Sailor Moon (1995) s03e05 Episode Script

305 - Swept Off Her Feet

You want to have your first kiss in a romantic setting with someone you love! It's the dream of any girl! I can't forgive those who lack delicacy and stomp on a maiden's pure heart going after the hearts that yearn for a kiss! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! We're studying at Rei's place again today It's tough having entrance exams! What are you saying? Don't stall yourself around here! We should get going! Otherwise Rei and the others will yell at you again.
But Studying on such a wonderful day like today? I feel like I'm wasting my precious adolescence.
I won't be responsible if you end up in tears later.
Oh, I wish I could go on a date with Mamo-chan My wish came true! Mamo-chan! Usagi! What about your studies!? Mamo-chan! M-Mamo-chan Who is that? That person? Usako! Unazuki? Hello, Usagi.
Unazuki Why are you.
? My brother Motoki is such a klutz.
He said he was going on a trip but forgot the ticket when he left the house! So, I rushed out of the house after him That was when I was passing by their place.
And so Mamoru took me to the train station! Oh, I see Sheesh, don't surprise me like that! What are you talking about? Oh, nothing! By the way, Mamo-chan, that riding suit is wonderful! You look really good in it! - Damn, you're handsome! - You think so? You're so well-proportioned, you look good in anything.
Hey, hey Usako A kiss with Mamo-chan? Wha-- Usagi, you don't have to say it so loud! And what about it, Usagi? Have you kissed Mamoru yet? Uh, well I see After all, since you're blushing so much You haven't kissed yet! Well That's Of course.
It would be bad for you to kiss now since you're still in junior high, Usagi.
And you've got entrance exams this year to boot! Y-Yeah I'm a poor little student with entrance exams W-What about you, Unazuki? You're in high school You've kissed a boy, right? I can't really say this too loudly I I do have a boyfriend that I love but I haven't kissed him yet.
Why, why? If you love him, why don't you kiss him? Because I want to cherish my first kiss with someone I really love! At the perfect time and place! Until then, I want to save it Isn't it normal to think that way? Haruka! Michiru! So cute, to be dreaming of kisses.
Oh, I think it's romantic.
Do both of you know about the first kiss in world history? The first people to kiss in this world were Adam and Eve.
There are many different kisses.
The kiss on the back of the hand of someone you look up to.
A kiss of friendship on someone's forehead.
A kiss on the palm of one's hand to wish for something.
You really know a lot of things, Haruka.
In 15th-century Italy, it was said that if a young couple kissed, they had to get married.
They were really strict.
A first kiss You want to cherish it.
See ya! Haruka and Michiru are so mature Oh, that's right, Usagi! I have a lot of delicious cakes! You should come visit my place later and have some! Bring your friends, too! Really?! I'll go, I'll go! Now, I have to work! Well, I'll see you later! Sure! Cake! A cake! I'm such a kid after all A first kiss, huh.
? They are just so cute It's nice.
We don't have the luxury to be falling in love right now.
It's dangerous.
Honest girls like that are easily targeted by the Daimohn.
You're right.
The owner of a pure heart We have to be careful.
Kaorinite Yes.
You have been piling up failures But I'm sure you have found a new target? Yes! A girl with a pure heart that dreams ofa first kiss.
A kiss, huh? I haven't done such a thing in years I guess this is it.
My first kiss With someone I love Am I putting too much thought into this? O---SO---JI! OSOJI! Suction! The talisman is mine! We won't let you have that! Who is it!? Guided by a new era, Sailor Uranus acts with elegance! Likewise I am Sailor Neptune! This is what I've taken! I won't let you have it! OSOJI HURRICANE! WORLD SHAKING! It's mine! OSOJI! Drat! The crystal!! Hold it right there! OSOJI! Where's the talisman? Where is it!? WHERE IS IT?!! Unazuki! I'm here with everyone! Really I was wondering where you ran off to, keeping everyone waiting? - Well, it's all right, thanks to Usagi - Oh, I want to clean - we'll be eating cake in the end, right? - Motoki's room for him again Besides, we can study anywhere.
Ami, you planned to have the study group at Unazuki's place? Was that a bad idea? Usagi This is strange.
Maybe Unazuki isn't back from her job yet.
Huh? It's open Unazuki! Unazuki! What's wrong!? This is!? Her pure heart crystal has been taken away! If we don't follow the Daimohn fast and get it back, Unazuki will! But, where should we look? Where are you!? Where, where, where, where, where, where are you!? Here it is! It's a good thing the tick sensor was on it! Ami, have you figured it out!? Within a 10-km radius, towards the north I'm sorry, but I can't be any more specific.
In any case, we have to split up and look for them! Everyone should keep in touch! Everyone have their communicators? Yeah.
A kiss I want to kiss! W-What's gotten into her!? Unazuki! Pull yourself together! I want to kiss! Kiss, kiss, kiss! - NO! - Unazuki! Kiss, kiss, kiss! Come on, get yourself together! You said that your first kiss was precious! That you were waiting for someone you really love! And it would be at the best place at the best time, right!? Right, Unazuki!? I don't care who! I want to kiss! Perhaps she became impure because her pure heart was stolen! Is that how it works? Yes, I'm sure of it! EVIL SPIRITS, BEGONE! I'll look after Unazuki! Everyone, hurry and find the crystal of her pure heart! But what in the world do we use as a clue to look for it!? Usagi! There's a Daimohn Everyone, hurry over there! Got it, Ami! Mamo-chan! Usako! If you're in a hurry, get on! Everyone! Hurry and bring back the crystal of her pure heart! At this rate, Unazuki will die! Usagi! It's in that area! Okay! It's in HERE!? A Daimohn! It's got a pure heart crystal! That must be Unazuki's! MOON COSMIC POWER, MAKE UP! You are as pesky as little ticks! Cooperate and give us the talisman! This is what I took! If you want it, you have to wrestle it away from me! No! I won't let ANYONE have that pure heart crystal! A girl who dreams of a first kiss with a wonderful boy! I can't forgive you for stealing such a pure heart! For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I punish you! We have another tick!? I can't allow for any ticks!! Gust of wind! Shut up! Take these pieces of trash! Ow I won't lose to someone like you! Unazuki I have to save Unazuki All of you, pile up and DIE! A crystal of a pure heart does not fit someone with a soiled heart! Return the crystal now and be buried along with this scrap metal! Tuxedo Mask! Sailor Moon! Show it the power of justice! Right! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! LOVELY! Oh, no! The pure heart crystal! I won't let you have it! We will take the talisman! I won't let you have it! Let me go! If I don't give that back, Unazuki is going to die! I know that we're going to have casualties! Then, why!? It's nothing that you would understand! It is our duty! We must get a hold of it! Sailor Moon! This is! It's not a talisman.
It's only a normal pure heart crystal! What!? Give it back! I'll never let you have it! Do what you want with it What does this mean? Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Come on, let's hurry back to Unazuki! That girl who was dreaming about her first kiss I wonder if she'll be saved? She'll probably be all right.
Somehow I'm glad that it wasn't a talisman.
What are you saying? No matter what happens, we must find the talismans! You're right Because that is the duty that we were given.
Unazuki's body! I'm so glad! Now she won't kiss just anyone! You have to kiss someone you love, after all! That's right! In Italy, long ago if a boy and a girl kissed, they had to get married! That's how important a kiss is! But, Usagi, we know somebody who often does such an important thing with a certain someone.
That's right.
For now, we have to think more about the entrance exams than romance.
Now, let's begin our study group! You really are going to start it here!? I can't believe it! If we don't start right now we won't be done with what we have to cover today! I'm glad Unazuki is back to normal.
Unazuki's cherished dream as well.
A first kiss Unazuki's dream is a wonderful thing.
I'm kinda happy that I was able to protect her wonderful dream.
I guess H-Hey, Mamo-chan Do you remember our first kiss? Um, that's Mamo-chan? By some chance, you don't remember? A-As I was saying Well, that's not worth talking about NO! A first kiss is really important! The moon is really beautiful tonight, Usako.