Safe House (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 You're not gonna forget me? Go! Oh! Happy birthday to you ~ Happy birthday to you! ~ Mark! I told you he'd remember my name! Is that your dad? I know him.
My name's Michael.
David! ~ David! ~ No! Dad! I've got a family in need of a safe house.
Wanna take them? Yes or no? Yeah.
Robert still can't understand how it happened.
He's convinced she died because of him.
He's been fixating on the past.
Sam, please call me when you get this.
Someone came after Joe.
I want to make sure you're safe.
Large amounts of cash going in and out.
Where's David getting all that money from? No! Don't! Stop! Stop it! Help me! Please go away! Hiya, Joe.
All right? You coming in? ~ How long you here for? ~ A few days.
~ On holiday, are you? ~ Yeah, we're staying at Tarrick House.
~ Yeah, we're really enjoying it, aren't we, Dad? ~ Yeah, really.
~ We're here on holiday.
~ Where you all from, then? ~ Manchester.
~ No school? ~ It's half-term where we're from.
~ We're from Manchester.
Which part? ~ Didsbury.
~ One at a time.
Come on.
They're doing their best.
Still no sign of Sam? No.
But this is definitely Sam's car.
Are you we any closer in ID'ing the bloke who tried to abduct Joe? Michael Collersdale.
His DNA was on David's clothing from the attack in Blackpool.
~ Drug dealer.
~ Operated in the North West mainly.
He spent the last eight years in a prison in Malaga.
~ What's his connection to Sam? ~ Drugs.
I'm wondering if Collersdale was Sam's supplier.
Sam crosses him, owes him money .
goes on the run, ends up in his car.
Yeah? All right.
They think Sam's been sighted - attempted shoplifting three miles up the coast.
Let me know where.
Don't worry - learning a script takes time.
What if they don't get it? They will.
Have you seen my keys? ~ I'll see you later.
~ Bye.
Were you shot? ~ The scars.
~ Yeah.
A long time ago.
~ I exercise to keep the muscles strong.
~ Did it hurt? Yeah.
Can you show me - the bullet? I'm sorry, Joe, I've got to take this.
We'll do it later, I promise.
Yeah? Hello? We've identified the man who attacked the family - Michael Collersdale.
He might possibly also be Sam's supplier.
~ That's why he went after the kid? ~ It's the best we've got.
I'll talk to the family, see if there's anything else.
You haven't forgotten how? Just send me what you've got and call me in an hour.
~ I'm not doing this again.
~ Sit down, please, David.
When Louisa spoke to Sam, he told her he was still at university.
~ Have they found him? ~ What's happened? ~ The university haven't seen him for over seven weeks.
~ Why not? Nor have his friends, or anyone at his student digs.
We know that Sam was cautioned twice ~ for possession with intent to supply.
~ Drugs? No.
No way.
We also know that Michael Collersdale, the man who tried to take Joe, is a drug dealer.
Was this the man? Has this bastard got Sam? Michael Collersdale is targeting your family - you need to help me find out why.
Sam Blackwell? Oh! Police! ~ Please! No, please! Please! ~ I'm a police officer, you idiot! All right? ~ You OK? ~ I told the school I felt sick.
It's not easy, all this, I just need you to be here while I get Sam.
~ I'm coming.
~ He's gonna get Sam! David, I can't let you leave the safe house.
~ He's my son.
~ You need to see him, I understand.
Sam is fine, but you have to stay here.
Come on, you.
Don't worry, Dad, Sam's OK.
He won't be when he gets here.
Dad! He'll be all right.
Shall we get everyone some lunch? Joe, do you wanna give me a hand? Put these in that, put them on the table.
~ All right? ~ Yeah.
So what did he say? ~ His car was smashed up by some blokes he owed money to.
~ Who? His exact words, 'No comment.
' ~ How much? ~ 'No comment.
' What for? ~ You're doing a fine job, DCI Maxwell.
~ You think you could do better? No, I KNOW I could.
I'm Robert.
~ Are you police? ~ I used to be.
I presume you've seen these? And you've seen this? Well, this guy did this to your father.
He's also murdered somebody.
The longer you keep saying, 'No comment,' the longer it's gonna take to catch him.
There you go.
I need you to talk to me, Sam.
Me and my mate, right, we started making Geebee at uni.
What's Geebee? You know, liquid E.
Just for people we know.
Word got around and, you know, it just kind of happened.
Then we got asked to make some more.
To be honest, I didn't really wanna do it, but my mate thought it was brilliant.
So we get given five-grand, right.
Five-grand to get us set up.
But my mate, he just er He just fucks off with the money.
So er you know, I tried to pay it back.
But this guy, he didn't want the money.
He wanted me, he wanted me making the drugs.
And it wasn't him? ~ No.
~ Are you sure? I'm sure.
We're all gonna be together.
That hasn't happened in a long time.
One big happy family, having a holiday of a lifetime (!) We do as rehearsed.
~ Hello? Katy ~ Sorry, Megan.
You're lying.
I know you are.
(You're pregnant.
) No! No.
~ I would have told you.
~ We didn't tell anyone.
Well, apart from you.
Excuse me.
Erm We're thinking of going up one of the mountains.
~ Er, do you have a proper map? ~ Of course.
I'll be right there.
~ Have you ever been sailing before? ~ No.
~ I can book him in for tomorrow.
~ I'm not sure - ~ What's your name? ~ Joe Watkins, from Didsbury.
A pleasure to meet you, Joe Watkins from Didsbury.
We'll see you tomorrow.
~ Are there any other guests? ~ It's the whole family.
~ Other kids? ~ He's got a big sister.
She can come too, if you like.
We'll see what she fancies doing.
She's a bit older.
All right.
~ Can I take this? ~ Yeah, yeah.
~ Do you believe him? ~ Yeah, I do.
2003 - Collersdale does a six month stretch.
At Strangeways.
When his dad was a prison officer there.
Hey Thanks for this.
Your phone.
I don't wanna hurt you, Dom, but I will.
Your phone! Don't look back.
Look at the wall, count down from 100.
Like Hide and Seek.
(99 98) (.
97 96) (.
95) You know, we don't know the full story yet.
Kids do stuff.
What? What? Tell me.
What? W Sam's gonna be here soon! ~ Where are you going? ~ Up a mountain! It's what people do here! Give me the phone.
~ It's Dom, my boyfriend.
~ Now.
~ I need to talk to him.
~ Why does he wanna know where you are? ~ Please, they're private.
Is this true? Come with me.
~ Yeah.
~ Louisa's boyfriend, Dominic Twyler.
Threatened with a knife about half an hour ago, had his phone nicked.
~ Collersdale? ~ Without a doubt.
~ OK.
Well? Can I tell Dom that it's all OK? Talk of the devil.
~ 'Where did you go?' Can I text him back? ~ Promise you won't say ~ where you've been or what you've been doing.
~ I promise.
Looks like your brother's here.
~ I won't be long.
~ OK.
~ Where's Louisa? ~ Upstairs.
Hello, I'm Katy.
~ Her boyfriend's been attacked.
~ What? ~ Louisa! Dom, he's been attacked.
~ Is he OK? ~ You let her contact him? ~ It was important.
Collersdale will know it's gonna be blocked.
~ Tell him you wanna meet.
~ What?! ~ It's how to find out where he is.
Come on! Hey.
Oh, look at you! You've lost so much weight! So, someone tried to kidnap you? Was that fun? If I knew you was important, I'd have put you on eBay and tried to get some money for you.
~ Where's David? ~ He went for a walk, clear his head.
~ I wondered why I was still alive.
~ Do you know where? Up the mountain.
David! You need this.
People die of exposure up here.
You're so full of it.
Sam's back at the house.
He's safe.
~ How is he? ~ He's terrified.
He knows he's let you down.
~ So, did you get kicked out of uni? ~ No.
Well, not yet, anyway.
Could have put us somewhere nice and warm.
Thailand would have been all right.
Can you tell me about Strangeways? ~ What about it? ~ You worked there.
~ For a couple of months.
Why do you wanna know? ~ When? I left at the end of 2003.
I was transferred.
Michael Collersdale was there in the summer of 2003.
You think I knew Michael Collersdale? Yeah.
Do you have any idea how many cons I've met in 20 years? ~ So you didn't have any dealings with him? ~ I didn't.
If I did, I'd tell you.
Is that clear enough? They've looked through your bank statements.
~ They know you received large amounts of cash.
~ So? ~ 2,500 on October - ~ It was for personal use! ~ Another 2,500 - ~ Look, I borrowed some money! I know how much your earn, your bank loans, your credit cards - ~ I didn't get that money from Michael Collersdale.
~ Where'd you get it? ~ Who's this Michael Collersdale? ~ He's after Dad.
~ Was you frightened? ~ Course he was frightened! He stabbed someone like he didn't care, then went after Dom.
~ Dom must have done something real bad.
~ Like what? For someone to do all of that Don't you worry, everything's all right now.
Sam said he needed the money.
He said his student loan hadn't come through.
He needed it to pay his rent and his tuition fees.
~ He said I'd get it back no problem.
~ £5,000? He never asked me for anything, and here he was So where did it come from? A loan shark.
~ An ex-inmate.
~ Oh-ho! Which is why you were suspended.
Word got round.
Made me vulnerable.
I'm gonna lose my job.
Listen, Ali doesn't know.
~ About the money, about me being suspended.
~ She's gonna find out.
I didn't know Michael Collersdale.
I don't know why he's doing this.
Do you wanna finish this? Go up the top? Yeah.
Oh, good move.
~ Gonna beat you.
~ What am I gonna do? There's no way you're gonna beat her.
~ Nice one, Sam.
~ Thanks, love.
~ What the fuck do you think you were doing? ~ David! ~ Are you on drugs? ~ No.
I see men like you on the wing all the time.
~ I was just trying to make some money.
~ By spending mine? Can I have it back now, please? Huh? Eh? ~ Do you know I'm gonna lose me job? ~ What? I'm so ashamed of you.
Well, I'm sorry.
I failed you, OK? I'm a complete and utter fucking failure! Don't speak to me like that! ~ Robert, this is my son! ~ But he's under my protection.
You were right.
It's not easy, all this.
Did you speak to Mark? Hm! 'Just follow your instincts, it's what you're good at.
' What did he say about using Louisa's phone? Collersdale hasn't replied and he probably won't, but they won't block it in case he does.
~ Megan came round today.
~ What, to the house? She's booked Louisa and Joe in for a sailing lesson with Ben tomorrow.
~ You know what she's like.
~ It's probably good.
For cover.
It's what tourists do, and it'll get them out of the house.
Can you show me the bullet now? ~ How big do you think it'll be.
~ Don't know, about this big? ~ That doesn't look like a bullet! ~ From a.
22 rifle.
~ I was protecting someone.
~ And you got in the way? I tried to.
Do you think Michael Collersdale has a gun? Doesn't matter if he's got a tank, doesn't know where you are.
You're absolutely safe here.
Nothing will happen to you or your family.
I give you my word.
Do you wanna keep it? You're giving it to me? Present.
Thanks! It's just a keepsake.
A little present to say thank you.
You're not gonna forget me? Susan Reynolds gave me a present, and at the truck stop she put it in my pocket, and we went outside.
Do you remember anything else? Come on, dinner's ready.
I'll just lock up.
~ Just one small piece.
~ Thank you.
~ Have you been before? ~ No, but Louisa's been canoeing at school.
I envy you all this.
I don't have a family.
Only Robert.
~ Yeah, you've gotta eat your greens, Joe.
~ Pass me the carrots.
Sam, do you want some garlic bread? Here, get some bread as well.
There you go.
I owe you all an apology.
I should never have left you by yourself in Blackpool.
~ But you didn't.
~ And I lied to you.
It was the one thing we agreed on - no secrets or lies.
I'm sorry.
I lend you some money, but you when you got into trouble, you couldn't come to me.
You were frightened, like I was frightened of my dad.
And, Robert and Katy I'm sorry for being such an arse.
Yeah, well, I'll second that.
~ Do you want some salad? ~ I'd love some.
Mark, it's me.
Susan Reynolds gave me a present the night I was shot.
I've just remembered it.
Can you call me when you get this? My name is Louisa Watkins, this is my younger brother.
Joey Watkins, footballing superstar.
You may have heard of me.
~ You can't make it up.
~ You keep messing it up! Not many people here know I've been shot, so don't say anything, OK? ~ Promise I won't tell anyone.
~ I know, I trust you.
~ Anything else ~ We play ill.
~ Correct.
And you will be ill.
~ Joe and Louisa, is it? ~ Hello! Either of you done anything like this before? ~ I've done a bit of canoeing when I was younger, in Didsbury.
~ Joe? No problem.
Soon get the hang of it.
Let's get your lifejackets on and get you signed in.
~ See you later.
~ How's Katy? ~ Megan's convinced she's pregnant.
~ Oh! ~ She called in sick, so what else am I to think? ~ It's news to me.
Very good! Thought we'd do a bit of sailing - there's a good breeze out.
Away from you, go across the wind.
Ah! Steady your bow.
Whoo-hoo! It's picked up a bit.
Shouldn't he have come round by now? Ben's probably taken them onto the island.
He sometimes does that.
Robert w ~ Robert, what are you doing? ~ I can't see them! Joe! Susan! Joe! Louisa! Joe! ~ What's happened? ~ I couldn't see them! They're fine! ~ Are you OK? ~ Come and see this place.
You want a lift back, or are you gonna swim? Sorry, I panicked.
What were you thinking? You could have drowned.
What are you doing? Oh, I couldn't sleep.
Need to go for a drive.
~ It's Susan, isn't it? ~ I'm sorry.
Robert, don't.
I wish you could come with me to the trial.
~ I'm such a coward.
~ You're not a coward, Susan.
You're not a coward.
~ We're gonna be early.
~ When have you ever been late? Can we go inside? They'll be here in eight minutes.
I just need the loo.
~ OK? ~ Yeah, I'm OK.
I'm gonna miss this.
What are you doing here? ~ Cos Katy was worried.
~ But I didn't say anything.
Found it in your jacket on the night.
I withheld it.
~ Why? ~ Because I didn't know what it meant.
You think I was having an affair? ~ Were you? ~ No.
Cos it happens.
You know it happens.
~ Protection officers get close to - ~ It happens, but it didn't with me.
It was meant for you, I thought you might like it.
You have to put this behind you.
You've got a family that needs your protection.
~ Hello, Gemma.
~ You're back again.
Where are they? Where's Ali? No I don't know where she is, I swear it! I don't know where she is.
Well, I brought something for you.
I don't do that anymore.
I don't do it anymore! I don't know where Ali is.
~ '.
please leave a message' ~ Why ain't she picking up? Try it again.
Hi, Ali, it's me, Gemma.
Can you give me a ring when you get this? It's urgent.
I love you.
~ What are you doing? ~ I left her a message.
I thought you hated her, ain't seen her in years? Now you're telling her you love her? This is all your fault.
No, please, Michael.
Oh No! No Lying cow! Why did you lie to me?