Sailor Moon (1995) s03e06 Episode Script

306 - Blinded By Love's Light

The pure love of the boy named Umino tastes slightly like a lemon.
Confess your feelings, you fried shrimp.
And don't forget the julienne cabbage on the side.
I won't forgive you for stealing such a delicious-sounding pure heart of a boy! I, Sailor Moon will punish you in the name of the moon! Professor.
It's you, Kaorinite.
A talisman is inside lovers' pure hearts.
Professor? A new Daimohn egg Kaorinite.
How many Daimohn eggs must we waste to retrieve the talismans? What of the nuisances who call themselves the Sailor Soldiers? At this rate, I can't expect any results no matter how many Daimohn eggs I throw out.
Then I will head out personally this time.
All right.
Leave it to me.
Umino? He's not here yet? Usagi What do you want in a place like this? I have a secret to talk to you about.
A secret? Naru has been acting weird lately.
Weird? I can't put it into words well N-No, nothing's wrong.
Umino I'm sorry, but can you go home without me? It seems like she's hiding something from me.
Stop it, I'm not hiding anything.
I'm sure it's something she can't tell me.
Maybe she has a new boyfriend now! Everyday, for Naru, I made her favorite: fried shrimp! Because I wanted Naru to eat this! This fried shrimp of sweat, tears, and love! Umino Are you really worried about all this? In any case, I'll casually bring it up with Naru later.
Usagi, I'm counting on you.
Hey, Naru.
What do you think about Umino lately? He's been acting weird lately.
He gets really fidgety when he's in front of me.
How to say it? Maybe he's keeping a secret from me.
What, you too, Naru? Nothing.
And what about this secret? Maybe he's got a new girlfriend.
Considering it's Umino of all people, I'm sure it's okay! Y-You think so? Yeah! There's no way Umino would be so popular with girls! Well, excuse me! He does have a lot of good things about him! Naru? I've had enough.
I'm going home! N-Naru So, Naru thinks about Umino, too.
Oh, I get it! This is so simple! I just have to get rid of their misunderstandings! At times like this, I can rely on Leave it to Rei for all your romance problems! Rei, of course! and that's how it is now.
Oh, if they care about each other, it's easy.
All we need to do is have them confirm their feelings for each other, right? Yeah.
It's just like you, Rei, to say something good.
There's a perfect event for such a situation! Ta-dah! Oh? Lovers' Park? Yup! As part ofthe grand opening they're having an affection contest.
If we can get Umino and Naru to participate That's great! A great idea! The winners get to light a flame of love in a heart- shaped monument! That's so lovely! I'd love to do that with Mamo-chan! Idiot! What are you going to do by entering, Usagi? Their love will deepen as a result of the contest! Then, Mamo-chan and I could-- As I was saying, if you win the contest you'll ruin their relationship! Oh, I get it Rei, you're so smart! It's first come, first serve, so better apply early.
Yeah! Hurry, hurry! Where are you going, Usagi? Don't worry about that yet.
Leave it to me! Let's go! Here! T-That can't be - Usagi! - Usagi! What's wrong? I wanted you two to make up by entering this contest - Usagi, actually - Usagi, actually See? Umino! Naru A-Actually, I wanted to enter the contest with Naru.
Then you should have said so earlier.
I thought so as well, but I didn't quite get a chance to That's why you were so fidgety.
Sheesh! You can be such an idiot! You say that but you were feeling the same way, Naru! I-I wasn't as bad as Umino One, two, three, four, five, six.
All right! Ouch! Now I'm perfectly ready for tomorrow's contest! I have to go to sleep early tonight to prepare for it! One sheep.
Baa Two sheep.
Baa Baa I can't be nervous.
I have to go to sleep.
Four sheep.
Oh, wait, the third sheep got lost.
Baa Baa Baa! Baa! I have to sleep! I have to sleep soon! Baa! Baa! BAA! I feel an evil presence in this park.
I'm sure there will be a Daimohn around here.
I won't let them have the talisman.
Now both of you, do your best.
We'll do our best.
Umino, are you all right? - YES! - He doesn't look all right Huh? Everyone! Oh, there she is.
What are you guys doing here? To cheer those two on! I'm wherever there is romance! It seems a little fun, too.
I was thinking I could make use of it someday For what? D-Don't take me seriously.
It was just a play on words.
Huh? It's Haruka and Michiru.
Wonderful! I wonder if they're in the contest as well.
Two girls together? But looking at them like this, it's like they really were lovers Everyone, the affection contest is about to begin! Please gather at the stage! Well, let's go cheer them on! Everyone, are you living full of love? The couples here are the selected people who are overflowing in love! And today, we'll have these couples compare how deep their feelings of love are! The winning couple will be the couple with a pure heart that love each other the most! Go for it, Naru! Hold yourself together, Umino! You look wonderful, Michiru! Look over here, Haruka! Come on Who did you come here to cheer on? That's what you call a sudden change of heart.
- Oh, is that so? - I'm sorry! The first game is just a small test.
Let's have them guess their lover's hand that appears through the hole! Begin, from those that figured it out! T-This sure was a fast one! It's Haruka I wonder if they really are in THAT kind of a relationship.
Now, scream out your lover's name! What!? Can you tell us your lover's name? You sure want me to do something really cheap.
I'm begging you.
It's just what the script says.
Success! A correct guess! Now, let's keep going at this pace! - They did it! - Next up is Umino! Which one is Naru's hand? Here, Umino, take a handkerchief.
Make sure to wipe yourself dry.
T-That's it! Naru's hand is this one! Now, call out your girlfriend's name! Naru, my angel You're wrong! Sorry, you made a mistake.
Oh, well T-That can't be! I'm sure Naru had a Band-Aid on her finger What are you doing!? That hurts! Sheesh.
There's no way I would still have a wound from six months ago on my finger, Umino! But he still remembered something from that far back Are you all right? Yes.
Nothing compared to the pain Naru's heart is feeling! Naru, please forgive me!! Let's go to our next contestant They sure try hard.
It's only a game.
It is, but I think being able to become that serious is a wonderful thing.
It's not just a game for him The three-legged race of love! START! The karaoke of love! "A sea turtle's egg" Wrong song, Umino Pitiful.
But he has the best heart of them all.
He's taking this so seriously.
I'll admit to that.
It would be nice if they could win Now, it's finally the last game! Even the ones who've been losing have a shot at turning it around! It's the Confess Your Love Game! You in the audience are going to award them points! We'll determine how many points by the volume of the applause! Are you ready!? YEAH! Starting with these two! Now, a confession from him to her! Show is over.
I said the show is over.
We'll drop out of this one.
But We weren't taking this seriously to begin with and it looks like we'd win at this rate.
True love is what needs to win.
Love Love is everything! So, with that Farewell! Encore! Encore! N-Now, the next couple, please.
Hanako Come with me.
Takao I'm so happy! Hanako You have bad eyesight, don't you? Love is, love is a BATTLE!! L-Love is to endure Red wins! Now, it's finally time for the last couple! Come on! - We've been waiting for this! - Umino, do it well! N-Naru! Umino! Is he all right? Umino Naru Naru, you're always bright, just like the sun.
Umino I'm always being such a klutz and I might not be worthy of someone like you, Naru.
Why do you continue to see someone like me? Maybe it's just a whim of God.
When I think that B-But! I'm happy just by seeing your smile, Naru.
For Naru's angelic smile and to protect your beautiful smile I I, Gurio Umino can die! U-Umino Umino Now, what do you think of this couple? Great! You're the best in Japan! Such an ovation! By unanimous vote, this couple is the winner! Now, both of you, light the flame of love! Umino, we did it! Y-Yes.
This is the proof of Naru's and my love Naru's and my What? What is it!? DIE HEART! Umino! Run! The monument of the love between us, Naru! Just hurry! Inside the pure heart which thinks of one's lover, we find a talisman.
Hold it right there! Who is it, HEART? To ruin the light of love that they finally got a hold of! Umino! Even if the cupid of love forgave you I won't forgive you! For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! Likewise, Sailor Mars! Sailor Mercury! Sailor Venus! Sailor Jupiter! In the name of the moon, I punish you! You're! Little ladies Girls should behave like girls.
LET'S DANCING! LET'S DANCING! LET'S DANCING! W-Well, just for a little bit.
Your hand Sure Guided by a new era, Sailor Uranus acts with elegance! Likewise, Sailor Neptune acts with grace! Die Heart, provide dance partners for these girls as well.
DIE HEART! I'll find my own dance partner! WORLD SHAKING! DIE HEART! It's no time to be fooled by illusions.
R-Right! No matter how many you defeat we can make more and more Daimohn eggs.
Then we will defeat you! We'll settle the score now.
Is that so? You need 10 more years of training to fight me! See you.
Dammit! Umino! Umino, please, answer me! Quick, the crystal! DIE HEART! It's not it It's not a talisman.
Who are you? Take good care of him.
Umino! I'm so glad! Naru? DIE HEART! That trick won't work this time! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! LOVELY! Now, turn the switches on! Applause for the happy couple! I'm so happy for them.
Yeah, it's thanks to you, Rei! Umino looks happy.
He really did do his best.
I'm jealous.
I wish I could Even you, Umino the klutz, did your best.
Y-Yeah By the way, what's for lunch tomorrow? I'm so happy, I'll be making fried lobsters! But is that yummy? I don't know Sheesh, Umino!