Sacred Games (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


Greetings from Suleiman Isa.
Kukoo? Kukoo's gone.
What do you mean, "gone"? Meaning fuck all.
I'm Ganesh Gaitonde.
I don't trust anyone.
Even he can't harm me because I'm above him.
From now on, only one god will be worshiped in Gopalmath, and that's me.
I'm your one true god.
- How did you find out about this? - I had a dream.
Mind your own business.
We have to get to him before the RAW officers do.
Why are you doing this? Is it because you like her? Bunty won't give in easily.
There'll be gunfire.
Should I teach you how to take the safety off the gun? I'll Google it, just like I Googled Ramakant Jadhav.
- Who are these people? - They're our men.
Criminals turned informants.
If things go wrong, we'll say we got a tip from them that they were blackmailing a builder and got away with six lakh rupees.
- What's this? - It's for your protection.
They fired, and we fired in response.
We don't know anything about Bunty.
You got it? Go, go, go.
What the fuck? - This wasn't the plan.
- Just go and save the lady.
Yes, sir.
It's done.
Ma'am, he's found out.
- Who? - Sartaj.
Where are they? I don't know.
What the fuck? Motherfucker.
Come on, come on.
Stop! You rotten fucker.
What are you doing here? You started this whole game, right? Why are you ruining everything? Let go of Nayanika.
I'll save you.
What will you do after saving me? Throw me in jail? - Let her go! - You let her go! Your obsession will get you in trouble.
Get out of here.
Don't come any closer, Sartaj.
If you shoot, we'll riddle you with bullets.
There will be nothing left of you.
Anjali Mathur is calling.
Ma'am, what the fuck is going on? What is Sartaj doing? Listen, let me talk to him.
Sartaj, get out of there.
Clear the way.
You got it? Clear the way.
Come on.
Get out.
Back off, Sartaj! Why are you fucking with my plan? Get the fuck out, or you'll die.
Why are you all just standing there? Get him out of here! Come on, we don't have time! We're almost there.
Get the car, fast! The difficult times came without warning.
That's how things were.
This was the feeling all over the country.
The home minister's daughter was kidnapped in Kashmir.
Kids in Delhi set themselves on fire in the name of the Mandal Commission.
Prime ministers were changed as often as underwear.
But I was not going to let Gopalmath slip away so easily.
First, I banned alcohol in the gang.
This pissed everyone off.
Then I vowed to kill 50 of Isa's men within a month.
Abdul in the Irani Hotel.
How are you, bro? All well? Rajab Rangeela in Khajur Gully.
Ismail in Nagpada.
Come on.
Ajju, Vicky and Sufi in the factory.
But none of them were important.
I couldn't kill anyone who mattered to Isa.
Isa went to Dubai with his family.
Paritosh was convinced that all this had happened because of bad fortune.
Your stars they aren't favoring you.
I mean, Saturn is interfering.
You know, Saturn's planetary period when its rule begins everything is fucked.
Paritosh told me that this ring will fix everything.
Put a ring on a baby as soon as it's born and don't worry about a thing.
Mess things up and this fucking ring will fix it all.
Hasn't this war between you and Isa gone on for too long? Isa's being fucked by us.
No asshole has been spared.
All of them are bleeding.
We have also shed a lot of blood, but you don't see it.
Come, give your condolences.
In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate.
When was the last time you spent time with your boys? Just hung out and had fun? Joined Bunty at Badriya's feast and celebrated Eid with them? Got Chotta and Bada Badriya to dance at Bunty's Ganpati festival? All this used to happen in Gopalmath.
Everyone drank and had a good time.
It doesn't happen now.
Stop thinking with your dick, or all you'll ever be is an asshole.
There's still time.
Save Gopalmath from getting destroyed.
- Think about it.
- Kanta Bai was right.
After Kukoo died, I was depressed.
I tried to release my frustration in bed, like a madman.
But whenever I saw a whore with flowers in her hair I would see my mother.
Why did you bring her? It wasn't just my heart, my dick was bleeding too.
Sartaj, strength is something that comes to you with all its might and leaves you empty when it's gone.
Times change rapidly, sir.
The leopard that made me feel alive became the Grim Reaper.
Whenever I looked in its eyes, I used to feel like a god.
But when I saw him in the hospital, I felt hollow.
Empty inside.
You were lucky this time.
Did you put this on me? You're alive because of this ring.
Since we got you to the hospital this has been on your finger.
I know about my death.
- This is not how I will die.
- Who said that you're going to die? Mr.
Paritosh let me speak.
Go on.
I want to get married.
To the kind of girl you told me about.
Look for a girl for me.
Take him upstairs and let him rest.
What's your name? Subhadra.
You Did you put this ring on my finger? To save me? Can't you speak? You think you're above God.
That's why he's punishing you.
So you want God to forgive me? Speak up, bitch.
You don't understand.
You don't understand anything beyond yourself.
When God punishes you, he punishes me too.
He makes me and my family suffer as well.
Are you crazy, bitch? Get out.
Isa's ass-licker, Parulkar, gave me a tip.
Usman Sheikh, Isa's accountant.
He was coming from Dubai to Bombay for his mother's treatment.
Until then, we had killed Isa's small-timers.
But Usman he mattered to Isa, his shadow.
He'll come here in an airplane but will leave in a coffin.
Coff What's a coffin? A coffin is something that when shoved up your ass, will attract more tourists than the Gateway of India.
Boss, we'll build a hotel close to his ass.
Call it Ass with a View.
Fucker, keep your diapers on, or we'll see whose bare ass will become famous.
- Show me.
- Motherfucker Couldn't you find anything better than this piece of shit? I saved the good one for your funeral.
Motherfucker! Do you want to use this to escape? There's room in your ass for a coffin.
A slight push and the ambulance will fit in too.
Sure! And you can put the red light on your dick.
If I put the red light on my dick, your sister will moan like a siren.
Then you'll call me a sister-fucker.
- Which is true in your case.
- Fucker! - Pull the fucking trigger.
- Be patient.
Pull the trigger.
Shoot! You fucking His mom is in the way.
Shove the mom up your ass.
Motherfucker! Fucking asshole! Move! Usman Sheikh.
- Hey! - Oh, God! Peace be unto you, ma'am.
Did you kill Usman? Yes, boss.
I sent him to his coffin.
- But, boss - What is with you? Couldn't you muster the courage? I don't want any problems.
You'll take your sister to the mosque and have her marry him.
Boss? He gives me a watch and says, "Get your sister married to that circumcised pig.
" I'll fuck him up.
I'll make him run like a dog for his life.
I'll cut him into pieces.
I'll cut him into pieces.
Little pieces.
Hurry up! We don't have much time.
Hey! You dropped it! Pick it up.
- There are very few flowers here.
- Get lost! You're useless.
- Please hurry up.
There's a lot to do.
- It will be done.
When, after the wedding? Mikki! If there are four on top, then how many will be left for the bottom? That's why your father threw you out.
You've been thinking about the design And what design did you make? Don't yell on such a special day.
- Good that you shaved today.
- Do you need more flowers? - I'll get it.
- Okay.
- Mr.
- Yes? We have to call off the wedding.
I don't want it.
Don't worry.
I'll walk with you.
It's a long walk, you'll lose your breath.
Your life is about to change.
Ganesh Gaitonde is about to become Plutus.
I understand.
What? Why you're so happy.
You can already hear the sound of money.
Now shove that up your ass and come here.
I'm sending Bunty to pick you up.
We're ready to leave.
Hey! Who's there? Come out of there! You're very dear to Gaitonde, right? - Who are you? - I'm from the brothel.
Treat me to something sweet.
Stop bullshitting.
Do you think I own a sweet shop? Simi told me how you like it.
She taught me how to make you happy.
I can take you to the moon.
- Where's Bunty? Bunty - He hasn't come yet.
I don't know.
- Who is this? - You're lucky you're still breathing.
And I'm lucky that you're still alive to receive my gift.
- What gift? - For your wedding.
It's on its way.
Bunty! What happened? - Where's Bunty? - I don't know, boss.
Watch out! He's driving recklessly! Pass him.
Watch out! Who are these people? Who are these people? The girl and her family left.
Should I bring them back? Call the priest.
I will get married.
To whom? That day, I decided on three things.
Since Mr.
Paritosh died for my marriage, I'd get married that very same day.
I would avenge his murder.
Boss, he's drunk.
You fucker Boss, what happened? What happened? What did I do? You'll be reduced to nothing, dickhead! - Boss - Dirty rat.
Boss! Please, no! Fucker, if I see you again, I'll make you suffer.
Boss, what did I do? Go to sleep.
Should I switch off the lights? And to beat Bunty so badly that he'd be cursed to die like a dog.
Did you think for a second before doing this? Did you think about the warning? No.
Did you think about the ISI cash that you found? About the people of Mumbai whose lives could be in danger? I was as concerned about all this as you were about Nayanika.
Why do men think that they're responsible for every woman's life? - When will you stop acting like saviors? - Someone has to act responsibly.
You belong in the field, and I belong at a desk.
That's what you mean, right? After the murder of Bunty Sharma, a former member of Gaitonde's gang, it is clear that this was a case of old gang rivalry.
Other members of Gaitonde's gang have been killed in this manner, according to our intel.
They will be identified soon.
The Mumbai police have solved this case in record time.
I would like to congratulate our competent officers.
Why is Bhonsle so worried about this case? Sir, Gaitonde was his old friend.
The list of Gaitonde's friends is quite long.
If we knew more about Trivedi, we could get some information from him.
The mood was ruined before the party even began.
We're keeping an eye on Trivedi's house.
I don't think anyone will go there.
- If we take a risk and - And? Sir if we check Bhonsle's e-mail Hack a minister's e-mail? It wouldn't be the first time, sir.
Horses from one side.
A helicopter from the other, and maybe this side too.
There are 20 or 25 cars approaching with the villain and his goons.
The cops on motorbikes from here.
You're standing here with a sword, blood gushing from your head.
The girl is here.
As soon as the bad guy takes her away you run towards them in slow motion and boom! You know, Dad is getting us Jackie Chan's action director.
Is it because you're starring in Ranbir's movie? But as far as I know you're out of it.
I told him that you'll act in our movie.
Wasn't Jojo your pimp? And wasn't Gaitonde your client? I know everything.
Be a nice girl or the world will soon know who you really are.
Now, go outside and thank Dad.
Thank him because you love the script.
Then we'll do the movie together.
I'll sort everything out.
I'll sort everything out.
I'll snort everything.
- Sir - Andre.
File a report.
Otherwise she'll never leave.
My name is Aasiya Bi.
My son, Shamsul, is missing from Bengali Bura.
Come up for tea? SARTAJ SINGH POLICE INSPECTOR There was a Parsi woman, Firoza.
Her German Shepherd, Lucy, went missing.
Your dad looked for her for two days on foot.
That lady had a nephew.
He had stolen the dog to sell it off.
Your dad slapped him hard and returned the dog to her.
The lady was so happy to see Lucy, that she kissed your dad on the cheek and called him a real cop! Are you listening? I am.
But why are you telling me this story? I read the Granth Sahib, but you're not religious, so I thought I'd tell you a different kind of story.
Why do you think I need to listen to a story? Dear, I'm your mother.
TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPHS Inspector Sartaj Singh.
Bunty Sharma was Gaitonde's most loyal man.
He was going to give us the details of a missing shipment.
We got a tip, sir.
We've noted it in the station entry log.
There were two Two terror suspects hidden in Bengali Bura.
Why is this shipment important? Sir, Gaitonde warned us that something bad was going to happen in 25 days.
We had intel that the shipment could be connected to this.
Do you have any proof other than Gaitonde's verbal warning? DCP Parulkar, SPI Majid Khan and Constable Kamble went to the first floor of the building.
One team was blocking the alley, and I was blocking the building's exit.
Sir! What was the boy's name? Sir, save me.
Please save me! Junaid Sheikh, sir.
Did he have a weapon? Save me, please! Did he have a weapon, Inspector Singh? Save me Yes, sir.
Junaid Sheikh fired at DCP Parulkar and was killed in the return fire.
Two of our decoys and an escort were killed.
Bunty Sharma and his companion were the targets.
In total, three of our people died.
As per the intel, this breach was from the Mumbai police.
Sir, there were many rival gangs after Bunty's life.
It could have been anyone.
Subtitle translation by Imroz A