Sailor Moon (1995) s01e34 Episode Script

134 - Ski Bunny Blues

I had no idea that obnoxious guy was Tuxedo Mask.
And finally, Zoisite and Tuxedo Mask face off! Oh, what is going on?! Anyway, the only thing I can do right now is beat the bad guys.
In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance In order to trick Tuxedo Mask, Zoisite disguised himself as a fake Sailor Moon.
We fell right into their trap and into big trouble! And Tuxedo Mask was injured, too! It's just terrible! Sailor Venus appeared, so we managed to escape danger.
But is Sailor Venus really the Moon Princess? What will happen to us now?! The Sparkling Silver Crystal! The Moon Princess Appears Sailor V, no, Sailor Venus By any chance, are you the princess? No, I'm not.
Like you, I'm another warrior, here to protect the princess.
I can't believe it.
My idol, Sailor V, is standing right in front of me.
Nice to meet you, everyone.
Nice to meet you, too.
Nice to meet you.
By the way, I'm sorry to interrupt when we've all finally come together, but we're currently investigating a certain area.
Let's get together tomorrow evening at the Hikawa Shrine, and I'll tell you the details then.
Then, see you later, Luna.
See you tomorrow.
Well, everyone, see you later! She's gone.
She's rather impatient, isn't she? But she's so cool! Queen Beryl, why did you order us to pull back? We were so close to taking the rainbow crystals and finishing off Tuxedo Mask.
It was our great ruler's order! Our great ruler's? Our great ruler told me not to kill Tuxedo Mask.
Instead, she demanded that he be brought here alive.
What do you mean by that?! Silence! Orders need not be explained! Understood.
Damn! I could not protect her! Sailor Moon.
What a wonderful room.
How did you find me?! Once I found out who you were, it was easy to find you.
My dear Mamoru.
What do you want? Say, since we know who you are now, why don't we just go ahead and settle this? Settle this? That's right.
We will fight for each other's rainbow crystals.
Fair and square.
Sounds good.
Okay, I'm in.
Good boy.
How about we meet at the skyscraper, Star Light Tower in the Bay Area? All right.
Then I will be waiting for you at five this evening.
Good night, my dear Mamoru.
Juban Municipal Junior High School Juban Municipal Junior High School Okay, then I will see you tomorrow! Juban Municipal Junior High School It's already spring! Everyone's waiting for me, and she just had to pick today to keep me behind! Oh, Rei's gonna pick on me again! You clumsy slowpoke! Moron! Retard! That's What are you so depressed about?! What's wrong? Oh, dumpling head.
Perky as usual, I see.
Well, sorry! I can't help it if I'm perky Keep it up and never change, okay? Huh? What the heck? I don't know how to react now.
What? It's blood.
When did it Could he be injured or something? Dumpling head! What are you doing?! What about you?! What are you doing here?! I just came here because I was worried about you.
Worried about me? That injury of yours If you keep wandering around like that, it'll never heal! That's none of your business.
That's true, but Go on home! You didn't have to say it like that! Hey, wait! Hold on! He's here! Zoisite?! No! What is this?! Zoisite?! No! What is this?! I can't believe this! You idiot! Why did you follow me?! Because! Hikawa Shrine This is too late, even for slowpoke Usagi.
They said she hasn't been home either.
And she wasn't at school, too.
Even the communication device isn't getting through! Something's definitely wrong! I have a bad feeling about this.
Anyway, we have to find Usagi! She's at Star Light Tower! What? Who are you? Did you forgot about us already? Artemis! Then, you're Sailor Venus? Normally, I go by Minako Aino.
I'm in the 8th grade just like all of you.
According to our investigation, the enemy seems to be up to something at Star Light Tower.
If you cannot use the communication devices, that must be it! I bet Usagi just decided to go there by herself! If Usagi were that kind of girl, I wouldn't have any problems.
Anyway, let's hurry to Star Light Tower! Okay! Welcome.
I will leave our rainbow crystals here.
Now, hurry up and take yours out, too.
Before that, please let this girl go.
After you take out your rainbow crystals.
All right.
What is so funny?! No, I'm just happy because you're so dumb.
Shoot! These rainbow crystals are mine now.
That's playing dirty! Ah-ah.
If you move now, that girl will be burned to a crisp.
Zoisite, take care of the rest.
Damn! Yes.
Damn! Zoisite Why are he and Zoisite You scum! How dare you leave a scar on my face?! Just you remember this! Mamoru Chiba, if you want the rainbow crystals back, come to the observation deck at the top of the building! Rainbow crystals? How does he know about the rainbow crystals? Now, please enjoy your fill of terror.
Watch out! Run! The injury on his shoulder Yesterday, Tuxedo Mask was also injured in the shoulder.
He couldn't be, right? Oh! I hate this! Make it to the elevator! Open, quick! Come on! We're saved.
Not really.
Oh, no! What is this?! It seems like we're trapped.
So, this is the Star Light Tower.
It looks like just another building.
Usagi and Mamoru are in the elevator.
What?! What do you mean?! What?! What do you mean?! All the doors are closed! Meaning we can't get inside? This isn't good.
My guardian, Jupiter! Brew a storm! Call the cloud! Bring down the lightning! Supreme Thunder! We'll just have to force our way in! Let's go! Right! What a bunch of pests! We have gotten a hold of the rainbow crystals, and Mamoru Chiba is as good as ours.
If I could finish off the sailor warriors on top of that Go pay them back for what he did to your face.
This elevator is taking so long.
It just keeps going up.
Hey, why were you talking about the rainbow crystals? Oh, sorry.
If you don't want to talk about it, that's all right, too.
I just wanted to recall my past.
Because, in order to get my memories back, I have to collect the rainbow crystals, and get a hold of the legendary Silver Crystal.
He even knows about the Silver Crystal.
My parents were killed in a car accident when I was six.
I'm sorry, but it was too late for the couple.
But their only son, Mamoru, has miraculously survived.
Who am I? I don't know.
Who am I? Ever since then, I have not been able to remember anything.
Since then, I started seeing the same dream over and over again.
The Silver Crystal Please, the legendary Silver Crystal I want to get a hold of the Silver Crystal, and get my past back.
Why did I just tell you all that? I thought you were the most obnoxious guy in the world, but now, I'll move you up to second place.
Tuxedo Mask? No, that can't be! Right! There's just no way! Sailor warriors, this is a worthy place for you to die! What's going on? Sailor Venus! Power outage? Farewell.
What is it?! What should I do? If I transform into Sailor Moon, he'll know who I am.
But if I stay like this, we'll both die! Moon Prism Power Makeup! What?! Sailor Moon? I must report to Queen Beryl that Mamoru Chiba was killed in an accident.
What accident?! What?! For misleading everyone with your cowardly tricks, and for picking on us, I'm going to make sure you pay! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Sailor Moon, I'll take care of you along with Tuxedo Mask! What are you talking about?! I don't see Tuxedo Mask anywhere! He's right here! It couldn't be No way Study harder, dumpling head! Crying will not solve anything! The dumpling's turned into puffed pastry! Today, you are the star, Sailor Moon! If you keep eating like that, you'll turn into a meat bun! Good-bye, Sailor Moon! You're Tuxedo Mask You were very brave today.
Leave the rest to me.
I can't! Because you're injured! I want you to run! Sailor Moon, I will protect you! Tuxedo Mask Enough with the games.
Let's settle this now, Tuxedo Mask.
Sounds good, but you need to promise not to lay a hand on Sailor Moon.
Of course! Let's fight fair and square! Yes, fair and square.
Victory is mine! Hang on! Hang in there! Are you okay, Sailor Moon? Yes.
Why do you look like you're about to cry? Why do you look like you're about to cry? Softly, listen closely I'm glad you're safe Softly, listen closely Softly, listen closely Tuxedo Mask! Tuxedo Mask! Tuxedo Mask! Tuxedo Mask! The sweet sound of your breathing The sweet sound of your breathing Stand still and look carefully We came too late! Stand still and look carefully The moonlight begins to shine on your eyelids Tuxedo Mask The moonlight begins to shine on your eyelids The moonlight begins to shine on your eyelids Tuxedo Mask! The moonlight begins to shine on your eyelids The moonlight begins to shine on your eyelids Just by watching you sleep I feel my heart being squeezed so Releasing the seal on the magic of night Let us go in search I've dreamed of it for so long Just for you The one and only Where is it? The one and only Where is it? The legendary sea It's the Silver Crystal! The legendary sea So, that's the legendary Silver Crystal? The legendary sea So, that's the legendary Silver Crystal? Quietly, it unleashes the light The crystal of glass The crystal of glass Please have faith Sailor Moon! Please have faith Sailor Moon! When you have obtained love Please have faith What is going on? When you have obtained love Please have faith What is going on? When you have obtained love When you have obtained love That is the very moment In your right hand The crystal of glass Begins to sparkle Princess! The Moon Princess?! Begins to sparkle She has finally awakened.
Begins to sparkle Now, embracing it for eternity Moonlight Hiru ni wa hana no kaori Yoru ni wa hoshi no matataki Soko wa daremo shiranai sekai nano Shiroi kutsu o narashite Shiroi tsuki no hashi watatte Amai kisu no yume o miteru ohimesama ga sunde iru no Inori o sasagete moon Kitto shiawase ni shitekureru Maware maware tsuki no merry-go-round Suzushige na glass no dress hirugaeshite Itsudatte mimamotte iru wa Moon moon princess