Sacred Games (2018) s01e06 Episode Script


- Alprazolam.
- Do you have a prescription? This is a year old, sir.
Why are you staring at me? Do you want to lose your license? You sell ice cream in a pharmacy? Hey, get out of here! As the drought situation worsens, so does the suicide rate among farmers.
There have been droughts all over the country, and Maharashtra is the most affected When a man is broken on the inside, nothing can convince the world that he still has strength.
After Isa took Kukoo away from me and killed Paritosh, I became impotent.
Do it properly.
But I couldn't stop thinking about the mole in the gang.
Who told Isa that Paritosh would be coming to the wedding alone? Close your eyes.
Turn around.
I won't be a whore.
You've been out drinking.
How will you be able to do it? You don't know anything.
I know everything.
Ever since Mr.
Paritosh died, you've been lost.
Bombay is suffering and so are you.
Until you get your revenge, you won't be able to do anything.
Look at this report.
- Whose is it? - That same woman.
- Man, I've seen this.
- Check it again.
It's nothing.
She comes here and bothers me every day.
- Are you mad? - Leave it.
You can't do this.
There's been a theft in the neighborhood.
- Are you aware of it? - So? "So"? That old woman is in the hospital.
They're looking for three boys.
Katekar, we'll be fucked.
Take a look at it.
Check it.
I'll come back.
Give that back.
There are only two left.
Hey, Bengali Bura's celebrity.
What are you looking at? - What happened, sir? - I'll pluck your eyes out.
If he's not sent to jail Fuck me.
- How long has your son been missing? - Ten days, sir.
Who did he hang out with? Bazil and Faraj.
They live in the neighborhood.
I warned him about those boys.
Look at you, Mother Teresa! Your son's a saint, isn't he? He's been missing for ten days, right? Exactly ten days ago, there was a theft in the neighborhood.
Three boys were involved in it.
They attacked an old couple, robbed them and ran away.
Your son and his friends have been missing since then.
Not my son, sir.
Holy shit, this place is so big.
It's a duplex! Where did the money come from? I'm Katekar and my house is small.
About half this size.
- He used to work, sir.
- Yeah, right.
He took a computer course.
Look at this.
Sure, a "computer course.
" - Yes.
- Take a look, sir.
Let me see which course your son took.
Yes, sir.
He had to get away from here, sir.
From Bengali Bura.
- How are you here all of a sudden? - I couldn't sleep at home.
- God bless you.
- I thought I could sleep here.
Here, have some, dear.
If Megha was still with you, you'd be happy.
Home isn't something you leave behind, it's what you come back to in the evening.
Mom, do you remember my bat? The cricket bat? That enemy of mine? The one that I oiled every day? Where did Dad get it from? What do you mean? It was imported.
Dad couldn't afford such an expensive bat.
Are you here to pay your respects or to investigate him? Gaitonde mentioned Dad before he died.
Gaitonde can say whatever he wants.
Neither of us got any sleep in this house.
But your dad always slept peacefully, because he never did anything wrong.
If Jojo had the file, we would have found it by now.
We've looked everywhere.
What happened? What happened? Oh, this? A kickboxing accident.
You expect me to believe that's from kickboxing? Tell me the truth.
What happened? Hey, Zoya What can I tell you? Did he hit you? So sue him.
That won't help.
He killed two people while driving drunk.
He got away with it.
What else has he done? My love.
My child.
He threw him off the balcony.
Your child? Was he high? Yes, but not on alcohol.
What do you mean? He'd butter his morning toast with it if he could.
He probably does.
We'll take care of him.
Don't worry.
Why don't you come stay with me? Don't you feel lonely? It reminds me of our home in Lahore.
Isn't that something you want to forget? This was our first home after the Partition.
Your father used up his savings to build this house.
How can I leave it? Don't worry about me, Sartaj.
Do your work with honesty.
Your heart will feel lighter.
Long live India, sir.
We don't get to eat anything, but at least you do.
Eat what you get.
A cop is telling you eat.
Sir! How's your mom? She was asking about you.
Come on, sir! - Listen.
- Yes.
Yes, sir? Tickets for Home Minister Bhonsle's charity show.
Zoya Mirza will be performing.
Take Shalini and the kids.
Where? The biggest player who transfers fake currency into Asia is Shanky Purohit.
No one dares to mess with him.
Next one? Shamsul! Shamsul! We're both failures.
You didn't do your duty and I didn't do mine.
We curse the system say there's no place in it for an honest officer.
There's no place for an honest man in this city, in this country.
But who makes the system? Who makes Mumbai? Who makes India? It's us, motherfucker.
- Hey.
Where's Deva? - Over there.
Do it right.
Boy! Get on it.
Get out.
Have a seat.
Shamsul Rehman.
He was involved in a robbery with two other boys in Diamond Society.
I've heard, sir.
His body was found in the gutter.
The other two boys are missing.
I don't know where these boys went or where they are now.
Motherfucker, did I ask you? Did I ask you? The little boys who work here, where did you buy them? How old are they? How much do you pay them? I'll send you to prison for using child laborers.
Did I say anything like that? Fucker! These boys These boys can't run a gang.
They have a boss here.
No! Fucker! Piece of shit! Give me some water.
Did those boys from Bengali Bura work for you? Did they, asshole? Say it, motherfucker! Water Do you want water? You want water? Here, take it.
Drink some water.
I'm a Maharashtrian.
I'll break your skull open.
Say it! Say it, motherfucker! Say it! Listen I'll cut you up and eat you for breakfast.
Say it.
What happened to you? Today, after a long time, I behaved like a real cop.
Did you beat someone? To get the truth out of him.
How do I look? Zoya is no match for you.
Mom? Mr.
Parulkar? To ease the suffering caused by the drought in Maharashtra the government is dispatching more than a thousand water tankers to the most affected areas.
I would like to thank the organizations that have helped the government in this undertaking.
In this endeavor of ours, a renowned actress has joined hands with us, our beloved Miss Zoya, Zoya Mirza.
Now, without keeping Miss Zoya from you any longer, I shall say good night.
Long live India.
Long live Maharashtra.
- So, Katekar - Yes? Why did you abandon Zoya? Shut up.
Tell me.
Did you know, sir? In his wallet, neatly tucked under his wife's photo is a photo of Zoya Mirza.
Shut up.
No, sir, I'm over all that now.
Why are you laughing? Come.
Surprise! Your mom in Bengali Bura has called you to have some dessert.
Who's Faraj? - Speak up.
- Who's Faraj? Sir, I'm Faraj.
What happened? Your mom had a baby.
Fuck me.
And you? - Bazil.
- You're Faraj, you're Bazil.
And you? Fazil? Are you old enough to drink? Why are you asking him? He's just grown his balls.
Have they dropped? Do they have soft hair? Do you vote? - Do you vote? - No, sir.
You don't vote, but you drink alcohol? Where is Shamsul? Where is Shamsul? - I don't know any Shamsul.
- No? Shamsul? You're not Shamsul.
Where is Shamsul? You're not Shamshul.
Did you kill him? Speak, asshole.
Katekar! Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance! Katekar.
Kat Katekar! It was Isa's niece's wedding.
In Dubai.
He spent 12 crores.
Check out the glitz.
The entire film industry was there.
One of yours was there, too.
See? I owe you.
Look for Bunty.
Bring him to the factory tomorrow.
I picked you up off the streets.
I gave you everything.
I never treated you unfairly.
And yet you're planning to kill me.
- Me, boss? - I'm not talking to you.
I saw your video with Isa.
In Dubai.
You wanted him in the gang, right? Did you ever wonder how many Muslims would survive in Gopalmath after he came here? I think about it every day.
That's why you're alive.
I think about it every day because you're like my brother.
But you made me the bad guy in all of this.
What now, asshole? Are you happy now? Whatever I have done it's on me, okay? All this shit I've done it's on me.
Chotta had no idea about any of this.
He respects you.
Don't harm him.
He wasn't involved in this.
He wasn't.
Don't do anything to him, okay? I did all of it.
I did it.
Please forgive Chotta.
He'll be forgiven.
- This time, the queen will fall.
- Tea? - The queen will fall last.
- No? Are you sure? You don't need anything, right? Here.
Take it away.
- You don't want any? - Not now, the game is too interesting.
Hi, boss.
Boss, you look stressed.
It's your turn now.
Bada planned Mr.
Paritosh's murder with Isa.
What shit are you talking about? I'm not talking shit.
I'm telling you the truth.
You think he went to Dubai to shop? He was dancing at Isa's niece's wedding.
He was the one who plotted Mr.
Paritosh's murder.
My brother planned Paritosh's murder with Isa? Am I speaking another language? I can show you the video.
Do you want to come see it, or should I bring it here? I couldn't leave the fucking house, thinking it was my fault.
- Boss, what is he saying? - What am I saying? - I don't believe him.
He's lying.
- Ask him! - Because of him I couldn't leave - I would never You're full of sadness.
Why? If a traitor has to die, he has to die.
Sartaj is here.
What is this? He left with you, didn't he? He was walking, wasn't he? What will I tell my sons? He's not waking up.
Tell you what call him from your phone.
No matter how deep his sleep was he always woke up and answered your call.
Just one call, maybe he'll wake up.
Just one call.
Love live India, sir.
We killed the other two right there.
Both the fuckers are dead.
SARTAJ SINGH - POLICE INSPECTOR What do they think? What? If you clean the beach every day, will it become clean? Ideally, it should be, sir.
Where does this trash come from? Clean it today tomorrow the sea will bring in a thousand times more.
We stop crime every day, go home at night and come back to the same thing the next morning.
But, sir, it's clean today.
Isn't it? Right? It's a lovely place to enjoy the breeze and have a picnic.
We can just lay a mat here and relax with the family.
That's a lot.
It's enough.
We'll deal with it tomorrow when it comes.
Look over there.
My loving wife and sons.
Hey! Holy shit.
Come here! Do you want a vada pav? Guards, attention! Guards, ready the guns! In position! Reload! In position! Empty the guns! Guards, turn! Ma'am, this is Dr.
Ghadge from Kohinoor Hospital, Mumbai.
Yes, what is it? The full toxicology report for the patient you admitted has arrived.
It was injected through the IV drip.
I want the CCTV footage of all the corridor entries and exits from that night.
Now? All right.
Holy shit, Katekar.
"I'll sort everything out.
" Fucker! Subtitle translation by Harini