Sailor Moon (1995) s01e22 Episode Script

122 - The Power of Friendship

My first kiss under the moonlight with my adored Tuxedo Mask! And yet, and yet How dare Nephrite show up and ruin the nice romantic mood?! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino.
I don't look like a super heroine, but I am! As you know, I transform myself by using a peculiar brooch and fight against bad guys.
I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! And my friends are the smart and sweet Ami Mizuno, and a slightly quick-tempered psychic girl, Rei Hino.
Both of them are so dependable, I feel like I'll fall behind.
But anyway, I just have to do my best! Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss Oh, I'm so late! Wow, a check point? Is there something going on today? Oh, Naru, good morning! Good morning.
What's wrong? You look kind of down.
Yeah Naru.
Yes, Sir? Naru.
Yes, Sir? Yes, Sir? You're the cutest girl at Juban Junior High.
You're the cutest girl at Juban Junior High.
Reveal yourself! Show me who you really are! I don't understand.
What in the world does Mr.
Sanjoin think of me? Naru, wake up! We're going to be late! Hurry, Naru! Made it! Hey, Miss Usagi, did you know? The first princess of the Diamond Kingdom is visiting Japan! Diamond Kingdom? It's the country that produces the most gems in the world.
I heard they're holding a dinner party tonight at the embassy.
So, that's why they were doing all those inspections.
Princess Diamond will be inheriting the legendary secret treasure that has been passed down through the Royal Family.
And that secret treasure is apparently going to be introduced to the world for the first time at the dinner party! Secret treasure I wonder how amazing it could be? It's no use! I can't imagine it! I'll go look at it and let you know.
What? My family runs a jewelry shop, remember? So, I got a hold of a special invitation to the dinner party.
Wow! Naru, you're so lucky! I wish I could go, too! "The final mystery of the century will be revealed tonight!" The Final Mystery of the Century will be Princess Diamond Hates the Media! "The final mystery of the century will be revealed tonight!" The Final Mystery of the Century will be Princess Diamond Hates the Media! "Princess Diamond visits with the legendary secret treasure" The Final Mystery of the Century will be Princess Diamond Hates the Media! "Of the Diamond Kingdom's Royal Family!" A legendary secret treasure The legendary secret treasure of the Diamond Kingdom It could be the legendary Silver Crystal.
I shall look into it.
Leave that to me! Nephrite, don't interfere! Searching for the legendary Silver Crystal is my job! The Earth is under my jurisdiction.
What?! I will look into it! Please leave this to me! Nephrite, if the Diamond Kingdom's legendary secret treasure turns out to be the Silver Crystal, it will be a pleasant surprise.
With the power of the Silver Crystal, we shall revive our great ruler and our Dark Kingdom will dominate the world! But my lady Nephrite, what is your plan? I have my way of taking care of business.
Just watch.
Nephrite has failed every time! Why did you assign him to this?! He is in a tough situation, and he is very desperate now.
Zoisite, the impatient always lose.
But, Master Kunzite Nephrite can be ousted any time we please.
We shall take this opportunity to see just how skilled he is.
What? A princess? Yes.
I'm thinking that the princess of the Diamond Kingdom just might be the princess we've been looking for.
No way! Not necessarily.
We can't completely ignore Luna's intuition.
I think there is a need to check into this.
How? Princess Diamond is surrounded by lots of bodyguards.
And we can't get into the hall that the dinner party's being held at.
We know all that! Our mission is to use our brains to find a way around that, remember?! Rei, you don't have to pin me with such a scary look! Don't cry to gloss things over! Anyway, let's go to an area close to the dinner party tonight.
And we'll wait for a chance to check whether Princess Diamond really is the princess we've been looking for.
Usagi, I need you to have a more passionate sense of duty! I'm home! Welcome back! Oh, Dad, what's up? Why are you all dressed up? I'm going to the Diamond Kingdom embassy.
What?! The dinner party?! No fair! I wanna get in, too! Dad's going there as a magazine reporter.
It's work.
I'll tell you everything when I get back.
I'm going to get inside, no matter what! Oh, I know! What are you going to do? Oh, you can't! Moon Power! Turn me into a pretty princess! Look at my dress! It's wonderful! Honestly! You can't use the transforming pen like it's some kind of toy! You're wrong! I have a mission! I did this so I can find out if Princess Diamond is the princess we've been looking for.
Really? This is useless.
The Silver Crystal Look for the Silver Crystal! What is the Silver Crystal? It's the same dream again.
Diamond Kingdom Embassy So, this is the place for the dinner party.
Oh, Usagi! Usagi! Oh, Usagi! Usagi! Excuse me, your invitation? I am the princess of the Ivanovich Kingdom! What? Ivanovich Kingdom? Talk about close.
Wow! A masquerade! It's wonderful! It's like something from a foreign movie! That is Naru Osaka.
This is perfect.
Excuse me, Miss, would you please dance with me? What? It's me.
Sanjoin! Did you come here by yourself? Yes Did you come here by yourself? Yes I came here in place of my mom.
I never expected to see you here.
You have made my day! Mr.
Oh, lucky Naru.
She's already found a partner.
She looks just like Usagi.
I wonder if Usagi will be as beautiful when she grows up? Oh, it's Dad! He's taking pictures without even realizing who I am.
Excuse me! Oh, no! Excuse me! Oh, no! If the Diamond Kingdom's secret treasure is the Silver Crystal, and if I can get a hold of it, I will surely find out who I am.
Let's see Let's see That girl In a distant past I feel like I've seen her before.
Sanjoin is so wonderful.
I don't care what happens to me anymore.
You are like a star shining in the heavens! Please look at me.
Yes Naru Osaka, you are now under my control! Yes.
I transformed into a princess, but it's no fun if I'm alone.
Would you care to dance? Oh, Tuxedo Mask! Would you care to dance? Oh, Tuxedo Mask! No way! It can't be! How could this be? It's like a dream! What is this? It's strange I feel like I've danced with him before, a long time ago.
Who are you? I'm Naru! I'm a friend of Princess Diamond! What did you say? Everyone is just interested in the secret treasure.
I only wish I was more beautiful I know I'm just a throw-in with the secret treasure.
Princess, someone calling herself your friend I'm Naru! May I come in? Oh, please! You seem like a fun person.
May I help you? All I want is the legendary secret treasure! What's going on? Move! Out of my way! The legendary secret treasure is mine! Princess Diamond! Something is wrong! Has she lost her mind? Usagi, it's terrible! Terrible! Princess Diamond has gone to the balcony with the secret treasure! What?! Oh, Nephrite! Oh, Princess Diamond, please wake up! Let go! I'm falling! Let go! I'm falling! Usagi! Tuxedo Mask? Both of you can fall and die together! It seems like something is going on.
Tuxedo Mask, you're always in my way! Just think you're lucky to die with a beautiful princess! Fire Soul! My Tuxedo Mask will live on forever! It's all over! Shoot! Stop, Nephrite! Who are you?! I would like to know who I am as well.
To do that, I must solve the mystery of the legendary Silver Crystal! Are you our enemy or our ally? If we are looking for the same thing, I could be your enemy.
Tuxedo Mask! Usagi, hurry! Oh, right! Moon Prism Power Makeup! What could have happened? This is an unexpected incident! This is a huge scoop! Come back to life, my other self! Clear the way! Any who disobey shall be sacrificed to the great ruler! What is this?! I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! Likewise, Sailor Mercury! Likewise, Sailor Mars! I'll never forgive you for possessing the innocent Princess Diamond! The legendary secret treasure, the Silver Crystal, is mine! The Silver Crystal? Begone, Evil Spirit Begone, Evil Spirit Oh, Nephrite! Suffer and die! I can't move! We'll die at this rate! I'll see if I can do something about it! Bubble Spray! How shameless of you to mislead Princess Diamond! In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Moon Tiara Action! We did it! Princess, are you all right? What have I been doing? By any chance, could you be our princess? My glasses I cannot see anything without my glasses.
Excuse me, Princess Diamond, you're our princess, aren't you? The cat! The cat spoke! I guess she's not our princess.
Yeah! What have we been doing? I have no idea.
Oh! My precious film! Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for waiting.
And now, Princess Diamond will reveal the world's final legendary secret treasure.
What have I been doing? A 2,000 karat diamond.
It is a statue of the Diamond Kingdom's first princess.
What a waste of time.
Looks like we're back to square one with our search for the princess.
Oh? Where's Usagi? I'm so exhausted! Time for some juice.
Oh, this is so delicious.
Oh, excuse me.
In a distant past, I feel as though something similar happened before.
I feel like my memories may return.
This gentle warmth This has happened in the past somewhere.
It feels so familiar.
Yume no naka futari de ita yo ne Hoshi tachi ni mamorarete Tomodachi no toki ni wa ki ni sezu Nanigenaku hanashite ita kedo Anata dake ki ni naru shunkan ga atta no Motto kirei ni ima sugu naritai Koi suru to nanika ga kawaru ne Me o tojite tashikamete Dakishimeta tokimeki sono mama kono omoi tsutaetai