S.W.A.T. (2017) s07e12 Episode Script


Previously on SWAT
I didn't want you to hear I was
retiring from anyone but me.
I don't know what 20-Squad
looks like without you on it.
DEACON: SWAT has been
the priority in my life
for a long time.
You're a sore winner, you know that?
I just wanted to win SWAT Tag
so I could impress Hondo.
What do you mean "impress Hondo"?
Squad's getting pretty light.
The way I see it,
if you want to move up in SWAT,
20-Squad's the place to do it.
At 20-Squad we're a family.
We're not some department
for you to climb.
Have a good night.

Yo, you ready to put
our fakes to the test?
I don't know about this, man.
If you're that worried, Cole,
just go back to the dorm.
IDs got the hologram and everything.
They look legit as hell.
I mean, they better, for 400 bucks.
It's practically every dollar I had.
- We can't all have billionaire dads.
My gosh, this new guy just won't quit.
Harder to ditch than the last guy?
That's why my dad fired the last guy.
It's, like, bro, I'm 19 years old.
I don't need a damn protection detail
spying on me everywhere I go.
It's, like, so stupid.
This-this line isn't even moving.
Right? Didn't your buddy
say that there's
a friendly bouncer
working the back door?
Yeah, but who knows
if he's even working tonight?
Come on, dude, let's go.
- You kidding me?
- Josh.
Josh, come on.
- Come on, bro.
- Let's just stick it out in line.
The line's brutal tonight, sir.
Wondering if we could
slide in back here?
Decent fake.
Good luck in line.
You can keep your money.
Okay, how about two conference
semifinal tickets?
They're not courtside,
but they're close.
I'll literally AirDrop 'em
to you right now.
What the hell? Look out!
- Yo, easy now.
- Get in the van. Go!
Okay. What do you want?
You want my wallet? My watch?
Please. You don't have to do this.
We don't want no trouble.
911, what's your emergency?
Oxfords on Figueroa.
Two kids were just abducted.
Send help fast.
DEACON: 40 minutes
to the Community Center?
- How is that possible?
- I'm telling you,
the protesters blocked
traffic for hours.
Florence was a parking lot.
So, this Energy Industry Forum,
how long does it last?
All the big gas and oil
companies are meeting
- for the next three days.
- Thank you.
Can't end soon enough, if you ask me.
Protests are getting bigger,
people are getting bolder.
Someone's gonna get hurt.
NICHELLE: The whole
LAPD's on Tactical Alert.
I know you're only a few
weeks into retirement, Deacon,
but I bet you don't miss that one.
Being on call for days at a time?
I can't say I miss that part too much.
I still find myself waking up
in the middle of the night,
grabbing for my phone,
convinced I missed a SWAT call.
- I make him turn it off now.
- Mm.
You still getting used
to this retirement thing?
DEACON: Yeah, you could say that.
Being a SWAT officer was
my identity for so long,
I guess I just got to fake it
- till I make it.
- You'll find your rhythm, man.
So, you must be staffing up 20-Squad?
It's a work in progress.
I really want to find
the right mix of people.
You're trying to capture our
old 20-Squad magic, aren't you?
Hey. We still miss having you around.
Two male students were abducted
from an alley behind Oxfords.
Last seen in a gray van
going west on King.
That's a few blocks from here.
Hey, babe.
Listen, I'm sorry. I got to go.
- NICHELLE: I love you. Be safe.
I'm sorry I got to bounce on y'all.
Thanks for coming. This was really nice.
- Yeah. We'll do it again soon.
- Go. Yeah.
All right.
HONDO: 20-David. I got a van
matching the suspects' vehicle.
2200 block on King.
Gonna check it. Send a cover unit.
20-David, van has no plates.
Possible suspect headed west
down an alley off Arlington.
- Hey!
- Move, move!
This is my house.
Truck has stopped at Hart and Van Ness.
Gray van possibly linked
to the abduction
of two college-aged males.
- Van's empty.
Shots fired. LAPD! Drop the weapon.
In pursuit.

Suspect is male, wearing a dark jacket.
On foot, headed east.
Armed suspect headed to
the Van Ness basketball courts.
LAPD! Take cover!
Get down!
Take cover. Down! Get down now!
20-David, suspect down.
I repeat, suspect down.
Roll an R/A to the Van Ness courts.
Adult Black male, GSW to the chest.
Breathing but unconscious. Hey.
Keep those eyes open, man.
Keep them open.
- Oh, man.
I need everybody to back up
and give him room!
Where's his weapon?
You just shot an unarmed man!
He didn't even have a gun, bro!
I said back up and give him space. Move!
How you gonna shoot your own people?
- Damn it, where's my R/A?
I need an R/A now!
Make room! Please!
EMTs are right behind us.
- Coming through.
- HONDO: Stay with me, man.
- Stay with me.
- Out of the way, people.
OFFICER: Sergeant, his gun is over here.
Any sign of the abducted boys?
No. They weren't in the van.
MAN: He was running away from you!
Can't trust none of y'all.
I can't believe this, man!
These our kidnapped victims?
Josh Wolf and Cole Raysitch,
both sophomores at SC.
Josh's dad, JP, owns Wolf Petrochemical.
Estimated net worth is somewhere
between two and three billion.
Somebody's after a big payday.
How about his buddy Cole, here?
Wrong place, wrong time.
Only contact we've had
with either family
was a call from John P. Wolf's attorney.
He claims the kidnappers
haven't made contact.
- No ransom request, no hostage video.
- Yeah, right.
Hicks doesn't buy it either.
Kidnappers probably demanded
some ungodly amount of money,
said no cops, and the
parents are playing ball.
- They're making a mistake.
- DEACON: I agree.
They're making a big one.
Paying off the kidnappers is risky.
There's no guarantee
they'll keep the boys alive.
- Deac.
- What're you doing here?
Came to talk to Hicks.
I, uh, might have an in
with JP Wolf's security guys.
I know a guy who put me in
contact with Josh's bodyguard.
This kid has a bodyguard?
Where the hell was he last night?
Oh, that's what I want to find out.
He said no cops,
so I offered to meet him on the DL.
Guess being retired paid off.
Yeah. Well, we'll see.
- I'll keep you posted.
- Yeah.
HONDO [RECORDED]: I need an R/A now!
- MAN: You just shot an unarmed man!
- That's crazy, right?
HONDO: I said back up
and give him space. Move!
MAN: He didn't even have a gun, bro!
TAN: What do you got there?
Oh, he was just showing me
what happened with Hondo last night.
"Flagrant foul at half-court."
That's just the caption.
He didn't write that.
Yeah, I'm not stupid, Alfaro.
I know how posting a video works.
This funny to you guys?
- No. Not at all.
- You know we had
something happen like this
on 20-Squad before?
With our old team leader, Buck.
This is totally different.
Buck accidentally shot a kid.
Like, Hondo took down
a dangerous, armed man.
What happened back then
put a spotlight on SWA
that nobody wanted.
It fractured a team,
nearly ruined a kid's life.
This isn't like that, Tan.
You got no idea what it was like.
You weren't here.
Anyone else think anything
about this is funny?
- No, sir.
- Good.
HICKS: What the hell am I looking at?
HONDO: Kidnappers were wearing some type
of anti-facial recognition masks.
Messes with the camera,
makes it much harder
for them to be ID'd.
Well, there's a lot of activists
visiting L.A.
for this Energy Industry Forum.
What are the odds
they're some sort
of environmental wackos?
Could be. But with JP Wolf
and his attorneys stonewalling us,
we ain't got nothing to go on,
except the stolen van.
Kidnappers must've switched the boys
to a second vehicle before I showed up.
Left the driver behind to ditch the van.
All right.
- You hear if he's out of surgery yet?
- Yeah.
The doctors say it might be days
before we get a statement, though.
What do we know about him?
His name's Tyler Mason.
He's been in and out of the system
for felony domestic assault.
Moved to South L.A. from the East Coast
- just a few months back.
- Well, at least he'll survive.
I just hope those boys can do the same
- until we get to them.
- Yeah.
You and me both, Commander.
You didn't do anything wrong last night.
You know that, right?
Yeah, I do.
But there was a moment
when I thought I made a huge mistake.
The whole time
he was running at those people,
I saw the gun in his hand,
but when he was closing in on that girl,
I got to admit, I took my eyes
off him for a second, and
[SIGHS] he turned and lifted his weapon.
And you took the shot,
in accordance
with your training, by the book.
I'm supposed to be better than the book,
Hondo, this was a justified shooting.
Commander, it ain't
about being justified.
It's about me. I'm a Black cop.
I shot a young Black man
in a chaotic situation
in front of a lot of people.
Sometimes when people look at me,
they don't see a protector
- they see a sellout.
I've spent my whole career
trying to bridge the gap
between the streets I grew up on
and the LAPD.
That's why I choose to wear this badge.
And you've earned a lot of goodwill
and respect in the process.
This one incident can't undo all that.
Any time an officer pulls
a trigger, justified or not,
it can chip away at the trust
that we've worked so hard to earn.
Well, then it's up to us
to earn it back.
[SIGHS] Look, I
I know the timing sucks,
but I'm gonna need your proposal
on that official 20-Squad roster
to run up the chain, and the sooner
I sign off on it, the better.
You'll get it by the end of the day.
One of the kidnapped boys' dad's here.
I sure the hell hope it's JP Wolf.
I got this.
Mr. Raysitch, appreciate you coming in.
The detective said you were
reluctant to talk to the police.
JP Wolf said it was a bad idea.
Said there was no reason
to get the authorities involved.
Did he say why?
Yeah, he said cops
would only mess things up.
Since it was his money they were after,
he's the one that
should be handling things.
There's a ransom demand?
I don't know any of the specifics.
He promised that he would
get Cole back home to us.
My wife said, since they're rich
and he's well connected,
he must know what he's doing.
But it's been hours
since we've heard from anyone
in their camp.
Cole is a good boy.
Smart as a whip. Worked his ass off
to get into that college.
He almost didn't go
when he found out that I had to
take out a second mortgage
to cover the tuition,
but a kid like Cole,
he belongs in school.
TAN: He ever talk about Josh Wolf?
Other friends they hang out with?
Yes, he mentioned that he had
a friend named Josh.
I had no idea that he was heir
to some big fortune.
But that's Cole.
Money doesn't impress him.
He spent last summer
volunteering in Bangladesh
teaching kids English.
Before he left for college,
I warned him, I said you're
gonna be around a lot of kids
that haven't been raised like you were.
You're gonna have to be careful
who you trust, and now look.
Please help me get my son back.
Pete Moore? David Kay.
Thanks for agreeing to meet me.
So, uh,
I'm just curious about
what happened last night.
You were assigned to protect Josh.
How'd he get away from you, exactly?
Josh didn't want a protective detail
following him around everywhere.
He's supposed to keep a tracker
on him at all times.
He left it in his dorm room,
climbed out the window. Mm.
- He's a normal kid, you know?
- Hmm.
As normal as you can be
in that family, I guess.
What can you tell me about his family?
His father, JP?
Signed an NDA before
I started working for them.
Lawyer said they can still enforce it
even though they
terminated my employment.
- They fired you?
- Is that a surprise to you?
I had one job.
Protect Josh.
- I failed.
- Look, Pete.
Do you honestly believe
that JP Wolf would sue you
if the information that you
provided to the authorities
helped get his son back?
JP Wolf is a son of a bitch.
Josh's mom, Caroline,
she might be your "in."
Salt of the earth.
So is Josh.
He's a sweet kid, you know?
Just wants his dad's approval.
Didn't ask for any of this,
being held by these militants.
Eco-terrorists, whatever
you want to call them.
Wait, how do you know that?
I heard the end of the hostage video
from JP's office as I was
being escorted from the house.
They said, if the family didn't obey,
the boys would be killed in 18 hours.
That was 13 hours ago.
Did you hear any of the
kidnappers' demands?
- No. Nothing like that.
- [SIGHS] All right.
They did sign off
with their name, though.
It was a "green" something. Green
Riot or Green
Green Rebellion. That was it.
Get home safe.
Environmentalist nuts, I knew it.
What do we know about them?
Found an eco-activist forum
on the dark web
with a user named "Green Rebellion."
Hasn't posted in months, but they claim
to lead a group of
"earth warriors" based in L.A.
POWELL: The user also claims
to have people on the front lines
of every environmentalist cause
under the sun:
fighting to stop drilling, mining
Their last post was a
link to this article.
Last year, a plastics
manufacturer in Moorpark
had their servers hacked.
Factory had to shut down.
As employees were being evacuated,
a crew started lobbing Molotov cocktails
from the roof of the building next door.
Six people were hospitalized.
Perps were never found. After that,
Green Rebellion went dark.
Can we track whoever posted that?
We've been trying to trace the I.P.
Waiting to hear back
from the service provider.
Most of the other commenters on here
seem to be people living off the grid,
trying to save the world
Yeah, spare me
the tree-hugger manifesto.
I got two missing kids
and a family attorney
who's giving me the runaround.
TAN: The I.P. address is still active.
Tracks to an apartment complex
on Reynoso Street.
Can't tell which apartment, though.
All right, get over there
and figure it out.
Go, go.
ALFARO: Ma'am, have you seen these boys?
I know this is frustrating,
but we can't leave any stone unturned.
I'm Officer Alfaro.
This is Sergeant Harrelson.
We're with the LAPD looking
for two abducted young men.
Either of them look familiar to you?
But he do.
Excuse me?
You the cop that shot
that guy last night.
Man, he was running away from you.
Well, I heard y'all
found a gun too, right?
Damn disgrace.
I guarantee whatever clip you saw,
it don't tell the whole truth, brother.
You from around here?
- HONDO: Born and raised.
- Mm.
Well, the LAPD done
scrubbed the streets off you
real good, homie.
You ain't Black.
What're you doing?
LAPD. We have a warrant.
Building manager let us in.
You work here?
Do maintenance on lots
of buildings around here.
Still can't pinpoint the I.P. address.
You recognize these faces,
by any chance?
Yeah, actually. I saw them last night.
- What? Where?
- Courtyard.
They looked wasted.
Their buddies were practically
dragging them home.
You see which unit they went into?
Yeah. Unit three.
It's been vacant for months.
Kids go in there to smoke and drink.
Didn't think anything of it.
- TAN: Bathroom clear.
- Closet clear.
- ALFARO: LAPD! Lower your weapons!
- POWELL: Drop the guns!
- Drop the guns now!
- Police!
Wait, we work for Mr. Wolf.
Put the guns down.
JP Wolf hired us to find the boys.
We just got here, saw the open door,
we thought you were the kidnappers.
Why'd you come here?
Got an anonymous tip that
the boys were spotted here.
JOSH'S VOICE: Help me!
- I can't breathe in here!
- Get that trunk open now.
- JOSH'S VOICE: Please, God, please.
- That's him. That's Josh.
Can anybody hear me?
I need help. I'm suffocating.
TAN: Check this out.
It's a recordingdevice.
- This was all a setup.
- Why?
HONDO: Kidnappers are sending
the family a message.
They just didn't realize
we'd find it, too.
Call your boss.
We're gonna need to speak to him.
I don't give a damn how long
you've been practicing law.
Look, you tell your client that
his so-called "recovery agents"
could've made a fatal mistake
confronting my officers like that.
I understand that
he just wants his kid back.
The easiest way to make that happen
is for him to start cooperating.
This is Josh's mother, Caroline Wolf.
Josh's protection officer
put us in touch.
This is Sergeant Harrelson.
Mrs. Wolf, I'm glad you came.
My husband is convinced that
involving the police
puts Josh in more danger,
and I'm not gonna risk
my son's life
because of my husband's ego.
He says that he "won't negotiate
with terrorists,"
but I will.
- The kidnappers made contact?
- Yeah.
This was in JP's inbox
after Josh was taken.
It came from an encrypted email address.
[DISTORTED]: Toxic waste dumping.
Chemical spills. Cancer.
Death. Wolf Petrochemical has destroyed
thousands of lives.
One: the company will
immediately cease operations.
Two: Mr. Wolf
will publicly apologize
to all of the company's victims.
Three: $200 million will be distributed
by us to said victims
via an offshore account.
If you want these boys to live,
if you don't want us to kill your son,
you have 18 hours to abide.
No police.
We are Green Rebellion.
There's less than three hours left.
I mean, even if we
get them that kind of money,
do you think they'll release Josh?
Typically, in these situations,
we want an open line of communication
so we can try and buy some time.
They mentioned an offshore account.
Any idea how your husband
was supposed to access that?
After they sent the video,
they emailed him that bank account.
The routing number
is from a bank in Panama.
Oh, my God. I shouldn't have come.
- What if they hurt my baby?
- Hey, hey.
I assure you, we're gonna do
everything we can to find the boys.
Forensics find anything useful
on the voice recorder?
Nothing that helps us
ID the kidnappers yet.
You didn't have to call me
out like that earlier
- in front of everyone.
- Hondo was just doing his job.
- Why is that entertainment to you?
- You should know I think
Hondo's taking heat for
something he doesn't deserve.
I think this whole thing is bogus.
Me watching that video
doesn't change the fact
that it's already out there.
You just seemed a little
too enthusiastic about it to me.
Like if the fallout from this
were to get Hondo
suspended or something,
it'd present an opportunity for you.
What are you talking about?
- You know I respect Hondo.
- Do you?
Or are you rooting for him to fail,
hoping that 20-Squad gets
even lighter than it already is?
Street, Luca, Deacon, all gone.
[SCOFFS] Hell, if Hondo goes down,
you might be named the youngest
team leader in SWAT history.
If you're trying to move up in SWAT,
20-Squad's the place to do it, right?
Powell told you what I said
about wanting to impress Hondo
so I can maybe move on to your squad?
Maybe I didn't phrase it right,
but I'm not wishing
for anyone's downfall,
especially not Hondo's.
He's a damn legend.
That's why I want to be on 20-Squad.
So I can work with him,
learn from all you guys.
I just run my mouth sometimes.
And I admit, I'm-I'm a little ambitious.
But is that so bad?
Maybe not,
but you're not someone
I'd ever want on my team.

[DISTORTED]: You have 18 hours to abide.
No police.
We are Green Rebellion.
They want to give $200 million
to the company's victims.
What kind of cut do you think
they're planning to take for themselves?
You don't think it's about ideology?
Well, that might be
what they're telling themselves,
but I think whosever behind this
is after a winning lottery ticket.
But the questions is,
are they willing to
kill teenagers to get it?
We have any clue where this was filmed?
No. The metadata shows
the kidnappers are using
- advanced software to cover their tracks.
You are all gonna want to see this.
Package was just dropped off
here for Caroline Wolf.
No return address, just says,
"Friends of Josh and Cole."
"Friends" as in kidnappers.
How'd they know Josh's mother
was here in the first place?
No idea.
Caroline Wolf left
just before the courier delivered it.
Well, let's open the damn thing.
"Caroline, we know you're with the cops.
Too bad for your son. Ticktock."
It's his pinky finger.
Trying to show us they mean business.
Things are spiraling out of control.
Kidnappers clearly had someone
following Caroline Wolf to HQ.
I've checked every traffic cam
that shows her arrival.
Haven't seen anyone
suspicious on her tail.
Must've shadowed her from a distance.
What about the courier?
Any clue how he got the package?
He picked it up on the front
porch of a house in El Monte,
but we contacted the homeowners.
They're in Vegas.
No home security.
Kidnappers used a phony address.
Looks like they paid
for the courier service
with a prepaid credit card.
Convenience store owner sent me
the security tape from this morning.
The card was purchased by this man.
DEACON: He's got to be
one of the kidnappers.
What's he wearing? Scrubs?
There's nothing around the
store but vacant lots,
except for this one building.
It's an old psychiatric facility.
Property record says it
went belly-up years ago.
Place is abandoned.
Tell Hondo, go hit it.

This place gives me the creeps.
Tan, check out the blood.
- LAPD! Show me your hands!
Cole Raysitch?
Is there anyone else here?
No, everyone's gone.
Maybe 20, 30 minutes ago.
I fought one of the attackers
off and-and hid.
They still have Josh.
You got to help him.
They're gonna kill him.
TAN: Hondo, you wanted to see me?
I heard you told Alfaro
that you don't want him on our team.
Sounds about right.
There are videos going around of you,
after you shot that suspect last night.
I know, Tan. I was there.
Saw a lot of people recording.
People who might feel
some type of way about police.
But you think Alfaro was
making light of the situation?
I don't know.
It rubbed me the wrong way.
He rubs me the wrong way.
Well, I got to admit,
I find that disappointing.
So do I.
But I feel like
Alfaro's just an opportunist.
I'm not talking about Alfaro.
Tan, you've been a member of this team
longer than anyone else now.
I expect more of you, man.
With things like this,
I expect you to hash it out.
With times like this,
we got to come together.
We? Alfaro's not even on 20-Squad.
I plan on bringing him on board
for real.
Look, I appreciate you
coming to my defense, I do.
But I don't need you getting bogged down
with distractions like last night.
I like Alfaro.
I think he'll be a good
addition to the squad.
Quicker you get your head around that,
the better.
Now, come on.
Let's go talk to this kid.
How're you holding up?
Better now.
Any word from Josh's parents?
What's their next move?
You don't need to worry
about any of that.
Can you remember anything
distinctive about the kidnappers?
TAN: Tattoos, scars, nicknames?
COLE: No, nothing like that.
They kept us chained up
in a room the whole time.
After they dragged Josh out,
I heard him beg,
"No, not my finger."
And then he started screaming.
I never saw him again after that.
And when they came back for you,
you fought back and escaped?
I punched one of them and I ran.
They stopped trying to find me
after a while.
I guess it wasn't me they wanted.
Josh's parents need to know
they're not messing around.
They cut off his pinky,
they won't hesitate
- to kill him.
- His pinky.
How'd you know that?
You just told us that
you didn't see Josh again
after they dragged him out.
So how'd you know
which finger they cut off?
I-I He yelled it maybe.
Cole, you're involved in this,
aren't you?
- What are you talking about?
- You are helping these people.
You would betray a friend like that?
Josh was never my friend.
Did you know Wolf Petrochemical
has a plant outside Dhaka?
That's where you studied abroad.
That's where my eyes were opened.
Dhaka's the most beautiful place
in the world.
The mangrove forests,
the rice patties, the people.
30,000 of them live
in the shadow of
his plant's smokestacks.
100,000 more in a ten-mile radius.
What do you think
the groundwater's like?
Worst on Earth.
Mortality rate?
Worst outside a war zone.
People are dying every day,
and it's JP Wolf's fault.
So you helped kidnap his son?
I'm saving lives!
Once I realized
Josh Wolf went to my school,
I had something to offer.
To offer who? Green Rebellion?
JP Wolf needs to pay for what he's done.
It's not just
what he's done to Bangladesh.
Wolf Petrochemical is
strangling our world.
Taking down the house of Wolf
will finally get people's attention.
Who are your accomplices?
What are they planning
on doing with Josh?
You can still stop them
from hurting him.
- We can talk to the D.A.
- COLE: It's too late.
Josh and his family will get
what they deserve.
So will you.
Get him restrained.
Turn around.
All right, what do you need to show me?
Here's Cole during his summer in Dhaka.
He shared a "bari,"
it's like a bungalow,
with four people.
Well, tell me you have their identities.
Eliza Crane, Zane Graham,
Omar Malik, Tom Fawcett.
Now, we don't know much
about Eliza and Zane,
but they appear to be L.A. locals.
Now, Omar and Tom
are activists out of Quebec,
suspected of murdering this woman.
Erin Jayne Sass, daughter of Brett Sass,
CEO of Terrasafe.
The pesticide?
Yeah, she was abducted two years
ago, killed a day later.
Her dad refused to pay the ransom.
Kidnappers recorded a video
of Erin reading a list of
Terrasafe's "transgressions
against humanity,"
before killing her and dumping her body
at one of the company's
experimental farms.
And Omar and Tom fled to Canada
and been on the run ever since.
Now, you said these two are local?
West Adams.
Neighbor said they're a couple.
They moved in last year.
They're into "eco-sabotage."
Allegedly they're harmless.
Travel up to Ontario for tree-sits,
that sort of thing.
Harmless my ass.
Yeah, Eliza and Zane
haven't been seen for a few weeks,
but guess who lives
across the street from them?
- Who?
- Tyler Mason.
The driver from the abduction
that Hondo took down.
Well, looks like we got our kidnappers.
We have a lot more than that, sir.
The neighbor says that there's
usually an old red minivan
parked outside their place.
All right, put out a BOLO.
In the meantime, you do
a deeper dive into this crew.
This kid's life is at stake,
and I don't want these bastards slipping
through our fingers.
Hey, there you are.
I got to go. Annie's in court,
and I can't find anybody
to pick up Victoria at pre-K.
Yeah, go, man.
Thanks for your help today.
It was really nice
having you back around.
- Yeah.
- Go.
Hondo, listen.
I know it's easy for me to say,
but this negative attention,
it'll blow over.
You'll get through it.
Just like you always do.
I don't know, Deac.
No matter the truth about what happened,
sometimes these things just
take on a life of their own.
And after what happened
in my house last week,
I mean, Nichelle's all of a sudden
talking about selling the place.
And I got a lot of people,
especially Black folks
looking at me sideways.
You know, the truth is the truth
even if no one believes it.
Just give it time.
And, hey, I'm always
just a phone call away.
Thanks, Deac. I know that.
And I appreciate you for it.
Back to work.
There's our match made in hell.
The boyfriend has almost no footprint.
But there's plenty of intel on Eliza.
She's been arrested at
protests from coast to coast.
BOLO on the red minivan just got a hit.
It was spotted getting off the freeway
on the Third Street exit downtown.
CHP lost track of 'em.
Cole said they want to
"take down the house of Wolf"
to get people's attention.
Wolf's corporate headquarters
is on Third Street.
Got to be where they're headed.
Let's go.
I want to go with you.
I need you here to make sure
our message gets out.
The world needs to hear
what we have to say.
I'll be waiting where we planned.
- See you there.
- See you there.

- Stop right there!
ELIZA: Looks like Daddy's just
got a skeleton crew working today.
Rest of 'em are probably
out there looking for you.
His office is on the eighth, right?
I'm begging you, please, please!
Begging gets you nowhere, Josh.
Sometimes you got to take action.
Witnesses saw three armed suspects
take Josh to the eighth floor.
That's where the executive suite is.
And the entire building's
security hub, too.
They might have eyes all over.
Count on it.
Hicks is working with the city
to cut the power to the building
and the backup generator.
Shutting down cell towers, too.
But once we're in there, be careful.
The kidnappers know
they're backed into a corner.
They got nothing to lose.
New post from the
Green Rebellion message board.
They're setting Josh up
for a livestream statement.
Says he goes on in two minutes.
10,000 viewers and counting.
Pulling up now. Get ready.
All right, we're going up nine
flights of stairs, and fast.
This is why we train.
ELIZA: Cops are already here.
Bastards cut the power
and the cell signals are down.
Are you still picking up the feed, babe?
Yeah, locked and loaded.
Still good. 40 seconds out.
Block the stairwells. Make sure
nobody else gets on this floor.
Everyone needs to hear
Josh's last words!
- OFFICER: Whoa, whoa, ma'am.
- She's okay, let her through.
We heard they have Josh inside.
Can you please just
tell me, is my son alive?
Yes, I believe so.
And we're doing all we can
to keep it that way.
Okay, JP said that he's
gonna pay what they want.
- Okay.
- So, tell the kidnappers
that we're gonna pay.
Ma'am, I understand.
Can you just speak to my husband?
Maybe after we save your son, okay?
Puck's in place.
Snake-cam shows two suspects
in the bullpen.
Josh just went live.
Commander, I thought we
jammed the cell signals
- around the property?
- Yeah, we did.
So with no power and no cell
service, how are they still
livestreaming Josh over the web?
They must have somebody nearby,
helping them get the signal out.
Wolf Petrochemical has been
poisoning our world for years.
Families have been torn apart,
lives cut short,
while JP Wolf continues to prioritize
profit over humanity.
Put down your weapons!
We can handle this peacefully!
20-Squad, stay with the suspects!
Tan, you're with me. Moving!
- Keep reading!
- My father refuses to acknowledge
or make amends for them.
So today, in front of the world,
I will pay for his crimes with my life.
We've got to flush them out.
Suspect down.
Time to give up.
It's over. Put your weapons down.
Where'd he go?
ALFARO: Hondo,
we lost the other suspect.
Roger. Nearing the executive suite.
[GUNFIRE] Cover!
He's out. Now's our chance.
- TAN: I got him. Go find Josh.
Today, my father finally
faces consequences
for his negligence
LAPD! Open up!
I said keep reading!
Got your six.
HONDO: Glass breaker, my twelve.
Say the word.
I am not JP Wolf's first victim.
But after today, I will be his last.
No! Please don't kill me!
Josh, you okay?
No, not really.
HONDO: No sign of the missing kidnapper?
Sir, someone was getting
that signal out.
Well, I got officers scouring the area.
Great work, everyone.
What'd JP Wolf have to say?
Well, I haven't spoken to him yet.
But his first words
better be "thank you."
HONDO: Listen up.
I know today's been rough
with everything else going on.
I just want to say I appreciate y'all
coming together and getting it done
for Josh and the other
innocent folks inside.
Anyone else got anything to add?
Now's the time to speak up
if you got something on your mind.
I do.
Look, I'd like to clear the air.
I thought 20-Squad
was where I needed to be.
Today I realized that it's not.
[SIGHS] Hey.
Thanks for letting me roll with you
every time I put in that request.
I just want to be crystal clear
that I'd like to stay where I am.
See y'all around.
Alfaro, you don't need to do that.
You're the one who talked
behind my back,
told Tan what I said.
You made something out of nothing.
She say anything that wasn't true?
In case you two haven't noticed,
20-Squad's a little shorthanded.
Either one of you care to fix this?
I say good riddance.
Not sure there's much to fix, Hondo.
HONDO: Bet you thought I forgot.
My proposal for a 20-Squad roster.
Well, to be honest,
I'm the one who forgot.
Oh, today's been a beast.
So, no worries if you'd rather
get it to me tomorrow morning.
Commander, I'm gonna need
more time than that.
20-Squad's got to have
the right combination
of personalities and skill sets.
It's not just about filling spots.
Well, all due respect, Sergeant,
at a certain point,
it is just about filling spots.
Sir, 20-Squad, any team I lead,
I want to make sure it's a cut above.
Especially after a day like today.
I know you do.
That's why you're
the best team leader I have.
You got a few more days, okay?
Then I need an answer.
I saw the news today.
I'm glad that boy's okay.
Yeah. Me, too.
Hondo really had the deck
stacked against him today.
Well, how'd it feel being back at SWAT?
I think it might've been too
soon for me to be back there.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
All right.
- Good night.
- Night.
- Love you.
- Love you.
We are proud ♪
Individuals, yeah ♪
Living for the city ♪
But the flames ♪
Couldn't go ♪
Much higher ♪
We find gods ♪
And religions ♪
You've reached David Kay.
Leave a message.
To paint us with salvation ♪
But no one ♪
No, nobody ♪
Can give you ♪
The power ♪
To rise over love ♪
And over hate ♪
Through this iron sky ♪
That's fast becoming our minds ♪
Long time no see, Mrs. Warren.
Over fear ♪
How you doing tonight, Cheryl?
And into freedom. ♪
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