S.W.A.T. (2017) s05e21 Episode Script


Previously on SWAT Hank St.
I go by Saint.
It's always good to get drugs off the streets, but if you're right about this Saint guy being - behind all this - I am.
They didn't find anything to link it to Saint.
We're putting a financial hurt on him and he's got to be feeling the pressure.
It's only gonna take one mistake for the LAPD to come knocking on your door.
And I'll be watching you.
I want us to just do whatever we have to do to make things work.
I want us to be together.
And now, with you leaving SWAT, we can be.
- Oh, my God.
- Chris, hey.
Tell me you don't love me.
Just say it.
I can't do this.
You know what? I'm done.
Your tutor's gonna be here soon.
Game over.
Turn it off.
Adam, take off the headphones! What the hell, Mom? SAT prep or no car.
We made a deal.
Yeah, like I had much of a choice.
I don't even want to go to college.
Dad didn't.
Rick, could you get in here? I'm in school all week.
Okay? I'm not gonna waste my weekend prepping - for some dumbass test.
- Fine.
Then no car, and no car means no Kimberly.
I can't hear you.
God, you're the worst.
Power failure.
Security system disabled.
Again? I should just put the power company on speed dial.
Mom! There's cash in my purse in the kitchen.
Take it and go! Oh, my God! What do you want? The statues.
Where are they? - The what? - Hey, don't touch her! These statues.
Those are Rick's family heirlooms.
- I've no idea where they are.
- Shut up.
Where is your husband? At work.
Come on in.
What's wrong? You all right? Uh, I would've called, but my phone died.
I was sitting in the hospital waiting room all night.
- Wait a minute.
Darryl okay? - Yeah, yeah.
D's good, man.
I-I was there waiting on word about Becca Irwin.
Jerry Irwin's little girl.
Not so little anymore.
She's 21.
Before Jerry died last year, he asked me to look out for her.
I got a strange call from her, middle of the night.
So I went to her place, and I found her half dead, man.
- Well, what happened? - Something with the brain, man.
I mean, drug-induced.
Now, Becca, she's a, she's a quiet girl, a good girl, man.
And how's she been holding up since she lost her pops? I-It seemed like she was making it through.
But then the phone call, and she was messed up.
Talking crazy, like she lost her mind.
You got any idea what kind of drug she got into? I found it on the floor by her nightstand.
Not sure what it is.
Figured someone you work with might know.
Do you know who Hank St.
John is? Folks call him Saint.
- Older guy from the islands.
- Yeah.
- Active in the community.
- Yeah, I seen him around.
Do you think it's possible that Becca was connected to anyone who runs in his circle? No clue, man.
I-If you know who's putting this crap out there, then we can find out who did this to her.
I don't know anything right now, but l-let me run this by some people.
For now, you just sit tight.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
You know, most officers who put in their notice take their foot off the gas the last couple weeks.
Most of 'em have 20 years on me.
Yeah, she's just nervous.
She might be leaving SWAT, but she knows she's still on the hook for our weekend workouts.
And the second she starts slowing down, - gonna cut her loose.
- Keep dreaming.
Truth is, if I'm gonna be any help to the women of the safe house, I can't let myself get soft.
It still doesn't seem real.
Guys, I'm leaving SWAT, not dying.
Hey, how'd you do on the ropes out there? Who beat who to the top? - I won.
- Pretty sure I got him.
You can't be serious.
Maybe it was a tie.
Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep in the night, kid.
That's it, Chris.
So, no senioritis for you, huh? You guys just want me to sit on my ass and eat bonbons all day, right? Hey, when I pull the ripcord, that's where I plan to start.
Hey, been meaning to ask you, how'd it go last weekend with that Darcy girl? Honestly, it was like the most relaxed I've been on a date in a long time.
Okay, so there's something there? Are you gonna see her again? - I'm actually seeing her tonight.
- No kidding? - Yeah, yeah.
- That's great, man.
All right.
Come on, Tan.
Let's go.
Round four.
20 more, let's go.
Let's work it.
Don't make this so hard on yourself.
Give us the code to the safe.
I'm not giving you the code.
Once you have what you want, you're gonna kill us.
You expecting company? Hmm? My son's tutor.
She won't stick around.
Make a sound and you get a bullet.
Shh I'm in.
Ah, it was only a matter of time.
There's no statues in here.
Help! Somebody help us! 911.
What's your emergency? I'm right outside 2664 Good Shepherd Lane.
I heard gunshots inside the house, and now I hear people screaming.
It's clear.
Somebody tore this place apart.
Looks like a robbery.
Not a very good one.
There's a purse with a wallet full of cash.
This is 20-David.
We have a DOA.
Male adult.
GSW to the chest.
Two more DOAs in the family room.
Female adult and male teen.
They're tied up.
They were executed.
Check out the portrait.
20-David, listen up.
Possible female juvenile unaccounted for.
I repeat, there may be a child on the premises.
Bathroom clear.
If there's anyone hiding in here, you can come out now, you're safe.
We're policemen.
Hey, it's all right, it's all right.
Come on out.
We're not gonna hurt you.
Hey, I'm Tan.
This is my friend Hondo.
We're here to help.
You think you can come out? You can trust us, I promise.
20-Squad, we have the girl.
She appears to be physically unharmed.
- What's the poor girl's name? - Caitlin.
Once Tan got her outside, she broke down crying for her dog.
We couldn't find it anywhere.
Must've escaped in the chaos.
On top of everything else.
What a nightmare.
- Where's Caitlin now? - The social worker.
They're bringing her here while her grandma flies out from New York.
All right, let's see that we get her set up and make it as comfortable as possible.
Were we able to salvage anything from the Weaver home security system? Just this, right before the killers cut the power.
Looks like a damn hit squad.
Wipe out a family in cold blood.
Man, it's hard to understand why.
They ransacked the house, left behind valuables in an open safe.
They're after something specific, we just don't know what.
Hey, maybe we do.
Get this.
The killers searched Weaver's computer for any files they could find tied to these statues.
- What the hell am I looking at? - These are three of the most valuable porcelain statues in the world.
Part of an ancient Chinese zodiac set.
600 years old, once owned by an emperor in the Ming Dynasty.
So how valuable we talking? Between $30 and $35 million.
For those things? Money like that, I'd get each one of them their own security detail.
They wouldn't just be sitting at home for the taking.
Well, that's the thing.
They were never in the house to begin with.
Detectives scoured Weaver's business email, and the hedge fund he ran was insolvent.
Last month, he quietly sold these pieces off to raise capital.
So, this family, they died for nothing.
Do we know who Weaver sold the statues to? It was all done under the radar, no PR.
Some antiquities dealer named Eli Gibbs brokered the private sales.
"Sales" as there's more than one? There's a good chance that these pieces are in three separate locations.
Which means, the new owners, whoever they are, - they're in danger.
- And so is anyone in its vicinity.
Pick up this broker, Eli Gibbs.
Bring him in.
We need to talk to him.
Detective Rios.
You see my text? That's the same label that we saw in the stash house last month.
That means Saint already has - a new pill mill up and running.
- I called the hospital when I got your message.
Becca Irwin's tox screen came back positive - for A.
- What's A.
? All Night Insanity, a new stimulant big on local campuses.
Seen more students OD in the past ten days than the two months prior.
Yeah, lab thinks it's cut with an oven cleaner.
Can cause irreversible damage to the nervous system.
We have no idea where it's being manufactured.
Well, whoever's making this stuff, you know the road leads back to Saint.
Yeah, and you know until we have hard proof Saint's involved, there's nothing we can do.
We've been putting the hurt on him, hitting his stash houses.
He's desperate for cash.
We got to make a move on him now, while he's vulnerable.
And just what kind of move do you have in mind? If Saint thought the cops were closing in, putting together a case, he might try to offload product fast, take risks that he normally wouldn't take.
I think it's time someone pay Saint a visit.
My boss'd have my head if I got within 30 yards of that guy.
Well, it's a good thing I don't answer to your boss.
Good luck.
Maybe something will shake loose.
Has she said anything more about the dog? No.
She hasn't spoken since we left the house.
All I managed to pick up is that the dog's name is Sammie and she just got it recently.
Am I okay to talk to her yet? Just try to stick to simple questions.
Hi, Caitlin.
Do you remember me from the house? I'm Tan.
I'd like to know more about your dog, Sammie.
Can you tell me what color Sammie is? Is it all right if we share some of your artwork with him, sweetie? I know it's not much to go on.
It's somewhere to start.
Look here.
You want knight to queen's bishop two.
You see? But you were about to do that anyway, weren't you? Excuse me.
It's been a while, Sergeant.
Doesn't really feel like it.
Maybe 'cause I hear your name around the office.
You drop by for a lesson? I'm good.
Well, there's still time.
I'm curious, Saint.
You know any pill mills around here cashing in while kids from South L.
are landing in a hospital or morgue? You think you can rattle me by coming here? I don't embarrass so easily.
That's not what this is.
What is it then? I'm here because a young woman I know is in the ICU from a drug that your operations are responsible for.
You must have me confused with someone.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Sergeant.
But where I come from, people are responsible for what they put in their own bodies.
Even young women.
Consider it a fair warming.
Clean up your act, or you're gonna see me in ways that you don't want to.
Deacon and Street are on their way back from the antiquities dealer's place.
They found it turned upside down, - no sign of Eli Gibbs.
- You think he skipped town? Not sure.
A neighbor saw him leave in a hurry, said five men showed up a few minutes later.
Gibbs may have escaped with his life.
He must've heard of the Weaver family and assumed he'd be next.
Well, you got to figure even high-end brokers only deal in so many $30-million statues.
What did the killers manage to get out of his place? A desktop, two hard drives, and they emptied his filing cabinets.
Won't be long before they figure out who has the statues and start hitting them one by one.
Any idea where Gibbs might've gone? No, but we may not be completely out of luck.
An art appraiser who works with Gibbs called his landline while we were there.
She started to leave a message, so I picked up.
She's agreed to come talk to us.
Should be here any minute.
Spoke to Detective Barlow in art theft.
Listen to this.
Two statues from the very same zodiac set were stolen three days ago from a gallery in London.
Must be the same crew.
So, what's the theory? Foreign collector's making a move? Yeah, it's Barlow's best guess.
She said Chinese oligarchs have been known to repatriate lost cultural pieces by any means necessary.
Well, if these are the same guys, they traveled here fast.
I want passenger manifests for every flight from London in the past three days.
Airlines, charters.
Anything you can find.
It's her.
This is Sergeant Kay.
Sergeant, this is Jane Lucas.
Yeah, I'm coming to meet you.
You out front? Uh, n-no.
I had second thoughts about coming down there.
I'm sorry.
After what happened to that family, I don't want to be involved in any of this.
- Yeah.
- Like I said, I don't work in-house for Mr.
He only calls me in to appraise a piece if it's of a particularly high quality.
No, I understand.
But that's why I wanted to talk to you.
We're looking for the statues that Rick Weaver put up for sale.
Do you know who Gibbs sold them to? Not their names.
No, he I think he mentioned one of them was a doctor, but they were both private sales.
Wait, wait.
"Both"? There were two sales? But there are three statues.
If two were sold, where's the third? I don't know.
I would imagine it's still sitting in the safe deposit box at Mr.
Gibbs's bank.
Do you have idea where he kept that key? Silent alarm tripped at 13:15 hours when four gunmen entered the bank.
Unis got the perimeter cleared.
We have visual on the suspects? Description matches the crew from the Weaver home.
- Any shots fired inside? - Not yet, but judging by their MO Luca, we got to get there before they escape.
'kay, doing my best.
Street, what're you, taking your first steps? Here.
I got it.
I'm good.
Please don't shoot! - I'm a teller.
- How many suspects inside? - There were four.
- Turn around.
Turn around.
Hands behind your back.
Put your hands behind your back! Whoa, whoa, woah.
Hey, hey, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Take it, take it easy.
Put down your weapon! Let the officer go! We can end this without anyone getting hurt.
Go, go, go, go, go! Street, you're with me.
22-David, suspects are heading down the alley.
LAPD! Everybody down! Are you okay? Give it up.
Runner in custody.
22-David, we lost them.
Any hits on the BOLO we put out? Getaway van's still MIA.
Things got a little tense earlier between you and Street.
Just that kind of day, I guess.
Look, I don't know how to say this Just say it.
I know about you and Street.
That you guys have Well, you had a situation.
Exactly what did he say? Nothing, I figured it out on my own.
Before things took a weird turn, you were coming over to the house a lot, like, all the time.
You guys had all these inside jokes.
And Street's dimples were more, like, dimply when you were around.
You're seeing something that isn't there.
Come on.
I know you, and I know Street.
You two together, it works.
Okay, you know what? We're done here.
Yeah, never let them get too close, right, Chris? Meaning? When I see someone I care about royally screwing up, I got to say something.
When you guys were on the same squad, I get why it didn't work.
But now you're leaving.
And instead of going all in, you're letting the best thing that ever happened to you slip away because you're too Stubborn? Yeah, I heard that before.
No, you're not stubborn.
You're scared.
Chris, you keep everyone at a distance like it's an insurance policy on not getting hurt.
But you can't go through life like that and expect to ever really live.
What you and Street have the risk of getting hurt, that is nothing compared to the pain of never experiencing it.
I"m gonna say this with love, Luca.
Keep your nose out of my business, okay? Hey.
How's Becca holding up? In a damn coma, that's how.
No telling when she's gonna wake up.
Could be hours, could be days.
Any word on Saint? I went by to see him.
You went by to see him? And that visit didn't end with his ass in the back seat of your cruiser? No, Leroy, it didn't.
I can't just go "street justice" on people I don't like.
Yeah, well, you tell that to the 21-year-old girl breathing through tubes, - fighting for her life.
- Leroy.
I hear you, man.
I do.
But right now, we ain't got nothing to pin on Saint.
He knows we're watching him, so there's a strong chance he's gonna move product fast.
We wait until he makes that move, and then hopefully we catch him in a mistake.
Not good or fast enough.
Well, that ain't your call to make.
Then again, see, I don't work within the confines of a badge.
See, I talked to some old contacts, like I'm looking to get back in the game.
Eventually, that led me to Saint's number one dealer.
Cat named Damone.
I get in good with him, we get Saint.
We're meeting today.
Like hell you are.
That would mean that you interfering in a police investigation.
What investigation? Police ain't doing a damn thing, so I am.
Look, your association with me does not give you immunity.
You're gonna get yourself caught up all over again and find yourself back in a six-by-eight box.
Then get me the immunity.
Make me a CI or something on this, man, come on.
Almost forgot about your little trust issues.
I'm going to that meeting with or without you.
Least I could do for someone who was like a brother to me.
Still no hits on the BOLO, and our suspect hasn't uttered a word.
Tell me you got something.
You were right.
Suspects flew into L.
from the U.
three days ago.
Just got ahold of the manifest and ID'd five of our thieves.
They're all ex-soldiers of the Bosnian Armed Forces.
This guy is the head honcho, Maxim Baranov.
He was a lieutenant with the army's Tactical Support Brigade in Sarajevo.
He recruited four of his army buddies here, and they started hiring out services to bad actors.
Yeah, let's get those IDs out to patrol.
I want to put a collar on these guys - before they hurt anyone else.
- Okay.
How much longer till you stop icing me out? Uh, I don't know, how much longer till you're not working here anymore? I never meant to hurt you.
You really must think I'm stupid.
You never meant to hurt me? You did.
And you know you did.
- Street, that's not fair.
- Just stop.
You already made me feel like a fool.
We don't need to keep doing it over and over again.
Okay? I'm done talking about this.
You want to use Leroy as a CI? - You really think this through? - Sir, if he can establish a strong relationship with Damone which I believe he can he'll make inroads into Saint's drug ring.
And then, once we get enough evidence linking Damone to Saint, we flip him.
Well, judging by the stash houses, Saint's extremely cautious.
And let's not forget his spotless reputation in the community.
It's a reputation based on lies.
Sir, this might be our only chance to build a watertight case against Saint, with a key witness to boot.
This isn't what SWAT's supposed to do.
Our job's saving lives, Commander.
And right now there's a young girl in the hospital fighting for hers because of Saint's drugs.
And she won't be the last.
Using Leroy as a CI is tricky given your history with him.
You sure you can trust him to do the job that LAPD would expect him to do? Without any hard feelings, without any agenda of his own? He's our best option.
And by "best," I mean our only option.
I think Leroy's up for the job.
Not what I asked.
But I trust you, so I'll approve it.
- Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome.
I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine.
His name is Lobo.
Lobo means "wolf.
" That's right.
How'd you know that? My school teaches us English and Spanish.
Do you like your school? They give us a lot of homework.
Does your dog hang out with you when you do your homework? You mean Sammie? Is Sammie a girl dog or a boy dog? Girl.
But she's not real.
My brother won her for me at a fair.
So Sammie's a stuffed animal.
Yeah, my favorite one.
That's why, when I heard those men in the house, I hid her.
Tell me where she is, maybe I can go get her for you.
Hey, Tan.
Need you in here, buddy.
See you later, Caitlin.
Say bye, buddy.
Come on, pup.
Let's go, buddy.
Okay, when Deac talked to the appraiser, she said one of the buyers was a doctor.
So detectives did a deep dive into what was left of Gibbs's place.
Here's one of the guys they flagged.
Alan Gordon, but he's not an MD.
Professor at Hudson College right here in L.
Check out his bio.
A chair of the Art Department and leading expert on East Asian Art History.
That can't be a coincidence.
Yup, but how the hell could a college professor afford - a piece worth 35 mil? - He couldn't, but the school could.
It looks like the Art Department has a multi-million-dollar endowment.
Our getaway van busted through a security gate at Hudson College.
20-Squad's up.
LAPD! Don't move! - 30-David, in foot pursuit.
- I got this one! Give me your hands! Whoa, uh, hey! Give me your hands! 26-David, one suspect in custody.
Hey! Don't move! Don't move.
You're done.
We got him.
Street, you good? Am I seriously looking at $30 million worth of broken porcelain? Hope it's insured.
You're not gonna believe this.
That statue that broke? It was fake.
I just spoke to Detective Barlow.
Their forensics lab confirmed that there's no way those porcelain fragments are 600 years old.
You think the statues Weaver had were ever real to begin with? That's a good question.
Who knows? But the killers think so.
What about you? Any luck tracking down that antiquities dealer? Nah, Gibbs went MIA, probably hiding.
Gibbs' art appraiser, she's got some explaining to do.
I just sent unis out to pick her up.
I think Street's gonna be a little lost without you around.
We're all gonna miss you, Chris.
Whoo! Bullseye, baby! Trying to tell you, man.
Whoo! Hey, you must be, uh, Damone.
I haven't played this game in a minute, and I'm already killing it.
You play? Uh, I've been out of the game for a minute and a lot's changed.
But I know the basics of talking shop face-to-face, minus the corny-ass distractions.
So, come on, young blood.
Do us both a favor and stop wasting my time.
All right, old man.
Plead your case.
Judging by your little power trip, I take it you checked me out, so you know that when I was in it, I was damn good at it.
Yeah, till you got busted.
Yeah, that's right.
Because I kept my mouth shut.
I did the time instead of selling out.
But you want back in? That's it? Uh, what happened to that reentry life? You know, I tried it.
But that second chance noise is just noise, homey.
And I'm drowning.
Do I want back in? Nah.
But I got no other choice.
Heard you had a mouth on you.
Must get you in trouble with that hothead cop friend of yours.
Hey, what's that fool's name again? Daniel Harrelson.
Right Harrelson.
Didn't he play daddy to your kid when you was locked up? Yeah, he looked after my son for a minute while he was turning his back on me at my parole hearing.
The one shot I had at being reunited with my son and he robbed me of that.
Daniel Harrelson thinks he's the Messiah.
But he's really just a sellout who'd rather bleed blue than have our backs, so nah.
He's no friend of mine.
Yeah, you passed the first part of the pop quiz.
Here's the second part.
You want back in? Try the product.
You got to be joking, right? Just a little bump.
Wouldn't want you dying on us or anything.
LAPD! Drop the weapon! Drop it! Rios! He had you cold, Hondo.
We needed him.
Had no choice, man.
Supposedly you're an expert, and yet you appraised three phony statues at $30 million apiece.
Either you're lying, or you're terrible at your job.
I don't know anything about any phony statues.
The ones that I assessed were bona fide.
- How much did it cost? - The statues? To buy your silence.
That broker, Gibbs, is dead.
What? Oh, my Cops found your business associate tortured and unresponsive.
He died on the way to the hospital a half hour ago.
So, if Gibbs was tortured, it's likely he came clean, told the killers that the statues weren't genuine.
And I'm guessing that your name came up in the conversation.
Okay, now's the time to speak.
Your life depends on it.
Weaver he was hard up.
He had creditors breathing down his neck, looming foreclosure.
So he hired me and Gibbs to appraise and sell the fakes, and then and then we'd all profit, and He'd get to keep the originals.
Where are the statues, Jane? There you are, Sammie.
Hondo, you're not gonna believe this.
Tan, get out of the house now.
I just found the statues.
Maxim knows the statues are there.
We're still ten minutes away.
You need to get out now.
Get on the ground.
Nice and slow.
Drop the gun.
Chris, Street.
Cover the one side.
LAPD! Drop the weapon! Maxim's on the move.
LAPD! Stop! - I'll take one side.
Cover the three.
- Roger.
20-David, suspect down.
Street, give me status.
- Don't move! - He shot me.
Don't move.
Give me your hands behind your back.
- I want a doctor.
- Come on.
Give it to me.
Street! Street? Street! Son of a bitch took a couple potshots at me.
Got me in the vest.
You might've hit something on the way down, but you're okay.
You're okay.
She's right in here, Mrs.
Nana! GRANDMA: Caitlin.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I'm here.
Let's get you home, sweetheart.
Say goodbye to your friends.
Are you taking Lobo back to his family now? You want to know something cool about Lobo? We rescued him when he was just a puppy.
Found him all alone and scared.
He was what they call a "lone wolf.
" But you don't call him Lone Lobo.
Because he's not alone anymore.
Not only is he one of the best police dogs, but he found a family in all of us.
And now you, too.
Thank you for finding Sammie.
You're welcome.
Bye, Lobo.
Doing all right? How does one even begin to heal, let alone a child? Long road ahead.
Yeah, it is, but there are good people left in this world who will help her along the way.
She's already met one.
Maybe we moved too soon.
You trusted your instincts.
Look, this drug, A.
, it's a gamble.
Who knows how Leroy would've reacted to it.
Couldn't risk it.
If only Damone hadn't tried to take that shot.
We could've worked the immunity angle, something.
Now we're back to square one.
Well, that's not how I see it.
We're chipping away at Saint, little by little.
Sooner or later, we're gonna nail him.
Look, do yourself a favor, go home, get some rest.
That was the hospital.
Becca woke up.
- That's great news.
- Yeah.
How's her recovery looking? Hard, but, uh, I think she's gonna pull through.
Look, you should've let me handle it back there.
All right? I would've been fine.
No, you don't know that, Leroy.
And I wasn't about to risk my friend's life on a hunch.
What you said to Damone Yeah, I had to earn dude's trust, so I said what I had to.
You really think I'm a sellout who doesn't have my community's back? I did, after you didn't vouch for me, especially since I knew that your word to the parole board would've made a difference.
Wish you would've trusted me.
I do now.
Well, aren't you the pillar of the community? "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
" You know who said that? Forgot my book of quotes that criminal bastards live by.
You are your father's son.
I'm just gonna get right to it.
Between your raided stash houses and your main boy, Damone, dead, you're on a sinking ship.
I'm poking holes in your operation, and it will go under.
It just occurred to me that I haven't said thank you.
I had a how do you say a fly in the ointment? That fly was a common thief.
Stealing from me, but you and your stubborn scruples You swatted that fly.
So, thank you.
You're good.
I'll give you that.
But few things sadder than a desperate old man.
I'll see you soon.
The quote.
Don't be afraid to expand your mind, Hondo.
Might collect some unexpected friends along the way.
Cancel your date.
What? Why? You were right.
I've been playing with your emotions, but not because I think you're stupid, you're not.
You're actually really smart, you're one of the smartest people I've ever met.
Chris, slow down, you're not making any sense.
Why are you here? Uh, I I thought you died on me today.
And-and-and that thought only lasted a few seconds, but I've been the stupid one.
I've been terrified of losing myself to the person I'm terrified of losing.
And I hurt you.
And I wish I could take it back, but I can't.
I'm so sorry.
And I know me saying it like this, it's messy.
But if but if we can please try this again, I'd really like that, because, um Because I love you.
I cancelled my date an hour ago.
I love you.

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