Sailor Moon (1995) s01e23 Episode Script

123 - Mercury's Mental Match

Love, it is gentle.
Love, it is pure.
And yet, he takes advantage of such a girl's affections! Sailor Moon will arrest you on the charge of romantic fraud! I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino.
I don't look like a super heroine, but I am! As you know, I transform myself by using a peculiar brooch and fight against bad guys.
I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! And my friends are the smart and sweet Ami Mizuno, and a slightly quick-tempered psychic girl, Rei Hino.
Both of them are so dependable, I feel like I'll fall behind.
But anyway, I just have to do my best! Wish Upon A Shooting Star! Naru's Pure love Naru So this is love There! There! Usagi, you're such a child.
Oh, you're too kind! Then are you a grown-up? Well, of course.
Because I'm involved in a mature romance.
Naru, you need to have someone to love first! Oh, please, Usagi.
Of course, I have someone.
What?! Then are you in love with Umino?! Oh, it better not be Tuxedo Mask or Motoki! They belong to me! It's not them.
I told you, it's a mature romance.
Okay, then, I'll tell you.
It's Mr.
What?! What? You don't have to act so surprised.
I know he's a bit older than me, but an age difference doesn't matter when you're in love.
Well Anyway, he's absolutely not good for you! Forget it, I shouldn't have told you anything! What'll we do now? We need to tell Naru that Masato Sanjoin is Nephrite as soon as possible.
Maybe we can wait a little and see.
It's easier said than done, when you consider Naru's feelings.
We won't know how it'll go unless we try it! Hold on, Rei.
Usagi, what do you think? What? Well, I think we ought to tell her, but Then, what are we going to do? Anyway, just leave everything concerning Naru to me! Leaving it to Usagi worries me even more.
Where has Nephrite gone?! He does not appear, no matter how many times I summon him! Queen Beryl is furious! How terrifying! Nephrite, you had better be ready to face the consequences! Nephrite is already a candle flickering in the wind.
How I pity him.
I no longer have time to worry about stealing energy.
Now I must obtain what I need in exchange for the celestial globe.
You again! What do you want? My, you shouldn't treat me so coldly.
Queen Beryl is furious.
She is looking for you.
Kunzite told you to come check up on me, did he? Well, well From your attitude, you don't seem to have any good plans ready.
Mind your own business! Get out of here! Oh, how scary.
Here's some friendly advice.
Why don't you retire, before you truly anger Queen Beryl? Shut up! I will find the Silver Crystal and get the better of you! You're terrible! The Silver Crystal is my assignment! It doesn't matter who's assignment it is! Whoever gets it wins! I'll get a hold of the Silver Crystal and restore my honor! Unbelievable! Just you remember this! I cannot believe I lost my composure with someone as petty as Zoisite.
The stars know everything.
When the sun creates a sinister perpendicular angle between Neptune and Mars, the guide to the Silver Crystal shall appear.
And that is the Black Crystal.
So, this is the guide that will lead me to the Silver Crystal.
Is it saying that little girl has the Silver Crystal?! Master Kunzite, I am so upset! Let Nephrite do what he wants.
But, Master Kunzite, what if he If Nephrite happens to get a hold of the Silver Crystal, we can just steal it from him! You are a genius, Master Kunzite.
Zoisite, for the time being, let the monsters keep an eye on Nephrite.
Yasha! I know you are there! You heard what he said! Yes, your wish is my command.
Jewelry No, I can't.
What's wrong? You're the one who volunteered for this, remember? That was just a spur of the moment thing! Stuff like that happens all the time, you know? It only happens all the time to you! What should I do? Oh, I know! What are you going to do? This is a great chance! I should go talk to Motoki for advice! I wasn't expecting much, but Crown Good, that's it.
Jump there! All right, that's good.
Keep it up.
Motoki Good, that's it.
Jump there! All right, that's good.
Keep it up.
Good, that's it.
Jump there! All right, that's good.
Keep it up.
Motoki's drooling all over her! Oh, and he's so close to her! Motoki, your Usagi is right here! This aura Yo, Dumpling Head.
Hey, Motoki! If you keep ignoring her, your dumpling will turn into a puff pastry.
He's just kidding! I'm not a puff pastry at all! Oh, Usagi! I didn't know you were here.
Sorry about that.
Hello! I'm almost done with my shift.
Usagi, you want to go out for a cup of tea or something? Yes, of course! I want to ask you for some advice, too! Oh, I'll tag along.
I've got nothing better to do anyway.
What?! That's a good idea.
I agree! My friend, Naru, is in love with a bad person, but she doesn't know that he's bad.
And? Well What should I do in this situation? If I tell her the truth, Naru will I don't think you need to be in any hurry.
You could wait and see a little.
That's true He thinks the same way as Ami.
Waiting and watching won't change anything.
Telling the truth is a form of courage, too.
Mamoru may be right.
Naru might get mad if you tell her the truth, but as her friend, it's something you have to tell her.
Okay! Now that I feel better, I'm hungry! Excuse me?! I'd like a fruit parfait, mixed sandwiches, a strawberry short cake, and a glass of juice! Motoki, do you have money? I think I can manage.
Don't worry! This is my treat today! Oh, could you bring me a mixed pizza, too? Courage.
All right, you gotta be brave, Usagi! Coming! Oh, Usagi.
What's up? Naru! I'm going to say this with courage, but Masato Sanjoin is a bad person! On top of that, he's not human! Oh, that's not what I meant! Anyway, he's scary! That's why you should never go out with him! So, just forget about him completely! Okay?! But I'm Okay? Just give up on it! Really? So, you talked to Naru? Yeah! I finally worked up the courage and I told her everything! So, did Naru understand you? Wait, don't tell me you said all that, then just came back without waiting for a response.
I can't believe you! Then, why did you even go there? But I'm sure she understood me.
I should have gone with you after all.
I know what Usagi said, but Oh, he's just so gorgeous! Mr.
Sanjoin Naru, it's for you.
It's from somebody called, Mr.
Sanjoin! Our hearts really must be linked together! Yes.
The Sankaku Park close by, right? Yes, I'll be there right away! I'm going out for a bit! What? But it's so late.
Sorry for asking you to come so late at night.
No, not at all.
It made me really happy.
I came to say good-bye today.
What? Oh, I see.
I guess I'm a bother to you, aren't I? No, not a bother at all.
It's more about not wanting to drag you into a dangerous situation.
What? To be honest with you, What? To be honest with you, I'm being threatened by some bad people.
It would be terrible if you got caught in the middle, so this is good-bye.
I'm glad I got to know you.
Wait! Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you! The Silver Crystal.
If I only had the Silver Crystal What is this Silver Crystal? If I just hand over the Silver Crystal to them, I'll be free.
Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
Please forget I said anything.
The Silver Crystal Wow! It's beautiful! This type of crystal is very rare in the world.
Wow! It has a silvery sheen! That must be the Silver Crystal.
Sanjoin, please wait here.
I'll bring it right away.
I'm pretty sure it was this key.
Oh, it opened! This is the one.
Who's there?! What are you doing?! Naru, what are you doing with that? Naru! Mom, I'm sorry! Naru! Naru, what's happened to you? Hey, Luna, let's not do this.
What are you saying? We're going to make sure Naru understood what you said, right? Besides, we have to do this now because you didn't do it right the first time! I know that, but Oh! It's Naru's mother! Have you seen my daughter? Is something wrong? She grabbed the store's jewelry and took off.
What?! Do you have any idea why? She got a phone call from somebody named Masato Sanjoin and He's a bad guy! I'll help you look for her! I can't forgive him! How dare he take advantage of Naru's feelings?! Usagi, transform now! Moon Prism Power Makeup! Luna, let's go! Okay! The Black Crystal is not responding.
This is just a regular crystal.
I'm so glad I was able to help Mr.
This is The Black Crystal is showing a response! Why? This girl is worth investigating.
I want you to help me with something.
Would you come with me? Come, shall we go? Yes.
Wait a second! How dare you take advantage of a girl's love?! I'll arrest you on the charge of romantic fraud! Don't interfere in my business! I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Sailor Moon, what are you doing here? Naru, don't be tricked! Masato Sanjoin is really Nephrite! He's a member of an evil organization called the Dark Kingdom! No! It's a lie! Mr.
Sanjoin is not a bad person! Right, Mr.
Sanjoin? Mr.
Sanjoin? O stars, grant me power.
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Sailor Moon, get a hold of yourself! No more games! Starlight Attack! So, you managed to just barely dodge it.
But when I strike next, I will not miss.
Oh, you're so pitiful! Sailor Moon, hang in there! Sailor Mars has arrived! Sailor Mercury has arrived! So, the three of you are here.
I'll send all of you to Hell together! Bubble Spray! Damn! Where are they?! Fire Soul! Mr.
Sanjoin! I didn't know she was still here.
Moon Tiara Action! Shoot! Mr.
Sanjoin! She's crazy! I will protect Mr.
Sanjoin! Naru! Please stop! I don't believe it.
It stopped.
Please don't hurt Mr.
Sanjoin! We cannot let him go! Get out of our way! No, I won't! Not even if you kill me! This girl cares for me Why do you go to such lengths to protect him?! Because I love him.
I love him with all my heart, so I'll protect him, even if it costs me my life! Naru Does this Black Crystal respond to a kind heart? Sacrificing her own life to save another Is this what human love is? Is that the Silver Crystal? Hand it over! Naru! Nephrite saved Naru Mr.
Sanjoin saved me.
Naru! Damn you, Nephrite! You intend to protect a human?! Traitors must die! Moon Tiara Action! Such regret Nephrite, why don't you be a little considerate of Naru's feelings?! I have returned the favor.
Excuse me, that is not what I'm talking about! Don't you have a heart?! You're wasting your breath.
Of course, he doesn't! Obviously, you guys know nothing! Listen! Once we get the Silver Crystal, the whole universe will belong to the Dark Kingdom! The Silver Crystal? What are you talking about? The Silver Crystal It sounds familiar.
You can pretend to be champions of justice for now, but that won't last for much longer! Until then, you can keep blathering on about your love and justice.
Sanjoin Naru Oh, shooting star, please, if Nephrite cares about Naru, don't let him do any more bad things.
In my dream, you and I were together Protected by the stars When we were friends, it didn't bother us And we casually talked to each other But there was a moment when I noticed only you I want to become prettier right here and now Something changes when you fall in love I close my eyes and check to make sure I want to convey the thrill I felt when we held each other