Safe (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 [upbeat music playing] [crowd cheering] Have you seen Chris? - Have you seen Chris? - No, sorry.
[indistinct chatter] Jen [Pete] Hiya.
Is that the boyfriend? [Jenny] Oh, thank you very much.
So, where is he, then? It's Chris, right? [chuckles] Dad's been talking to you, then.
Why can't he just mind his own - [Pete] Hey - [Jenny] business? [Pete] Be nice about my best friend.
Night night.
No telling that best friend about this, yeah? That's the deal.
Bye, love.
I am flesh and I am bone Rise up, ting ting Like glitter and gold I've got fire in my soul Rise up, ting ting, like glitter Like glitter and gold Like glitter Do you walk in the valley of kings? Do you walk in the shadow of men Who sold their lives to a dream? Do you ponder the manner of things? [Pete] Hey.
How was Heaven? Useless.
- Nothing? - No.
What would Jenny be doing, going to a place like that? [sighs] What's she doing, full stop? - So, what do you wanna do now? - Wait here.
The boyfriend's scooter plus two rail tickets equals Jenny was here.
And that's all I've got right now.
[Sophie] We need the latest on Zoe Chahal's laptop.
Emma, can you chase it up? - Call me if you need me.
- [cell phone ringing] Henry's got dialysis.
Yeah, I'm just leaving.
[Henry] Can you go home, on your way, - and get my Superdry shirt? - [Sophie] What? My new shirt in my room.
Unless you washed it.
Pick it up, yeah? I can't, 'cause I want to be with you for any updates.
Yeah, and I want my shirt.
So, thanks.
[inhales sharply] [Lauren] Yeah, you can't keep him here as well.
[Jojo] What do you want me to do? Untie him and let him go? [Sophie] For God's sake.
[Sophie] I gather my colleague asked for some names of people who might bear a grudge against you.
And you couldn't think of anybody? None at all.
No, really.
Well, can I ask you to have another think? As a teacher, you might not be aware of it, but for parents, well Well, you're a parent too, of course.
But for me, teachers loom large, and if any of them don't like my kids, or pick on them, then Okay, what am I saying? As a teacher you might not realize how sensitive people can be.
So Please, could you just go back a few years, and think of anyone who you could have inadvertently upset? It might seem like nothing And nobody's gonna get all heavy-handed.
I'm doing everything I can to find out who's doing this to you.
'Cause someone is.
I will have a think.
Okay, good.
Oh, sorry, I've got to fly.
Henry's got a hospital appointment.
Yeah, please Please you must go, of course.
Thank you for coming here, like this.
Your kindness, it It means a lot.
[Jojo] If you weren't dealing drugs, Sia, we wouldn't be in this position.
- Dad - Please, I'm trying to think.
- Yeah, I know, I was just gonna say - Please, please, please! [cell phone ringing] - Who is it? - It's work.
It's fine.
Phil, what's up? Okay.
Okay, I'm on my way.
- [Lauren] Where are you going? - Two fermentors have shut down.
Well, Phil's there.
He'll deal with it.
They've shut down, Lauren! They're cooling as we speak.
Do you want me to go bankrupt, as well as all this? Don't let your mum make any decisions.
Don't let her do anything.
[Pete] You want some lunch? - Nah.
- [Pete] 'Cause you should eat.
You need to eat.
Listen to your mum now.
I'm good.
[cell phone ringing] Yes? Speaking.
Yeah, I can hear you, yeah.
I'm on my own.
- Yeah.
- [Pete] What? What do you got? Got it, yeah.
- Talk to me, what? - Some guy for £5,000 will tell me where Jenny is.
- What? For five grand? - Yeah, I know, but he knows I'm her dad.
And he knows my number.
But also he knows exactly what she's wearing.
- So, he knows something.
- Right.
- Five grand.
- Cash and no police.
Yeah, there's a surprise.
- [Sophie] Your jumper, Henry! - [Henry] Mom, it's nothing.
- But, Henry, it has blood all over it.
- Yeah, there was a fight.
A fight? With who? Where? Why not tell me? - When was this? Don't fight.
You can't.
- I wasn't.
I just got bumped into and bled on.
I don't know who they were.
It's nothing.
What are you doing with those? That's a brand-new shirt.
Henry! - [nurse] Are those my scissors? - [Henry] Yeah, thanks.
I wanna wear this this afternoon.
- Putting it on now? - Yeah.
Right, let's see.
Henry Mason, - your assigned surgeon is - Tom Delaney.
- And you last saw Dr.
Delaney? - This morning.
They see quite a lot of each other.
[clears throat] We're neighbors, you know, so - Okay? - Okay.
- [Tom] You have to say what it's for.
- So, you told 'em, obviously.
- I said a car.
- Anything nice? - For five grand? - Right.
As requested.
So, take the metro, make the drop.
Leave the station, go up top, and I'll take over.
- That's leaving it all to you.
- Yeah, you're doing as you're told.
- What happens then? - I'll call you.
All right, I'm sending you a link, right? You download it.
It's a tracking app.
Once you've signed up, you can see where I am.
But stick to the plan.
Oh, and eat the sandwich.
[gasps] What were you playing at? What was your game? What were you doing sneaking around? I was delivering a package, and then I saw So, no ringing the doorbell? Just walk straight in? You do that everywhere you go, Martin? I saw those feet and legs.
I saw what I saw.
Yeah, you saw me stark naked.
That's exactly what you saw.
You know that I shower naked after a swim, because you like to watch me, don't you? But don't worry.
I won't be telling my dad.
I mean, I mustn't.
Because if he knew If he knew you had been snooping on his little baby, and watching me undress Well He'd kill you.
No, he wouldn't kill you, but he'd go to the police and he would tell them that you're a pedo! And I'd have to back him up.
And that would be horrible.
Because those kind of accusations They [inhales] They stick.
Oh, God! So, let's say nothing.
[exhales] [train stops] - What are you doing? I gave you that app.
- It's one of the bouncers from Heaven.
He's gonna recognize you, ain't he? Stick to the plan.
Keep back till I call you.
- [yelling] - [both grunting] [Tom] Jenny! Where's Jenny? Where is she? Where is she? [pizza boy] What the hell, man? Fuck! "Keep back till you call," yeah? [bouncer groaning] He just ran out in front of me! - [groaning] - Shit! Shit, I'm not insured! Take your bike and fuck off.
- Go on, leave.
- Jesus! [groans] - [stammers] Is he okay? - He's fine.
I'm a doctor.
Dislocated shoulder.
We're both doctors.
We might be able to put this back in.
The quicker it's done, the better.
Go! No, wait! [groans] - Be quiet, or I'll - [grunts] Now tell the kind gentleman he can go.
- Tell him.
- Thanks, mate.
I'm fine.
[Tom] My daughter, Jenny.
[bouncer] I don't know where she is.
- I think you do.
- I don't! I don't.
You told me exactly what she was wearing.
Yeah, 'cause she did come to Heaven.
She was looking for Bobby, but he wasn't there, so she left.
[pants] - Who the fuck's Bobby? - [bouncer] The guy you saw.
The guy you were speaking to.
My boss.
And then you're asking for her.
I sent that girl to get your number.
That's it.
I was trying it on.
- That's not it.
- [groans] - Who was my daughter with? - No one.
No one.
- She was with a young guy.
- She was on her own.
And she just came and went! [sobs] Call an ambulance.
[cell phone ringing] Yes, hello? Yeah, I'll come in.
I'm coming now.
[panting] Carrie's gone AWOL from school.
- I'll call you.
- All right, mate.
[door closes] [footsteps approaching] [Jojo exhales] What? You tell me not to do anything, and then she She sends Martin home.
Sends him What do you mean, "sends him home"? It's okay.
Everything's sorted and Martin is fine.
Well, great.
In that case, I'll pop the kettle on.
We can do some finger painting.
- Dad, I said I took care of it, okay? - No! Sia, not okay! What did you do? What have you done? I told him I'd caught him watching me undress by the swimming pool on more than one occasion and it seemed to do the trick.
But I said I wouldn't say anything to you.
So can we please concentrate on getting rid of the body? [Tim] No news, I'm afraid.
I thought Ellen might know, being Carrie's best friend.
But, no luck there, either.
Can I have a quick word with Ellen alone? Just here.
It will only take a minute.
She said not to say.
And I promised.
She might not be there anyway.
But it's not a bad place if she is.
She and Jenny go there a lot.
It's where their mom worked.
Would you like some tea, Doctor? Helen.
That's right.
You work here Well, help out.
- [Helen] Volunteer.
- I remember Rachel saying.
Delaney? Alex Miller, your wife's assistant.
- Yeah.
- [Alex] Welcome.
What a lovely surprise.
I'm actually looking for my daughter.
Which one? Carrie or Jenny? Mind, I haven't seen either today.
They'll be in their mom's office if they're here.
Milk and sugar? I'm actually fine at the moment.
No, they're not here.
Can I ask when they last came? [Alex] Three, four days ago.
How often do they come? Oh, that's easy.
Come and see.
[all laughing] Poor old Dad, always outnumbered.
[laughs] [Alex] So, when they come in they always leave hearts on the date.
So, yeah, both here four days ago.
And They come a lot.
And no one ever thought to call and let me know? That they have this This You think that's all right? You think this is helping them get over their mother and move forwards? We've hoped so.
They always seem happy here.
This is creepy.
This is like some shrine.
Oh Well, if you don't like it [chuckles] I don't like it, no.
You got people I don't know with their arms round my wife.
Where were some of these even taken? It's like I didn't know her.
Like she's someone else.
You've any idea where I might find Carrie? She and Jenny never mention anywhere? You might try the City Art Gallery.
Rachel used to go there a lot with the kids when she was ill.
[scoffs] One of the strangest things I've ever had to do.
Sorry, what is this? A list of those I have had any argument with over the years.
But, really, they are all nothing.
I've never even thought to report one of these people, so It's bizarre to think that, without knowing it, I could have upset someone that much.
[Emma] Thanks, Mrs.
Your cooperation's noted.
Is that one of yours? [whispers] I'll go.
[Henry] Mom, you can go if you have to.
In fact, even if you don't, go.
I'll get home on me own.
I'll be back.
Zoe Chahal's list of people who might bear a grudge.
The fourth one might interest you.
Let's pay them a visit.
- What do you think? - [speaking indistinctly] [indistinct chatter] [woman] Boys, calm down.
[indistinct chatter] [Tom] You don't mind me sitting here? [Carrie] Course not.
I had no idea you and Jenny went to your mom's center.
We thought it might upset you.
You didn't need to know.
You never asked us where we were.
[exhales] [Carrie] All we do is sit in there.
It feels I don't know.
We just like it.
[Tom] Hey I'm looking for Jenny as hard as I can.
Do you want to see something? She loves me the best.
[Jenny] All of us.
I'm scared of losing Jenny, too.
Okay, listen.
I know one thing, okay? Jenny went to this bar, a place called Heaven Lounge.
She went there looking for the owner, a man called Bobby.
But that's all I know.
Do you know who this Bobby is? No.
You wanna help me find out? Yes.
Let's [sighs] [Jojo groaning] - Be careful.
- What do you mean, "careful"? He's dead.
Oh, Jesus.
- Just push, then.
- I am! [grunts] [Jojo grunts] [door bell rings] - That's it.
- [Sia] Now where? The police are here.
This isn't about the party.
This is a separate issue.
Do either of you recall ever having a dispute or argument with Sia's French teacher, Mrs.
Chahal? She runs drama club.
- Go on.
- Well, if you mean, um when she didn't give Sia the part in Grease, yes.
Yes, we had words.
I think that Sia would have been a wonderful Sandy, and I told her so.
We were disappointed.
Maybe we said a few things we shouldn't have said.
Like what? I said she was stupid.
Possibly fat.
[Emma] And that's it? I did go see Mrs.
Chahal once more to ask her to reconsider, but she said no.
- And then what? - Then nothing.
[exhales] Look can we speak outside? Are you showing us something? - No.
- Well, then here's fine.
Well, look I know she's my daughter, and I love her dearly.
But, singing-wise, she's talentless.
She's dreadful.
She can't sing a note.
I am delighted when Mrs.
Chahal says, "Not in my musical, thanks.
" 'Cause, frankly, the girl does not need encouragement.
What about your wife and Sia? Did they take it further? No, my wife, she's just hot air.
And Sia Yeah, she's She's got a touch of the devil in her, but only for fun.
- What sort of fun? - I don't know, like Like after their exams, getting into my drinks cabinet.
She copied the key.
[chuckles] What you can get off the Internet these days.
All you need is a lighter, a bit of tape, scissors, one of them flimsy coffee tins, and you're away.
New key, empty drinks cabinet.
[laughs] But that's just for fun and being young, isn't it? Well, thank you.
For now.
[sighs] So, do you reckon youthful fun could run to getting compromising photographs of Zoe Chahal and sticking them in her locker? I don't know.
I don't get the whole family.
Maybe I could try and trace the boy in the Zoe photos? It could be tricky, but give it a go.
See you tomorrow.
Dad, where's Chris? No idea.
Have you tried his mobile? He's not answering, but he's supposed to take me.
Well, then something must have come up.
Let me do this, and then I'll take you to the film.
No, I want to go with Chris.
He promised.
That's why I'm worried.
Where could he be? What do you want me to say? You don't care.
Has it got a contacts page? [Carrie] Not that sort of website.
What about looking up a census? We're doing them at school.
Well, we need a name.
But No, good girl.
Yes, Companies House.
You can Heaven Lounge.
[Carrie] Director Archie Roberts.
What if Bobby's a nickname for Roberts? Roberts is Bobby.
Yeah, let's try that.
Archie Roberts.
That's him.
We could see if he's posted anything online.
- Okay.
- [knocking at door] [door opens] [Carrie] Ellen! Can Carrie come round and watch a film and stay for supper? Please, Dad? Please.
- [Ellen] He agreed! - Well, he didn't disagree.
[Ellen] I have something to show you.
[sighs] Hi.
I might have engineered that.
First off, did Henry's dialysis obs come through? How is it? [sighs] Not great.
Could be worse.
But not great.
Still need a donor.
Telling it like it is.
[chuckles] This is the second reason.
[Tom sighs] [Sophie] I was worried this wouldn't happen again.
[Tom] I was worried this wasn't what you wanted.
When there's no chance of any kids walking in And we're not rushing No added excitement required I want it to happen again.
Your turn.
[Tom sighs] Well I can't stop thinking about you.
Short and sweet.
[chuckles] Where the fuck have you been? Uh [chuckles] [breathes deeply] When we can let's make it happen.
[cell phone rings] Sorry.
Yeah, guess who.
Hey, Ellen.
No, I'm leaving now.
I'll be home soon.
All right, darling.
[sighs] [Rachel] Tom.
There's something I have to tell you.
Must tell you Tom.
[cell phone vibrating] Hey.
[Tom] Pete, that bloke Jenny went to see, that Bobby bloke What about him? He used to be Rachel's boyfriend.
[sighs] And in case you were wondering if this is the right place Yeah.
He's a tosser.
You okay? [exhales] No.
I spent my day finding out I know next to nothing about my wife and children.
[intercom beeps] [Bobby] Yeah? [Tom] I'm the father of that girl you didn't recognize.
Remember me? Gonna let me in? I showed you this photo of Jenny, and you're "I'm sorry, no - Never seen her.
" - Listen to me.
You and Rachel were boyfriend and girlfriend at school.
I know.
Okay? 'Cause this This is the spitting image of Rachel when you knew her.
When I first met her, too.
People say it all the time.
I see it all the time.
Anyone can.
But not you.
You go to the guy who says he's her father, "Sorry, no, never seen her.
" Now, why's that? Why's that? Why? What's this? Take a look.
It was two nights ago.
I wasn't there when she visited.
But I was told that this girl had come.
And when I had a look at the CCTV footage Yeah.
I was shocked by how much she looked like her mother.
[exhales] It bloody knocked me sideways 'cause You won't understand this but I never got over Rachel.
Never, never, never.
And I know I was young, but she was the love of my life.
And you Fuck.
[chuckles] You're the luckiest man alive.
To have spent all that time with her.
You had years.
You had kids with her.
You had a life together.
I was with her so long ago.
Too long ago.
And when I see this [chuckles] it's It's like looking back in time.
It's like seeing Rachel coming to find me again.
And I can't cope with that.
Why look at the CCTV footage? Yeah, right? You look at the footage every time someone asks for you? I don't think so.
She left a note.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
I didn't know what it meant, so I didn't know what to say.
- So, you have seen her? - No.
She left the note, but she never came back.
And I've no idea who Jasmine is.
Keep it, please.
[sighs] I'm sorry, but that's all I know.
[Pete] It doesn't have to be a name.
[Tom] What? It's the flower? Maybe there was someone in their year called Jasmine.
What about that restaurant we used to go to, that Indian? That was ten, fifteen years ago.
It's a barber's now.
Well, I'm gonna look online.
Maybe it's moved.
[sighs] No Jasmine.
But here, Rachel and Bobby.
[scoffs] God.
[Pete] Hang on.
What? Rachel's car.
You're keeping it for Jenny, right? Right.
So, did Rachel have a satnav? Try "recent destinations.
" Or "favorites.
" [Tom] No, nothing on Jasmine.
Or, of course, the door side pocket.
Car park ticket.
Jasmine Hall.
Where is that? What's the postcode? Been there a few times.
Do not answer the door or the phone to anyone, okay? Yeah.
Except us.
[Josh] Jenny! [doorbell rings] What's happened? This boy's image that was on the memory stick in Zoe's locker was pulled from the Internet.
It's from a photo from an art exhibition in Santa Barbara six years ago.
The photo itself was taken 20 years ago in Brazil.
Right, it's after midnight, and that shouldn't leave the office.
Yeah, sorry.
- It's a copy.
- Even so.
Look All right, come in.
And well done.
[Josh sighs] - [Sia] Have you got it? - [Jojo] Yeah.
Get it nearer.
Can you get it nearer? That's it.
[both grunting] [Jojo] Just lift it a bit on your side.
- [Sia] Right, okay.
- [Jojo] You ready? [Sia] Let him go.
- [Jojo yells] No, hang on a - Dad! Dad! The problem is, yeah, someone's put photos in Zoe's locker.
Yeah, not just of the boy.
What about the ones of Zoe? Where'd they come from? From some, so-called private cloud account? And if so, who's stealing them? And how did they end up in the locker? 'Cause everyone says there's only one key.
So, who has access to it? Zoe.
The husband, Neil, and the kids, the daughter.
The son, who's just gone AWOL.
I mean, why has he gone AWOL? [Chris over recording] It's Chris.
Leave me a message.
Call me back.
I'm worried about you.
[Pete] "Secure Psychiatric Institution.
" Lonely shadows following me Lonely ghosts come a-calling Lonely voices talking to me Now I'm gone, now I'm gone Now I'm gone Oh, gimme that fire Oh, gimme that fire Burn, burn, burn