S.W.A.T. (2017) s07e11 Episode Script


Previously on SWAT
Look at you, all suited and booted.
Hey, you look like you're
doing really good.
Yeah, thanks. I, uh, finally figured out
that there's life after SWAT.
I hope you two shmucks haven't forgotten
all the lessons I taught you.
There he is
the Buck we know and love.
Look, Bruce, you were the one
who took the bribe
from Zepp Construction
and then you tried to
throw me under the bus
to cover your tracks.
My life is spiraling, Nichelle.
You took away
my only chance at saving it.
vandalized my center today.
I know it was you.
I will not show this video to
my husband, but you will never
contact me again. Do you understand?
John Doherty and Olivia Navarro.
I spent the last three years
as a war correspondent
in the Middle East.
Was in Gaza till I caught some shrapnel.
Came home to recuperate.
You got a funny idea
what healing looks like.
NAVARRO: Seems like L.A.
is suddenly getting more exciting.
TAN: Well, if you're sticking around,
maybe I could buy you a drink sometime.

Finally. Get to see you out of uniform.
You've seen me out of uniform.
Out of uniform,
but never actually in clothes.
Not bad.
That's all I get?
Not bad? I had this specially tailored.
You pulled out
all the stops for our date?
You're so sweet.
when you win a National Journalism
award, do they give you a trophy?
Not so much as a medal.
Only bragging rights.
- Declan Smart. Olivia's boss.
- Declan's NCN's
editor-in-chief and a
"towering intellect and fiercely
independent editor,"
according to the jury
who awarded him the prize.
Victor Tan. Congratulations.
And congratulations to Olivia,
our newest bureau chief
in the Middle East.
We are grateful she accepted
the job on such short notice.
But, please, come back in one piece.
Yes, sir.
Can I steal you away?
Speech time.
So, L.A. turned out to be not
that exciting after all, huh?
It was too good an
opportunity to pass up.
I get it.
When were you gonna tell me?
Later tonight or in the morning.
Didn't think it was a big deal.
We agreed this was casual.
We did.
I'm happy for you. Congrats on the job.
Thank you.
Building's closed for the
evening, gentlemen, sorry.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Ah. That hits the spot.
Been up a ladder all day,
fixing gutters.
[CHUCKLES] That's risky
business at your age.
Watch it. You're hardly
a spring chicken yourself.
Talking about retired folk
with time on their hands,
where's Mumford?
I've been texting him all week.
He hasn't responded. Hope he's okay.
Well, I spoke to him yesterday.
He was busy working on his book.
Maybe he just, you know,
lost track of time.
He's still working that
history of SWAT book?
He's been writing
that thing for a decade.
- I thought he'd given up.
- No, no.
He's actually making headway.
He just finished
the chapters on the, uh,
the Watts riots
and the Rodney King beating.
- Mm.
- Now he's writing about the
all the different commanders.
You know, Gates, you.
- I'm in his book?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, he better remember
there are libel laws.
Yeah, well, we're all in it.
That could be why he's taking so long.
He's waiting for us to die
so he doesn't have to worry
about getting sued.
Yeah. He's been going
through the SWAT archives.
The one at HQ? Mm.
He found, uh, Carl's old duty holster
and his tac vest buried in a box.
I mean, you should have seen Carl's face
when Mumford gave them back to him.
Tac vest was a little snug,
but h-he wore
that holster for a full 18 holes.
You guys played a round
of golf together?
Yeah. Mumford he got a membership
with that new country club in Encino.
- Mm-hmm.
- I think he wanted to show it off.
Luca filled in as our fourth.
Oh, Luca was there, too?
Wow. Why didn't Mumford invite me?
I mean, I've been wanting
to play that track.
I just got a new set of irons.
I texted Mumford a picture of 'em.
He said you were busy.
I mean, I figured
he'd asked you, but you,
you know, you had to work.
Oh, okay.
Something's going on.
Obviously he's, uh,
he's avoiding me.
Look, I'm sure it's nothing.
If you can get Vivie settled in her crib
without waking her up,
I will marry you all over again.
I got it handled.
Give me that and go to bed, baby.
Mm, thank you.
Oh, my God.
- Nichelle, take the baby.
Go next door to Mrs. Ross',
call 911. Go.
Be careful.
If anybody's here, you better know
I'm a cop and I am armed.

You gonna miss me?
I'll have forgotten you in a week.
As if, Vinnie.
That is your name, right?
But, uh, seriously
Uh, mmm-mm.
We don't do serious.
Be careful over there, okay?
Don't do anything dangerous
or try and be a hero.
Am I allowed to say
the same thing to you?
- That's totally different. I'm SWAT.
- Oh, yeah?
Okay? My job by definition is dangerous.
Mm. And I'm a war correspondent.
Do you want to see
the job description for that?
Or maybe we can just compare scars.
I think we already did that.
But happy to do it again.
Everybody down!
Hands in the air.
And, please, no one do anything stupid.
That's weird.
I got no reception.
They must have jammed the signal.
Do you have your gun?
No. I had to check it downstairs.
I said don't try anything stupid,
and that was particularly stupid
because there's no point
calling for help.
We have cut the phone lines
and we've jammed the Wi-Fi
and cellphone signals.
Declan Smart and Ken Wu, step forward.
Do you both have your keys to the vault?
- Yes!
- Yes.
Excellent. Let's go.
TAN: What's in the vault?
NAVARRO: It's a secure room
down in the basement.
It's where journalists keep materials
relating to their investigations.
And your boss, Declan, and the other guy
- have the keys to the room?
- Yeah.
And I think the head of legal
also has access.
I got to find a way to contact SWA
before anyone else gets killed.
Maybe I can climb down, call for help.
Or if I can steal one of their radios,
I can switch over to the LAPD
emergency comms channel
and send an SOS.
Go, go, go. I'll cover you.
Don't shoot. Please.
- Hey, thanks for coming.
- Whoa.
Yeah. Nichelle's taken
the baby to my mom's.
They'll be there until we get
the place cleaned up.
Any idea how the intruder got inside?
Brick through the back door.
Escaped through the bedroom window.
You don't have an alarm system?
I didn't have to until now.
I've lived here almost my whole
life, man. Never had a problem.
Bet being a cop doesn't make
you too popular around here.
Not with everyone, no.
But like I said, never had an issue.
Make a list of what was stolen?
Nothing was taken.
My car keys are still by the front door.
Nichelle's jewelry is still
in its box on the dresser.
Well, forensics should be here
soon. They can dust for prints.
- I'll canvass the neighbors.
- I already have.
Nobody saw anything.
And you know the stats,
especially for South L.A.
It's not likely we're gonna
catch whoever did this.
Hey, I've got the highest solve rate
in the department. Don't sell me short.
Thanks, Burrows.
Appreciate it.

Thought I heard something.
Just checking it out. Over.
There's no one here. Over.
Floor's clear. What's the status?
MAN: Two key holders have been
taken down to the vault.
Is this the secure room?
Yes. Right there.
Open it.
Your turn.
Input your code.
I unlock this door and who knows
how many people's lives
I'll be putting at risk.
Are you willing to die
for your integrity?
Okay, at least they'll know
what to write
in your obituary.
We need another key holder.
And bring another hostage
for collateral.
Excel two, report in.
Excel two, do you co
Dispatch, this is
LAPD SWAT Officer Victor Tan,
call sign 25-David. Do you copy?
DISPATCHER: This is dispatch. Go ahead.
I've got a Code 99.
Armed men have taken over
the National Cable News building.
Approximately eight suspects
holding around 60 hostages.
Have responding units
approach with caution,
set up a perimeter and inform
Commander Hicks of SWA
about the situation. Do you copy?
- 25-David, please repeat.
NAVARRO: Get-get off of me! Stop!
You think you'll get away with this?
Yeah, what's up, Commander?
I'm on my way.
Tell Rocker I'll meet him
and his team there.
Which one of you has the third key?
- I do.
- I need you to open this door,
and if you refuse, like he did,
I will shoot her.
- Don't do it, Susan.
- If you don't,
I will keep shooting
your colleagues one by one
- until you change your mind.
- Okay.
Who's paying you to do this?
No one's paying me, sweetheart.
Damn it!
It's meant to be here!
We've lost radio contact
with excel one and two.
It's not here.
We're leaving.
Clean up the mess and find the others.
TAN: Olivia, get down!
- You hurt?
- No. I'm okay.
- Lock yourself in there
and don't come out till I come for you.
LAPD! Stop!
50-Squad's doing a room to room
sweep of the building.
Nothing so far.
There's no IDs on
the guys you took down.
We're running their prints.
See if we can get a hit.
I'm pretty sure they're military.
Couple of them had British accents.
And one of them was carrying
an SAS combat knife.
Could be worth checking
the Homeland database.
That's a good idea. Get to it.
- All right, let's talk to your girl.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How you doing you okay?
Yeah, I'm alive.
And very grateful that I invited
a SWAT officer as my plus-one tonight.
- You remember Hondo?
- Hey.
Are you good to answer some questions?
Yes, absolutely.
I want to catch these guys.
Make sure they pay.
All right, Tan said the room
they accessed was where journalists keep
sensitive materials.
What kind of things
are we talking about?
Things like the Panama Papers
and the Snowden NSA leak.
Investigative journalists
keep evidence they gather
witness statements, interviews,
data all in that room.
It's meant to be impenetrable.
Well, it sounds like these
men are willing to kill
as many people as necessary
to get in that room.
Whatever story they're trying to stop
from being published it must be big.
Did they say anything
that might give us a clue
- as to what they were looking for?
- No. Nothing.
Is there a list of the journalists
who store things in there?
Or an inventory of items?
I don't think so.
Declan would have known.
And I think the head of security
might be able to give you access,
- but
- He was shot.
He's on his way to Memorial right now.
- EMTs said he'd survive.
- There's one other thing I remember.
When I asked the leader
who was paying them,
he told me no one was.
So they're not hired guns.
Which means this is personal.
Which is worse.
They're not gonna quit until they find
whatever it is they're looking for
and kill that story.
Hey, Commander.
You hear anything back
from your contact at Homeland?
He's gonna put a rush
on those fingerprints.
I'll let you know as soon
as he gets back to me.
Do we have any other leads so far?
Olivia and Tan have spoken to
every journalist on NCN's payroll.
Anyone keeping materials
in the secure room
has accounted for them.
So it's still a mystery
what they could be after.
All right, let's hope
we get a breakthrough soon,
before this crew makes its next move.
- Keep me posted.
- Yeah.
Hey, Burrows. You looking for me?
Yeah. Good news.
I managed to ID a suspect
- in the break-in at your house.
- For real?
Neighbor on the street
behind yours called 911
abound the same time you reported
- your break-in.
- Mm-hmm.
Guy hopped their back fence when
they were in their hot tub.
They gave a pretty detailed description
of what he was wearing. I used that
to canvass all the stores
and gas stations for a couple blocks,
ended up with
security footage of this guy.
Zoom in for me.
He bought vodka and an energy drink.
Paid with a credit card.
That's how I got his ID.
His name is Bruce Martin.
Yeah. How'd you know?
He used to work with Nichelle
in the inspector general's office.
Set her up to take a fall
for something he did,
but Nichelle caught him, he got fired.
Well, there's your motive.
Bruce must have figured
trashing your house was
- some kind of payback.
- That was months ago, though.
Why would he wait
till now to get revenge?
I don't know. You can ask him.
I sent a patrol to pick him up.
You can be there when
I interview him, if you like.
Thanks, Burrows. I'll let Nichelle know.
- Highest solve rate in the department.
- Hm.
- POWELL: Hey, Commander.
- Hey.
Getting all your spinach needs
taken care of?
Just trying to stay healthy.
Maybe you should think about it.
Your arteries won't be young forever.
That reminds me, just bumped
into a SWAT friend of yours
from back in the day Jack Mumford.
You saw Mumford here at HQ?
Yeah. He was on his way
up to the archive.
I've never been there before.
The place is like a museum.
There's all this cool stuff
uniforms, badges and photos.
In the '60s LAPD officers
wore shirts and ties.
- Yeah.
- But you remember that, don't you?
how old do you think I am, exactly?
You'll be lucky to live half as long,
you keep eating those for breakfast.
Homeland's info just came through.
They ID'd all three of the men
that you took down.
Two were British nationals,
one American.
Those the suspects from last night?
Scotland Yard pulled
what intel they could on 'em.
Turns out that two of them
were Royal Marines.
Both served on the same squadron,
pensioned out around the same time.
And get this Homeland says
their passports show that they've flown
to Syria multiple times
- over the last few years.
- That one's the leader.
I saw his face.
- POWELL: Captain J. Mulcahy.
Found him. John Mulcahy,
ex-Royal Marine officer,
now owner of Bolton Defense,
a private security company.
I've heard of it.
It's one of the big ones.
Doesn't have the best reputation.
TAN: Well, it says here Bolton Defense
works in 67 countries.
They have got contracts around the world
with various governments,
including the U.S. and Britain.
Those contracts got to be worth
tens of millions of dollars.
What'd you hear about 'em?
Only rumors, nothing substantiated.
A lot of military
contractors don't think
they have to abide by international law.
The whispers I heard were
that Bolton's contractors
were torturing people to get intel.
But I never heard of any charges
being brought against them.
Well, getting witnesses to
speak on the record ain't easy.
It's even harder as a journalist,
because you can't offer them
witness protection or justice.
All you can do
is promise to tell their story.
But if a journalist managed
to secure a witness or evidence
to a crime that Bolton's
employees committed
and then wrote a story about it
It would jeopardize Bolton's
multimillion-dollar contracts.
Giving Mulcahy
a motive to kill the story.
HONDO: Any word on the head of security?
He out of surgery yet?
He should be.
I'll head over to the hospital,
see if I can speak to him.
NAVARRO: And I can
call my contacts in Syria,
ask if they've heard anything
about a journalist
investigating Bolton Defense.
But I need to get home
and get my laptop.
All right, thanks. I'll update Hicks.
TAN: Hey. Be safe.
- Call me if you need me.
- Yeah. Will do.
There's something there.
Something that's none of your business.
I'm just saying, you
guys are cute together,
like Superman and Lois Lane.
Like a like a hot,
crime-fighting duo.
Whatever. It's nothing serious.
Not looking to date anyone.
Right. Why would you want
to date a beautiful,
successful woman who also
happens to be a total badass?
Uh, Powell mentioned she
ran into you earlier.
I checked the visitor log.
You've been to the archive ten
times in the last two months.
You never once stopped
by my office to say hi?
Oh, I didn't want to disturb you
while you were working.
Figured you were busy giving orders,
filling out paperwork and firing people.
Firing people?
What's going on?
Why you acting this way?
How am I acting, Bob
stubborn? Hotheaded?
Well, you said it, not me.
Come on, talk to me.
What's this all about?
Found it in some boxes here.
Imagine my surprise when I found my name
on a transfer request
signed by none other
than Commander Robert Hicks.
This is from 2002.
Yeah. You tried to get me
booted off SWAT?
You said I was aggravating,
annoying and a troublemaker.
You're getting your panties in a bunch
over something that
happened two decades ago.
Yeah, I am.
'Cause I thought we were friends,
but now I know
what you really think of me.
Whoa, whoa, hold on.
Did you get booted off of SWAT? No.
Because I pulled the request
and let you stay.
Oh, you are so kind.
I'm glad I pulled the request.
It was a mistake.
- Now, can you let it go?
- No.
All those years of friendship,
I find out it's a lie?
I thought you liked me,
but how could you be friends
- with a troublemaker?
- Come on, Jack, knock it off.
You know, I could say things
- about you, too, but I don't.
- Yeah?
- Like what?
- You can be arrogant, patronizing,
and you always think you know
better than everybody else.
- Please, keep going.
- Yeah.
You can't stand to have
anybody else calling the shots.
- Oh.
- You're stingy with your pours
and your backswing sucks.
Thanks for the honesty.
I guess I better be
straight with you, too.
It was Buck who filled
out the transfer request.
It was his assessment of you.
I just signed it.
H-Hey, where you going?
- You signed it.
Damn it.
TAN: Hondo.
Yeah, Tan, any news?
Yeah, I spoke to Ken Wu,
NCN's head of security.
He said the only things
to leave the vault yesterday
were a cell phone and a laptop.
They were signed out by a
journalist named Flora Jenkins.
That's got to be what
Bolton Defense is looking for.
Flora Jenkins.
I found her.
Looks like she's a freelance journalist.
That's why she wasn't on NCN's payroll.
She's a war correspondent.
Last based in Syria.
She's got to be the one
writing the story
about Bolton Defense.
We have to warn her.
I'll text you her address.
Meet us there.
20-David. Front door's ajar.
Checking interior.
Making entry from the three side.
Flora Jenkins, LAPD. You home?
The door's open. We're coming in.
Tan, in the chair.
She's gone. 20-David to Command,
I need RHD at my location for a 187.
Those bastards tortured
her before they killed her.
Look who we found rifling in the bedroom
through Flora's things.
Olivia. The hell are you doing here?
She's been dead for a while.
Coroner will confirm, but
I'm guessing they killed her
before they headed to the NCN building.
Mulcahy must have discovered
Flora was digging
into Bolton Defense, that
she was gonna run a story
he doesn't want made public.
Still doesn't explain
what you're doing here.
Did you lie? Did you know
Flora was writing the story?
No. I went home, like I told you
and started calling
my contacts in Syria.
A source gave me some intel.
Apparently, six months ago,
Bolton's contractors raided a village
looking for Islamist insurgents.
They found only women and children.
They tortured the women,
made the children watch.
One of the villagers
managed to hide
and film it on his phone.
HONDO: And somehow Flora
must have got her hands on it.
Video evidence like that
will send them to jail for life
and destroy Bolton Defense.
The description I was given
of the journalist reminded me of Flora.
We've crossed paths a few times.
Anyways, I found her address
and came right here away.
And you didn't stop to think about
what you could have been walking into?
I didn't know it was her for sure,
and I-I don't need
your permission to do my job.
Or anything, for that matter.
HONDO: What were you doing
going through Flora's things?
I was looking for the story.
They didn't find what they were
looking for in the vault,
so I figured Flora
must have hidden it somewhere.
TAN: RHD just got here.
You should go home.
We'll take it from here.
I want to see these people
held accountable
as much as you do.
- Probably more.
- HONDO: I know.
But Tan's right.
The best thing you can do is go home.
I promise we'll keep you updated.
All right, we got to find out
what Flora did
with that phone and laptop.
All right, Tan, get to work
on retracing Flora's steps
after she left NCN yesterday.
- I'll be right there.
- Copy.
Hey, I got your message.
I was just on my way home
to start cleaning up.
Your mom is gonna take
Vivie for the night.
What's going on?
Burrows ID'd the suspect
who trashed our house.
It was Bruce, your old colleague.
We're bringing him in
for questioning now.
Ugh. There's something
I need to tell you.
This isn't the first time.
He broke into the community center
a couple of months ago,
trashed the place.
- Why didn't you say anything?
- Because you were having
a rough time.
Street had left SWA
and then Luca got shot and
- I didn't want to add to your troubles.
- Nichelle,
that's not how our marriage works.
- We're supposed to be a team.
So, what, you can protect me,
but I'm not allowed to protect you?
I figured I could handle it myself.
Well, you handled it real well.
You let him get away with it
so he came back to trash our home.
I didn't want to tell you
because I was worried
this is how you were gonna react.
What, like a concerned husband?
No, like a cop.
I didn't want you to arrest him.
Look, I felt bad for him.
He has a family, kids.
I told him that
if he backed off, I wouldn't tell you.
I thought the warning worked.
He seemed afraid.
Well, he's not anymore.
What do we got?
Credit card company sent through
Flora's latest transactions.
I'm going through them now.
Well, let's hope Bolton
haven't got access to this, too.
You shouldn't be mad at Olivia.
She was just doing her job.
She could have been killed.
You have feelings for her,
[SCOFFS]and that's what
this is really about.
You were afraid for her
and instead of telling her that,
- you got mad at her.
- O-Okay, Dr. Wendy,
thank you for the insight.
I'm right. You know it.
Doesn't matter.
She's taken a job in the Middle East.
Check this. Flora spent 40 bucks
at a McDowell Mart and More
in Echo Park.
- It's a liquor store. So what?
- I've been there.
They also have a shipping
and mailing department.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Flora mailed a package from a
shipping center in Echo Park.
The place just got hit up by two gunmen.
They were after the address
she mailed the package to.
- They just texted me it.
Crawford Building,
10864 Galbraith Street.
That's where Olivia lives.
Let's go.
Olivia, you're the only person
I could think to send this to.
I've been working on a story
about Bolton Defense, [PHONE VIBRATING]
and a crime their contractors committed,
but I'm afraid Bolton are onto me.
All the evidence I've gathered
video of the crime,
witness statements
they're all on here and the phone.
In case something happens to me,
please find a way to finish the story.
Got everything. Let's go.
She's here. Find her.
That's him. LAPD! Stop right there!
Winged him. Let's move.
Tan, Stevens, check on Olivia.
- Powell, you're with me.
- Roger.

Get off of me!
Olivia, down!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
He's got a vest on. Still breathing.
On your stomach, hands behind your back.
25-David. One suspect in custody.
Stay here. Cover me.
There's no way out of here,
Mulcahy. Give it up.
What the hell is he doing?
Grab my hand.
Grab it!
John Mulcahy, you're under arrest.
Flora was almost done writing the story.
She'd collected eyewitness
statements along with the video.
If Bolton Defense had gotten
away with this laptop,
all those lives
would have been in danger.
TAN: Bolton are going to be
held accountable for those crimes
and for what they've done in L.A.
Doubt Mulcahy will ever see
the outside of a jail cell again.
What will you do now?
Still planning on
returning to the Middle East?
Yeah. But first,
I've got a story to write.
- Thanks for all your help.
- Yeah, of course.
- Take care.
- You too.
I'm sorry for before.
You were just doing your job.
I shouldn't have gotten angry.
It's okay.
Take care, Victor.
You too.
You really gonna let her go?
Some things run their course.
I have been swimming in the toxic swamp
that is the L.A. dating pool
a lot longer than you have.
Listen to me
when I tell you she is a keeper.
You'd be a fool to let her get away.
Hey. I stopped by HQ to see you.
They told me you were headed home.
I got to help Nichelle with the cleanup.
You arrest Bruce?
No, he wasn't home.
His wife said he's been
going on benders lately,
spiraling out of control.
She finally kicked him out.
She know where he went?
No. But the reason I'm calling is
when he left his house, he took his gun.
I'm calling my wife.
Come on, pick up.
Pick up, baby. Pick up.
Put the phone down.
- Yo.
- HICKS: Buck.
Like a time warp in here today.
I'm guessing Mumford called you.
Yeah. Told me about
the fight you guys had.
Eh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to drop you in it.
Was he pissed at you?
I think I'm off his Christmas list.
I mean, we've had a few fights
in the past, but nothing like this.
You know, he told me
I'm a stingy pour.
- He called me Brutus.
- [CHUCKLES] Nice.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Yeah, I remember the day
you burst in here
20-odd years ago.
You were mad at something
Mumford had done.
I had no idea, though, what it was.
You know, it was that kid, Alburn,
on his team he'd put superglue
on Winston's helmet.
Mumford just laughed about it,
refused to write the guy up.
And you demanded that I fire him,
- and I
- I did.
told you, "Fill out a form."
so you could get it out of your system.
Man, things were
different back then, huh?
I remember the team leaders
just being at each other's throats.
You know, I claimed
Mumford was the instigator
behind all that hazing,
but it was all of us.
Hey, you know what?
That was the same day
do you remember this
you invited me over
to Jimmy's for a beer.
I thought I was having
a one-on-one with my new boss.
I get there, you've invited
all the team leaders.
It was me, Mumford, Carl Luca.
I knocked your heads together
over beer and a game of pool.
Yeah, and it worked.
You were the change we needed, sir.
Well, uh,
tell Mumford that.
Mmm. I don't think
he's gonna want to hear it.
He might have lost some
muscle mass over the years,
like the rest of us, but, um
he sure hasn't lost any of his
- stubbornness.
- No, no.
All right, well, uh,
I'll leave you to it. This old timer's
got a hot date with a massage gun
and some deep heat rub.
Those gutters got the better of me.
- All right.
- All right, brother.
It's always good seeing you, buddy.
Baby, I was trying to call you.
Bruce, you want to tell me
what the hell you're doing in my house?
Bruce popped by to speak to me.
I'm gonna need you
to step away from that counter
and put your hands in the air
where I can see 'em.
Stop. Don't come any closer.
NICHELLE: It's okay, Hondo.
He's not gonna hurt anyone.
He just came here
to talk, right?
Yeah, about how she ruined my life.
NICHELLE: I gave you a second chance.
How you chose to use it was up to you.
My wife's kicked me out.
I don't have a home anymore.
And that's why you trashed ours?
Bruce, this ain't Nichelle's fault.
You messed up.
The best thing you can do now right now
is take some responsibility.
If I pick up this gun, what happens?
You don't want to do that.
What if I do?
I don't want to go to jail.
May as well go out with a bang.
You ruined my life, I'll ruin yours.
At the very least,
give you a mess to clean up.
Look, you made some mistakes, Bruce.
And now you're on a roller-coaster
and you feel like you can't get off,
but you can. I'll help you.
You didn't before. You refused to.
If you had given me that reference,
I'd have a job, a home.
- My family.
- Bruce, listen to Nichelle.
It ain't too late
for you to get off this ride.
Stop. I warned you.
Stay down!
You okay?
Good teamwork.
What are you doing here?
Hicks texted me,
said he had something urgent
to talk to me about.
What are you doing here?
Carl invited me.
HICKS: I called Carl
and asked him to get you here.
I knew if I asked, you wouldn't show.
Yeah, well, you got that right.
I figured some heads
needed knocking together,
my own included.
Take the beer.
Oh Come on, Jack.
Take the beer.
Now, let's get things squared away here.
You called me aggravating.
- You are aggravating.
Especially when you win a round of golf.
Oh, you're not aggravating?
Try being around you when you lose
- a round of golf.
- HICKS: All right,
we're all a little aggravating.
That's why we're friends.
We got a lot in common.
I was never gonna send that form.
Of course I was never gonna fire you.
You're one of the best
damn SWAT officers
I've ever had the privilege
of working with.
And you're one of the best
damn friends I've ever had.
All right, all right,
I-I shouldn't have said what I said.
I guess I'm feeling
sensitive lately.
Nikki called me annoying the other day.
I was just yelling at the TV.
Well, that's a shocker.
But then, when I saw that word
written in that form
oh, man, that hit a nerve.
You want to feel like
you've grown in 20 years.
And not just around the waistline.
I've known you a long time,
Jack Mumford,
and I will tell you this.
As annoying and stubborn as you are
I wouldn't change a thing about you.
Same here.
Oh, this is very nice.
You guys need some privacy?
I think we're good.
How those new irons working out?
Oh, good.
I need to work on
my backswing, apparently.
But unlike some people,
I don't have hours in the day
to while away
on an Encino golf course.
Here's to aggravating old friends.
Well, less of the "old,"
I get enough of that at work.
Tan, what are you doing here?
I thought I'd come by,
see if you needed help fixing your door,
uh, but guess you got it handled.
I'm pretty handy with a hammer.
It figures.
Uh, was there something else?
Yeah. Can I come in?
Uh sure.
What is it?
I really like you.
And I know we said it was only casual,
but today made me realize
I don't want to lose you.
I know you've taken
this job overseas, but
I-I was wondering if maybe
I was thinking of turning the job down.
But you said it was too good
an opportunity to pass up.
So is this.
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