Sailor Moon (1995) s01e35 Episode Script

135 - Ice Princess

What is this warm light? Am I the princess? What should I do? I don't know! I don't know what to do! What can I do?! Tuxedo Mask, everyone, please help me! I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance Mamoru was badly injured, trying to protect Usagi! Then the rainbow crystals reacted to Usagi's tears and turned into the legendary Silver Crystal.
I never imagined that Usagi was the princess! But there's no doubt about it.
This warm aura around her She's the Moon Princess! She's finally awakened! Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past Sailor Moon Princess Princess Serenity What?! Princess?! Then Sailor Moon was the princess we've been looking for? And the true identity of Tuxedo Mask was Mamoru.
The princess has awakened.
In that case, I'll just kill you and take the Silver Crystal! Zoi! What?! Tuxedo Mask All this for me Serenity I remember everything now.
Serenity, I am Endymion.
Endymion Now, I know.
I am Serenity! Endymion! Endymion! Endymion So, you're Endymion.
Endymion Sailor Moon! She's all right.
She just fainted.
Thank goodness.
Her memories of when she was the princess probably came back to her and overwhelmed her.
Mamoru, please wake up! He's badly injured.
This is nothing Master Kunzite Master Kunzite, Sailor Moon is the Moon Princess.
I see.
So the princess awoke, and the rainbow crystals were drawn to her.
I will allow you to live for a while longer yet.
What?! What did he mean by that? You allowed the Moon Princess to awaken and lost the Silver Crystal as well.
That was poorly executed, Kunzite.
My lady, I am very sorry.
However, the princess has just now awoken and has yet to fully master the use of the Silver Crystal.
I would ask that you wait a while longer.
Very well.
I will leave it to you.
By the way, Zoisite, I hope you are ready to face your fate.
Please wait.
Just one more chance.
You tried to kill Tuxedo Mask against my orders, did you not?! But I Did you think you could fool me?! I will take responsibility for that.
Please wai Master Kunzite! Clean up that mess! Yes, my lady.
My great ruler, Queen Metalia, please awaken.
Endymion, I have so longed to see you.
He was once the prince of the Earth.
To think he had transmigrated into this world somehow.
Use the power of darkness to restore Endymion immediately.
Yes, my lady.
I am sorry, Zoisite.
I tried to ask Queen Beryl to revive you, but I am happy.
For I will die in your arms.
But please grant me my last wish.
What is it? I want to die beautifully.
How beautiful.
I am so happy, Master Kunzite.
I loved you, Master Kunzite.
Forgive me, Zoisite.
Is there really an exit around here? There is definitely a way out, but it's a little troublesome.
What do you mean? This dimension is apparently an imaginary space that's been sealed off.
In short, theoretically, the real dimension we were in is not directly connected to the three-dimensional space here.
Instead, they should be connected only in two-dimensional space with the positive and negative phases reversed and passing through zero-dimensional space.
Anyway, can you hurry up? I guess we can only depend on Sailor Mercury now.
We're counting on you.
We can't just hang around here forever.
I know.
Sailor Moon.
It looks like you're awake.
Tuxedo Mask! Where? Where? Where is he?! Tell me! He couldn't have He's alive! Really? But he was taken by our enemy.
By our enemy? I see.
Everyone, please listen to me! Now that the princess has awakened, I think it's time to tell you everything.
Luna, all your memories came back when the princess awoke, too, right? Yes, it's all clear now.
Wait a minute! What are you talking about? About our previous lives.
And about the moon kingdom called, Silver Millennium.
Long, long ago, there was a kingdom on the moon called, Silver Millennium.
It was a very peaceful paradise.
Around that time, the Earth was taken over by an evil spirit! It invaded Silver Millennium in order to try and obtain the enormous power of the Silver Crystal.
The kingdom was destroyed in the fierce war, but with the power of the Silver Crystal, they sealed away the evil spirit! You are those four warriors who fought back then, now reborn.
Then, are we people of the moon? No, we're all genuine Earth humans.
So your parents are really your parents.
You see, the queen of the moon wanted the princess and the rest of you to live happily as normal girls, so she transmigrated you to this most peaceful era.
But even in this era, someone unraveled the seal on the evil spirit.
So, that evil spirit is the leader of the Dark Kingdom? That's right.
If none of this had happened, all of you would be living happily as normal girls.
But if we don't protect the Silver Crystal and defeat our enemy, we cannot have a peaceful world.
And our duty is to fight for that cause! You understand, don't you? We have to work together and fight so we don't repeat the tragedy of the past again.
I understand.
Yes, let's fight together! I don't want to.
Sailor Moon I just don't want to fight anymore.
Are you serious? But I just don't want to! You're the princess! How could you say that?! Being told I'm the princess doesn't make me feel like one, and it doesn't make me happy at all! I'm just Usagi Tsukino.
Usagi, don't you understand what your mission is?! I don't care about any mission anymore! So what about my previous life?! It has nothing to do with me! What's with all of you?! I just don't want to fight anymore! If everyone If everyone ends up like Mamoru I don't want to see that! It's too sad! I don't want this! Ouch You're a coward A coward! You're a coward! Yes, I'm a coward.
I'm not strong like you are, Rei! Rei Mamoru did all that just to protect a coward like you Sailor Moon still needs some more time.
But She'll go back to being the same old Usagi in a while.
Until then, let's all watch over her.
By the way, Luna, I found the exit! Good! Then, I know we're still not done talking, but let's get out of here first! Come on, let's go! I am surprised you found the exit.
Luna, Artemis, find someplace safe! Okay! Be careful, Venus! Everyone, take care of the princess! I'm going to fight with you! Thank you.
You are wasting your time.
Don't underestimate me! Supreme Thunder! No way! He's absorbing the energy! How about this?! Crescent Beam! It's not working.
In this dimension, he'll absorb all the energy! Then, what should we do?! That's not enough to defeat us! Then, die! Watch out! Take care of the rest, Mercury! Usagi, wake up.
You will be fine, I know it! Are you ready? Fire Soul! Fool! Are you ready, Princess? I am your opponent! Do not interfere! Tenacious fool! Ami, hang in there! Usagi, be brave! Ami Usagi, be strong.
Usagi Usagi Everyone Everyone Everyone Tuxedo Mask, please lend me your power.
Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask? Fight, Sailor Moon! The Silver Crystal Raise the Silver Crystal! Yes! Do you mean to step into Hell voluntarily, Princess? Fine, then.
I will take revenge for Zoisite! Please Please, Silver Crystal! What?! That girl So, she has learned to use some of the Silver Crystal's power.
Serenity Endymion, can you still not forget about her? Even though it will be forever unrequited, no matter how much you love Serenity.
Thank you, Tuxedo Mask.
You saved us.
Thank you, Sailor Moon! You'll fight with us, won't you? Everyone Yes! Looks like we've cleared the first hurdle.
You did a good job, Usagi! Let's all keep working together and do our best! As long as we do, we'll be able to overcome any hardship! Yes.
And Tuxedo Mask is certainly alive somewhere, too.
During the day, the fragrance of flowers During the night, the twinkle of the stars It's a world no one knows about With white shoes clicking Cross the white moon bridge And there lives a princess, dreaming of a sweet kiss Offer a prayer to the moon It will surely bring you happiness Go round and round, the moon's merry-go-round Make that serene dress made of glass flutter in the wind She's always watching over us Moon, moon princess