Sailor Moon (1995) s03e03 Episode Script

303 - Driving Dangerously

Suddenly a beautiful boy named Haruka Tenoh appears before our eyes! He brings a beautiful girl with him.
Is this what you call a picturesque couple? And the mysterious soldiers finally show themselves! If you are bad girls, I, Sailor Moon, will punish you in the name of the moon! Oh, man We're studying for entrance exams again at Rei's place today I can't, I can't! I have to bear it until the entrance exams are over! Everyone else is doing their best, too! What?! That's right! And Artemis didn't get the hint, and ate another caramel! And of course, the caramel got stuck onto his tooth And because he's a cat, he couldn't pry off the caramel stuck onto his tooth and he was squirming around so much Oh? Usagi I was thinking everyone else was doing their best, so I was keeping myself away And yet you're here No, I lured Minako in here.
I asked her if she wanted to come in every once in a while because she can get tired from studying too much.
Motoki! Don't you think you're being a little easy on her? Uh, er, no Usagi! We're only young once! What happens if we fail our entrance exams? Won't you think, "Oh, I wish I had been playing and having fun back then"? And they do say, "haste makes dancing.
" I think you should be studying after all.
If that's the case Over here! I think you should be studying after all Go! I'm a lap behind! Seeya! Stay! Stay! I'm getting carsick Come on now! Try again, Usagi! I think we should be going to Rei's place soon, or otherwise There's no time for that! If we stop now, who is going to conquer the Formula 1 world in the future? I don't really want to conquer Then, miss.
Can I drive along side of you? - You're - kidding.
Oh, go right ahead! Can you hold my bag? Please, let her hold as many as you want! I'm so lucky! It's not every day that such a hot guy comes up and talks to you! So, how do ya like my wonder fulsteering? Um the race began already I know You see I have to give her a handicap A handicap!? How dare he say that tome, Minako Aino, who will conquer the Formula 1 world?! I think it's about time now Impossible Exactly how fast is he going!? I see amazing.
Not even close I'm a lap back?! Complete defeat.
That's not true.
You did pretty well.
I guess cute girls have good gaming sense as well Really? Well a lot of people say that to me Sorry to keep you waiting, Haruka.
You're kidding Well, see you later.
You with the buns We should race together next time.
Sure You sure got to know them well What are you jealous? Maybe.
They still seem so childish, they're really cute They're both so beautiful So that man's name is Haruka Come to think, I've been seeing the two of them around here a lot Oh, were you here, Motoki? Well, I DO work here I feel it The sea is about to be stormy again We really have to be careful in this town.
Seems so Minako, I think those two are lovers I've made up my mind.
He's the one! He's the ideal man I've been looking for! W-Wait a minute, Minako! He already has a girlfriend, see!? But you didn't ask those two that, did you!? I, Minako, will have my heart burn with this romance! Miss, please return to your seat They really are lovers after all Usagi, you don't have to come with me anymore.
I'll do the rest myself.
No way! I'm curious about that handsome guy, too! But you have Mamoru, Usagi! See! They separated already! They weren't lovers at all! Mr.
Hello Hey.
You're here again? I'm sorry.
Can you wait a while? I'm almost done with this Sure.
Kaorinite Yes, I am here.
Did you find it? A human with the chosen pure heart.
Yes I have a good idea already.
I see Good, good Good girl.
Go, egg of Daimohn Take a pure heart, and bring it to me! Now, you go ahead, and hurry over to Rei's place! No! I don't want to! I'm curious about that handsome guy as well! Little kittens How long are you going to hide there? So you knew about us? Haruka Tenoh.
Tenth grade.
You wanted to know, right? About me Yes! That's right! Right! The other things that you have been wanting to know Yes! The person who you were with until a few minutes ago how is she related to you? to you? What kind of relationship do you have? have? She's not your lover right? Right? Lovers? Michiru and me? Michiru so you guys are close enough to not use honorifics? not use them? Let's see You could say we're closer than that But don't give up.
You two still have a chance O-Okay Don't be fooled Michiru This person always says things like that when cute girls are spotted.
Isn't that a little much to say? Oh, is it all right to say that to me? I'll just take what I brought for you and go home.
Come on Question! Are you Haruka's lover? Please answer yes or no! No.
All right! This romance is mine! It's mine! You have Mamoru, Usagi! Today's Minako is snappier than usual She's acting just like Rei.
Oh, no.
I wonder if it's pollen You have to be careful during this season.
In any case, Usagi and Minako sure are late What are both of them doing? I'm worried that it's BOTH of them I wonder if something happened In any case, knowing the two of them Don't you think they probably found a cute boy, and followed him? Impossible even they Mr.
Kameda over there is trying to become a mechanic who can tune up cars to international racing standards That's why I like coming here I think I can see a racing circuit beyond here, swaying in the haze from a mirage.
The wind that blows across a circuit carries a wonderful scent Um Haruka, you're Haruka's dream is to become the top race car driver No That's not true.
It's not a dream It WAS a dream It WAS a dream? Then what is your dream now? To do something that only I can do.
And to do that, I will make any sacrifice No matter what I lose I won't regret it He really is awesome Yeah He loses to Mamo-chan, but still All right! I think that about does it.
What is it? Mr.
Kameda! Haruka I know STEERINGOO! W-What is this? I'll take that pure heart which rides on your dreams! JACK UP! HEY! Stop that! Stop it! I'll now have this crystal checked by lady Kaorinite to see if it's a talisman.
Oh, no!! We have to hurry and get his heart's crystal back Haruka! He's gone Minako it's not the time to be saying such things I know VENUS STAR POWER MAKE UP! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! Let's go, Michiru! Fine! They're flying!? Look out! Kabooom! Kerpow! This is too dangerous I'm glad I was wearing a helmet We finally caught up to you! The pure heart of a man chasing his dream! We won't let villains take it away! For love and justice the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Wait a minute! You made me pedal the bike! Don't look so cool all by yourself!.
Today's Venus is snappier than usual I will not allow any more traffic obstructions to block my driving! Hold it! Who is it? Guided by a new era, Sailor Uranus acts with elegance! Also guided by a new era, Sailor Neptune acts with grace! We have a reason to seek the talismans.
We won't let you have the heart's crystal! The mysterious soldiers were sailor soldiers? Are you trying to obstruct my course as well!? WORLD SHAKING! DEEP SUBMERGE! Now's your chance, Sailor Moon! I got it! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! Lovely! No this isn't a talisman either.
Looks that way Sailor Moon.
Return that to its rightful owner.
And so, that was the last we saw of Haruka So in other words both of you really were ditching the study group to chase a cute guy!? Everyone, we have to research the new sailor soldiers before all of this.
That's fine, Luna and Artemis are doing the research right now.
I see That's why I didn't see either of them Oh Michiru! Aren't you with Haruka today? I am.
Where? Where is this cute guy? Where? Where? Where is the guy that looks like the upperclassman we know? Where is he? A girl right? I don't recall ever saying that I was a guy That can't be We don't have time for all of this I thought Mamo-chan was better from the beginning! Yeah, I did!