Sailor Moon (1995) s01e09 Episode Script

109 - Cruise Blues

I cannot forgive anyone who toys with a girl's precious time! Even the cuckoo in the cuckoo clock is mad! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you.
I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino, 14 years old.
I'm in the 8th grade.
I'm clumsier than others and a bit of a crybaby.
That's about it.
One day, a strange black cat, Luna, appeared and gave me a peculiar transforming brooch and made me a sailor warrior.
But, she wants me to fight against bad guys.
That makes me really nervous.
Oh well, I guess everything will be okay.
Usagi's Misfortune! Watch Out For the Rushing Clocks What?! Did you say the second warrior showed up? Yes.
The nerve! Then all the more reason to hurry and collect energy for our ruler! Queen Beryl, I have a great idea.
Humans produce more energy when they are psychologically stressed.
For example, when they are pressed for time.
So, if we steal their time and cause them to rush about, we can efficiently collect their increased energy.
Very well.
Proceed with your plan.
Yes, my lady.
Harajuku Station Entrance Harajuku Station Entrance Wow! There are so many people! Harajuku Station Entrance I guess you've never come to places like this before.
I'd read about them in books, but that was all.
Ami, you're still young.
You need to go out more! I'm sorry.
You don't need to apologize.
I'm sorry.
You don't need to apologize.
Anyway, since we're here, let's have as much fun as we can window-shopping! Okay.
Ta-da! Let's go over here next! Oh, wait! Let's go over here next! Oh, wait! Look, look, Ami! What do you think? I like this one! I don't think so!! What's wrong? Oh, nothing.
What's wrong? Oh, nothing.
Hey, did you find anything interesting? Yes, lots.
Ami, what kind of books do you read? Shall we show each other what we got? It's all words! It's all comics! I'm tired.
Me, too.
What's going on? There are so many people.
I don't know.
Clock Look Big Spring Bargain Week I don't know.
Clock Look Big Spring Bargain Week Oh, an opening sale.
Clock Look Big Spring Bargain Week Look at all those people.
Look at all those people.
Fifty to seventy-percent off! Oh, wow, that's so cheap! Wanna check it out? I already have the watch I got from my mother, so I'm okay.
You should act more your age! It's free if we're just going to look.
So, it'd be a waste if we don't! Welcome.
Please feel free to look around.
Wow! They're so cheap! Are watches usually this cheap? Nope, looks like this place is special.
It's unbelievable! Look! It's so weird! It's cute! You're right! It's cute! You're right! You're right! Wow, it looks just like Luna! Wow, it looks just like Luna! Maybe I'll buy this one.
After all, I'm always late for school.
How do you like it? It's a nice bargain.
I know.
It's so cheap.
It may be cheap, but my wallet still can't take it! And if I'm late to school one more time, I'll break my own record! Usagi, if you want, I'll come get you every morning.
So, please don't cry.
Yippie! Ami, I love you! I'm home! Hi, Usagi.
I got you something nice today.
Wow, talk about rare! So, what did you get for me? Here.
I went shopping with Naru and Umino's mothers today.
Clock Look.
So, you went there too.
The clock store we stopped by was having an incredible sale.
Umino's mom bought seven clocks! Oh! This is Isn't it nice? I just remembered that you are always late for school.
Am I nice? Thank you! Looks like God didn't abandon me after all Usagi, which part of this clock looks like me? Look very carefully! I'm better looking than that clock! Yeah, yeah You're right.
Since Ami will be here tomorrow, I don't need to worry about being late.
First of all, that cat looks so sneaky.
Yeah, you're right Good night.
Really, Usagi! Do I look as sneaky as that cat? I wonder if this is Yes! Oh, Miss Mizuno! Is Usagi still asleep? No.
She already left.
What?! Already?! It's only 7 o'clock.
Are you kidding? Her brother, Shingo, left home before 7.
You need to hurry.
Otherwise, you will be late.
Oh, I'm late! Then, see you tonight! Okay, see you later! Now, I have to vacuum the rooms and do the laundry.
Oh, no! It's almost time for dinner! What are you doing?! Oh! I'm late! They're late! I can't wait anymore! I'll go out there and get everybody! Me, too! I can't stay here like this anymore! Then, me, too! Somehow, I can't stay still! That's enough! You can study by yourself today! I have no other choice.
It's already 8, and most students haven't even shown up yet.
Anyway, I have four dates today.
So, I cannot stay here like this.
I'm sorry.
Then, me, too! Once I finish eating my lunch, I have nothing left to do.
That's right! In old days, they used to say, "Fall in love, life is short!" You are so wrong! Anyway, we shouldn't waste our time like this! You're right! Let's go home! Why are the shops opening so early? Ami! I'm glad I found you.
I don't know what is going on, but Usagi left home early today.
You, too.
Why are you in such a hurry? I think something is wrong with this clock.
Ami, can you check this? I had no idea.
Anyway, let's open this and see Oh, yeah What is this? To put it simply, it's a compact supercomputer.
It's really useful for analyzing and calculating things.
Are you sure I can have this? Of course! Usagi would never figure out how to use it, but I know you'll be able to use it easily! Thank you, Luna.
Anyway, can you hurry and check the clock? Oh, of course! That was What was that?! Ami, look! It's empty? I thought so.
This is no ordinary clock.
The weird way people are acting must have something to do with that Clock Look.
Oh, no! I'm hurt! I need to rush to the hospital! Oh, I'm in trouble! My plane already left! Now, I have no choice, I'm going to run to Paris! Stupid humans, rushing to your deaths.
The more you hurry, the more energy you produce.
Once I collect all the energy created by your impatience, our great ruler is certain to be very satisfied.
All the energy collected by my clocks will be gathered in this gigantic clock no matter where they are.
You certainly know how to manipulate time, Ramua.
Your magical power really paralyzed their sense of time.
Thank you for your kind words.
Now, I leave everything to you.
There is a possibility that they will appear because of the commotion.
So, be careful.
Yes, sir.
You can count on me.
Oh, it's slow, it's so slow! It's too slow! Why is this bus so darn slow?! Oh, it's slow, it's so slow! It's too slow! Why is this bus so darn slow?! Please be quiet! You're not the only one getting impatient! Then, do something! Remember?! You're the one driving! Ouch! What's going on?! If I can't go left, I'll go to the right! I've been doing this for ten years! I'm a genius, out of my way! Stop Next Oh, the bus! Excuse me! I need to get off! Please stop the bus! Unfortunately, I've decided that this bus will run express today! So, don't expect me to stop until the last stop! What?! So, don't expect me to stop until the last stop! What?! Just stop the bus! Just stop the bus! It's weird.
Nobody at school answered the phone.
Where did Usagi go?! What shall we do? I'm not comfortable doing this all by ourselves.
I know.
I guess we have no choice but to find Usagi.
I'm getting off! Oh, my bus! My bus! I'm getting off! Oh, my bus! My bus! Oh, my bus! My bus! We're going to be late! We're going to be late! What were you thinking?! You should know I'm too busy for this! Oh, Usagi! Oh, Ami! Clock Look Clock Look So, this is the monster's hideout! Clock Look So, this is the monster's hideout! Clock Look Expensive watches * Jewelry So, this is the monster's hideout! Clock Look Expensive watches * Jewelry Wait, Usagi! Clock Look Expensive watches * Jewelry If you act like this, they'll notice us! How can you stay so calm?! You think that clock store is behind this, right? Then, we should just charge in already! Usagi, you're completely under the spell of the monster.
I have so many things to do today! Go home early, eat snacks and finish the rest of my game.
Then, take a bath Oh, I didn't know it's so late already! Okay, I got it.
I'll figure out a way to get in.
So, just wait a minute.
Right, Ami? We could try to get in from the back, but the enemy could already be waiting for us.
Then, through the front! The front! It doesn't matter which way we go, if it's going to be a trap anyway! Now, Ami, let's transform quickly.
What?! Already?! Moon Prism Power Makeup! You, too, Ami! Hurry! Thinking isn't going to get us anywhere.
I know they say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
" Not you too, Ami? Mercury Power Makeup! Okay, let's go! Oh, wait for me! Now, Moon Tiara Action! I'm so unlucky Sailor Moon! That door! I know! Who's there?! I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! Likewise, Sailor Mercury! We're here to fight you! Well, well, I'm impressed.
I never expected you to show up so early.
I cannot forgive anyone who toys with a girl's precious time! Even the cuckoo in the cuckoo clock is mad! In the name of the moon, I will punish you! You're nothing! I'll show you that this is where you're going to die! Now, come and get me, Sailor Moon! You're not getting away! Oh, Sailor Moon! Are you ready, Mercury? Yes! Are you ready, Mercury? Yes! Clock Look Expensive watches * Jewelry Be careful, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury! Where did she go? Be careful, Sailor Moon! The monster has probably set a trap somewhere.
I'm getting irritated.
You coward! It's cheap not to show yourself! I'm waiting right here.
Why don't you come? You don't have to tell me that, I'll be right there! Oh, wait! It's dangerous to just walk around blindly.
Mercury, just follow me! Sailor Moon! Not here! Sailor Moon, if you just walk around without thinking, we'll get lost! Don't worry! Because I've got you, Mercury! Hey, what's that? It's a computer.
Luna gave it to me just a while ago.
That looks awesome! What's wrong? Are you still there? Shut up! I'll be there soon.
So, you just wait! Remember? You're the one that's cheating here! Oh, no! And you're trying to Oh, no! And you're trying to Sailor Moon, this way! Oh, that was scary.
It seems like time here can go faster or slower.
And sometimes it goes backward.
It's really unstable.
Then, there could be a room where we become grannies? Yes I'm the sailor warrior, Sailor Moon.
Yes I'm the sailor warrior, Sailor Moon.
No way! So, they're not here.
Have you found something yet? Just a minute I'm getting irritated.
Just a minute I'm getting irritated.
Just as I expected.
Found something? It seems like this maze is set up in a certain way Then, where is she? There's a 78% probability she's this way.
Let's go! Okay! Let's go! Okay! Nice job.
You finally found where I am.
But this is the end! I hope you are ready.
You're the one who should get ready! Oh? I can't stand up.
Why not? Finally, it's starting to work.
Your energy has been sucked away by my clock.
What?! Her energy? Now! It hurts! Sailor Moon! You're in my way! I can't move I just stopped your time.
So, enjoy watching Sailor Moon suffer.
Sailor Moon! Oh! I got my power back! Oh, no! My energy! Now, I can move! Bubble Spray! Darn it! Where did you go?! Are you all right, Sailor Moon? Thank you.
I'm okay now.
She's over there! Okay! Moon Tiara Action! Clock Look Expensive watches * Jewelry Oh! Usagi! Ami! Jubancho Shopping District This time, I'm really exhausted.
I don't want to get stressed out anymore! I know! I don't want to get stressed out anymore! I know! Usagi! Big news! Usagi! Big news! A cake shop is doing a speed eating contest! Really?! Let's go! Hurry! Really?! Let's go! Hurry! It hurts! I don't think her personality will ever change! It hurts! I don't think her personality will ever change! It hurts! I suppose.
In my dream, you and I were together Protected by the stars When we were friends, it didn't bother us And we casually talked to each other But there was a moment when I noticed only you I want to become prettier right here and now Something changes when you fall in love I close my eyes and check to make sure I want to convey the thrill I felt when we held each other