Sailor Moon (1995) s03e07 Episode Script

307 - Lita Borrows Trouble

Haruka is attractive, after all Mako-chan, you shouldn't! Haruka is a girl! What is that dangerous look in your eyes!? While we're saying things like that, the enemy attacks Mako-chan! F-For now I, Sailor Moon will punish you in the name of the moon! Oh, boy, I'm so hungry And there's another study group session tonight.
It's all about your guts! I'll bring roast beef sandwiches to tonight's study group, too.
Really!? I'm so lucky! Everyone should have friends who are talented at cooking! Mako-chan, I love you! My cooking isn't about talent.
I just think that big, boyish girls need to be good at something like cooking.
So I find myself trying hard.
Even if you couldn't cook, you're feminine enough, Mako-chan.
Thanks - I mean it.
- Really? Yeah.
When I first met you, Mako-chan I was thinking what a cute person you were! You're praising me too much! But that makes me happy so I'll give you an extra-large portion, Usagi.
I did it! Usagi! Sorry! Are you all right? Are you injured!? Does it hurt anywhere!? Ow Haruka Did you hit your head.
? Oh, no, I'm all right.
What about you, Mako-chan? You, over there.
You're bleeding a bit.
Huh? You're right.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm fine if it's only this much.
I was just thinking a little about something so I wasn't paying attention to what was in front of me.
I have no excuse for this.
No, it's all right You're brave, and you look out for your friends.
I'm sorry to have surprised you.
No, no See ya! Bye! Mako-chan, thanks for covering for me Mako-chan? You shouldn't! Even if she's really attractive, Haruka is a female! Sheesh! W-What are you saying? Of course! It's nothing like that! You're right, what AM I saying? We have to find the messiah at any cost.
The three talismans that are the key to finding the messiah are sealed inside pure hearts.
I will make sure they fall into our hands.
Even if we sacrifice the owner of that pure heart? Even if we sacrifice the owner of that pure heart.
For world peace? For world peace.
We have little time left.
Silence is soon approaching us You're right.
We have to find the messiah.
At any cost.
The sea is in an uproar.
Yeah, it's around here.
I feel a presence, but it's not moving yet.
Hey, does anyone know where Haruka's house is? No, I haven't asked.
Haruka? You mean THAT Haruka? What are you going to do with her address? W-Well, I have to return this to her! The target has been confirmed.
W-Wait! If I don't have that, I don't have an excuse to see Haruka! Excuse? Wait! Where did it fall? It's not here It's there! Just a bit more! Got it! SCAR W-W-W-What is that!? SCAR I will take your pure heart, SCAR! - That's! - A Daimohn! - Mako-cha-- - Let's transform! Oh, sure thing.
MOON COSMIC POWER, MAKE UP! MERCURY STAR POWER, MAKE UP! SCAR SHINE AQUA ILLUSION! SCAR! What are you doing so early in the morning!? Get away from that girl! I'm already interrupted.
For now, retreat, Scar! SCAR! It's flying!? W-What in the world is that? That girl is the target this time.
I couldn't tell if she was the owner of a talisman.
Sailor Moon sure did something unnecessary.
Why don't we tell them everything and fight together? Silence is approaching.
To stop it, we must sacrifice someone.
Can they do that? So, what are we going to do? They'll be after her again.
We have to keep an eye on her for a while.
Mako-chan! Let's go home! Oh? Ms.
Kino went home already.
That's funny Where did it go? Mako-chan! What are you doing here all by yourself? Oh, I'm sorry.
Actually, I haven't found Haruka's scarf since I lost it here this morning.
Y-You know, Mako-chan, I told you this yesterday, too I-I've been saying it's nothing like that.
Are you sure? I'm sure! Hi.
I'm glad I bumped into you again today.
Haruka I have something to ask you.
Do you mind joining me? Do you mean me? S-Sure! Mako-chan, don't you think there's a slight problem here? What, girls can't go on a drive together? I wasn't saying that Then it's all right.
I'll borrow your friend for a bit.
You'll come with me, right? S-Sure! M-Mako-chan? I don't care about this anymore That's Michiru.
She's in the same grade as I.
I believe we've met once before.
Nice to meet you.
I-I see Same grade? How old are you two? We're in tenth grade.
Tenth grade? Then is it all right for you to drive a car? Is it all right? Let's see I-I got a license overseas.
So she says.
Those are pretty ear rings.
They look good on you.
Do you think so? Was it bad for us to force you like this? No, not at all! So, what did you want to ask me? I want to be better friends with you A DATE!? Y-Yeah But it's with a woman.
A woman? This is a problem Did Mako-chan's preferences change? It's not that! And it was Haruka she went off with! I can't laugh that one off.
No matter how attractive she is I can't believe that she's chasing after women.
It's not that! But, Rei, you have THIS, too! Don't pull out other people's books without their permission! That's not the problem! W-We shouldn't leave Mako-chan alone.
The enemy is after Mako-chan's pure heart this time! Y-Yeah I'm pretty close I'm at Kaiouzu Park.
We'll be right there.
I'm all right.
If an enemy comes, I'll defeat it.
Please, let me do what I want for today.
- Mako-chan! Mako-chan! - Don't give up! That's right! There are plenty of good-looking guys in the world! Sheesh, no wisn't the time for-- But this is a big problem, too! It's a once-in-a-lifetime problem for Mako-chan! It's all right.
It's really nothing like that.
I don't know how to say this You know how Haruka is attractive, right? I just look up to someone that attractive SCAR! SCAR! SCAR! - Mako-chan! - Mako-chan! Your pure heart that looks up to your ideal woman! This time, I will Haruka! You monster! Let go of Mako-chan! You can't! Run, both of you! Hurry! It's dangerous to throw rocks! Haruka! Michiru! The interruptions have disappeared.
Scar, take the pure heart from that girl! SCAR! Right according to plan.
Yeah I feel sorry for her, but we have to do this.
SCAR! You're! Sorry We need the talisman at any cost.
Damn you! Scar! Get rid of them! SCAR! SCAR! I won't let you have the pure heart! So, that's why they've been hiding until now? They didn't feel anything at all as they watched Haruka and Michiru get beaten up!? That's the end! SCAR? The villain that snatches away a pure maiden's heart! As a pretty soldier, I can't forgive you! In the name ofthe moon, I punish you! VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! BURNING MANDALA! SCAR! SCAR! This isn't a talisman, either.
Wait! Please, return this girl's heart! Hurry and return it to her.
Hurry, Sailor Moon! They seem to be having a tough fight.
They're pathetic.
DEEP SUBMERGE! SCAR! Are you all right? Yeah.
- Rest for today.
- No, I can't do that JUPITER STAR POWER, MAKE UP! SCAR! SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! Jupiter! Now, Sailor Moon! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! SCAR! LOVELY! Wait! I don't know what you mean by this but you always appear like thieves and try to steal the pure hearts! You guys are just like the Daimohn! What if that's the case? I can't forgive you, especially today.
I'll straighten out that demented mentality of yours! Jupiter! Jupiter! You're being immature.
You should hold back a little.
Uranus? She's powerful.
This is Why is it here? Haruka and Michiru are here! Haruka! Haruka! Haruka! Haruka! Haruka! I'm so glad Oh M-Mako-chan.
What about that monster? She says the Sailor Soldiers came and defeated it.
- I see - Haruka! I'm so glad! I'm sorry It's because you were with me Haruka, you injured your hand! Oh, you're right Huh? This is Oh, I'm sorry.
I intended to return this scarf to you.
Haruka is wonderful after all I hope I can be a wonderful woman like her someday.
Hey, hey, what do you think of Mako-chan's attitude? That looks rather serious.
I don't know Maybe it's like usual, and she just resembled that other guy.
But isn't it a little bad? Yeah, it's bad, it's bad.