Safe (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- Bye.
- Have a good time.
Yeah, yeah.
Your mum's a MILF.
Yeah? I hear your mum's an absolute Doberman.
At least she's not a slut.
He didn't mean it.
- Did you? - Of course not.
Just a joke.
Everyone knows his mum banged all of Year 11.
Hey, hey.
Hey! Stop! - What's happened? What's he done? - What's wrong with you, man? Jenny.
Jenny! Helen? Helen, can you hear me? - Which service do you require? - Fire.
Beech Close, Somerville Acres.
There's a woman here.
She's dead.
Jenny! Ben! Is she still here? Is Jenny still here? No.
No, she left.
But the tracker's on the move.
What tracker? She went out of range on Wi-Fi, but I installed a bypass VPN that was part of the installation package.
I can track her now.
- Where is she? - Okay, sorry.
Uh She's heading east.
Behind the green.
What happened? What have you done? - Someone's in there! - Stop! Get back! Get back! Get back! Stop! Police! - Stop! - Pardon me.
That's my house.
Why's he gone in my house? Where do you think you're going? Stop! We now know that Chris died at some point between 10:30 and 11:00 p.
Jojo Marshall was staying at a hotel that evening and didn't leave till gone midnight.
So he couldn't have killed Chris.
We'll continue to question him.
He's committed some other very serious offenses.
Sia Marshall was supplying drugs at the party.
Jojo found Chris and thought that Sia would be implicated.
So, he tried to dispose of the body.
So he just dumped him? He dumped my baby? Is this about Chris? I'll explain in a minute, love.
Can you tell us about your relationship with Mike Lloyd-Powell? He's one of my students.
Why? He had a fight with Chris at the party.
It wasn't the cause of death.
We're interested in why they fought in the first place.
- Any ideas? - No.
Would he have any reason to bear a grudge against you? - No.
He can be difficult, but - What does that mean? I don't know.
He's a teenager.
He can be spiteful.
Do you think he would have planted false evidence in your locker? Someone was watching me at the vigil.
Do you think that was Mike? - Zoe? - She said she doesn't know.
You were set up on school premises, by someone with access to the building.
Mike was your student, and this fight does indicate friction between him and Chris.
I don't understand.
Why would someone hate us that much? Excuse me.
DS Mason.
Tilly! There's a fire on the estate.
We're gonna check that everyone's okay.
Tilly? Stay here.
We'll be right back.
I'm on the other side of the green.
Where is she? - She's still heading east.
- An address! Hang on.
Just locating Okay, got it.
It's Cedar Close, number three.
That's Neil Chahal's house.
Fuck! Jenny, are you in here? Leave me alone.
It's okay.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Why were you in my bedroom? It wasn't me.
I want to help you.
You've cut yourself.
Let me see.
I'm not going to hurt you, okay? I'm Jenny Delaney's dad.
I'm trying to find her.
See? I live round the corner.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you, I swear.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You're okay.
Come on.
We shouldn't be watching this.
It's messed up.
Oh, my God.
I need to speak to her.
Detective Mason.
It's about Tom Delaney.
Pardon? I saw him running out of there.
I tried to stop him, but he pushed me.
- DS Mason? - Yes.
We lost a suspect.
White male, forties, seen leaving the house just after it went up.
Okay, thank you.
Tilly, I think Jenny's been here.
In your house.
Did you see her? Someone kicked in the front door, so I hid in my room.
I came to get my phone after they left.
Did you see who it was? - Did they say anything? - I don't know.
Was it a man or a woman? Come on, Tilly.
Anything you can remember.
I thought it might have been him.
- Who? - The man who killed Chris.
Call your parents.
I'll wait till they get back.
I'll be just out here.
- Jenny's not here.
- The tracker's been disabled.
Shit! Shit! You got a signal at that last address, right? There was a fire.
What if she's still there? What if it was someone else with Jenny's phone? Someone could have taken her phone? What else do you want me to try? Just keep trying.
Fuck! Fuck! Thanks.
No evidence of any other victims.
Do they know what happened yet? They're still looking for the cause.
The hoarding didn't help.
What do you know about smoke inhalation? Well, it's painful.
The body fights to resist it.
Her body should have been rigid, contorted.
She was practically scooped into that body bag.
Darren, hi, yeah.
As soon as pathology get a look at Helen Crowthorne, can you tell me if she suffered any prior injuries, please? - Thank you.
- Sophie.
Nothing's been taken.
Darren's sending someone over to dust for fingerprints anyway, so Our witness says that you were at Helen Crowthorne's house.
Yeah, I was.
I saw the smoke and went in to help.
There's been a fatality, Mr.
You need to tell me exactly what happened.
I thought Jenny was in there.
What, in your next-door neighbor's house? Yeah, I went in to look for her and the house was on fire.
I found Helen.
But I was too late.
She was already dead.
Did you find anyone else? Too early to say, but we think not.
I don't understand.
If you thought Jenny was caught in the fire, why did you leave? Okay.
Her phone's been off since she went missing.
It came on this morning.
I traced it to Helen's, then here.
Now it's switched off again.
So, it was her.
She was here.
She was with Chris the night he was killed.
Then she disappeared.
The day she comes back, someone else is dead.
That's enough.
Go home.
Come on, go home.
Go home.
Why your office? Big four-bed house, they take nothing, disturb nothing, except your study.
Why? Tom, come on.
What have you got to hide? Someone's after you.
What if it's the same person who killed Chris? Or the same person who framed you as a pedophile.
Do you have to call it that? She's been targeted at work and now in her own home.
We can't rule out a connection between this harassment and Chris' death.
Zoe? I can't breathe.
- I can't breathe.
- Mum? What's the matter with her? Zoe? She's having a panic attack.
Sit down.
Deep breaths.
In and out, nice and slow.
- Zoe? Hey.
- Hey.
- What if he comes back? - That won't happen.
- I'm sure he's going to come back.
- That won't happen.
- I'm sure he's going to come back.
- I know who set you up.
He's going to come back.
It's got nothing to do with Chris.
Come back Look, I did it! It was me! I put fake pictures in your locker.
I set you up.
We were going through a rough patch, weren't we? It was a stupid, stupid thing to do.
I was angry.
I lashed out.
I need to get some air.
- No, let him go.
- Emma.
What are you going to do? We'll bring him in for wasting police time.
He'll be back.
I can hardly see him skipping the country any time soon.
He knows something about Jenny.
This has got to stop.
- What? - Making accusations and getting yourself into compromising situations.
So if Henry went missing and led you to a man like that, you'd just leave him to it? He's a pathological liar! You're not helping yourself or Jenny.
He's too involved.
His daughter's missing and he just found his neighbor dead.
Maybe give him a break.
Sorry, since when were you two best mates? Boss? Hi, it's Carrie's phone.
Leave a message.
Carrie? Carrie? Hey.
Carrie's not here.
She's not picking up her phone.
She's with Josh and Ellen, remember? She's okay.
We think this is Jenny's phone.
It was found dumped at the Chahals'.
It was a phase.
Pink Union Jacks everywhere.
Bedspread, pencil case lunch boxes.
Yeah, I know.
It sort of became an in-joke.
Rachel bought it for her on a day trip to London.
It cracked a couple of months ago.
I told her I'd get her a new one, but she wasn't having any of it.
It's definitely hers? Yeah, it's Jenny's.
Sorry, what do you think I'm trying to do? - I didn't mean - Jesus, Tom, I'm your friend.
If she trusted me, she would've come to me first, wouldn't she? Before she got caught up in all this shit.
She watched Rachel shrivel up and die.
No one should have to go through that.
Least of all a child.
I'd give you a hug, but I'm afraid you'd report me for harassment.
I didn't want children.
I mean it.
I didn't.
I just wanted to be a detective by the time I was 30.
And I wanted a Ferrari.
But then I met Josh and the kids happened.
You love your kids.
God, yeah, absolutely.
The minute I saw Henry, I knew I'd do anything to protect him.
They make us vulnerable.
You're going to school? I never want to see him again.
He is your father.
He loves you.
How can you stick up for him after what he's done? Your father was the kindest the funniest, the most caring man I ever met, and that's why I married him.
That's why we had you.
And Chris.
So, what happened? Slowly you grow apart.
And one day, you find yourself doing stupid, terrible things just so you can feel something.
And that's what Dad did? Not just him.
Oh, shit.
Hang on, I put it on video.
Oh, my Lord.
- Give it to me.
- What a muppet.
Hang on, hang on.
Look how beautiful she is.
Oh, look at that smile.
Go on, do it again.
- Okay.
- Do it properly this time.
Get in line, that's it.
Here we go.
And now, say cheese.
Cheese! So, a neighbor saw a black saloon speeding away from the Chahals' after the break-in, but couldn't see the driver.
Someone's had their cornflakes this morning.
Did you get a full statement from Tom Delaney? Not yet.
We'll get something down on paper when he gets back from the hospital.
Pete Mayfield regained consciousness this morning.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I was just thinking, I should speak to that witness at the fire.
- Eric Pratchett.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'll get on it now.
Yeah, cheers.
That was pathology.
They reckon Helen Crowthorne died before the fire.
Skull fracture.
And the fire investigation unit detected an accelerant at the scene.
So, arson? And also, this was found at Helen's house.
You're not making this any easier.
Hello, mate.
How's the pain? Don't worry about it.
I'll be fine.
Who are they from? Hannah.
In Pediatrics.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Hannah's a six-foot black man in chinos? He lives down the road from me.
You can't tell anyone.
Are you screwing him? Piss off, Tom.
I'm not 17.
I really like him.
We've been seeing each other for six months.
I didn't mind meeting up in secret.
It was actually kind of sexy.
I used to sneak into the estate to see him through a gap in your wall.
I mean, we don't just, you know.
We We talk.
We watch telly.
Sometimes, we just sit there with a beer.
I just like being with him.
He loves me.
So what's the problem? He also loves his wife and his four-year-old kid.
He hates lying to her.
I can see what it's doing to him.
It's literally tearing him apart.
Well Now he doesn't have to choose.
Is that what you really want? It's what's best.
Hello? Hey, I have to be quick.
Are you on your own? Yeah.
Why? They found a coin purse at Helen's.
It's a pink Union Jack.
It's hers.
It's Jenny's.
Objectively, it doesn't mean anything, but if there was someone else in the house, we'd be treating them as a murder suspect.
Is that clear? What are you talking about? You know it wasn't Jenny.
What are you saying? If anything happens, I'll handle it.
We've got a kid at the front desk.
He wants to confess to the murder of Chris Chahal.
You shouldn't be doing this.
Tom, you know, I've been hospitalized and I've had my heart broken.
You're welcome to buy me a pint.
Otherwise, don't tell me what to do.
- Okay.
- Hey! Have you been discharged? I need to interview you about the attack.
I'm not being funny, but his daughter's missing.
A kid's been murdered.
I mean, if you lot were up to it, I'd be tucked up in bed.
Well, we're doing our best.
Well, do better.
Come on, mate.
He's refusing to speak to anybody unless you're there.
- He says he knows your son.
- Okay.
So, she's at Helen's, and we know this because she left her purse there, right? Then, allegedly, she goes to her dead boyfriend's house, raids the dad's office, dumps her phone and disappears.
- It wasn't Jenny.
- Listen, this is what I'm hearing, and I'm just playing devil's advocate, right? Jen went to that party to see Chris.
Chris is dead.
She rings me up for a lift, which she's never done before in her life, then she goes off to meet a complete stranger.
So? "So"? So we've spent all this time thinking she's gone AWOL, but she's only ever been next door.
Now your neighbor's dead.
What? What are you getting at? We all love Jenny to bits.
Okay? For what it's worth, I don't think she'd hurt anyone, but if you wanna find her before the police do, you're gonna have to get used to the idea that, mate, she ain't perfect.
Get your shit together.
Look at the facts.
Neil Chahal.
When I told him Chris and Jenny were missing, he didn't bat an eyelid.
And look at what he did to his wife, setting her up like that.
He's a control freak.
You remember that text Jenny sent Chris? "Don't do it.
I'm begging you.
" What if Chris threatened to tell the police, expose his dad? Jenny tells him to leave it, but he doesn't want to.
Neil goes mad, kills Chris and Jenny finds out.
God, he knows something.
I know he does.
All right.
I got into a fight with Chris.
I hit him hard.
He must have died from it.
I was trying to get him off of me and When he walked off, he was fine.
He looked fine.
I didn't even know he was dead until a couple of days ago.
I saw his mum at the vigil.
We know you hit Chris, but it didn't kill him.
You know that, don't you? He died from water inhalation.
He drowned.
But I'd still like to know why the two of you were fighting.
His mum's my French teacher.
I was making fun of her.
How so? I called her a MILF.
He didn't like it.
If we need anything else, we'll be in touch, okay? Mike? Why did you ask for me, specifically? Don't know.
You're Henry's mum.
Thought you might be a bit more understanding.
What? I don't know how you keep it so tidy.
I clean it.
Okay, um You just tell me what happened.
When we're done, you can read it through, and if you're happy, you can just sign off here.
You said you saw Tom Delaney leaving Ms.
Crowthorne's house.
Was that before or after you realized it was on fire? After.
So, you saw the smoke and that brought you outside? I smelt it.
You smelt it? It wasn't right.
Not like a barbecue or a bonfire.
It was bitter, chemical.
It gets in your throat.
Sorry, would you like some tea? Shall we just get this done? Then I can leave you in peace.
I'm old.
I'm not stupid.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't suggesting that.
There was a fire at the high school.
Years ago.
I heard about that.
- Some children died, didn't they? - Yes.
No one was convicted.
Naturally, people felt unsafe.
Eventually, the paranoia kicked in and they wanted more security.
That's when the gate was built.
To keep the bogeyman out.
Or to keep him in.
My family lost everything that day.
And none of us was able to make our peace with it.
Leaves a lot of time for housekeeping.
Actually, I will have that tea.
Poor kid.
I know you've got your suspicions, but just remember where you are, okay? Don't be stupid.
I think you know where Jenny is.
Look Look at this.
What part of this is hard for you to understand? My son is dead.
And my daughter is still alive.
I still have the chance to save her.
Neil, where have you been? I've been looking for you everywhere.
- I have something to - I know.
I know.
I followed you.
To the same party Chris was at.
How can you ever forgive me? Who was it? This could have ramifications that affect my child.
She was having an affair with one of her students.
That's why Neil set her up.
Which student? Hey, it's me.
No more fucking lies.
- See you in a bit.
- See you.
How are you? What, seriously? It's not a trick question.
I'm all right.
Why don't you come in for dinner? Hmm.
You don't come to a party with your arms swinging, do you? Next time, you should come to my place.
It's class.
Hey! There's my little baby.