Sailor Moon (1995) s02e31 Episode Script

231 - No Thanks, Nurse Venus!

I'm sorry I'm not straightforward, I can say it in my dreams My thoughts are about to short circuit, I want to see you right now Moonlight that makes me want to cry, midnight that keeps me from calling Because I'm so innocent, what should I do? The heart is a kaleidoscope Guided by the light of the moon We will meet again and again I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love We were born in the same land, miracle romance I believe in it, miracle romance Mamo, please look this way! I put my feelings of unrequited love into each and every knot, and I've finally finished the promise ring.
Trampling on this innocent girl's feelings is totally unforgivable! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you! I'm late again! Whoa! Watch out! Who? Are you okay? That hurt! Sorry Oh? What happened to our homeroom class? Oh, Ms.
Haruna is not here today.
So even first period is study hall.
So that's it.
I wish I'd had another bowl of rice.
Umino, give it back to me.
What? But I'll give it to you when I finish it properly, okay? Well, if you say so, Naru.
What? What is it? It's a promise ring.
Huh?! Miss Usagi, you don't know what a promise ring is? Pro-wrestling? Ready?! Hiya! Kinky This is no good.
Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again These are the promise rings that everyone's been talking about.
Wow! So lovely! How do they work? You make them one knot at a time while making your wish, and then you tie it around your wrist or ankle.
Then, when they snap, your wishes are supposed to come true.
It's very popular nationwide right now.
Right? You're right.
I didn't notice everyone wearing them.
I wonder if I should make one, too There are different ways to make them, depending on the wish.
Mystical Power Promise Ring There are different ways to make them, depending on the wish.
Mystical Power Promise Ring Oh yeah, they opened a new specialty store in the Juban area.
Wow Not only do they carry embroidery threads, books, leather strings, beads and everything else needed to make promise rings, but they also offer free classes to customers.
They say that if you make one and give it to your boyfriend, you'll stay together forever.
Just like Naru and me.
Really? Then maybe I should also Don't be so friendly with me.
I don't love you anymore.
Don't make me say the same thing over and over again.
Please go home.
Leave! Why? You said we'd be together forever and ever.
Mamo Usagi! Usagi! What's wrong? You look so down.
Did something happen at school? No, nothing like that.
Then, cheer up! If you have any problems, we can give you advice anytime.
Thank you, but it's nothing like that.
Oh, yeah, I heard the Juban area has a new promise ring Mamo! My wish came true.
I've bumped into Mamo! Wait! Mamo I've been trying to figure out why, but I just can't.
Please tell me! Why don't you like me anymore?! I can't give you up like this Please, at least tell me why! It's just me being selfish.
Please forgive me.
Mamo! Mamo Our clars Prince Dimande poured bright red wine over this beautiful Crystal Tokyo.
And I'm going to fill this crowded Tokyo with Dark Power.
The new Negative Point is Over there.
Droid Udering! Udering! This Tokyo is very crowded and suffocating.
Make the Dark Henge's power grow as quickly as possible! Yes, Lady Esmeraude.
Ring! Prince Dimande I want to return to you soon.
And I want to bury my face in your arms.
This is the "Misanga's Mansion" that everyone is talking about.
A promise ring is a symbol of happiness.
I'm sure your wish will come true.
Yeah Usagi, do you know the spell that will make you happy for sure? When you cast a spell, what's important, is that you believe in it.
And the power of your belief will bring you happiness.
Of course, I just read that in a book.
But don't you think that the power of belief can also cheer you up? Yeah! Thanks, Mako! Original Promise Ring Handmade accessories that make your wishes come true.
Here! These are the materials you need to make Original Promise Ring Handmade accessories that make your wishes come true.
A promise ring that will let you make up with your boyfriend.
Promise Ring Class a promise ring that will let you make up with your boyfriend.
Promise Ring Class Thank you.
Promise Ring Class Here, the classroom is this way.
Promise Ring Class Okay.
Excuse me Well, we'll be right over there.
Good luck.
Thanks Good luck.
Thanks Is this your first time? Usagi! Here she is.
Naru! Umino! Are all of you friends? Then, you can sit here.
I'm glad you're here.
I was worried since you looked so down today.
To make this ring, cut the string to ninety cm and make ten of these.
Okay! First, secure the strings with tape.
Then, start knotting from the middle, as if you were writing the number, "4".
Repeat this twice.
Let's see, from the middle Maybe we should start with a simpler pattern.
There are six strings total.
Start knotting from the left, as if you were writing the number, "4".
See? Isn't this really easy? Everyone has trouble at the beginning.
All right, then we will stop here for today.
Everyone, please read the manual carefully and finish it at home.
Okay! What?! I have to read it?! What a pain! Okay! What?! I have to read it?! What a pain! Do you understand?! Yes, ma'am! Bye-bye.
Thank you.
Okay, be careful on your way home.
Ole, ole, ole, ole! Udering! Udering, how goes the operation? Everyone wearing a promise ring tonight will be corrupted.
Ring! And the Dark Power will increase all at once, making the Dark Henge grow.
Ring, ring! Good, I'm counting on you.
I wonder if she finished making the promise ring? Oh, she fell asleep! I wanted her to make me a promise ring, too.
She's probably tired from working on something new.
Let's leave her alone for a while.
Yeah, you're right.
Mamo, why Mamo We're finally married; aren't we? Usako, I will never let you go.
Mamo Usako I'm so happy.
Mamoru Chiba, you must not get close to Usagi Tsukino.
Usako! Mamoru Chiba, you must not get close to Usagi Tsukino.
Mamoru Chiba, you must not get close to Usagi Tsukino.
Who are you?! Mamoru Chiba, you must not get close to Usagi Tsukino.
Who are you?! When the two of you are bound together, the world will crumble, and Usagi Tsukino, in other words, Princess Serenity, will be struck by misfortune.
You're lying! It's a lie! It can't be! A dream? Why did I have a dream like that? Mamo Mamo! Mamo! You're too loud! What time do you think it is?! I'm sorry.
Mamo, there's something I just have to ask you.
I've got nothing to say to you.
Go home! Mamo, did you have that weird dream as well? Weird dream? Why is Usagi visiting Mamoru all of a sudden? She should keep knotting this until it's done.
So, you also had the same dream as me.
You did dream about it then.
But it could be just a dream.
Are you crazy? You could also die! Mamoru, you were intentionally cold to me for my sake? But I can't believe a dream like that! I didn't believe it at first either.
But I kept dreaming the same dream every night.
This is probably not just a regular dream.
This is a dream that's predicting the future.
No way But if it's with you, I don't mind dying.
Usako In the end, we're just not supposed to be together! Wait! Mamo, I don't want that! Even if the Earth is destroyed and I die, I want to be with you! I just want to be with you! Mamo! Come on, Mamo! Don't be so unreasonable.
Open the door! Don't be so unreasonable.
Open the door! Mamo Usagi sure is late.
Oh, here she comes.
Usagi! Chibi-Usa! It won't come off my hand! Chibi-Usa! Chibi-Usa! Chibi-Usa, are you okay? Yes Luna, what's happened? All of a sudden, the promise ring This is Impossible, it can't be! What's wrong? Luna, take care of Chibi-Usa! Wait! Absolutely Pass Cram School Wait! Absolutely Pass Cram School It's not coming off! Help! Umino! Everyone, we're in trouble! What?! It's that new promise ring shop, right? I'll be right there! Artemis, let's go! Yeah, okay! Usagi It was here, just as I thought.
Moon Crystal Power Makeup! Dark Power, increase more and more! Ring, ring, ring! I won't let you do that! Who's there?! Ring?! Wishing with each knot they make, girls put on these rings to make their wishes come true.
But you imbued them with an evil power; that's unforgivable! I'm a sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Lmpudent little brat, this is what happens to anyone who gets in our way! One Ring Attack! A diagonal pattern makes your dream come true! Ring! The secret to successful magic is not to give up after one try.
Two-Ring! For someone with no boyfriend, the heart pattern will be perfect! How dare you?! I do have a boyfriend, even if I might not look like it! Sailor Moon! Watch out! Ouch Pitifully easy.
Here's the next one.
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring! Who's there?! Ring?! A promise ring is a ring of hope.
Abusing the trust of beautiful girls.
You have an ugly heart, Droid.
I, Tuxedo Mask, will not allow it.
Did you say "trust"? You're so naive.
What a huge joke! Three-Ring Thunder! For someone like you who wants to make up with a friend, ethnic patterns are the best! Shine Aqua Illusion! Sailor Mercury! I'm glad I made it! Then, Four-Wheel Drive! For you, who wants to beat a rival in love, a V-pattern will be the perfect thing! Ring! Burning Mandala! Thank you for waiting.
Sailor Mars! Since it's come to this, I'll use my last resort! Five Ring-pic! Sparkling Wide Pressure! Venus Love-Me Chain! We've arrived! Shoot! Ring! Now, Sailor Moon! Yes! Moon Princess Elimination! Ring, ring, ring, ring! Umino Naru! That's Esmeraude! You impudent sailor warriors, listen very carefully to me.
Soon, the Dark Gate will open in Tokyo.
When it does, the Evil Black Crystal's power will flood this place.
Then, the Silver Crystal will turn evil and black, and the whole world will be surrounded by Dark Power and destroyed! Sailor Moon Yes.
Protecting our beloved city and the future city, Crystal Tokyo, is the duty that has been laid upon us.
No matter what kind of hardships stand in our way, we have to overcome them and keep going.
Tuxedo Mask Sailor warriors, let us continue to fight together.
Tuxedo Mask Sailor Moon, why are you just standing there?! Hurry up and go after him! I don't know exactly what happened, but you cleared up the misunderstanding between the two of you, right? How did you know that? It's obvious by the passionate way you two look at each other! So, stop being indecisive! The tough experiences in life are what make us girls prettier.
So, hurry! Okay.
Everyone, thank you.
Usagi, good luck! I hope your wish comes true! Good luck! Mamo! Usako! Mamo, maybe we're not supposed to be together in the future, but but right now, just for a little while Mamo! Usako! Mamo! Usako! Mamo Usako I'll never give up, no matter how tight a spot I'm in That's right, that's the sweet maiders policy For the person I'll really meet and cherish someday I'll raise my chin and leap into the fray Deep in my heart, with a poignant ache Love will awaken There's nothing I'm afraid of It's better to be passionate I have big dreams That's why I'll try to be brave I'll become what I want to become It's better to be someone who does her best Every so often, there are tears, too But even so, I'll try to be brave