Safe (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 [PRIEST] Until we all meet in Christ, we are with you and with our sister forever.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Yeah, right.
I am flesh and I am bone Rise up, ting ting Like glitter and gold I've got fire in my soul Rise up, ting ting, like glitter Like glitter and gold Like glitter Do you walk in the valley of kings? Do you walk in the shadow of men Who sold their lives to a dream? Do you ponder the manner of things? In the dark The dark, the dark, the dark I am flesh and I am bone All rise, ting ting Like glitter and gold I got fire in my soul Rise up, ting ting, like glitter [PETE] So, what now? Beer? No, can't do, we've got a thing.
A community barbecue.
Community barbecue? I can see why you're blowing me out.
Come along if you want.
You mean spend my afternoon in a hermetically-sealed cocoon with overbearing parents and whiny kids? - It's free food, free beer.
- What time does it start? Do you hold their lives from a string? Do you ponder the manner of things? In the dark The dark, the dark, the dark I am flesh and I am bone All rise, ting ting Like glitter and gold I got fire in my soul Rise up, ting ting, like glitter I am flesh and I am bone All rise, ting ting Like glitter and gold I got fire in my soul Rise up, ting ting, like glitter 'Cause everybody in the backroom's Spinning out Don't remember what you're asking for And everybody in the front room's Tripping out You left your bottle at the door 'Cause everybody in the backroom's Spinning out Don't remember what you're asking for And everybody in the front room's Tripping out - [GRUNTS] - [TOM] Sorry! My bad.
Oh, great, burgers.
I thought you were ref? I am, but it would be a crime not to show them my skills on the wing.
It's our throw.
- What? It came off you.
- Bullshit.
Oi, mouth! It's my throw.
If you don't like it, take it up with the linesman.
- That's you.
- Yeah, exactly.
- Oh! Blatant foul! - [HENRY] Yes! You saw it.
[PETE] He's going forward.
He's like Ronaldo! He's Messi.
He's going all the way! [ALL CHEERING] [PETE] He scored! His only score! It was close.
Christopher, are you with us? It's a family lunch, conversation It's always this now, isn't it? We're raising a generation of mutes.
You want a trade? Guaranteed work? Osteopath.
In 20 years, this lot won't be able to straighten their necks.
Sit right here and mock me.
Big idiot.
- Nothing I say has value.
- Neil Oh, don't "Neil" me, Zoe.
Last time I checked, this was your name.
Yeah, Neil is my name.
Neil, not "Neel.
" Like that, "Neel.
" [IN FRENCH] You know, you really wear me out.
Nice work.
Why do we bother coming out as a family? You won't have to put up with it for much longer.
Meaning? You're not a kid anymore.
Work it out.
When your sister's done her exams, that's it.
We're getting a divorce.
Perhaps we'll get lucky and it'll rain.
And you, a doctor.
Anyone follow you? No, why? - How long before we're missed? - Five minutes? Long enough.
[JOJO] Six, two, six, two - Set.
- I know how you work the alarm.
You go out, you put it on.
Anywhere, Sia.
You pop to a friend's, alarm.
- You walk the dog, alarm.
- I get it.
God forbid someone should steal his flat screen.
Flat screen? It's curved.
Curved, Lauren.
Sixty-five inches.
Costs more than your mother's house.
- Golf clubs? - What? Romantic weekend? Wedding anniversary? And we shall have romance, my gorgeous angel.
But we're not getting any younger, and I might need time in between.
- Jojo.
- Nine holes.
Get a pedicure! Afterwards, my love, - woof, woof, woof! - Okay! Can you go now? Alarm, you.
[IMITATING ALARM BEING SET] And no bloody parties.
I have spies next door.
[ERIC] Hey! Don't fool around with fire.
I'm done.
I'm going home.
Don't go.
She just don't seem herself.
She's okay.
It's a phase.
And guess what's a remarkable coincidence? There's a guy on the scene.
[SIGHS] There's always a guy.
- Is he hot? - Yeah, he's out of your league.
He's not even a kid.
He's, like, our age.
- What? - Well, 20.
Okay, 19.
Nineteen? Christ, a pervert.
Yeah, suddenly she's all secretive.
She doesn't tell me anything.
Do you think they're, uh [WHISTLES SUGGESTIVELY] No.
[SIGHS] I don't know.
Have you asked her? Rachel always dealt with this stuff.
She always did the talking.
Listen, I've done something.
Done something? What? If I tell you, you can't judge me.
When have I ever judged you? - No, seriously.
- Speak.
That tech guy you recommended, BO Ben? How does he smell that way? He can never get laid.
What about him? I got him to install some software on her phone.
It kind of clones her messages and sends them to me.
You're spying on her.
[SIGHS] I'm not spying.
I'm worried about her.
I know she's a tough kid, but the grief she's bottled up, and this guy - I haven't looked yet.
- You can't.
- I'm her dad.
- Tom, she'll kill you, mate.
That is crossing a line.
Hey, Rachel's only wish was that I protect her girls.
So, if it's a choice between doing that or respecting her privacy, it's an easy choice.
People are entitled to their secrets.
- Bye.
- Have a good time.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey! There he is.
- Hurry up and get in.
- Took your time.
- All right, mate? - Cool.
Very nice.
- It's my mum's.
- Is it? Really? [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING OVER CAR STEREO] That's right.
Designated drivers drive.
- Designated drinkers - [ALL] Yeah! [JENNY] How do I look? Love the hair.
- Where are you going? - Secret.
You done your assignment? No school tomorrow.
Mmm, still needs doing.
Mum's watch.
Yeah, it's not for time.
I just I just like it.
Looks good on you.
Where are you going? Just out with some friends.
- Not too late, okay? - Okay.
- Right, it's there.
- Thank you.
- Have fun.
- Goodbye.
- Hey! - Oi, chill.
Watch your fucking self.
Who's that? - You buyin'? - Yeah, go on.
How much? Thank you.
[HOUSE MUSIC PLAYING] [CHUCKLING] [TEENAGER] Come on, then! [ALL SHOUTING] [GROANING] [ALL CHEERING] Down your fucking drink, you cunt! Go on! Drink it! [ALL] Down it! Down it! Down it! Down it! [TEENAGERS CHANTING] Down it! Down it! Down it! [CHEERING] Go on! Drink it! Go on! - Oh! You took your time.
- Wanted to look nice.
It was worth the wait.
- Are you off your face? - No.
- Tonight, of all nights - I'm fine.
- You're wasted.
- I'm fucking fine.
[HIP-HOP SONG PLAYING] I love this tune.
Hey, come on, boys! [SIGHS] Shit.
[RINGING TONE] [JENNY] Hi, this is Jenny.
Leave a message after the beep.
Jen, it's Dad.
Where are you? Call me when you get this.
[MUFFLED SCREAMING] I know you're pissed off with me.
But just come home.
[ALL] Fight! Fight! Fight! [JENNY] Hi, this is Jenny.
Leave a message after the beep.
[TOM] Jenny, it's Dad.
I'm worried.
Where are you? Please call me.
[SIGHS] Carrie, wake up.
What? You need to wake up.
It's Sunday.
What's this doing here? Jenny found it in the loft.
We didn't tell you because we thought it might make you sad.
Which is why I stored it in the loft, so it didn't make any of us sad.
- [NEIL] Yes? - Hi.
Sorry for calling so early.
What do you want? I'm looking for Jenny, my daughter.
I think she was with Chris last night.
Is she here? She didn't come home.
No, sorry, she's not here.
Neither is Chris.
Where is he? He told me he'd be at a friend's.
Do you know which friend? Yeah, he said loan.
"Going to loan's.
" Who the hell is loan? He was in a very bad mood.
You can't talk to him when he's like that.
Any idea where loan lives? No, sorry.
Chris is 19.
We try to make him feel as free as possible.
There's a loan Fuller who goes to our school.
Year 12.
He lives somewhere behind the park.
Can you find out which house? I'll DM Shannon.
She's friends with his sister.
[EXHALES] [JOSH] Hi, this is Josh Mason.
Just leave your name and number after the burp.
[BURPS] Where the hell are you? [RINGING TONE] [TOM] You sure this is it? According to my intel.
- You got to stop watching CSI.
- [JENNY] Hi, this is Jenny.
Leave a message after the beep.
[DOORBELL RINGING] Hello? Oh, excuse the outfit.
I'm doing boxer-cise.
Sorry to bother you.
My name's Tom.
Do you have a son called loan? Yes.
Why? I'm trying to find a friend of his, Chris Chahal, and my daughter Jenny.
She hasn't come home.
Io-Io, door.
This man wants to know if you've seen his daughter, Jenny? [TEENAGERS SHOUTING] Or Chris Chahal.
His mum said you might be friends.
That he was staying the night.
Staying the night? But he doesn't know any Chris.
Do you? I know him.
He's sort of a friend of a friend.
Through gaming tournaments.
Any idea why he'd tell his mum he was staying here? I think Jenny might be in trouble.
I think Chris has got her involved in something.
So, if there's anything you know loan.
He asked me to lie for him Chris.
I don't know why.
He said he needed to tell his parents he was staying somewhere.
He made me promise to lie.
- Lie? Why you? - I owed him some money.
- Money? - Not much.
It was for a game.
Look, he was never gonna stay, and I don't know where he is, or Jenny.
Can I leave my number? In case you hear anything.
You should talk to Sia.
- Sia? - Sia Marshall.
Miss Popular.
If anyone knows anything, then Sia will.
- I'm not going.
- You are.
I don't feel well.
Let us stay here.
- No, in the car.
- Mum! You don't feel well because you drank last night.
Ellen, in the car.
You know you shouldn't because you're on medication - and I told you not to.
- I'm not going to Grandma's.
Henry, I'm already late.
Ow! Get off! I'm arresting you for refusing to do what your mother says.
You do not have to say anything, - but anything you do say will - Get off me.
Everything all right? [SIGHS] Where were you? Here, there - Where? - Out.
Out of the gates into the big, wide world.
I thought moving out meant I didn't have to answer these questions anymore? Only when it affects our children.
Great day they'll have, watching their father sleeping off a hangover.
I was having fun, Soph.
- Remember fun? - Yes.
And now I have to work.
Remember work? Yeah.
Be a father, Josh.
Can you do that? And get a shower.
You stink.
Come in.
- Thanks.
[JOJO] So, what can I get you? Tea, coffee, cheeky brandy? - [CHUCKLES] I'm fine.
- Not a problem.
Sia! Here she is, the chief exec.
Lauren, this is Tom.
Dad of Jenny, one of Sia's friends.
We met at that school fundraiser.
Don't think so.
I wouldn't forget such a handsome man.
[JOJO CHUCKLES] We've been away.
Wedding anniversary, back to where we got married.
Reliving it, weren't you? We took the albums with us, all the old photos.
She couldn't stop crying on the day.
With happiness, I hope.
Mind you, everyone was at it.
Even the cake was in tiers.
Ba-dum! Did you want me? No, I bellowed your name up the stairs for the good of my health.
Tom Delaney, Jenny's dad.
Wondering if you'd seen her? Jenny? No, is everything okay? Well, she hasn't come home.
We also can't find her boyfriend.
Older kid Chris Chahal.
Talk to the man.
Where'd you go last night? Did you see 'em? Um into town, but I didn't see them.
Yeah, like I say, we were away.
Have you tried their mobiles? - [CELL PHONE RINGING] - 'Course you have.
Sorry, work.
Anything happening? Get your feet off the desk.
- Seems very quiet in here this morning.
- Well, it is Sunday.
There's this.
The headmaster of a local school has called with an allegation.
He said it's important.
Important? - Someone's stolen the blackboard.
- Ha.
Do they still have blackboards? No.
- When does the new girl start? - This morning.
God help me.
She's young and pretty.
I hate her already.
- Hey - Hi.
Emma Castle.
Sophie Mason.
[EMMA] My first big case.
The local school.
If you're such a big city girl, why move to a small town? No reason.
Just fancied a change.
Oh, I'm a detective.
You'll have to lie better than that.
Bad break-up.
A guy I worked with.
What's this? [SOPHIE] It's what it says.
School fire, years back.
Some children died.
This is rather delicate, which is why I thought it might be best away from wagging tongues.
- [SOPHIE] You said there was a note? - Anonymous, typed.
Accusations of sexual relations between a teacher and a student.
In different circumstances, I might have dismissed this as a crank or a pupil wanting revenge.
But there has been gossip about this particular teacher before.
I felt I had a responsibility to report it.
Zoe Chahal? - Teaches French.
Do you know her? - Mmm.
I've asked her to come in.
The note refers to evidence, something she keeps in her staff locker.
But I didn't want to search it without you present, - in case I found something incriminating.
- [CELL PHONE RINGING] - You did the right thing.
- Absolutely.
When will she be here? [HEART RATE MONITOR BEEPING] [TOM] Hey, Pete! I've gotta go.
Call me.
Which service do you require? Police.
Zoe, thanks for coming in.
Am I in trouble? This is crazy.
I can assure you.
All you'll find are a few books and my gym kit, which I forgot to take home.
[SOPHIE] I'm sorry we have to do this, but with allegations of this sort Of course.
I take it seriously, but I'm telling you Whoever is behind this is crazy.
What's on this? I have no idea what that is.
Someone must have put it in my locker.
You're absolutely sure this isn't your property? Absolutely sure.
Is there somewhere we can open this? These appear to be intimate letters, written to you.
Are they from a student? This is ridiculous.
Tim? We should continue this down at the station.
[OFFICER 1] You didn't argue? No.
[OFFICER 1] And she's never done anything like this before? Never.
I've called and called, sent texts.
She wouldn't let me worry.
- She's not that kind of kid.
- I understand.
And she's 16.
That's worrying.
- But you said the boyfriend's older? - Nineteen.
And he's also un-contactable, which suggests they might be together.
[OFFICER 2] Does he live here? In the gated community? Yes, with his parents, but he hasn't been home.
We see a lot of this with teenagers.
- But statistically - Statistically? Statistically, my wife had a 60% survival rate.
It doesn't stop me visiting her grave.
[CRYING] Dad, come home.
Please come home.
Loan? Can you talk? loan! Loan, I just wanna talk.
Stop! loan! Fuck.
Wait! I just wanna talk! - Loan! - [CAR HORN HONKING] [MAN] Watch what you're doin', you stupid idiot! [PANTING] Why did you run? Why run, loan? Did you talk to Sia? Yes.
Why run? What did she say? That she went to town.
Didn't see either Jenny or Chris.
My daughter's missing.
No more fucking lies.
I saw her last night.
- Where? - There was a party.
Loads of kids there.
It was pretty wild.
[TOM] Was she with Chris? [LOAN] He was off his head.
She seemed pissed off with him.
What's going [LOAN] Look, this thing wasn't tame.
Everyone was getting pretty wasted.
Drugs? Was Jenny on drugs? I'm not sure.
She seemed kind of high, but Who knows? It could have just been drink.
When did you last see Jenny? What time did she leave the party? I'm not sure.
But it ended pretty abrupt, around 11:00.
And whose house was it? The party's over.
Please go! [LOAN] The girl I told you to talk to.
Make your way out! Go! Sia? Sia had a house party? [SCOFFS] [EMMA] She's lying.
Says who? You barely even spoke back there.
Little smiles to her.
What is that? Small town thing? - Your kids go to the same parties? - Oi! [EMMA] Sophie, look at the evidence.
If this was a guy, we'd be screaming pedophile.
The evidence.
An anonymous tip-off to the head.
Love letters with kisses and no names.
And the stuff in there? "Did I get an A-plus? - Didn't know that was in the curriculum.
" - Kids are idiots.
See the look on her face when we found them? Surprise.
Genuine surprise.
It doesn't add up, Emma.
So, no, it's not a small town thing.
It's a good cop thing.
- [VOICEMAIL BEEPS] - [TOM] Sophie, it's Tom.
I've got a problem.
Oh, Darren, feet! Jenny Delaney, the missing 16-year-old that was reported this morning.
There is a boyfriend: Chris Chahal.
Neither one has been seen since last night.
Any information, I wanna see it straight away.
Chris Chahal? - Is that any relation - Yes.
It's his mother.
- Yes? - Your daughter lied to my face.
She had a party.
[JOJO] I gave you specific I'm appalled.
No, no, worse, I'm disappointed.
The fact that you lied to me and to Tom I can't apologize enough.
I really can't.
I'm sorry that I lied.
I just need facts.
If Jenny was here, when did she leave? Jenny was here.
But I only remember seeing her early on, like 8:00-ish.
Maybe 9:00? And after that, I don't know.
Was she with Chris? I genuinely don't know.
Who's Chris? He's, like, 20.
He's dropped out of uni.
I don't know him that well.
Why did you suddenly stop the party? The kid I spoke to says you threw everyone out.
Well, the place was getting trashed.
I panicked.
There was so many more people than I'd invited.
I wanted to get rid of them.
- I'm calling the police.
- Police? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you insinuating? This is the last place Jenny was seen.
There were, what? 30, 40 kids here? Someone must know something.
Someone must have seen her.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] Tickle [GROWLING] [CHILDREN LAUGHING] [JOSH] I smell tickle! [ELLEN] Daddy's got me! [JOSH] Yes, he's got Oh, my God! My beer! Watch the beer! Please save the beer! Oh, my God! Okay, okay, you win.
Oh, good Lord! Why are you so strong? - [CHILDREN LAUGHING] - [JOSH EXCLAIMING] [CRYING] [PANTING] Where the fuck have you been? Sorry.
Yeah, right.
Delaney, it's loan.
I've found something you need to see.
The Facebook timeline of a girl, Dora.
She was at the party.
Hey, man, you know what? - You missed such a great party.
- Okay, and? This one.
[BOY] Freddie - [LOAN] Look there.
- [TOM] What should I be seeing? Freddie - I told you to come to this party - There.
[LOAN] She's getting into that car.
[TOM] Can I Who is he? Do you know him? [TOM] It's Pete.
Lonely shadows following me Lonely ghosts come a-calling Lonely voices talking to me Now I'm gone, now I'm gone Now I'm gone Oh, gimme that fire Oh, gimme that fire Burn, burn, burn