Sailor Moon (1995) s01e10 Episode Script

110 - Fight to the Finish

It's unforgivable, unforgivable! What is it that's unforgivable? It's unforgivable when someone kidnaps girls who are praying for love.
Until the day everyone's wishes for safety and finding love comes true In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino, 14 years old.
I'm in the 8th grade.
I'm clumsier than others and a bit of a crybaby.
That's about it.
One day, a strange black cat, Luna, appeared and gave me a peculiar transforming brooch and made me a sailor warrior.
But, she wants me to fight against bad guys.
That makes me really nervous.
Oh well, I guess everything will be okay.
Cursed Buses! Fire Warrior Mars Appears If those troublemakers that appeared on Earth get a hold of the legendary Silver Crystal which we are looking for, we'll have a serious problem! Our empire is the only one who should have the Silver Crystal.
I will show no mercy to anyone who tries to hinder our Dark Kingdom! Can't you find the legendary Silver Crystal yet? I'm sorry.
You have already failed several missions, but I will give you a chance to redeem yourself.
Collect the energy.
And also find the warriors and kill them! Yes, my lady.
Did something happen? Ami! Oh, Usagi.
Oh, Luna! Ami! Oh, Luna! Ami! Where are you going? To cram school.
What? You have to take a bus to go to cram school? If it's for a good cram school, I'd even take a plane.
I'm a sailor warrior.
I have to study hard and gain more knowledge so that I can help Luna! Way to go! You're the best, Ami! On the other hand, when you compare that to someone else The bus isn't here yet.
Did something happen? Hey hey, listen! Do you know the story behind this bus? What? I heard a bus with some passengers which left here just after 6pm suddenly disappeared.
What?! That sounds like fun.
There's nothing fun about it! You know there's a bus stop up ahead called Sendaizaka Ue, right? Yeah, it's where the five slopes are, right? That's right.
I heard that a bus with about fifty passengers just suddenly disappeared around there! The police suspected it could be a mass kidnapping and kept it secret for a while, but they just announced what had happened and started investigating the incident.
A cursed 6 o'clock bus I'm scared! It's very scary.
I'm scared! It's very scary.
Hey, hey.
Do you know the Hikawa Shrine near Sendaizaka? They're famous for their amulets that ward off evils.
Maybe we should buy one! I heard the daughter who lives there has psychic powers, and her fortune telling is really accurate.
I heard that their amulets really work too! Maybe, we should buy one.
Usagi, can you get me one, too? What? Why don't you come with us? No, I can't.
I have to go to cram school.
Also, I have an important mock test coming up.
I can't afford to get a cold while I'm studying.
D'oh! Hikawa Shrine May the boy I like also like me.
So, you, too! What? Who? So, you, too! What? Who? Tell me! Pray more! And fill your heart with the energy of burning desire.
It's coming Something evil is coming closer.
Offering Offering Oh, you girls are so pretty.
Oh, you girls are so pretty.
Wanna work as a part-time shrine maiden? We just came here to buy amulets for love.
I know, I know.
I was just kidding! It's 5:30.
Perfect! Then, as usual, I will conduct a special ceremony for all of you so that your love will come true.
O god of flames! Please make sure these girls' thoughts reach their boys, and make their wishes come true! You girls came from far away, right? Since you're here, why don't you draw a fortune slip, too? We also sell votive paintings of horses for passing entrance exams.
Wanna buy one? Thank you for all your concern! I can't believe him! Bye-bye! Was he hitting on us or something?! Bye-bye! Was he hitting on us or something?! Oh, you girls are so pretty! Wanna work as a part-time shrine maiden? Grandpa! Stop hitting on girls already! Oh, Rei! There are bad rumors about you going around in the neighborhood.
Oh, Rei! There are bad rumors about you going around in the neighborhood Wow! She looks cool! And so pretty! So, this is a shrine maiden.
I wouldn't mind doing that part-time.
What?! Oh, please! I sense an unusual aura! An evil spirit?! You can try to bring misfortune to our shrine, but I won't allow you! Begone, evil spirit! Usagi! This wasn't how it was supposed to be.
Begone, evil spirit Miss Rei, I have brought you a towel and water.
Oh, please leave them there.
Yes, Ma'am.
Wow! I feel like I've seen him somewhere.
He's gorgeous! What?! Where is he? Where's the gorgeous guy? I can't believe the way your mind works! Is he your brother? No, he's not.
My grandpa He likes to hit on everybody regardless of gender.
The other day, that man happened to visit the temple, then my Grandpa just decided to make him a live-in helper.
You have a very interesting grandpa.
Did you say that your name was Usagi? I'm sorry.
Oh, what happened to me? There is something strange going on these days.
My sixth sense and prophecies used to be absolutely accurate, but now, it's gone haywire.
Prophecies? Could this girl be the princess I'm looking for? Excuse me, where is the head priest?! What is the matter? My daughter didn't come home after she left to buy amulets at your shrine! I hear your head priest always does his so-called special ceremony at 5:30.
Are you sure he's not trying to force people to take the 6 o'clock bus?! Please don't make strange accusations! The 5:30 ceremony has been offered for a long time! A policeman was here early this morning, but if you want to report someone as missing, just go to the police! It has nothing to do with my grandpa! Now, get out! My! I cannot believe you! How rude! Now, get out! My! I cannot believe you! How rude! You're the one that's rude! Please leave! My! Usagi, something's not right! I think this has to do with our enemy.
Contact Ami; we have to figure out what to do.
But, Ami has to Many people have disappeared! Hurry up and get Ami out of her cram school! Okay, I got it! Sendaizaka Ue So, this is Sendaizaka.
There are so many of them! You're right! Hikawa Shrine Hikawa Shrine Everyone has Hikawa Shrine's amulets.
Everyone has Hikawa Shrine's amulets.
Wow, so all these girls are in love with somebody.
How could they have spare time for other things, when they should be busy studying for high school entrance exams? Oh, but Ami, you fall in love, too, don't you? As for me Usagi, if you don't know what real love is, you shouldn't use the word "love" so lightly.
Eep! It's here! 5:59.
That must be the bus! Red 66 Via Sendaizaka It's here! 5:59.
That must be the bus! Red 66 Via Sendaizaka It looks like a normal bus.
Yes, it does.
Okay, Usagi! Get on! But Here, let's go! But Here, let's go! I don't wanna! Here, hurry! No, I don't wanna! I really don't wanna! Usagi, don't be silly.
Let's get on the bus! Come on, be brave now! I don't wanna! I'm scared! I'm scared! It left! I can't believe you, Usagi.
You're such a coward! But But It can't be helped, we'll come again tomorrow at 6 o'clock.
What in the What?! No way, no way! A black hole? A fourth-dimensional space? Or a hole in the magnetic field?! What was that? Master Jadeite, today's operation was successful again.
The energy in girls who have offered prayers is enormous.
Draw it out of them nice and slowly.
Yes, Sir! Here, Phobos and Deimos.
Oh, Usagi! What's the matter? I saw it! Yesterday, the 6 o'clock bus disappeared again! So, you're also saying that it's my grandpa's fault?! What?! The police came here so many times.
I'm sick of it! No, I didn't mean it like that! I was just wondering if you might know something about it.
I don't know anything! I'm sorry! I just want to be your friend.
Honest! Please just leave! I'll come again later.
Good-bye! How dare she?! Did she drop this? We want good-luck amulets for love! Sure, which color do you prefer? Which one should I pick? Since he came here, we sell more amulets, and we have more visitors.
But But why does the bus disappear in front of the shrine? Why?! Is somebody there?! Your meal is ready.
Go away, I cannot concentrate! My apologies.
Mysterious eyes like ice Do those eyes have something to do with the way my prophecies stopped working? Hey, Luna.
Why did you leave that pen for Rei? I want to check something.
Check something? Like what? I'll tell you later.
Anyway, Usagi, you have to get on the 6 o'clock bus today! Hikawa Shrine Hikawa Shrine I know, but Hikawa Shrine You can't be scared! Hikawa Shrine Hikawa Shrine Ami's so late.
Hikawa Shrine She said she'd get on the bus with me.
Hikawa Shrine Oh, it's the bus! Hikawa Shrine D'oh! Red 66 Via Sendaizaka D'oh! Red 66 Via Sendaizaka Oh, no! It's here! Red 66 Via Sendaizaka Oh, no! It's here! Red 66 Via Sendaizaka Red 66 Via Sendaizaka We have no choice, let's just get on the bus by ourselves! We have no choice, let's just get on the bus by ourselves! What'll I do now?! Let's go! I changed my mind! I'm scared! Oh, Usagi! I changed my mind! I'm scared! Oh, Usagi! But I'm scared! No! Don't be such a baby! I'm scared! I don't wanna! The bus is going to leave! Hurry! But I don't know what I should do! Okay, then! What are you doing? Moon Power! Turn me into a cool bus attendant! Good! This will make me a little less scared! Why do you have to be a bus attendant? Hey, bus, wait! What's with you?! Everyone! What in the?! It's my duty to make sure passengers are safe and comfortable during travel! Hijacking is unforgivable! I didn't make it in time.
What is the main culprit? What is the origin of these troubles? So, you're the origin of this evil! What are you talking about? Don't play dumb! I trust the fire and it's telling me What are you talking about? Don't play dumb! I trust the fire and it's telling me that you're the main instigator! Show me who you are! So, you found out.
You will go inside, too! What is Where am I?! Usagi, pull yourself together! I can't pull myself together! Rei! A monster! Usagi! Transform yourself into Sailor Moon! I don't wanna live like this anymore! But I'll do it! That's right! Your spirit and easygoing attitude are important! Moon Prism Power Makeup! I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! You've finally shown up! I've been waiting! That mark! Release Rei! Keeping everyone locked up in here is unforgivable! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Moon Tiara Action! You cannot beat me with this toy! You fell for it! What? Rei, are you okay? I'm fine.
Rei, take out your transforming pen! I'm fine.
Rei, take out your transforming pen! The cat spoke! I'll explain everything later.
Hurry up and take out the transforming pen you picked up at the shrine! This? Use that and transform! You're Sailor Mars, a warrior specialized in fire! Just yell, "Mars Power Makeup!" Hurry! I have no idea what you're talking about, but I don't care right now! Mars Power Makeup! So, Rei is the third warrior? What's going on? Evil spirit, you won't get away with this! I'll take care of you! Fire Soul! Oh, what's that? Oh, no! The dimensional hole is closing because of Rei's fire power! We need to get out of here quick! How?! I don't know! How?! I don't know! Oh, no.
What'll we do?! What'll we do now?! Sendaizaka Ue Sendaizaka Ue Usagi, Luna, everyone Usagi, Luna, everyone Please be all right.
It's closing! What's that? Could it be Ami? It might be Ami trying to show us where the exit is! She must be! We'll escape towards the direction where the signal is coming from! I'll be the driver! Hurry! Oh, Tuxedo Mask! When did he show up here?! He's so cool We did it! Let's go, both of you.
We did it! Let's go, both of you.
Yeah! Ami! So, another warrior has appeared.
They are worthy opponents! I will beat them next time, without fail! Luna! Ami! Luna! Ami! Ami! Thanks, Ami! Thanks, Ami! Usagi, good job! Thanks, Ami! Usagi, good job! Goodbye, I will see you again.
Oh, where did Tuxedo Mask go? Don't tell me you like Tuxedo Mask! You have got to be kidding me! I just wanted to thank him.
What about you? Are you in love with him? Of course, it could just be a one-sided love.
One One-sided? No, it can't be It can't be! Yume no naka futari de ita yo ne Hoshi tachi ni mamorarete Tomodachi no toki ni wa ki ni sezu Nanigenaku hanashite ita kedo Anata dake ki ni naru shunkan ga atta no Motto kirei ni ima sugu naritai Koi suru to nanika ga kawaru ne Me o tojite tashikamete Dakishimeta tokimeki sono mama kono omoi tsutaetai