Sailor Moon (1995) s02e24 Episode Script

224 - Checkmate

Gomen ne sunao ja nakute yume no naka nara ieru Shikou kairo wa short sunzen ima sugu aitai yo Nakitakunaru you na moonlight denwa mo dekinai midnight Datte junjou dou shiyou heart wa mangekyou Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare Nando mo meguriau Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue Onaji kuni ni umareta no miracle romance Shinjite iru no miracle romance Poor Koan.
Betrayed by her friends and abandoned by her love.
Sorrowful Koan.
Rubeus, don't you think that's a bit harsh?! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! Rubeus, Prince Dimande is furious because of your repeated failures.
The Prince is? You do not have much time left.
You need to hurry and carry out your mission.
Otherwise, your status may be compromised.
I don't need to be reminded of that by you.
I foresee that the crescent energy will appear on a sleepy afternoon.
Really?! At the Hikawa Shrine, which used to be one of the Crystal Points.
The Hikawa Shrine.
That area is under Koars jurisdiction.
All right.
I will send Koan there right away.
But I have an ominous presentiment.
I'm afraid that something bad will happen to Koan.
I don't care.
She is just one of my subordinates.
As long as I can get a hold of the Rabbit, I will be fine.
A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs.
Koan A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs.
Koan A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs.
Koan A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs.
Koan Miss Rei! Please wait! I can't believe you! Yuichiro, don't be such a slowpoke! Oh, but these are heavier than they look.
So? You're a man; aren't you? If you don't look where you're going, you're going to run into something.
How do you expect me to see? Thank you very much.
Yuichiro, you klutz! Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you okay? What are you doing?! Watch where you're going! I'm so sorry! Come on, Yuichiro! I'm so sorry! Come on, Yuichiro! Hurry and pick everything back up! Oh, yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
He's the same guy I met at that Protect Esthe.
Excuse me, you dropped this You're such a pathetic man.
What? That kind of guy will never be happy.
How long are you going to keep looking at her?! Oh, well, I thought I'd met her somewhere before.
Really? What are you mad about? Master Rubeus I have been waiting for you, Koan.
What? For me? Who else would I wait for, besides you? Master Rubeus I need your help right now.
I want you to go to the Hikawa Shrine again.
The Hikawa Shrine? But that place is already The Rabbit is supposed to appear there.
The Rabbit?! That's right.
This afternoon.
If we already know that she will appear at the Hikawa Shrine, it'll be easy! I will kill the Rabbit even if it costs my life.
Make sure not to screw up this time.
Don't worry.
Oh, Master Rubeus, I almost forgot.
This cologne is a wonderful fragrance.
Master Rubeus, my love, I hope it becomes your favorite.
I see.
Thank you, I will accept it gratefully.
Oops! It seems I gripped it a little too tightly.
I will be careful from now on.
Hikawa Shrine According to Master Rubeus, it'll happen this afternoon, but It appears she's not here yet.
I wonder what was wrong with Master Rubeus today? It was as if he didn't care about me at all.
Oh, it must be just my imagination.
Welcome to the Hikawa Shrine! So, what brings you here today? Fortune slips? Talismans? Prayers? Purifications? Or are you troubled by something? It's him.
The pitiful man.
Thank you! Hikawa Shrine Fortune Slip Great Luck Hikawa Shrine Fortune Slip Great Luck "Great Luck!" It says, "Your long time wish will come true.
" "Great Luck!" It says, "Your long time wish will come true.
" See? I have nothing to worry about! He was acting a little cold and harsh towards me because he wanted to spur me onwards.
I'm sure of it.
Oh, Master Rubeus, I will become even more beautiful for you.
Koan, has the Rabbit appeared yet? No, not yet.
I don't see any signs of her.
This isn't the time to worry about your makeup.
I'm very sorry! But it's Anyway, if you're just waiting for the Rabbit, you aren't doing enough.
If you see any girls who look like the Rabbit, just kill them all.
Yes, sir.
Don't disappoint me.
Koan, my love Yes! Leave everything to me.
As I thought, Master Rubeus loves me after all.
Hey, Yuichiro! I told you to feed the chickens in the morning! Wait! Hey, Yuichiro! I told you to feed the chickens in the morning! Wait! How many times do I have to tell you?! How many times do I have to tell you?! What a world of difference there is between those people and the loving relationship that Rubeus and I share.
Picturing girls eating parfaits with cats It's not very elegant.
Hey, Luna, what happened to Usagi today? She went to Rei's place to return some comic books, and she's not back yet.
And Ami is at cram school even though it's Sunday.
In short, we're the only ones with nothing to do! Stop laughing! Ran Ran Really, I don't know what to do with that boy.
Rei, this comic book is so funny! Stop laughing! How long are you going to stay here reading comics?! Oh, come on, just a little longer.
I can't read it if I take it home because Chibi-Usa and Luna are there.
That doesn't mean you can Is anyone home? That doesn't mean you can Is anyone home? Yes, may I help you? I'm a cosmetics saleswoman.
Oh, both you girls are so pretty.
Are you models? Really, ma'am? You think so, too? Ma'am? Something like this is very gentle to your skin.
If you use these, you'll find a boyfriend in no time at all.
Or, do you already have boyfriends? Well, I don't know if I'd call him a boyfriend, but Yeah, in that case, it's not like I don't have a boyfriend either.
Oh, Usagi, Mamoru totally dumped you, remember? Hey! Well, sure, he's been giving me the cold shoulder lately, but It seems that you don't understand, Usagi.
Loving someone means trusting that person.
If you don't trust Mamoru anymore, then you no longer have a relationship.
It's important to keep on believing in him, no matter how coldly he treats you.
If you can do that, you can get him back.
You think so? Don't worry! You're right! I think you're a little wrong there.
Being loved is what means the most to a woman.
I don't think loving and trusting each other means much.
You should never do something miserable like continuing to love someone who treats you coldly.
Then You should just forget him.
No, I can't! Yes, you can.
And if you don't want his affections to grow cold, you have to make an effort to take care of your beauty.
In order to be loved, you must wear makeup and look pretty at all times! That is what it all comes down to! Um Oh, no.
With all this talking, I almost forgot my important mission again.
Excuse me I don't think I need your products.
Oh, really? By the way, are there any little girls here? Little girls? Well, we also sell cosmetics for young girls.
So We don't have any girls like that.
Then, thank you for your time.
She's weird.
First you, and now that weird lady.
Today must be an unlucky day.
So, the Rabbit is just going to show up here after all.
I have no choice; I'll stake this place out for a while.
Then, see you later! Oh, are you leaving already? Yeah, I'll come again later! Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Chibi-Usa, don't waste too much time reading comics at Rei's place.
Why not?! That's what you were doing! She is so not cute! Oh, wait! I need to get on! Here you are.
Huh? What? Huh? I was getting tired of waiting, Rabbit.
Who did that? Hey, what are you doing to Chibi-Usa?! A broom?! Don't tell me you just used that to hit my head?! What? How dare you do that to my beautiful hair?! You're going to mess up my hairdo! Dark Fire! Oh, shoot! That's Koan! Die.
Yuichiro, hurry! Miss Rei! One after another, stop getting in my way! Die! Shoot! Die! Shoot! Miss Rei! Miss Rei! Yuichiro! What?! Yuichiro! Yuichiro, are you okay? Yuichiro! Why do you protect her, even after she treated you so cruelly? Yuichiro! Yuichiro, are you okay? Yuichiro! I can only show my love in my own way.
How idiotic! That girl doesn't give a damn about you! That doesn't matter at all! Yuichiro! Hang in there! Yuichiro! Yuichiro! Unforgivable.
I can't forgive you! Mars Star Power Makeup! You You're a sailor warrior?! Burning Mandala! This is a surprise.
Well, it's perfect.
If I get rid of both you and the Rabbit, Master Rubeus will be very happy.
Impudent brat! How stupid! You could have escaped if you had left him.
There's no way I could do something like that! Yuichiro's in this state because he tried to protect me.
I remember now.
You said that loving someone is more important.
So that saleswoman was you? Why do you go to such lengths to protect that kind of man? He's not your lover, nor do you love him.
I just want to repay Yuichiro's sincerity.
That kind of love is nothing compared to what Master Rubeus and I have! Don't be ridiculous! Your love is just love for yourself! Not thinking about the other persors feelings is That's That's not real love! That's not true.
We care about each other, and we love each other.
Is that really true? No! Shut up! You're wrong! We're not like that! I don't have time for this little girl's nonsense! I'll get rid of the Rabbit first! Shoot! This is The image of love that shimmers in the heat waves.
Now, sorrowful wanderer, listen to the beat of her heart.
Hey, you! Wait! I was caught off guard.
Your opponent is right here.
Koan! Master Rubeus Koan, have you gotten rid of the Rabbit? I'm very sorry.
I almost had her, but she got away.
I see; I understand.
Thank you for working under me for such a long time.
I truly appreciate it.
But I don't think I will see you again.
Oh, no! Please wait, I'm fighting a sailor warrior right now.
I will kill this sailor warrior, so please forgive me.
You don't possess that kind of power right now.
Then, please fight alongside me.
I'm an unlucky man, to have such an incompetent subordinate as you.
That is so harsh I've loved you all these years.
And you also Love? How ridiculous! An absurd thing like love doesn't belong in a glorious clan like ours.
This will be your first and final present from me.
Take it.
This is Use that and remove the sailor warrior from this world.
That is much better than the useless cosmetic presents you gave me.
A space-time bomb So, you want me to die What?! Koan, throw that away! It's already too late.
You win.
It seems that the love I believed in was wrong.
Venus Love-Me Chain! Sparkling Wide Pressure! It's time to give up, Koan! You have nowhere to go now! Nowhere to go What? That's right, I have nowhere to go now.
It's all because of you.
It's your fault Everything is your fault! I'm finished! I've lost everything! Because of you, I've lost my future, my love and even my place to go back to! It's all your fault! Please, stop it! Mars! Why? It's not over, Koan.
You haven't lost everything.
You still have yourself.
If you believe you were wrong, you can fix it little by little.
Your future starts now.
All right? Sailor Moon, would you please turn her into a normal woman? I really wish I could, but Sailor Moon, use the Silver Crystal! It isn't as powerful as before, but you should still be able to turn Koan into a normal woman.
Try it! All right, I will.
Please, Silver Crystal! Moon Crystal Power! Refresh! Here, Yuichiro! Wipe it like you really mean it! Yes, ma'am.
You're not putting your back into it! Come on! Yes, ma'am.
You're not putting your back into it! Come on! Yes! Back scrub, back scrub! Yes! Back scrub, back scrub! Oh, boy Is anyone home? I'm a cosmetics saleswoman.
Oh! You're Oh, you two always get along so well.
I'm jealous.
I'm glad you're doing well, Koan.
Donna pinch no toki mo zettai akiramenai Sou yo sore ga karen na otome no policy ltsuka honto ni deau daiji na hito no tame ni Kao o agete tobikonde yuku no Tsun to itai mune no oku de Koi ga mezameru wa Kowai mono nanka nai yo ne Tokimeku hou ga ii yo ne Ooki na yume ga aru yo ne Dakara kitto ririshiku Naritai mono ni naru yo ne Ganbaru hito ga ii yo ne Namida mo tama ni aru yo ne Dakedo kitto ririshiku