don't think we're meant to be.
If it was gonna happen, it would've, it would've happened by now.
You're the one that didn't let it happen because of the job, but now you're quitting that job.
N-Now you're saying that it's too late? I-I don't understand.
It's just the truth, okay? - Truth? - Yeah.
You want to talk about truth? - Tell me you don't love me.
- Oh, my God.
Chris, hey, tell me you don't love me.
- [SIGHS.]
- Just say it.
Look me in the eyes.
Look at me.
Tell me you don't love me.
- I can't, I can't do this.
- Why not? - I can't do this.
I can't - Chris.
Why? Why? Why? - I can't do this right now.
- Why? Why? Hey.
You know what? I'm done.
- [SIGHS.]

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