Safe (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug Just leave it, leave it, leave it.
Chris? Chris? Fuck! Fuck.
Oh, my Oh, my God.
Guys, guys, listen up.
Guys, my parents are coming back.
Please, get out quickly.
I'm really sorry, guys.
Please, I'm sorry.
Sorry, the party's over.
The party's over.
Can you please go? Make your way out.
Go! Careful, careful, careful Okay.
It's okay.
Daddy's here.
We're gonna make it all right.
Oh, God.
Oh, no.
I don't know how it happened.
I don't.
I really don't.
We have to call the police.
Jojo, we have to call the police.
Were there drugs? Did you sell any? Did you sell any fucking drugs? Yes.
No police.
The facts are these: A party, drugs, someone winds up dead.
Sia? Sia! Everything we have this house, our home, our reputation, is about to go down the toilet.
- You, prison.
- Jojo.
You want me to sugarcoat it? There's a dead body in the garden.
She'll go down.
Supplying, someone OD's, that's five years minimum.
Previous for possession, which'll come up, probably more.
The school will weigh in, the coke incident.
It'll all come out and they'll say she's responsible.
So, what are you saying? What do we do? Jojo! Well, if we call the cops, we're screwed.
All of us.
Dead kid? That shit sticks.
Who's gonna do business with us? Nobody'll be able to look us in the eye.
But he's dead! And nothing's gonna make him not dead.
His parents, and my heart breaks for them, aren't getting their son back.
But maybe, maybe, we can give them hope.
Missing son, hope.
Maybe he's run away? Maybe he's out there somewhere? Dead son, no hope, lives ruined.
No, we can't do that.
Can't we? Then you better call the police.
Come in, come in.
So, what can I get you? Tea, coffee, cheeky brandy? - I'm fine.
- Not a problem.
Sia! Here she is, the chief exec.
Lauren, this is Tom.
Dad of Jenny, one of Sia's friends.
We met at that school thing, fundraiser.
I don't think so.
I wouldn't forget such a handsome man.
We've been away.
Wedding anniversary, back to where we got married.
Reliving it, weren't you? Did you want me? No, I bellowed your name up the stairs for the good of my health.
Tom Delaney, Jenny's dad.
Wondering if you'd seen her? Jenny? No.
Is everything okay? She hasn't come home.
We also can't find her boyfriend.
Older kid, Chris Chahal.
Well, talk to the man.
Where'd you go last night? Did you see either of them? Jojo if he's here and Jenny's gone missing, have you thought that He didn't overdose.
She'd already seen him dead.
Or she killed him? Where is she? Pete, it's me.
Where are you? Is Jenny with you? I know you saw her.
Call me.
Call me as soon as you can.
Pete, open up! Pete! Sophie.
I need to see you.
Yeah, just a sec, Tom.
Yes? Neil Chahal? Last time I looked.
DC Emma Castle.
Your wife is in custody.
I have a Section 18 authorization to search the premises.
May we? Custody? For what? This really would be better inside.
Hey, that's mine.
He's not answering his phone.
When did you last see him? Earlier.
At work.
Fuck! Fuck, fuck.
This is He's my best friend.
He wouldn't I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.
I know you hate stats.
So don't tell me any.
Nine out of ten disappearances are connected to somebody known.
Well, this is the one, the exception.
- I'm not accusing him.
- I am.
I don't want to, but why wouldn't he call me? I pick up a friend's daughter late at night, I'd call them.
I'd tell them.
But then the other part of my brain says, "No.
" You know people, you know.
He was there for me.
Even when Dad, where are you? You have to come home.
Come here.
She knew.
She sensed it.
No, no, no, no, she didn't know.
We served together.
There's no way.
Tom, one thing you learn in my job, no one knows anyone, not really.
So we need to find him.
I'm going back to the station to work on it.
I'll find Pete.
Last ident I have was three hours ago.
Pete Mayfield's car was seen near the car park of the Lakeside View Inn.
Low-end hotel.
He hasn't passed through the next camera and he hasn't made a return journey, so So there's a good chance he's still there? - Yeah.
- Yeah, thanks.
Sophie, we're going in to interview the teacher.
She can wait.
Nothing at the house.
Well, nothing obvious, anyway.
We've taken her iPad, digital camera, a kind of diary thing she keeps.
- And how was the husband? - Flabbergasted.
Actually, no, he was angry.
He kept shouting, "Ridiculous, ridiculous.
" Well, it's a hard thing to accommodate.
- Did he mention his son? - No.
Right, well, his son's gone missing.
He hasn't heard from him, no? He didn't mention it.
So, this guy, Pete He was the last one seen with the girl? Yep.
Your lawyer's here.
What car are we looking for? A green four-by-four.
There can't be many of them.
- There.
- Sure? Yes, and he's leaving.
Is there someone in the car with him? Whoa, he's going.
Shit, we've lost him.
Can't see him.
Did he stay on this road? There he is.
Stop, Pete.
Why aren't you stopping? - Sophie.
- What the hell? Why did you shoot away? - When? - We were behind you.
You hit the gas.
I never saw you.
- Where's Jenny? - I don't know.
Mind if we look in the car? Yes, I do.
Sorry, what is this? Was someone with you? Jenny Delaney went missing last night.
You might have been the last person to have seen her.
Jenny's missing? I'd like to ring Tom.
You don't need to ring Tom.
Just tell me and I'll tell Tom.
I know I don't need to, but I'd like to.
Am I under arrest, then? No.
Then I can do what I like.
Sorry, man, I've had my phone off.
I'm with Sophie.
Is Jenny there? No.
Listen, I didn't know anything had happened.
I would have called, I swear.
You picked her up last night.
Yes, yes, but just that.
I picked her up and drove her home, to the entrance at the gates.
You dropped her home? What time? Late.
I don't know, maybe 11:30.
Why did you do that? She called me.
She was at this house.
Some big party a few miles away.
Yeah, we know about it.
She was drunk.
I mean, her friends were drunk.
They're piling into this car, the driver was hammered.
So she rang me to come and take her home.
But why you? Okay, Tom, I wanna take all the implications out of this.
I would never hurt her.
We know.
Not hurt her, but is there something more than a friendship between you? What are you talking about? Attraction.
I'm gay.
Tom, I should have called.
I'd overheard her.
Okay? Her and her mates few months back.
They were just talking about driving drunk.
Laughing it off like this big joke, and you know my history.
What happened to my dad.
So I took her to one side and I made her promise to never get in a car that way.
I said, "You call me day or night and I'll come and pick you up.
" And she never did till last night.
And you dropped her home? Yeah, right at the gates.
How did she seem? Drunk, you know.
Kind of pissed off, but she'd been like that earlier in the day, so I dropped her at the gates, I turned round, I went home.
Why's your phone been off all day? Because I'm old-fashioned.
I turn it off, so I'm not contactable every single minute of the day.
And then you went straight home? Yes.
Can anyone confirm that? Tom? I'm climbing out the car now, mate.
And I'm driving over and I am gonna help you.
So, unless anyone's arresting me here, I think this conversation's over.
You have feelings for him.
Well, so do I.
And I've known him a hell of a lot longer.
Do you believe him? Not enough.
I promised Jenny I wouldn't tell anyone, all right? So she'd trust me.
That was the deal.
The boyfriend.
It has to be something to do with the boyfriend.
I looked, last night, the messages.
I had to.
And there's this one from her to him.
"Don't do it.
I'm begging you.
" What? It says that? Yeah, and then she's sending him a different message.
" What is that? Sex? Drugs? Suicide pact? I'm thinking every thought here.
Okay, okay, let's stop.
Your mind's going a million miles an hour.
This is a gated community, right? It's safe, so what's the big advantage of that? You can see who comes in and who goes out.
I definitely dropped her in.
So, did she go out again? We need to talk to the girl who had the party, see if she'll confirm his story.
Maybe she'll know something about Jenny's plans.
Why is this such priority? Because you're friends with her dad? We have a teacher waiting to be interviewed.
Compelling evidence that she's sleeping with a student.
If you think she did it, make her confess.
I'm talking to the girl.
Jenny wouldn't disappear if there wasn't something wrong.
I'm opening an official investigation.
Well, this is us.
I say us, it's just me.
I used to have a Doberman Pinscher.
You remember Pickles, don't you? He bit my daughter.
Bit, nip.
Nibble, really, weren't it? Unfortunately, kept happening.
One parent got litigious.
Had to have him put to sleep.
The look in his eye.
I'll never forget it.
What time are we talking last night? Round half-eleven.
Shouldn't be too difficult.
So that's her entering the perimeter.
Time code 11:35.
Then she heads out of shot.
But we can pick her up here.
Camera three.
Wait wrong way.
Yeah, left would be home.
So, where's she going? Let's hope camera six tells us.
Who lives there? That will be, er Eric Pratchett.
Let's go see him.
Okay, facts.
The following items were found in your work locker.
Explicit photos of yourself.
An explicit photo of a male torso, found on a computer memory stick.
Along with correspondence, written to you, by what would appear to be a student.
Can you explain how they came to be there? No.
Perhaps someone is angry with me.
Perhaps this is revenge.
Who might be angry with you? I don't know.
Any reason why anyone would want revenge? Not that I can think of.
Let me read from them.
"I can't wait till I'm 16, so we can do everything we do out in the open.
I'm hating not being able to tell people about us.
It was so great last night.
So amazing.
" Six Os.
"Beats homework any day.
" Who wrote those words? I have no idea.
But if you think I'd have sex with someone who uses six Os They were found in your locker.
Well, I can't explain that.
Does anyone else have access to your locker? Have you given anyone your key? No.
But I suppose the school must have a copy or a master key.
Okay, so somebody else could have opened it, placed inside the memory stick.
But could they also have credibly placed, on the same memory stick, photographs of you? Extremely explicit photographs.
Is that realistic? How do you know this is me? Is it you? Well, it's my face.
So you're saying it's not you? Have you heard of Photoshop? So, for clarity, you're denying that these images are of you? Of your body? Yes.
We magnified the image on this one.
And on the right hip, just visible, is the corner of a tattoo.
It appears to be some kind of creature.
Maybe a scorpion.
Do you have a tattoo like that? For the recording, do you, in this exact position, have a tattoo that matches the one in the photograph? Yes.
Eric, my daughter, Jenny, she was seen coming towards this house last night.
And? She's missing.
That's your "and.
" So I need facts.
She ran across my lawn.
My security light came on.
And I went to the window as I always do when the light comes on, always.
And I yelled at her.
Yelled what? Swear words, like, "piss off," "off my sodding lawn," something.
She took off, disappeared through the trees at the back of the house.
Your house backs onto Neil and Zoe Chahal's house? Correct.
That's Chris, the boyfriend.
And when you find her, tell her I'm not a thoroughfare.
What a lovely man.
Should arrange a dinner.
It's like being back in the army.
Yeah, just like it.
There's a car here.
People do walk, Darren.
Well, there's a light on.
So, the new DC What about her? Well, you got to know her a bit? It's day one.
We're hardly booking mini-breaks together.
Funny move, city to suburbs.
Is there a guy involved, or is she single? For God's sake, really? Come on, let's check round the back.
I don't fancy her.
I was just curious.
She's not my type.
They're looking at the pool.
Why are they looking at the pool? They can't know anything.
Are you sure no one else saw him? No, it was just me.
So, why are they down there? I don't know! What are you looking at? - That plant's been moved.
- So? So, why would someone do that? Because they wanted the plant in a different position? Look, they're obviously not here.
Try again tomorrow? Yeah.
They're going.
We need to move him.
We will.
I've got an idea but I'll need his thumb.
Zoe, a decision has been made for you to be bailed.
The custody sergeant will give you your bail conditions, but the LEA have asked me to inform you that you are suspended with immediate effect.
You are not allowed to enter St.
Winifred's High School and you are not allowed contact, directly or indirectly, with any colleagues, parents or students.
It's about Chris.
Can we come in? Okay.
I told you, just this morning, we don't know anything about this.
Jenny may have come here, she may have sneaked into our garden, but if Chris was at the party with her last night, why would she do that? Why would they meet here? Has Chris been in touch? Not with me.
For him that's not unusual.
Are you not worried? He's only 19.
He's a man.
I don't wipe his arse anymore.
Look, look, there's a theme, okay.
I didn't want to get into it this morning because Zoe doesn't know and it would have just created this whole big So, he's pissed off with me, okay? I told him some news that I told him me and his mum were separating.
I thought he deserved to know.
So, fine, he calls me a prick.
He says it's all my fault.
Okay, whatever.
Storms out.
Some bullshit to his mum about where he's staying.
Ask me where he is, I'll tell you.
He's burning off his anger.
Either that or he's trying to punish me.
You know, the heavy silence routine.
But ask me, am I worried? No.
Emphatically no.
Do you mind if we take a look in his room? Tom's daughter sent Chris some messages that kind of worry us.
What kind of messages? "Don't do it.
I'm begging you.
" And one that just said, "Tonight.
" That's Zoe's idea.
It's above the garage.
He spent so much time down there messing with his Vespa, she suggested he live up here.
The joke has become a reality at great personal expense.
Did he go out on it last night? The Vespa? Yeah, most likely.
It's not here.
Why'd he drop out of uni? Well, the official version, he couldn't connect with his course, wanted to reassess his options.
My version, he's bone idle and likes getting stoned too much.
Here, mate, this could be something.
What's that? Don't know.
Train times? Booking reference? Could be anything.
Yeah, that's trains.
We should check these times, find which direction.
Someone's home.
It could be Chris.
Hello? Chris? No, it's me.
- Sorry.
- They're going.
I just had a few more questions.
Have you heard from Chris? No.
I hope you find her.
Was it me or was there a very strange vibe in there? Strange vibe? Do you think she'd been crying? I'm certain of it.
Maybe Jenny just never really forgave me.
Come on.
Hey, it's Chris.
Leave a message.
Chris, it's Mum.
Where are you? I'm worried.
You didn't come home last night.
Call me.
I love you.
The person you are calling is unavailable.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Hey, it's me.
There's a problem.
I need to see you.
Today? Yesterday? No, I haven't seen her.
Do you recognize this girl? Have you seen this girl? Excuse me.
Have you seen this girl? Sorry, round here? Today? Yesterday? - I don't remember her, no.
- Okay.
Carrie? Hi.
Dad? She's with Chris, Jenny.
He posted photos online.
She looks happy.
She's okay.
Right, the only place no one ever goes is my private loo.
We'll put him under lock and key until we work out something more permanent.
- Come on, hurry up! - I'm going as fast as I can! Come on! You push him! - No, no, no, no - No, no, I've got it.
I can help! Okay, let go.
Let go! I can't do this.
- You can't stop now.
- I can't.
It's too heavy.
Why can't we leave him downstairs? What, sat up in reception? - Push! - I can't! I can't! Lauren! I can't do this, Jojo.
I can't do it.
We're going to the police.
Seems they bought train tickets.
Chris' Vespa was at the station.
I checked the times they'd written down with the timetable, and they go south.
- Into the city.
- She bought a fake ID off a guy online.
Why? What'd you need an ID for? Drinking? Clubbing? Maybe she's just run away.
Gone off, so she can Why would she do that? This is the last dress Rachel helped her buy.
She was too sick, really.
But I remember driving them to the shop.
Jenny tried on a hundred things, but nothing was good enough for Rachel.
But maybe she just wanted to stay there longer with her daughter.
She wasn't wearing that dress at the party.
Maybe she packed it? If you're running away? Have you checked her wardrobe? Where were you? The dress is here.
She's not okay.
What's Chris done to her? Why is he posting old photos? I don't know.
I can get tech on to it, find out when the account was last accessed? Hey.
Hello, hello.
Er, I'm John Joseph Marshall.
This is my daughter, Sia.
Our neighbor tells us that your lot came round yesterday.
I'm assuming it was for a statement.
So we're here to save you a return trip.
So I've got 70 bloody kids rampaging through my house.
I've got an idea.
I'll need his thumb.
Massive party? And this is everyone you can remember? You know how it goes.
People bring people.
People I don't know.
And you didn't know anything about this party? No, I did not.
As I said, I was away with the missus.
Callow Hall Hotel.
You ever been? It's a beautiful place.
For romance, for golf.
All your holes in one place.
I'm assuming there was alcohol? They're not angels.
Drugs? No.
Not as far as I know.
I mean, what people did in the toilets, I don't know, but I didn't see anything.
Pete? I think I know what "Heaven" is.
It used to be a gay bar in the city called Meat.
Now it's an '80s bar called Heaven.
Excuse me.
Can we help you? I'm looking for this girl.
She's my daughter.
She a regular? No.
I've got a suspicion she might have come here.
Maybe you saw her.
Er, what's going on here? Who's this? This man's looking for his daughter.
Wanted to know if we'd seen her.
Tom Delaney.
Sorry to bother you.
No worries, parental concern.
Let's have a look, then.
I pride myself on being good with faces.
Especially where women are concerned.
Mind you, they're all someone's daughter.
- How old is she? - Sixteen.
- Sixteen? - She can look older.
She'd never have got inside.
We have a strict policy.
She has fake ID.
She looks what she is.
A kid.
I really doubt she'd have made it past the door.
Are you sure no one underage ever gets in here? That seems unlikely.
I'm sure.
Okay, thanks for taking a look.
My pleasure.
I hope you find her.
That was our one chance to come clean.
Our one chance for regret! Lauren, keep calm.
Screw "keep calm!" No, Lauren, we can't screw "keep calm.
" We have to embrace it, nurture it, give it a great big hug, because right now, "keep calm" is all we've bloody got.
That's it, alert the neighbors.
"Did you hear anything unusual in the days after the death?" "Yes, I heard the fearful panicked screams of the woman that lives there.
" Just stop it! Okay? Stop it.
It's done.
We've gotta deal with it.
We've got no choice.
Maybe I deserve this.
For what? Hey, you read the notes I made on the interview with Sia Marshall? Yeah, pretty unexceptional.
Except, call me genius.
I rang the hotel the parents stayed at just to confirm they attended, - and you'll never guess what.
- What? They left early.
Checked out with some excuse.
They had to get home around midnight.
Heading home? Why? Sounds like somebody knew there was a party.
Sounds like somebody's been lying to our face.
Sia, there's some rope in the garage on the high shelf.
Go and get it.
What does it look like? Rope.
Jojo! Anyone at home? Hello? Anyone at home? Jojo? Jojo, I've had this at my house for