Safe (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 [all cheering] [upbeat music playing] [muffled song playing] Fuck's sake.
About time.
What the fuck? I am flesh and I am bone Rise up, ting ting Like glitter and gold I got fire in my soul Rise up, ting ting, like glitter Like glitter and gold Like glitter Do you walk in the valley of kings? Do you walk in the shadow of men Who sold their lives to a dream? Do you ponder the manner of things? Wow, banging his teacher.
I was proud of myself when I accidentally touched Mr.
Smith's arse in assembly.
I'm gonna talk to him.
Is that wise? The state of you You'll end up taking his head off.
Jenny's got herself involved in something.
She's not in on it alone.
This kid's got something to hide.
I'll come with you.
Is that wise? Hey, I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
I'm not.
I'm exhausted.
I was just trying to be macho.
[chuckles] Just go rest.
- I'll call you when I've spoken to him.
- All right.
[groans] Christ.
[Tom] Ioan! [sighs] For Christ's sake.
What? Leave me alone.
Piss off! Do you think I'm stupid? I can tell when I'm being followed.
And, frankly, I'm not in any state.
Okay? Physically, mentally, to deal with this shit.
I nearly died helping Tom find his daughter.
So, whatever it is you think I've done, I haven't.
All right? Get back in your car, drive back to your station and look for someone else to haunt.
You're my dad.
That is not how I wanted to tell you, or how I imagined it, but [breathing shakily] My mum's Corrina your girlfriend at med school.
Well, she was.
She died.
I came here to find you.
I visited you when you were in the hospital, when you were unconscious.
Sat by your bedside, hoping to God that you wouldn't [Emma sighs] I'd love a hug.
Actually, a little bit slacker.
- I've got stitches.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- [crying] [Todd] The police requested all the CCTV from the day of the fire.
They needed to see everyone that went in and everyone that went out.
I suspect they're following up leads even as we speak.
- Wanna drink? - No, thanks.
So, the police have taken all the disks, so there's no way of checking on a vehicle that might have entered that day.
No, I didn't say there was no way of checking.
I have backup.
But I can't be giving out information that might affect a criminal prosecution.
Todd, I just need to know when a particular vehicle entered the community.
It might have nothing to do with the fire.
" Key word.
I don't fancy two years at Her Majesty's pleasure for perverting the course of justice.
Do your employers know you're an alcoholic? [laughs] Alcoholic? Oh, this is just - The residents might be interested.
- [camera clicks] Right.
- It's like that? - My daughter's in trouble, so right now, yes, it's exactly like that.
Show me where to look, then step outside.
You were never here.
The conversation didn't happen.
Okay? [Pete] I hadn't really come out at that point.
I was still trying to convince myself I was straight, but I knew.
I mean, I knew.
I don't know.
Maybe I thought I was bi.
You don't wanna hear all this.
No, I do.
Anyway, your mum Corrina and me We were I loved her.
She was my best mate.
But I think she knew, deep down I think she knew what I preferred.
Did you not think it was weird, when she quit, just left and didn't come back? She made her excuses.
She said she hated her course, and I bought into them.
Perhaps part of me was relieved she was the one breaking it off.
We kept in touch for a bit on the phone, but, at that age, things just fade away.
How did you find me? I'm a detective.
No, but, I mean, it's so long ago.
Mum always said that my dad was a one night stand, that he'd never be part of my life.
- Right.
- I just accepted that.
I never thought of pursuing it.
It was her sister, my aunt, who told me.
She took me aside at the funeral and said mum hadn't told me the gospel truth.
She couldn't remember your exact name.
She said Pete Maypole.
- [chuckles softly] - It's close.
But she knew that you were in the same year at med school, so it didn't take much detective work.
I found out you were a medic, that you'd been in the army.
I was glad you were someone good.
But this was four years ago.
So, why now? I'm pregnant.
First a dad now a granddad.
Things are moving quickly.
The father my boyfriend, Max, he We met on the job, but What happened? He was killed.
Line of duty.
[Emma panting] I'm sorry.
And something about being alone, losing someone else, it made me realize, for me and the baby I need you in my life.
I hope I'm not a disappointment in the flesh.
I think we need each other, don't you? I hope you find her.
[Tom] Ioan.
[camera clicks] [Tom] Ioan.
- I need to talk to you.
- [Ioan] What is it? - You lied to me.
- What? About the night of the party.
About what you were doing and who you were with.
Which means you're the person with the most to hide.
Or she is.
Your teacher? - [sighs] - Did Jenny know? Did Chris? What aren't you telling me? Tom Mr.
Delaney She didn't know, I swear.
No one knows.
Zoe's husband does.
What? - Shit.
- The night of the party, - did Jenny see you going out to her? - No.
Well, she saw me just before, but [sighs] What? Details! She texted me.
She was waiting outside, but I was desperate for a pee.
So, I'm upstairs banging on the door.
[muffled song playing] When it finally opens - [Jenny] Fuck's sake.
- About time.
It's Jenny.
She's got this weird look on her face, troubled.
But I'm bursting, so I head into the toilet and someone else comes out.
What the fuck? Henry.
I don't know what they were doing, but they didn't see me and Zoe.
No one did.
[doorbell rings] I'm just making a drink.
Would you like anything? Uh, no, thanks.
Actually, is Henry home? Henry? Yeah, he's upstairs with Ellen and Carrie.
Why? - [sighs] - What's up? What do you want him for? Straight question.
And I'm asking this as a friend.
- "A friend.
" - [chuckles softly] As me to you.
Do you think he's telling the entire truth about the night of the party? Yes, I do.
Why wouldn't he? I'm worried he's holding something back.
Where did you get this from? I'm worried he might know more than he's admitted about Jenny, about whatever she's involved in.
Well, he doesn't.
I've asked.
We've been through it.
I'd be able to tell if he's lying.
He's a crap liar.
He's not lying.
I'd know.
Can I talk to him? I know the place you're in right now He was in the toilet with Jenny at the party, and something went on in there.
- Says who? - Ioan.
[chuckling] Look, Tom, I'm completely exhausted, and I've got about an hour until I have to Five minutes, a couple of questions.
He's a sick kid.
Now, you have to believe me.
He's got nothing more to tell us.
[sighs] Have you got company? - She was just leaving.
- She? [chuckles] You knew.
Listen Don't worry.
I'm too happy to be mad at you.
I've got a little girl.
[chuckles] I wanted to tell you.
- Hey, I get it.
It wasn't your place.
- [sighs] What happened with Ioan? Ioan? What's this? My daughter, the copper.
He's pointing the finger at Henry.
He says he and Jenny were acting suspicious at the party.
What, deflecting? No, I believe him.
So speak to Henry.
Yeah, I tried to.
Sophie wouldn't let me.
She totally blocked it.
It's like she was protecting him.
Do you want me to speak to him? In a professional capacity? Yeah.
That'll please her.
[scoffs] - Oi, sleepyhead.
- [gasps and groans] Oh, man.
I've gotta go back to work.
I need you to look after the kids for me.
[groans] The least you could have done is brought me a beer Hey! [chuckles] They're inside.
Carrie's still here.
All right.
[sighs] [Pete] So, Bobby comes into the community in his car, which has altered plates.
Parks it up outside an empty house.
Double suspicious.
And then leaves.
What do you think, by foot? Presumably.
Yeah, but it's not gonna take the cops long to track that, is it? They've got the CCTV.
They'll be logging everyone that came in and went out either side of the fire.
Who drives somewhere, miles from where they live, and leaves a car? Someone who's got something to hide.
I need to question Henry, as part of the Chris Chahal murder investigation.
And I think, for transparency, it's better if I do it down at the station.
Are you arresting my son? I'm not arresting him.
It's just voluntary questioning.
Voluntary? Well, in that case, I decline.
Okay, fine, I'll arrest him then.
Is that what you want? I'm calling Sophie.
[sighs] [upbeat song playing] Oh, used to love this song.
Great video.
You remember? No, oddly, it's slipped my mind.
It had these semi-naked dancers in masks, writhing around.
It really stayed with me.
- Yeah, I'm looking for Bobby.
- He's not here.
Any idea where he is? Not a clue.
Has he been around today? Jesus.
- Are you all right? - It's all right.
I got stabbed.
He's, um No, no, I haven't seen him since yesterday.
So, he was here yesterday? I just told you he was here yesterday.
Alone? Guys, he's not here, okay? - Unless you want a drink - [Pete] Oh, okay.
Yeah, thanks.
We'll have two beers and whatever you're having.
Staff-only keypad entry.
There's a table next to it.
Okay, you get the beers.
This is ridiculous and you are out of order.
Henry, get in my car.
I'm taking you home.
Obstructing an investigation because it's your son Go to the car now, and you.
Mum, I don't mind.
It's just routine questioning, based on information received.
What, from Tom? From my fucking Well, whatever he is.
What, and you couldn't call me, no? You couldn't ask my permission? I went to your house.
Sophie, you can't do this.
If you do, I'll have no option but to go over your head.
Fine, I wanna be there with him.
You know that's not possible.
[Josh] What about me? Can I be in there? [upbeat song playing] [beeping] Eight-four-eight-five-eight-six.
How very thematic.
Are we both going, or is it just you? - Thanks.
- Yeah, well you take a knife to the gut.
See how brave you feel.
[Tom] Someone comes, call me.
[clattering in distance] [sighs] [Emma] I want to go through the events of Saturday, the 2nd of September.
Specifically, Sia Marshall's party.
And I'd like you to answer as thoroughly as possible, including any detail, no matter how seemingly irrelevant, okay? - Are you okay? - [Josh] He's okay.
He's okay.
Aren't you? Let's just get this over with.
There's nothing to be scared about.
Could you tell me about any contact that you had with Chris Chahal the night of the party? Um Chris was wasted.
He got into a fight.
Uh, some kid badmouthing his mum.
Mike Lloyd-Powell.
Uh I dived in, not even thinking, tried to break them up.
Uh I got blood all over me.
And that was it.
That was me and Chris.
[Josh] You're doing good.
Soon be done.
[Emma] What about Jenny Delaney? What contact did you have with her? Uh, we saw a bit of each other at various points, had a drink, chatted.
Anything else? Like what? Anything more intimate? No.
Only, we have information that would suggest you were seen exiting the bathroom together.
And that Jenny seemed quite upset.
Well, yeah, we did.
And why would that be? It's quite unusual, even at a party, to be sharing a bathroom with a girl, isn't it? Not in my experience.
Henry? Well, it's, um [stammering] She'd It's just What? What, Henry? Just tell her the truth.
Uh - Chris Chahal was murdered.
- I know.
Murdered, Henry, at that party.
It's not about his murder! I don't know anything about his murder! Then talk to me.
I'm good with tech, yeah? Phones, apps.
Jenny had seen this weird thing on her phone.
It's a replica calendar.
You'd hardly notice it, but she mentioned it to me.
And, um well, I delved around a bit on her phone.
And, uh [stammers] Well, it became obvious that What? What? Someone was spying on her.
- [Jenny] A cloning app? - [Henry] Mmm.
It takes your messages, uh, texts, not WhatsApp, and pings 'em to another account.
Well, it means someone can read every message you send or receive.
Who the fuck has done that? Who the fuck would do that? And who did she think was responsible? Um her dad or Chris.
They were the only people who had access to her phone.
Um She chose her dad.
Started ranting about him, um about how he wasn't even there when her mum died, about how he was with my mum.
She, uh Um, started calling them both all kinds of all kinds of fuckers, and then she started on me.
[stammering] She started She started, uh She started saying It's all right, mate.
[breathing heavily] Oh, shit.
He's having a seizure.
Fuck! It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all right.
[breathing heavily] Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
What are you doing? Get an ambulance now! [upbeat song playing] - Hey.
- Hey.
- Excuse me.
- I was just I was just '80s theme.
That's brilliant.
Whose idea was that? The owner.
Sorry, I need to get past.
That's gotta be weird for you, though, right? Working in an '80s bar, when you were born in No, don't tell me, 'cause I've got this skill where I can guess anyone's birth year.
Here's a clue.
It's a long time after yours.
[sighs] - [cell phone vibrating] - Oh.
- Hello? - Incoming.
[footsteps approaching] [door opens] [lock clicking] [exhaling sharply] - You trying to get yourself killed? - [gasps] He's dangerous.
What do you mean? Why say that? - Go.
- Have you seen my daughter? - Is she with him? - Trust me.
Get out of here.
- Did she see you? - We need to get out of here.
- What happened? - I don't think we're safe.
Eric! Eric! Eric! Sorry.
Wait! What? What? Mate, a guy just came out, old guy.
Which way did he go? Oh, um That way.
[scoffs] Which way? Did he go to another bar? That's classified information, that.
You go that way.
I'll go this way.
Call me if you see him.
[cell phone vibrating] - You got him? - No.
Let's use logic, mate.
He's not young.
He's not fit.
There is no way he's done the 100-meter sprint outside that bar.
So, where did he go? I'm doubling back, mate.
Okay, I'll circle the block and meet you back there.
[both speaking indistinctly] - [humming] - Whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Eh? - Prick, was it? - What? Oh, God.
Come on, mate.
No, that was just banter.
- Banter? - Yeah, just a little bit of, um - Just a playful insult, yeah.
- Oh.
I'll tell you what.
Call me something.
Go on.
- Dickhead.
- Ah.
You can do better than that.
- Fuckwit.
- Mmm - Gaylord.
- Now you're talking.
- [laughing] - [exclaiming] - Let yourself in, man.
[laughs] - See you later.
[upbeat song playing] - All right? - All right.
How you doing? - Good.
How are you? - Good, yeah.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
[inaudible] [Pete whistles] No sign.
- Why "don't call"? - Found him.
What did he say? I didn't talk to him.
I think he's meeting someone.
I mean, what if it's Bobby? One of the staff was giving him a message.
- I don't understand.
Why - We can follow him.
I slipped my phone in his pocket.
We use your phone to trace mine.
See where it leads us.
[paramedic] Yeah.
One, two, three, push.
This is you.
This is all on you.
I told you that he wasn't up to it.
If anything happens [paramedic] Take a seat there.
Looks like he's just going back home.
At least we can corner him.
[Pete] You think we should go to this other place Bobby owns, Bar Exile? How far is it? Wow.
What? First hits.
"Bar destroyed in arson attack.
" - Arson? - Yeah.
Totally destroyed.
[sighs] And he was in the community the day Helen's house went up.
Where Bobby goes, fire follows.
- [cell phone vibrating] - Sophie.
[Sophie] Henry's collapsed.
We've just arrived at your hospital.
Can you come, please? Of course.
You sent her, didn't you? Emma? You sent her to question him.
Well, she pushed him too hard.
[sighs] I'm sorry, Sophie.
I'm really sorry.
I'm just scared.
Can you just come, please? Shit.
Your girlfriend hates my daughter.
Who'd have thought we'd be saying that sentence? [Tom chuckles] [officer] Someone to see you.
[Emma] Jojo.
I know we've been through this before.
But a boy doesn't just appear dead in a pool at a party.
Okay? So we must be missing something.
I want you to walk me, very slowly, through every moment of that evening, starting with the call from your daughter.
And I want you to tell me everything, no matter how inconsequential, okay? [sighs] [Tom] How is he? What are they saying? Not enough.
I'll talk to them, surgeon to surgeon.
- Give me ten minutes.
- It's the fucking least you can do.
- Josh.
- She told me what happened, Tom.
I'm looking after your kid, and you do this? Look, I'm sorry, okay? No, fuck sorry.
Fuck your sorry! He's banging Close your ears, please.
Just close your ears.
He's banging you, fine.
Not my problem.
But this? This? Hey, he's gonna be okay.
You don't know that! How do you Go find out.
Go! And don't worry.
I'll look after your daughter.
We made the decision to put his body in the freezer, big chest freezer in the garage.
I suppose we thought it'd keep it fresh.
[scoffs] It was crazy thinking, panic thinking.
And then we cleaned the swimming pool.
I've watched enough cop dramas to know that there's always DNA or whatever if you don't clean the crime scene.
At the time, I thought, "It's just as well I did that," 'cause I'm emptying the filter, and amongst all the leaves and crap, one of Sia's pendants was in there.
I was like, "See.
" It's always the little things.
Why would Sia's pendant be at the bottom of the pool? [Jojo] Well, I assume that when she was pulling his When she was getting Chris out of the pool, it came off.
Things don't just fall off.
Well, no, not in the ordinary run of things, but moving a body - What? - [Emma] Unless there was a struggle.
- [Jojo] No.
- Someone fighting for their life.
No! I know my daughter.
I believe her.
She found the kid drowned.
She had no reason to kill him.
So, no.
No struggle.
No fight.
And where's this pendant now? I put it back in her jewelry box.
What is that shit? - It means he's going to be fine.
- Ah.
His seizure was caused by him not managing his illness properly, fluid he can't process, which causes high blood pressure.
[Tom sighing] Josh.
I fucked up.
[Josh] Hmm.
[sighs deeply] [siren wailing] [Pete] You havin' a nap? I'm scared for Jenny.
I sent Emma because, right now I'd do anything to find my daughter, put my arms around her, and tell her, no matter what she's involved in, we can make it all right.
Jenny knew you were spying on her.
Josh says Henry found the app.
Oh, shit.
[sighs] This is all such a mess.
Come here.
[urinating] [Pete] Jesus.
[line ringing] - [cell phone ringing] - [Sophie] Oh.
What? It's you.
[Pete] Where are you taking us, Eric? [Tom] I know where he's going.
[Pete] What the hell's he doing here? [Tom] That's what we're gonna find out.
[intercom buzzes] [man over intercom] May I help you? Yeah, Dr.
Tom Delaney and Dr.
Peter Mayfield.
We've, um, been called.
[man] Report to the center.
Uh, we're doctors accompanying Mr.
He's just arrived.
Pratchett? - Yeah, he didn't say anything about - [Tom] Really? Can you get him back? I mean, we were following in our car.
That is weird.
There must be some kind of a mix up, is there? One moment.
Yeah, I've got two doctors with Mr.
Stop! - [alarm blaring] - Hello, mate.
Thank God you're here.
- Is this, um, Jasmine Hall? [grunts] - Move! Eric! Eric! [both grunting] Get on the floor! On the floor now! Final warning! - Stop! Stop! - [Tom grunting] He's with me.
You deserve answers.
- [alarm stops] - I can't protect him anymore.
Protect who? [Eric] My son, Craig.
Is this yours? No, I've never seen it before in my life.
[Eric] He never recovered.
He never spoke again.
Better than dead, yes, but no life.
No real life, in places like this.
Did my wife used to come here to visit him? Why? They were friends at school.
And she hated that he ended up like this.
Hated what happened.
What happened? Do you know why the gates and walls in the community were built? - Because of the school fire.
- [Eric] Right.
Eight children died.
No one felt safe anymore.
People thought it was an outsider.
But Craig and some friends They were kids, understand.
They were angry with a teacher for how he'd treated them.
[scoffs softly] They wanted some sort of silly revenge.
That's all it was meant to be.
It got out of control.
It was late.
They didn't realize people were in the school other kids.
Who? Who was involved? Craig.
Who else? Rachel? Maybe I deserve this.
The four of them.
It makes sense.
No, it wasn't four.
There was five of them.
Five kids.
Who else? You lied to me.
[Eric] Sophie.
Lonely shadows following me Lonely ghosts come a-calling Lonely voices talking to me Now I'm gone, now I'm gone Now I'm gone Oh, gimme that fire Oh, gimme that fire Burn, burn, burn