Sailor Moon (1995) s02e23 Episode Script

223 - Enemies No More

I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance Mamo, why are you running away? Who is that girl?! This has to be a dream! It must be a nightmare! Droid Akumuda, how dare you give a girl a nightmare when she was dreaming of romance?! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! "Having journeyed through numerous dangerous adventures," "the prince came to the forest of briars" "and gave a loving kiss to the princess," "who had been put to sleep by a witch.
And then" This is boring.
What are you talking about? This is the best part.
I already know that fairy tale.
Honestly! I'm being nice here and reading you a story.
"Surprisingly, the princess," "who had been sleeping as though she were dead, woke up.
" Sleeping Beauty Isn't that just so romantic? Don't you think so, Chibi-Usa? Oh, Chibi-Usa! Usagi, leave her alone.
She's probably dreaming about her mom, who was captured in the future city.
I wish we could do something for her.
Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress Mamo We're finally married; aren't we? Usako Usako! Mamoru Chiba, you must not get close to Usagi Tsukino.
You, again? Who the hell are you?! When the two of you are bound together, the world will crumble, and Usagi Tsukino, in other words, Princess Serenity, will be struck by misfortune.
Like hell I'll believe that! Making me have this dream over and over again! Are you trying to trick me?! This is the truth from which you cannot escape.
It's a lie! It's a lie! It's a lie! If I get close to Usako, she will be struck by misfortune? That's absurd! Usako What? She will be struck by misfortune.
So, do I have no choice, but to stay away from Usako? Why? Why will loving Usako bring her misfortune? Mamo That I came across you so early in the morning, it must mean God By the way, did Chibi-Usa tell you anything about Crystal Tokyo? She won't tell me anything.
Oh, Mamo! Where are you going? Early morning jogging is good for your health.
Mamo! Usako, I'm sorry.
Mamo, I'll I'll gain back your love, no matter what it takes! Your love Mamo What should I do? Mamoru, what's up? Oh, Motoki.
You look depressed these days.
Are you worried about something? No.
Don't lie to me.
What's worrying you? We're best friends.
Talk to me.
Thank you, Motoki.
Hey, Motoki, what do I need to do to get a girl to hate me? What? Why are you asking me that all of a sudden? Just what kind of guys do girls hate? Thank you for waiting, Mamoru.
So, Usagi, did you ask Chibi-Usa about everything? Crystal Tokyo, the future city that Chibi-Usa is from, is being attacked by the Black Moon, a clan from the Dark Moon.
And, it seems that Chibi-Usa's mom has been captured by the enemy, right? Crimson Rubeus and the Four Phantom Sisters are here to destroy our world! This is no time to just keep sighing! Your ice cream is going to melt.
Hey, why do you think Mamo is avoiding me? What? Usagi, we have to find the enemy's hideout as soon as possible! She's right! We have to work hard to gather information! Right! I've got problems here! Do you have to be so loud and annoying?! Mamo! Mamo! Mamo, who is she? Is she your relative? Your cousin? Or It doesn't matter who she is; it has nothing to do with you.
It's none of your business.
Hold on tight, so you don't fall off.
Mamoru, who is she? Just someone I know.
Just someone he knows Usako, I have to find out why I keep having that dream.
Until then, good-bye.
It's the middle of the night.
Is it a burglar? Usagi, what's wrong? Usagi, if you keep eating so much, you're going to get fat.
Who cares Who cares if I get fat? I didn't know Mamo had a girlfriend.
I've been rejected by the person I love.
So, who cares if I get fat? Mamo It's a lie that Mamo has a girlfriend, right? Huh? What was that? Usagi, we're in trouble! Chibi-Usa's nowhere in sight! So, that energy was Chibi-Usa, after all?! What? The Rabbit's energy was detected? Yes.
Near Juban Park.
All right.
Attack her immediately.
Rabbit, we've found you.
Help! You're not getting away! Chibi-Usa! You're not getting away! Chibi-Usa! Help! I'm in a very bad mood tonight! Moon Crystal Power Makeup! Tonight, your life Will not be yours to take! Sailor Moon! Ouch! Ouch! Two grown women ganging up and bullying one little girl is unforgivable! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Sailor Moon, we've been waiting for you.
What? Akumuda, come on out! Dream, dream, dream! Dream! Dream, dream, dream! What is this?! Sailor Moon, be careful! Sleep, sleep, fall asleep! Sailor Moon, don't fall asleep! I'm so full from eating too many midnight snacks.
Good night.
Pitifully easy.
Time for you to die, Rabbit.
We came when we saw the energy in the sky.
So, this is what was going on! Shoot! Not again! We are two and they are four.
It is obvious that we will be at a disadvantage if we fight.
Right? No fair! Running away is cowardly! Akumuda will be more than enough to take care of you brats.
Akumuda, invite these girls into the world of nightmares, like Sailor Moon, and kill them! Dream, dream, dream! The enemy is going to use hypnosis! Everyone, be careful not to be put to sleep by her! Everyone, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep! I'm not going to stand by and let you bewitch us! Begone, Evil Spirit! I'm not going to stand by and let you bewitch us! Begone, Evil Spirit! Begone, Evil Spirit! Rin, Pyo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen! Begone, Evil Spirit! Begone, evil spirit! Begone, evil spirit! Sailor Mars, thanks! You saved us! Sailor Moon, be strong! Sailor Moon will continue to dream.
And in her dream, she will use up all her energy and die! What is that?! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Mamo! Ouch! Mamo! Sailor Moon, wake up! Please wake up! Don't sleep! Her energy is leaving her body! Unless we do something, Sailor Moon is going to die! Hang in there! Sailor Moon, wake up! Mamo! Please don't go! Wake up! Mamo Wake up! Wake up! She is really going to die! I've been rejected by the person I love.
So, who cares if I get fat? Luna, where are you going?! Oh! What?! Mamoru, it's terrible! Sailor Moon is in danger! Please wake her up! There's not a moment to lose! There's no time! You're the only one who can wake her now! But right now, I'm You and Sailor Moon have loved each other since the ancient world, haven't you?! Why are you suddenly so cold towards her?! It's because Sailor Moon is about to die! Sailor Moon No, Usako, please stay alive until I get there! Don't die, Usako! Mamo! Sailor Moon! Wake up! Sailor Moon! Wake up! Wake up! Please open your eyes! Why? Why won't you wake up? Sailor Moon Her body temperature is dropping rapidly! What?! Tuxedo Mask? Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Mask! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Wake up, Sailor Moon! Mamo Usako, forgive me! Stop it! Sailor Moon is What?! The power of love revived Sailor Moors energy! Mamo You're so warm.
Sailor Moon Thank goodness! The fairy tale came true.
Damn you, Tuxedo Mask! How dare you interrupt me?! Watch out! Girls always dream about pursuing the one they love! Useless, useless! It's a nightmare! And I won't forgive you for taking advantage of it! Moon Princess Elimination! Sailor Moon, your magnificent move was as brilliant as ever.
Tuxedo Mask, you do care about me Sailor Moon I do not love you! What?! But you saved me.
That has nothing to do with this.
The red string of fate, that bound us together, has been severed.
No! Tuxedo Mask! Sailor Moon No, Usako, I'm sorry.
What?! Miss Unazuki Furuhata?! You mean, you're Motoki's younger sister?! That's right.
Mamoru saved me when he gave me a ride the other day.
Gave you a ride? Yes! The restaurant was so busy, that I wasrt going to make it in time for my date with my boyfriend.
Boyfriend? Isn't that Mamoru? Are you kidding?! I have somebody else I'm really in love with! Lucky! So, she already has a boyfriend! But then, why does Mamoru go to the trouble of lying to me and avoiding me? There must be some reason for it! All right, then! I'll solve that mystery and get his love back! I'm going to do it! I'll never give up, no matter how tight a spot I'm in That's right, that's the sweet maiders policy For the person I'll really meet and cherish someday I'll raise my chin and leap into the fray Deep in my heart, with a poignant ache Love will awaken There's nothing I'm afraid of It's better to be passionate I have big dreams That's why I'll try to be brave I'll become what I want to become It's better to be someone who does her best Every so often, there are tears, too But even so, I'll try to be brave