Sailor Moon (1995) s01e30 Episode Script

130 - A Crystal Clear Destiny

What?! Really?! We have just received information that Rei's Grandpa has turned into a monster.
No way! Then will Rei also become a monster?! Anyone who turns my favorite Grandpa and Rei into monsters In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance I'm Usagi Tsukino.
As you know, I'm a sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon.
But it's not easy, you know.
I have to get a hold of the legendary Silver Crystal before the bad guys get it, but to do that, I have to find the seven rainbow crystals! Oh, man.
But anyhow, we've got four sailor warriors now, so it'll work out somehow.
Grandpa Goes Crazy, Rei's in Jeopardy Oh, what a beautiful moon! On a night like this, some moon-gazing dumplings and a cup of sake would be great.
Who are you?! Zoi! An evil aura So, this old man is one of the Seven Monsters, just as I thought.
Be patient, I will take the rainbow crystal out of your body soon.
Damn evil spirit! Now, it is time to come back to life, monster Jijii! You! I thought you were just a decrepit old man, but that wasn't bad! Zoi! What?! Hey, stop it! I'm not raw garbage! Grandpa! Phobos?! Deimos?! Are you okay? What in the world happened? What the heck? Talk about noisy.
Who are you?! My My name is Yuichiro Kumada! Please, make me your apprentice! What? Inside this old man's body, the rainbow crystal has begun to awaken.
Just you wait, I will make sure to take the rainbow crystal soon.
Hikawa Shrine Hikawa Shrine What? Your Grandpa's acting weird? Hikawa Shrine Yeah.
Yuichiro, follow me! What?! Do I have to do something like this?! Yes, Sir! Okay, then! Is this how I should be spending my youth? I'm out.
Oh! Come on, wake up! Grandpa, what's going on?! Grandpa, you look cute in that! Stop it! You stupid, clumsy slowpoke! You're a disgrace to this shrine! Who is he? He is Yuichiro Kumada.
He became an apprentice to Grandpa.
Oh, wow.
Yuichiro, are you okay? Oh Miss Rei, you look wonderful in a uniform, too.
Did you hit your head or something? How could you, Grandpa?! Shut up! Training to become a Shinto priest is tough! You can't do it with a soft attitude! Training is all about mental strength! What am I to do?! The only person who'll take over the shrine is you, my granddaughter! I am so alone! See? He's become emotionally unstable these days.
It's weird! No, it is not weird! It is only natural that the training is tough! I will do it! I will endure any kind of training! All right! You totally fell for it! Grandpa! Usagi! Wasn't that fun?! Yeah, I love this kind of stuff! You're the only one who understands my jokes! Grandpa! Enough is enough! Excuse me, but if you're concerned about me You be quiet! But Shut up! But Shut up! Yes, Ma'am! Yes, Ma'am! If you keep doing these stupid things, everyone's trust in our miracle-working shrine will be destroyed! Now, now, you shouldn't be so uptight all the time.
You have to have a little sense of fun! That's right! Usagi, this is our shrine's problem.
So, keep your nose out of it.
Rei's being mean to me! Usagi, don't cry over such a little thing.
But But And you, too, Rei.
You didn't have to shove Usagi like that.
Rei, you meanie! Rei! Honestly! If this is how everyone's going to be, I'll be better off studying at cram school! Bye! I think I'll going to kung-fu training.
What? What's with them?! They won't even seriously discuss the problem! What? What's with them?! They won't even seriously discuss the problem! Do whatever you want! Excuse me, Miss Rei Shut up! Yes, Ma'am! Shut up! Yes, Ma'am! So, what did you want to talk about? About my Master Oh, please! Grandpa is no master! The weather changes easily in the autumn.
What? The biorhythm of the mind and body tend to become disturbed more easily What are you trying to say? I'm saying that once the weather returns to normal, Master's emotions may also settle down.
Perhaps it would be better to give him some time and watch how things go.
Was it something I said? Thanks! Was it something I said? Thanks! You seem like you'll be more dependable than you look.
What?! Girl friends are no good.
They say, they're your friends, but when you really need them, they're so uncaring.
Rei looks like she's doing pretty good over there.
Okay! Usagi's going to be their cupid! Usagi, stick your nose in where it doesn't belong, and she'll hate you even more.
Are you kidding?! This is my chance to patch things up with Rei.
As usual, she gets hung up on her own ideas so easily.
Ta-da! Oh, Usagi! You shouldn't use the transforming pen for something like this! Moon Power! Turn me into a fortune-teller of love! It's perfect! Oh, she's just hopeless! Ahem! Just sit there and let me do my job, for an accurate fortune.
I'm a wandering fortune-teller of love! I shall now tell your fortune.
What?! Oh, boy! If the two of you kiss right now, your love will come true! Oh, no Kiss?! This is ridiculous! Let's go! Yes, Ma'am! Oh, no, it didn't work.
Yes, Ma'am! Oh, no, it didn't work.
Just what are you trying to do, Usagi?! Oops! You knew? If you recall, I have Mamoru! Don't do anything funny! I am really never talking to you again! Never talk See? I told you so.
I made Rei mad again.
Cheer up.
Rei gets mad easily, but she also forgets easily.
By tomorrow she'll be friends with you again.
But she said she'd never talk to me again! She just said that in anger because you pulled that weird stunt! Oh, this rice cake filled with sweet bean jam filling is delicious! I can't think about rice cakes at a time like this.
It's really delicious! This really is yummy! Right? Oh, I know! I'll take some to Rei, too! I'll make it up to Rei with these tasty rice cakes! It's a good idea! Are you sure? I think you'll just end up making her mad again.
Don't worry, everything will be okey-dokey! You know, you really shouldn't! Usagi is just so thick headed.
Training! Training! Training! Miss Rei, I'll do my best! Thanks.
Training! Say, Phobos, Deimos, what do you guys think? Training! Training! Say, Phobos, Deimos, what do you guys think? Say, Phobos, Deimos, what do you guys think? I won't give up! I won't give up! Is Grandpa really acting weird because of the weather? Is Grandpa really acting weird because of the weather? Training! Training! Is Grandpa really acting weird because of the weather? Is Grandpa really acting weird because of the weather? Training Ouch! So, you have appeared again, evil spirit! Tonight, I will be taking that rainbow crystal.
Zoi! What is this?! The aura of an evil spirit! Zoi! It's time for you to give up.
The rainbow crystal is mine.
You're Tuxedo Mask! I will be taking that! Monster Jijii! Do away with Tuxedo Mask! This is Jijii! Jijii! Tuxedo Mask, you shall fall prey to the monster Jijii! Stop! Jijii! Stop! Jijii! Zoisite! You coward! Fight me! Jijii! A monster! Jijii! Jijii! Shoot! I've lost sight of him! Tuxedo Mask.
It's too bad, but this rainbow crystal is mine.
Miss Rei, there's a monster in the shrine! Oh! Don't look! I saw her! This is no time to be worrying about that! I do worry, okay?! We have to hurry and run! Jijii! What's wrong? Oh! A monster! Jijii! What's a monster doing here?! Jijii! Jijii! Yuichiro! Jijii! Please run, quickly! Yuichiro! If it's for you, Miss Rei, I won't mind dying! Jijii! Why you! Jijii! Why you! Miss Rei, please run! Yuichiro! Rin, Pyo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen! Jijii! Rei! Grandpa?! That monster is Grandpa? Jijii! What in the world happened to you, Grandpa?! Jijii! Grandpa Jijii! Jijii! Wait! Jijii! Grandpa, please wake up! I'm your beloved granddaughter, Rei! Jijii! Usually, in situations like this, he'll awaken to the little bit of human heart left in him, and he should hesitate to attack.
Jijii! Grandpa! Jijii! This isn't a usual situation! Jijii! This isn't a usual situation! Jijii! Stop right there! I won't forgive you for being mean to my dear friend, Rei! Moon Prism Power Makeup! I'm a sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Jijii! Thanks, you saved me! It's okay, you don't need to thank me.
By the way, these rice cakes are yummy! Try one! You're such a dummy! This is no time to be eating rice cakes! Oh, right.
Okay! Wait! That monster is my grandpa! What?! No way! That's Grandpa?! I get it! His sudden personality change was a symptom of this! Jijii! What do we do now?! Jijii! Jijii! Rei, do something! The monster's my favorite Grandpa! I don't know what to do! Rei, use the talisman! Immobilize the monster with the talisman! Jijii! Okay! Wake up already, Grandpa! Be gone, evil spirit! Sailor Moon, now! Hurry! Jijii! Grandpa! Please go back to being a good boy! Moon Healing Escalation! Refresh! Grandpa! I'm glad.
Oh, Mako.
Hikawa Shrine Oh, Mako.
Hikawa Shrine Hey, what are you doing here so late? Well, Rei and Usagi split up after fighting, right? So, I thought I'd talk to Rei about patching things up with her.
Oh, you, too? What?! Then, you, too? Female friendships tend to break easily once cracked, so I thought they should repair things while it's still early.
Yes! You're right! These rice cakes with sweet bean jam filling are delicious! Aren't they, though?! But where did that weird monster go? Weird monster? I can't believe you, Grandpa! Don't you remember anything? There's no such things as monsters! Right, Usagi? Yuichiro, are you sure you weren't half-asleep and dreaming? I bet you were! I don't know.
It didn't seem like a dream.
Uh-oh! I don't know.
It didn't seem like a dream.
Uh-oh! Well, it doesn't matter.
Yuichiro What? You seem like a stupid slowpoke, What? You seem like a stupid slowpoke, but you're actually brave and kind, aren't you? This is youth! I'm living my youth to the maximum right now! Rei, have you fallen in love with Yuichiro? Don't be ridiculous! That's not it! Grandpa's always yelling at him, so I just felt sorry for him and kissed him as consolation! How sweet! You've got the wrong idea! Rei! I won't let you marry the likes of Yuichiro! Marriage! Marriage! Don't say such weird things! Marriage?! Don't even think about it! Stop right there! What? What's going on? It's sure nice.
Rei's getting married! I am not! Rei and Usagi are back to being friends again.
It looks like there was nothing to worry about.
You can't get married! Hiru ni wa hana no kaori Yoru ni wa hoshi no matataki Soko wa daremo shiranai sekai nano Shiroi kutsu o narashite Shiroi tsuki no hashi watatte Amai kisu no yume o miteru ohimesama ga sunde iru no Inori o sasagete moon Kitto shiawase ni shitekureru Maware maware tsuki no merry-go-round Suzushige na glass no dress hirugaeshite Itsudatte mimamotte iru wa Moon moon princess