Safe House (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Go! Katy? Katy? I was convinced you'd suss me out.
- Happy birthday, my love.
- Thank you.
- I can't believe you did that.
- We got you! Do you fancy going on that? I wanna go on that.
- Maybe not.
- Please, Dad.
No, we can't.
No, we can't.
- Crazy golf? - Come on, we're on our holidays.
You never know, you might win this time.
- No chance! - I'll beat you.
No way! Can you pass me the? - Jesus.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- What you doing here? - You invited me.
You never replied.
You look well.
This house is a bugger to find, but once you get in How have you been? Was it a mistake inviting you? - Right, here we go.
Let's sort these colours out.
- I want blue again.
- Got the colours.
- Blue.
And red.
You have red.
I don't want to be red again.
- They're the colours we had when we first met.
- Yeah, you were red and Joe was blue.
That's when I used to like pink and red was the nearest colour.
- Blue is my colour.
- Come on, let's just play.
This is supposed to be a fun night.
- Whoa! - Aw! Are you happy with that? - Mark! - I told you he'd remember my name! What's that? Everybody, this is Mark.
He used to be my boss.
Hide the drugs, Megan.
He's also responsible for me and Katy meeting.
For which I am still very, very sorry.
- Mark was our best man.
- Well, let's face it, I still am.
- What's changed? - What's changed? - You did all this? - Yeah.
I mean, I had some help from locals, but, yeah.
You know this place is perfect, don't you? For a safe house.
Come on, it's isolated, but you're close enough to the village.
I bet there's plenty of tourists milling about.
Megan and Ben are leaving.
Has he drunk everything? - What are you up to? - Just trying to help him with his rehab.
Isn't that why I'm here? No, I don't fancy that.
You must be Joe.
Is that your dad? David Blackwell? I know him.
My name's Michael.
Nice to meet you, Joe.
Have you seen Joe? Joe? Joe? David! Joe? Joe! - No, David, stop him! - Dad! Out the way! - Stop! - He's got my brother! - Dad! - Somebody stop him! - No! - David! - Joe! - Dad! Dad! - Joe! Get off! - Dad! Dad! - Urgh! - Mum! Dad! Somebody please help him! Think you can take me on, David Blackwell? Someone help! Oi, mate, what are you doing? Leave him! Leave him alone! He's had enough! He's had enough! How come you live on a hill? What are you, bloody Grizzly Adams? Now, I don't steal much in my life, because I'm as good as gold, but - Whoa! Is this from the station? - Don't pretend to be surprised now.
- Yeah, nobody plays any more.
- The master has left the building.
And these I found in your old desk.
- Come on, then, let's do it.
- There we are.
- Hey, wait for me to get out the bloody way.
- What's that? - Round the clock? - Go on, then.
You've got a better chance that way I think you killed a rabbit! You're as blind as a bat! You miss it, don't you? Yeah, a lot.
- There is another way back.
- You're right.
It's perfect, but she won't go for it.
We're trying for a baby.
Are you gonna spend the rest of your life cleaning toilets? Making breakfasts? This could be a real opportunity, you know, and not just for you.
For her.
Running a safe house doesn't mean you have to stop trying for a baby, does it? Hm? - I'm sorry, the person you called - Give me the phone.
- He's not answering.
leave a message after the tone.
Sam? Sam, it's me, your dad.
- He's not there.
Where is he? - I've left him messages, Dad.
I want to talk to him.
Well, he'll call back when he gets the messages.
DS Becky Gallagher.
- Have you caught him? - Not yet.
You're a prison officer.
Was it someone you knew, an ex-con? I've already told them.
This bloke grabbed Joe.
I went after him.
Where's Sam? You know, if he came after Joe, he might Don't worry about Sam.
Just get some rest, OK? Can we go home now? Hey.
I've had a call.
I need to go.
- What? - So we're gonna run a safe house? - Robert was the best copper I ever worked with.
- And you let him get shot.
- He let himself get shot, not me.
- You said it wasn't his fault.
It wasn't.
And no one blames him.
He's been fixating on the past.
I found a box full of press cuttings, stuff off the internet.
About Susan Reynolds? Robert still can't understand how it happened.
He's convinced she died because of him.
He was nearly killed himself.
That's not an easy thing to come to terms with.
Think about this safe-house idea.
It's a big decision, I know.
I'll send you the Home Office guidelines.
- You'll need better security, that's for sure.
- We'll use Ben.
No, the Home Office will give you recommended companies.
If we don't use locals, it attracts attention.
Insurance have insisted.
Katy'd have to be vetted.
You will.
- Really? - Yeah.
David's been on sick leave for the last couple of months.
- He put his back out.
- And you work in probation? Yeah, look, this nutter saw Joe and just decided to take him, OK? If he was after me or David, he would come after just us, not Joe.
Can you remember what the man looked like, Joe? Before he grabbed you, did he say anything? He said his name was Michael.
He wanted to shake my hand.
- What else did he say? - He said he knew who David was.
He said he knew who David was? Anything else? He asked me if David was my dad.
He said David's name? Thanks, Joe.
- You wait here, please.
- Yeah.
Why didn't you say that before? - I thought you'd given up.
- It was good to see Mark.
You've missed him.
Well, you know, we've known each other a long time.
18 months ago, you told me you wanted to move out here to make a new start.
I said yes.
I was happy to leave my job, my friends, my career.
- I thought this was what you wanted.
- It is.
But I need something else.
- I'm not the man you married.
- You are.
I'm not.
I'm not.
You are.
Did David ever mention anyone who might have had a grudge? No.
He's always been really fair.
He goes the extra mile to help people.
Excuse me.
What? The registration plate of the stolen van was zapped close to where they live.
Premeditated abduction, then.
We can't send them home.
- There's something else.
- Yeah? The man who tried to help them in Blackpool, he's just died of his injuries.
I want a complete record.
Any complaints against David, employment history, disciplinary action.
You know the sort of thing.
- Have you spoken to the prison governor yet? - I've called a number of times.
David is the reason this has happened.
I need to know why.
- Hi, Mark.
- Hey.
I've got a family in need of a safe house.
- When? - Tomorrow.
Do you want to take them? Yes or no.
That was quick.
Ben! - All right? - Yeah.
- Megan said Katy wasn't in work today.
- Yeah.
- New toys? - Yeah, insurance says we've got to have them.
- New locks on the doors and windows.
- Give you a hand if you like.
- Got to use one of their firms.
- Four times the usual price, I bet.
Do you two fancy coming over to dinner tonight? Ah, we've got guests coming in.
- Another time, then, eh? - Yeah.
- OK, sorry, bud.
- See you, mate.
Go! Susan, go! Susan! - How did it go? - Yeah, got Home Office approval.
- No problems at all.
How about you? - Good.
The security cameras have arrived.
- Like Fort Knox.
- That's a good thing, isn't it? Yeah.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Please call me when you get this.
Someone came after Joe, tried to abduct him.
I just want to make sure you're safe.
Just call me.
Please, son.
- OK? - Good luck, pal.
Welcome to Tarrock House.
While you're here, you won't be able to do that.
- No mobile phones.
No internet.
- You're joking? Think of this as a holiday where it's too expensive to go online.
I need mine for work.
I've got emails and texts.
We've spoken to your line manager.
That's sorted.
We also don't have any television.
- Why not? - People come here to get away from all that.
- What are we supposed to do, then? - We don't know anything about this man but this man knows where you were on Sunday and where you live.
He'll have got that information from Facebook and Twitter and whatever else you use.
He knows where you go.
He knows who your friends are.
The less they know, the safer it is for everybody.
Thank you.
Does the boy have one? - Joe? No.
- Thank you.
I wish it was this quiet when I served a meal.
So how long have you been doing this, then, running a safe house? Robert used to be a police officer.
Protecting people.
When was the last time you washed behind these ears? There's potatoes growing in this one.
You OK? What if he finds us? Do you have a gun? No.
You're completely safe.
No one knows you're here.
You OK? I burnt all the Susan Reynolds stuff- collected articles off the internet news stories about Eddie Reynolds, the shooting, the trial.
Got rid of it.
It's in the past.
That's good.
- I couldn't sleep.
- Was it the bed? I find it really hard to sleep in a strange bed.
- No, it's the noise.
- What noise? There isn't any.
Kind of feels like you can hear it.
You looking forward to seeing your dad? He said to Mark he was worried about Sam and he didn't want to come here.
We'll see.
Did he tell you what happened? Some man tried to take Joe.
Do they think it was Dad he was after, given his job? It's possible.
I don't know everything.
I just know I want to keep you and Joe and your mum safe.
- Ali's not my mum.
She's Joe's mum.
- I know.
My mum cleared off years ago.
Do you know if my brother's coming here? Sam, he's at uni.
We've all been calling, leaving messages, but Do you want to try him again? I don't have my phone, do I? So Right.
No mention of the safe house.
No mention of where you are.
- He'll probably be asleep.
- Well, he's a student.
- Hello? - Sam? Louisa.
Why haven't you been answering any of my calls? Dad's been really worried.
Just been really busy, studying and that.
- What time is it? - I don't know.
Where are you? In bed.
Where'd you think? - Sounds odd.
- Where are you? I've no idea.
I really don't.
I got Dad's messages about Joe.
Dad got really beaten up.
You should be here.
Yeah, well I'll call him.
Sam? At least we know he's safe.
- Any sign of life? - No.
Thanks, lads.
- Will you be OK? - All on my own? I'm taking the car.
I love you.
I know.
Do you want to go outside? I'd better wait.
- What for? - Mum.
She doesn't like me going out by myself.
I can go out with you.
I'd better wait.
- Seen Joe? - Yeah, he's downstairs.
- You all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Joe? Joe? Joe? Joe! Joe! Joe? Joe? Joe? Joe! - Yes? - What are you doing? Get inside.
- He's OK.
- I'm his mother, yeah? You shouldn't run off like that.
Come and find me.
You said it was up to us whether we choose to go to a safe house or not.
I'm choosing not.
We believe the man who tried to abduct Joe is targeting you.
What do you mean? He knew where you lived.
He followed you to Blackpool.
I think he was taking Joe to hurt you.
Do you have any idea why that might be? What, am I a suspect now? My job is to keep you and your family safe.
Why aren't you out there trying to find Sam? He's the one that could be in real danger.
We're doing all we can to locate your son, David.
But you wandering around out there isn't going to help anyone.
- I got away as soon as I could.
- The father doesn't want to come.
- That doesn't bode well.
- Mark will turn him round.
I know you've spoken to Louisa.
Why won't you talk to me? Look, the last time we spoke, none of that matters now, yeah? All in the past.
They're taking me to a safe house.
And the police are out looking for you.
Just call me, yeah? Please, son.
- We're gonna be early.
- When have you ever been late? You're not gonna forget me? Stop it! I've got some spare worksheets, if you like.
Take your time.
- Persuaded him, then? - You know what screws are like.
I know what you're like.
- I've been very nice, very patient.
- What did you tell him about me? A kind and lovely man, unless you're playing him at darts.
Good luck.
Hi, I'm Robert.
- You a copper too? - Used to be.
You people haven't got a clue.
We're doing our very best to track down Sam at his uni.
I know you're concerned.
Wouldn't you be, if this bloke was after your family? If he gets to Sam before you do Is that him? I don't know.
Fuck! - What have we got on David? - I've spoken to the prison.
He's not on sick leave.
He's been suspended.
What for? They wouldn't say.
Found his bank statements.
Large amounts of cash going in and out.
Where's David getting all that money from? Sam? I went to the university.
Sam hasn't attended any lectures for weeks and none of his housemates have seen him.
So where is he, then? - Dad! - Hey! Oh! - Careful, Joe.
- Steady.
You all right? Any news from Sam? - No, I was hoping you'd know something.
- No.
No! Don't! Stop! Stop it, stop it! Somebody help me! Stop! Stop! Stop it, please! Please! Please, no!