Sailor Moon (1995) s03e02 Episode Script

302 - Crystal Clear Again

What in the world are you? Are you enemies? Or allies? If you are soldiers as well, fight with us! I can't forgive those that stomp on pure hearts! I, Sailor Moon, will punish you with a new attack! Kaorinite Yes, Professor.
What is the purpose of our group, Death Busters? To acquire the holy grail and control the world.
And how are we going to get the holy grail? If we find the three talismans that are within the pure hearts of the chosen ones we will know the whereabouts of the holy grail.
That is right.
For that, we must first use the Daimohn eggs to Now, find the pure heart that is just right for you! Why!? The light from the Silver Crystal is disappearing Oh, my, tired from studying? Or did you work too hard? Or you didn't get your afternoon nap? Usagi, shouldn't you retire soon? You all of you are traitors! - I won't forgive you! - I-I can't breathe! You you you you A dream? Really, Usagi It's not a dream If the light doesn't come back, I might not be able to transform again Usagi Luna Does it mean I have to retire from being a Sailor Soldier? That's not true But the Silver Crystal I-It'll be all right! I'm sure everything will be all right! Cheer up, Usagi! Oh, that's right! Why don't you talk this out with Mamoru? But Now, cheer up! Come on now! You had a dream like that? Mamo-chan I wonder what's going to happen to me now If I can't transform, I can't fight against the new enemy I know! I'll show you something good, Usako.
Just come with me It's okay, come on! I-Is it all right to go into a place like this? I don't think it's all right, but Nobody's around Oh, Mamo-chan! Just because you wanted to be alone with me You didn't have to bring me to a place like this! Don't jump to conclusions! It's all right! Come on! You don't have to be shy about it! Okay! My, how cute! Let me hold it! Good girl.
Because you're brown Your name is Char-chan! There, there.
Mamo-chan, you wanted to show me this kitten? Yeah.
This is where stray cats live.
Where are you going, Char-chan? You too, Mamo-chan! Hurry! H-Hey! Sheesh.
Now, eat up! Don't rush There is still plenty left.
Are you taking care of those cats? Who is it? Defenders of justice! Nice to meet you! Let me join you! Doyou always feed the cats? Yeah, but I feel sorry for them I finally found this place, but it's going to be demolished soon They all want to be happy, but You're kind All right! I'll take care of the cats too! Is that all right, Mamo-chan? Well, I guess it's all right if it'll cheer you up.
Taking care of cats!? Not just taking care of them! I have to find the cats' new owners! Rei, Ami, Minako, Mako-chan Four cats will be taken care of when you each take one Wait a minute.
I barely get by taking care of Artemis! What doyou mean by that?! Don't worry about it.
Don't worry.
Our place too See, we have a lot of birds.
I can't possibly have a cat here.
Um I'm living by myself.
I don't think I can take care of a cat.
I'm facing important entrance exams I don't think I am at ease enough to take care of a cat What, what's all this!? You guys only think about yourselves! Then why can't you take care of them all at your place, Usagi? Well, um I have a reason why I can't! We barely get by feeding Luna's giant stomach! Who has a giant stomach!? Anyway, don't rush.
Why don't you look for people who might take care of them? All right.
Then, for now, we'll each get some food for the cats, and meet up again.
Got that!? What's going on? She's just being whimsical, as always.
No, don't follow me.
I'm sorry I can't keep any cats here Only until Mom comes home Keep yourselves out of trouble! Don't climb on the bed! Hey now! I'm in the middle of this Now Was it here? NEKONNELL! T-This is a joke, right? I will take the talisman inside your pure heart now-NELL! Run! I won't let you get away! NELL NELL! I wonder if she's not going to come today There, there.
They make me want to ask Grandpa and see if I can keep one of them.
Don't say one, take all of them! Usagi, this isn't a bargain sale at a supermarket.
Oh, sorry.
W-What's wrong? What's going on? NELL NELL NELL! A Daimohn again Just maybe I might be able to MOON CRYSTAL POWER MAKE UP! U-Usagi Usagi Let's go, everyone! MARS STAR POWER MAKE UP! JUPITER STAR POWER MAKE UP! MERCURY STAR POWER MAKE UP! VENUS STAR POWER MAKE UP! This time, I will take the talisman, NELL! We won't let you do that! The Sailor Soldiers are here! What? BURNING MANDALA! SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! T-They're all Stop! Wait! Usagi! Nobody else will get in the way now! NELL! NELL NELL NELL! Now I have a souvenir to bring to lady Kaorinite! NELL! What is it? NELLLLLLLLL! Such a powerless being.
It's those two again! How is it? This is not a talisman Who in the world are they? Wait! We haven't defeated the enemy yet! If you are soldiers as well fight with us! Don't get the wrong idea! Our mission is only to acquire the talismans There's no way we can fight with you! You should settle your own affairs by yourselves.
What!? Everyone! Who the NELL is it? Tuxedo Mask! Those who toy with pure hearts will someday be tried by pure hearts! NEKONNELL! What!? Tuxedo Mask! Run, Usako! Now! Usako, at least you should get away from here! I can't do that! Hurry and run! No I want to protect everyone! And my dear Mamo-chan too I will fight with everyone Usako Usagi T-That's This, born from our combined power, is? The legendary rod Spiral Heart Moon Rod The legendary Spiral Heart Moon Rod? NEKONNELL! Usagi! Transform! I'm sure you can do it now!! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP!! I won't forgive you for trampling pure hearts underfoot! For love and justice the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! Lovely! I did it! I was able to transform! That was splendid, Sailor Moon This is our I'm glad, so glad.
But it's going to be tough from now on.
We're going to find owners for the cats.
I already found them.
Two to Ami, two more to Minako, and one to Mako-chan! I've been saying that you can't do that! I'm not a cat! We can have them taken care of at the Animal Kingdom! Why didn't you think of that earlier? This is no good