Sailor Moon (1995) s03e08 Episode Script

308 - Damp Spirits

Ami, you've been weird lately.
Something worrying you? Hey, you can talk to me about anything.
Perhaps a clumsy girl like me can't do much but I'll do everything I can.
Bad kids who make fun of my precious friends In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Oh, Mizuno.
Yes? This was in the audio/video room.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's unlike you to forget a guidebook somewhere.
Is something bothering you? Oh, no, not really.
This year is finally the year of the entrance exams.
I have high hopes for you.
Do your best.
Oh, Ami.
I heard rumors that you've been taking care of delinquent students lately.
I hope they aren't getting in the way of your studies.
If you ever feel like they're dragging you down you can come talk to me about it at any time.
Even for you, vice-principal I don't think "dragging me down" is a good thing to say.
Oh, no! That's just a play on words.
Well, I just want you to concentrate on your academics.
I'll see you around.
Dragging her down I guess that's true.
Hey, I finally found you! Oh, Naru.
You promised you'd buy me pizza for letting you copy my homework.
I won't let you say that you've already forgotten.
Oh, was that the case? Umino's share, too.
Only on my academics Hey.
Mamoru What's the matter? You look dazed there.
Something worrying you? That's not like you somehow Mamoru What do you think is left of me if you took academics away? Huh? What do you mean? I'm sorry for asking such a strange question.
But, I've been thinking lately My mother is a doctor, so I decided at an early age that I wanted to become a doctor myself.
And I've been studying without a doubt to become one.
I thought that becoming a good doctor was my dream, but It's not? I've been feeling that I really have no dream at all.
Why? I think becoming a good doctor is a wonderful dream.
But people with real dreams shine brighter.
Usagi, for example, is full of dreams She shines so brightly that I can't even compare.
True, she does have more than the average amount of dreams.
The only thing I have is academics.
Maybe I can't become a good doctor like that.
But that's a shame.
If it's a cute doctor like you I was thinking that I could bear getting a shot or two.
Mamoru, you dislike getting shots? I hate it.
- Is that funny? - Yes, it's funny.
You think so? Thank you.
I feel a little bit better now.
That's good.
Is the study group about to begin? Yes Oh, but I'm going to go swim in the pool for a bit before that.
See you.
You shine enough just the way you are.
That is the famous genius girl Then she must have a pure heart full of confidence and skills that shine.
Nobody's here.
Like it's reserved just for me.
She swims so vibrantly.
Beautiful Hello.
You came from a world of water in your past life as well.
I don't know Let's have a race.
Ready - To the other side.
- Sure.
Go! She's fast! A tie.
Um Why did you slow down? Were you trying to make me feel better? Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it that way I'm sorry! Oh? Oh, boy, you made her cry.
I didn't mean to She just wanted to be friends.
Since she's the type that isn't confident in herself she unconsciously avoided a confrontation.
And you made fun of that.
I just wanted to say that I wanted to race her with all of our strength.
Sheesh Still, I feel sorry for her like this.
I'm good for nothing What did this proverb mean again? Oh, I know, I know.
It's something about Fukusuke coming back for O-bon or not.
You mean, "spilt water never comes back to the bon (tray).
" Oh, yeah, that one! Hey, Ami, about this one?! - The special-case verbs that start with k! - Does a related object mean Guys! Studying should be done with your own abilities! Usagi is saying something decent! Do you want me to take your temperature? WHY!? Usagi, it's all right.
Everyone should keep asking the questions.
A no is a no! Ami has to study more and more to become a doctor! She's not like us! From now on, I, Usagi, will not allow anyone to get in her way! Usagi! It's all right, so don't worry about it! Ami, you just have to study! Just study? That's true Thanks, Usagi.
Oh, but I forgot something.
I'll go get it.
Really? Yeah.
Usagi's enthusiastic about studying and Ami forgot something? It's the opposite of usual.
Well, let's do our best studying.
Before Usagi's enthusiasm fades away.
I forgot something, too! What is going on?! What should I do? Did I say something bad? Even Usagi told me to just do academics But I really don't have anything else I'm so sick of this.
My partner wants a rematch.
Oh, don't run away and cause me more trouble.
Here, I'll take you to the sports center.
That's fine.
I'll walk there! Suit yourself It's a nice sunset.
You think so? Is it not that great.
? Oh? Ami.
Ami should be studying with everyone else right about now.
- But that really was Ami.
- Hey, Luna! A new Daimohn egg has been completed.
Go, in search of a pure heart! I'm glad you could come, Miss Ami Mizuno.
Or did Haruka force you to come over? I came on my own will.
I'm sorry if I made you feel bad by what happened earlier.
Or is it that you're mocking me? All I want to do is have a rematch.
I hope you'll accept.
Ami went to the sports center? Why? I don't know, but Luna's watching over her now.
Let's go there, Artemis.
- All right, then follow me.
- Sure! I hope nothing serious happens.
Ami should be enough.
Ready She's fast! She really is amazing But I won't lose! She's smiling!? They're even.
I've never met someone like this before.
I might lose.
Why am I putting so much effort into this right now? Is it because I don't want to lose? No, it's because I don't want to run away.
If I don't give it everything here, I'll end up running away It's important to not run away and give it everything I've got! Tie.
It's a tie.
See? Competing with all your strength isn't a bad thing, is it? You're right.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
It was fun.
We should do this again.
I think I'll go for another swim Mm-Mm-MON! What?! DOVLIN! I'll take your pure heart that's worried by the doubts in your life! DOVUN! Lane 1, Dovlin! Here I go! Usagi! It looks like a Daimohn's appeared! - Transform! - Yeah! MOON COSMIC POWER, MAKE UP! Stop that! DOVUN? I came here in search of a friend and something unwanted is misbehaving! For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Sailor Moon! Dovlin! Don't flinch! Just grab the pure heart! DOVUN! DOVUN! Ami! Hey, give that back! Ami is kinder than anyone! And she's smart! She's going to become the best doctor in the world! And she's my My dear friend! This isn't a talisman either! I won't forgive anyone who hurts the pure hearts of innocent maidens! Tuxedo Mask! Dovlin, get rid of these nuisances.
DOVUN! Good thing I was wearing a floating ring.
Damn you! Now, Sailor Moon! Right! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! LOVELY! Ami! Sailor Moon Ami Thank you It's a shame, but this one wasn't a talisman, either.
You're glad she's all right, I bet.
I'm sorry, Ami.
Did I say something that hurt your feelings? No, it's not that I was just a little depressed.
But thanks to Sailor Moon, I think I'll be better now.
Thank you so much.
Oh You're welcome.
It looks like you've gotten over it.
I finally understand.
It's important to do something with everything you have.
To worry is the same thing as to stop So I won't run away.
You know Is this what you call a "good mood"? Um, Ami, Tuxedo Mask here is MY Tuxedo Mask! Oh? I won't lose there, either! No, you can't! No, no! - I won't lose! - No, no, no! I won't lose! No, no, no, NO! - I won't lose! - No, no, no, NO!! Well, we can't do this forever, so let's go back and study! D'oh!