Sailor Moon (1995) s01e28 Episode Script

128 - Tuxedo Melvin

The illustrations done by a mysterious beauty, Yumemi Yumeno, are said to make romantic wishes come true.
Somehow her illustrations just feel very nostalgic.
What?! This innocent maiden has one of the rainbow crystals?! What'll I do?! Oh, I don't have time to worry over this! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino.
As you know, I'm a sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon.
But it's not easy, you know.
I have to get a hold of the legendary Silver Crystal before the bad guys get it, but to do that, I have to find the seven rainbow crystals! Oh, man.
But anyhow, we've got four sailor warriors now, so it'll work out somehow.
Illustrations Of Love, Are Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer? Of the seven rainbow crystals, two have been taken by meddlesome outsiders and only one is in my hands.
And three of the great Seven Monsters have already been defeated.
Zoisite, how do you intend to take responsibility for this? Queen Beryl, please grant me a short period of grace.
The next target is this girl.
I shall obtain the rainbow crystal, even at the cost of my life.
I assume you know what will happen if you fail? Yes, my lady.
That's why It's definitely autumn.
There are couples everywhere.
Oh, Tuxedo Mask, are you my enemy or my ally? At any rate, he's got his eye on our precious Silver Crystal, so we should consider him our enemy for now.
No! No way! Oh, I have no idea who the man I adore is and these scary monsters just keep showing up! Why am I the only one who has to suffer like this?! Usagi, sorry for making you wait! Naru! So what is it? What do you want to show me?! You'll just have to wait until you see it.
Let's go! Okay! Let's have something to eat later! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! The Crescent Moon Wand is so important, and she's so careless with it, I can't believe it! Yumemi Yumeno's Exhibition Wow! They're so beautiful! Aren't they?! Yumemi Yumeno's illustrations are really popular right now.
But there are only couples here.
That is because Yumemi's illustrations are illustrations of love.
Umino! Yes! It's true.
Yes! They say having one of her illustrations makes your romantic wishes come true! Yup, yup, yup, yup.
Makes your romantic wishes come true! Yup, yup, yup, yup.
I'm gonna buy a poster on the way home! Here, look.
This is supposed to be Yumemi's self-portrait.
Wow! She's so beautiful.
She totally fits the image of someone who draws illustrations like these.
But the artist herself is a mysterious beauty, who never appears in public.
Wow, then she could actually turn out to be ugly.
Oh, Usagi! What? It's no good.
No good.
I'm not inspired at all.
But Yumemi hasn't put out anything new lately.
Some rumors say she's in a slump and no one knows where she is.
I'm right here.
Slump! That's possible.
Poor thing.
What's wrong, Usagi? I don't know, this picture just feels very nostalgic.
Yumemi Yumeno's Exhibition Yumemi Yumeno's Exhibition This is This is Please find the Silver Crystal! It's similar to the dream that I see all the time.
Now, then Come on, let's go this way next! Now, then Come on, let's go this way next! Hey, hey, don't pull me! Hurry! Hey, hey, don't pull me! Hurry! Oh, excuse me.
My glasses My glasses Are you all right? This is it! You're him! Oh? Isn't that Motoki's friend? Oh! That jerk! He's with someone other than Rei! I can't just ignore this! Sorry, Naru, can you go home by yourself? Usagi! Umino, make sure you walk Naru all the way home! Oh, buy a poster for me! Oh, yes, Ma'am! Leave it to me! Oh, Usagi.
I'm all alone with Naru now, due to unexpected circumstances.
Oh, this is strange.
I used to become sad when my Usagi would leave me behind.
Am I a boy with many loves? Umino, you sure you don't have a fever? Well, that is What is it? If you want something, will you just come out and say it? That is, would you model I saw it, I saw it! I'm gonna tell Rei about this! You've got the wrong idea, Usagi.
How do I have the wrong idea? You're holding her hand so tight.
What? You fit my image perfectly! I'm so lucky today! Please model for me! What?! A model?! Please.
Please come in.
Wow! Your garden is so pretty! Please, um, Mamoru.
I will make some nice coffee for us right away.
You pushed us into coming here, but it's not like I have a lot of free time.
Oh, come on! College students goof off all the time anyway, don't they? But these look like Yumemi Yumeno's illustrations.
What?! Could it be that you're Miss Yumemi? It doesn't fit your image, right? Someone who does illustrations like these should be more wonderful and more beautiful, right? That's why I portray myself as a beauty.
Don't tell anybody about this, please! Don't tell anybody? You mean, nobody knows about you? Including your friends? Not anyone? I don't have friends.
But it's okay.
I'm satisfied as long as I can create good illustrations.
Here, drink it while it's hot.
Usa, you sit here.
What?! You want to do a picture of him and me together?! Don't be so happy! What?! Don't be so happy! What?! What?! Don't be so happy! I don't want to model for this kind of drawing.
Please! Have a seat.
I'm the kind of person who can't envision a drawing without models! I've had a hard time finding the right models these days.
It's just for today, so please! Oh, fine.
Rei would hit me if she saw me right now! But now that I look closer, he is handsome.
Oh, what am I thinking! I'm supposed to be devoted to Tuxedo Mask! Ouch! What are you doing? None of your business! Wow, I feel like this is going to be a great drawing! I think this could become a masterpiece! Oh, where did Usagi go? She's so hopeless.
This is me? I can't believe it! Just sit still.
I'm doing it just this once out of respect for the good coffee.
You're so lucky.
How come you can draw such wonderful drawings? Whenever I'm drawing, I always wish in my heart that whoever looks at this picture will become happy.
I wish they'll meet someone wonderful.
So, that's why they call your pictures "illustrations of love.
" You're so kind, Miss Yumemi.
But because of that, you can't even make friends It can't be helped.
Yumemi is supposed to be incredibly beautiful.
If people find out that I'm her, it'll ruin everyone's dream.
But A person who cannot make herself happy should have other concerns than strangers' happiness.
You're so cold! Wow, this drawing is wonderful! Look! She draws wonderful pictures like this one! How could you say something like that?! Oh! What? This scene shows the girl handing her lover a gift as proof of her love.
But somehow, whenever I draw these two, I always feel sad.
I know what you mean.
It feels so nostalgic, it makes my heart ache.
As proof of her love? Juban Construction Juban Construction Yumemi Yumeno, soon, I will restore you to your monster form.
Yumemi Yumeno, soon, I will restore you to your monster form.
Your homemade cookies were delicious! I'm sorry for keeping you so late.
But maybe, you would have preferred Mamoru to walk you home.
No way! Please! You're misunderstanding! Oh, it's Yumemi Yumeno! It's so pretty! Someone who can draw like this must be a wonderful person.
Miss Yumemi, I think you're thinking too much.
You can draw these wonderful pictures, you're nice and you're really good at baking cookies.
You're a very wonderful person! Usa Cheer up! Okay? Good night! You're a very wonderful person! That was a great thing to say, if I do say so myself! I hope Miss Yumemi cheers up! Usagi! Oh, it's the Crescent Moon Wand.
You dropped it in the park.
If you don't want it, I'll have someone else take care of it.
No, don't! It's just because I was thinking about Tuxedo Mask.
But you seem all cheered up now.
What? Oh, well I'm so relieved.
Your problems are so small and simple.
And you recover quickly, too.
Ouch! And you recover quickly, too.
Ouch! Fine, so I'm simple! Luna, you jerk! Oops.
I just told her the truth.
Did I go too far? Oh, Luna! Girls worry a lot because we're complicated! It's responding in the direction of Miss Yumemi's house! Quietly hand over the rainbow crystal and revert back into a monster.
He's beautiful, but he's also scary.
Who are you? Zoi! Wake up, monster Vena! I had no idea Yumemi was a monster! This can't be Oh, I'm scared.
I don't have time to be scared, but I'm still scared.
Everyone, a monster's appeared! Math III Sailor warriors, gather together! Okay! Moon Prism Power Makeup! How well it worked! Safety First Juban Construction How well it worked! Safety First Juban Construction Not so fast! Safety First Juban Construction What?! Miss Yumemi is so nice and full of dreams, I can't forgive you for taking her away! I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Sailor Moon, whatever! Go, monster Vena! That's good, Vena! Play with her more! Oh, no! Ouch! No! Tuxedo Mask! Leaving so soon? You're not getting away! Oh, Tuxedo Mask! Miss Yumemi, please don't get in my way! Remember the kindness in your heart! Please! Fire Soul! Everyone! Sailor Moon, you've done well by yourself! Bubble Spray! Everyone, she's a nice, good person! Please go easy on her! Let's have the rainbow crystal! Impertinent bastard! Zoi! This will be the end of you! Moon Tiara Action! Sailor Moon! Tuxedo Mask! You saved me tonight.
Oh, no Oh! That is your pendant, isn't it? Princess What? Do you know the princess?! We're looking for her.
No, I don't know anything.
But if that is your mission, you hold onto it.
Are you giving this to me? Well, then could I have something else, too? Would you return the rainbow crystal from the other day to me? No.
I cannot give that up.
The rainbow crystals are significant to me as well.
Even the rainbow crystal that you obtained Given the chance, I will take it without hesitation.
What?! Then are you our enemy after all?! With regards to the rainbow crystals, perhaps so.
Good-bye! Tuxedo Mask Oh, no! It's not over yet! Supreme Thunder! Please stop attacking her! She's pretty weak now.
Sailor Moon, now! Okay! Moon Healing Escalation! Refresh! Juban Gallery Usa! Miss Yumemi! Why did you invite us out here? I thought you didn't want people to find out what you look like? I've quit hiding.
Wow! It's so beautiful! It looks pretty good, considering the model.
Oh, you're so twisted.
Oh, this picture From now on, this will be my self-portrait.
Thank you! You gave me the courage to openly announce that I'm me.
Wow, I'm so glad, Miss Yumemi! Hiru ni wa hana no kaori Yoru ni wa hoshi no matataki Soko wa daremo shiranai sekai nano Shiroi kutsu o narashite Shiroi tsuki no hashi watatte Amai kisu no yume o miteru ohimesama ga sunde iru no Inori o sasagete moon Kitto shiawase ni shitekureru Maware maware tsuki no merry-go-round Suzushige na glass no dress hirugaeshite Itsudatte mimamotte iru wa Moon moon princess