Sailor Moon (1995) s01e29 Episode Script

129 - Sailor V Makes the Scene

What?! I didn't know Motoki had a girlfriend! Zoisite! Anyone who gets in the way of lovers deserves to get kicked by a horse, and turned into a pancake! What? It's not your fault? As if I care! Sailor Moon is looking for a boyfriend right now.
I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino.
As you know, I'm a sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon.
But it's not easy, you know.
I have to get a hold of the legendary Silver Crystal before the bad guys get it, but to do that, I have to find the seven rainbow crystals! Oh, man.
But anyhow, we've got four sailor warriors now, so it'll work out somehow.
Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship We have a ten percent chance of rain today.
What?! Darn it! You can never believe the weather forecast! "Ten percent" my butt! I can't believe it! Hey, watch where you're going! Sorry If "sorry" solved problems, we wouldn't need the police! Oh, that voice is Motoki Mako, are you all right? Yes I'm really sorry.
I was a little lost in thought.
Don't you have an umbrella? Then, I'II Motoki's voice sounds so much like my senior in school who broke my heart.
Oh, I wish time would just stop now.
Shall we go now? Oh, okay Mako, I heard that you're a good cook.
Oh, I guess.
That's great.
Cook me something when you get a chance.
Of course, anytime! And please let me do the cleaning as well, while you're at it.
Wow, that would be a great help! Here! Write down your address, phone number and your favorite dishes! Here.
Mako, you're so funny.
Everyone says that! So, your favorite dish is rice with hashed beef.
I wish it had kept raining longer.
Oh, nothing! Mako, I'm sorry, but I need to stop by my school.
Oh, I see.
Then I'll come over next Sunday to make rice with hashed beef! Makoto Kino, heading home now! Oh, um Makoto Kino, heading home now! Oh, um You've made a cute little friend.
Is she your new girlfriend that Mamoru was talking about? Don't start on that.
I'm just kidding.
By the way, considering how you're dressed, is our date tonight canceled again? I'm sorry! It looks like it's going to take all night! It's okay.
More importantly, did you make up your mind about that? I'm still not sure.
I see.
It's a decision that'll change your life, so you should think it over carefully before deciding.
You're so sweet.
But What? Yo, you two! Oh, Mamoru.
Oh, shoot! Mamoru, if you've got time, have tea or something with Motoki for me.
I'll call you later! What's wrong? Got a problem? Well, Reika's She may go to Africa to study.
Africa? Just what kind of research is she doing? That's the really amazing thing! It's research on finding out where life began on Earth! So, what's going to happen? I don't know.
It seems like she's still not sure.
That's not what I meant! I was asking you! Well, I want her to stay close by if possible, but I can't restrict her future.
That sounds just like you.
Oh, I just remembered! Do you like rice with hashed beef? What? No, not particularly.
Oh, okay.
Mako's coming over to cook for me in a couple of days.
If you want, you can join us Mako? Oh, one of Usagi's friends? You know how Usagi feels about you, right? Yeah, they're both cute.
Cute? You know, you were just talking about Reika earlier.
You gotta be joking.
They're still in middle school.
Hi, I'm cute little Rei! It's not like that.
I just think if I had kid sisters, they'd be like them.
Kid sisters, huh? Could it be that Motoki's incredibly dense? Kohan Kohan Coming.
Good morning! It's Makoto Kino! Wait, wait a second! Hi, Mako.
What's up? Well, excuse me! What?! It's a mess in here.
Don't worry! I know men don't clean their rooms often Or maybe never.
Kamikaze Kamikaze Okay! Let's do it! Okay! Let's do it! Do? Do what? Oh, come on.
Cleaning, of course.
Cleaning! I'll have to do it in 30 minutes, or I'll be late.
Okay, let's do it! Who is this? Oh, her name's Reika.
She's not your younger sister, is she? Oh! Is she your girlfriend?! Oh, well, sort of Juban Municipal Junior High School It's rare to see you agonizing over something.
Mako! What's wrong? You seem kind of down.
Did someone break your heart again? Just kidding! It pisses me off when someone says it so straight up! I was just kidding.
Anyway, yours truly, the cupid of love, is here to listen.
Maybe you'd be better off worrying about yourself instead? Luna! It could help just to talk.
Who broke your heart? Motoki.
Shock! Motoki.
Shock! There's nothing for you to be so surprised about.
Yes, I do.
I have feelings for Motoki Motoki I love Motoki, too! What?! You do?! That's terrible! Terrible! What?! You do?! That's terrible! Terrible! But I thought you were in love with Tuxedo Mask.
I love them both! Make up your mind! Hold on a second.
Both of you, stop it! He's got a right to choose, too, you know Oh! He's got a right to choose, too, you know Oh! Now, what? Now, what? If Motoki broke Mako's heart, it means that Motoki has somebody else.
In other words, that somebody else is Me! Wrong! Her name is Miss Reika! Me! Wrong! Her name is Miss Reika! What?! No way! I can't go on now.
Pull yourself together.
So what if he has a girlfriend? We've got nothing to lose if he says no.
We just keep trying to win him over! Mako We just keep trying to win him over! Mako Crying doesn't help anything.
You're right.
If we don't keep trying There's no tomorrow for the sailor warriors! Why is it that I feel there's no tomorrow regardless? Crown Are you ready?! No hard feelings, no matter who wins, okay? Okay! So, let's go in order of height here.
What is this, P.
Class? Yo, dumpling head! Here comes another useless guy.
The dumpling head and the big one are here together I get it.
Is it confession time? Uh-oh! Bull's Eye Here's some friendly advise.
Just forget about Motoki.
Here's some friendly advise.
Just forget about Motoki.
What's with you?! This is none of your business! You're such a jerk! I'm just saying you're both like troublesome kid sisters to him.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Kid sisters? You're lying! It's not a lie.
If you don't believe me, why don't you ask him yourself, dumpling head! Don't worry.
I'll ask him about it anyway! And I'm not dumpling head! My name is Usagi Tsukino! Honestly! How many times do I have to tell you?! Yes, Ma'am, dumpling head! Motoki! Oh, Usagi, Motoki is off today.
Do you know that Motoki has a girlfriend? Miss Reika, right? What are middle school kids thinking these days? Oh, but if she goes to study abroad, it's not like you guys wouldn't have a chance What?! Study abroad?! It's not like you guys wouldn't have a chance What?! Study abroad?! What are you saying?! Tell me all the details! Oh! What are you saying?! Tell me all the details! I should never have said that.
Nasty Guy! So, this girl is our next target.
A model student at Azabu Technical College.
She is quite beautiful.
Master Kunzite! How could you?! Under that skin, she is an ugly monster! And you think she is better than I Zoisite, jealousy does not suit such a beautiful face.
Zoisite I don't know you anymore! Even this rose is no match for your beauty.
Master Kunzite.
I shall bring you the rainbow crystal without fail.
Azabu Technical College I came here to convince Reika to study abroad, but What should I say to her? Let's try raising the temperature of the subject a little more tomorrow.
Yes, that could be interesting.
Bye, I'll see you tomorrow! Good night! Bye, I'll see you tomorrow! Good night! It's her.
Oh, excuse me Oh, you're the girl who was with Motoki.
What do you want to talk to me about? Well Do you intend to study abroad? My, news certainly gets around.
I know, was it Motoki who told you? Please don't dodge the subject.
I don't know yet.
I'm still undecided.
The university over there has a professor that I admire, but parting with Motoki is If Motoki would stop me Hold it! Just who do you think you are! You wouldn't go if Motoki asked you not to?! If that's how you feel, forget about studying abroad! You can only choose one! Love or study abroad! He who runs after two hares will catch neither! Shoot! I came here to convince her to study abroad.
The weight of this bag is the weight of my love! Yeah! Oh, we turn right here.
Mako, you sure know the way well.
Finally, I get to see Motoki's apartment.
Motoki Usagi, you look so nice in that apron Will you marry me? Marry you? Usagi Oh, but I'm still not ready emotionally.
But if it's with you, Motoki Usagi! Usagi! Stop it! What? Stop it! Stop it! Oh! Believe me, you'll never need to worry about that! Kohan Oh, welcome, you two.
Come on in.
Wow, it's so clean, just like I thought it'd be! I guess a nice guy really does keep a neat room, too! Gag! I guess a nice guy really does keep a neat room, too! Gag! Gag! Gag! Oh! A half-finished cup of coffee.
Oh! A half-finished cup of coffee.
Sniff, sniff! I can smell Motoki.
What did you come here for anyway? Usagi.
What? Oh, no, not yet.
I'm still not emotionally ready.
Wow, you're amazing, Usagi! I didn't know you need to prepare emotionally to cook.
What?! Come on, Usagi, shall we get started? What?! Come on, Usagi, shall we get started? Okay! Let's do it! Mako, just tell me what to do! Then would you peel the carrots? What? I'm not good at peeling things.
Then would you mince the onions? What?! I don't wanna do that, it'll make me cry! Then, would you cook the rice? What?! I don't know how to wash rice Bash What?! I don't know how to wash rice What?! I don't know how to wash rice You are just unbelievable! But You are just unbelievable! But Hello.
Reika? Motoki, I I've decided.
I'm going to Africa.
What? I can't hear you.
I made my decision.
I want to see you, Motoki.
I'll be right there.
What?! Okay.
I'll be right there.
What?! Usagi, Mako, I'm sorry, but Oh, okay, okay.
We'll see you later! Oh, were you listening? Moron! Oh, were you listening? Moron! Watch the place for me while I'm gone.
Watch the place for me while I'm gone.
Ouch! I cut my finger! He's so late.
Oh, and here I was, wondering why she was so late.
So, she's still over here.
Oh, no! There's a rainbow crystal close by! Smack! Ouch! Ouch! Huh? What? What's going on? Both of you, transform now! Oh, Motoki hasn't come back! I'm getting mad! That's right! He invites two pretty girls over and makes them watch his place! Motoki, you big jerk! Usagi I'm just kidding.
Moon Prism Power Makeup! Jupiter Power Makeup! You're quite brave.
But you should stop wasting your time.
You could never defeat me! Barbarian.
Zoi! Motoki! Stay asleep for a while.
You, monster! You are the truly ugly monster.
Monster Rikokayder, one of the Seven Monsters! Seven Monsters?! That's right, you're a monster.
Now, look very carefully.
Rikokayder! Miss Reika was A monster?! Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, be careful! I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! Today, we are not the same as usual! Broken heart power, 10,000 volts! Currently looking for a new boyfriend! Not Mako, too.
In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Girls who don't have boyfriends are nothing! What did you say?! This is all your fault to begin with! There! Watch out! There! Watch out! The rainbow crystal is mine now.
Who's there?! So, you insist on interfering.
I will not let you have the rainbow crystal! Wow! Tuxedo Mask! Hey, hey! What about Motoki? Right now, my heart belongs to Tuxedo Mask completely! Here, here, here! What is this?! It's disgusting! The protist is the origin of all life.
And you are also one of them.
What?! She's saying you've got a single-celled mind.
My guardian, Jupiter! Brew a storm! Call the clouds! Send down the lightning! Supreme Thunder! Big Flask! My Supreme Thunder Here! Watch out! You saved me I can't believe my Supreme Thunder won't work! You dodged it, but I've still got lots of lightning left.
Oh, no! Sailor Jupiter, do something! I'll send both of you to Hell! Bubble Spray! What is this?! Ami! Rei! I'm glad we made it in time.
Did you know how long it took to find you? Fire Soul! You should take better care of lab equipment! Do not waste resources! Come on, do your thing already.
Don't order me around! It's your fault for being so spaced out! Who's spaced out?! That's enough! Moon Healing Escalation! Refresh! Seems like they have finished over there.
Looks like I have lost.
You can have the rainbow crystal.
You are so naive, Tuxedo Mask! This rainbow crystal is mine! Zoisite, I will return the favor someday! Motoki! Reika! Any passengers on Flight 658 to San Francisco, who have not yet checked in, please do so quickly.
Reika, I won't say good-bye to you.
Yes, I'll write you.
I'll wait for you, forever.
Motoki Passengers boarding Flight 762 to Nairobi, departing at 3:50, Motoki Passengers boarding Flight 762 to Nairobi, departing at 3:50, please come to #8 gate Well, I need to go now.
Be careful.
Mako, let's give up on Motoki.
But, Miss Reika might find someone nice in Africa! No way! You counted yourself out! No, I didn't! You gave up on him, didn't you? I haven't given up yet! You gave up on him, didn't you? I haven't given up yet! Motoki's mine! No, you can't have him! During the day, the fragrance of flowers During the night, the twinkle of the stars It's a world no one knows about With white shoes clicking Cross the white moon bridge And there lives a princess, dreaming of a sweet kiss Offer a prayer to the moon It will surely bring you happiness Go round and round, the moon's merry-go-round Make that serene dress made of glass flutter in the wind She's always watching over us Moon, moon princess