Sailor Moon (1995) s03e09 Episode Script

309 - Friendly Foes

Hey, do you know about motocross? It's a really brutal race where you cross bumpy dirt roads on motorcycles! Haruka, who loves motorcycles, is participating as well! But there are bad guys using such a race to set a trap! I won't forgive them! I, Sailor Moon, will punish you in the name of the moon! The five Sailor Soldiers! And the always unexpected arrival of that Tuxedo Mask! They are nothing but a group of noisy annoyances! Furthermore, there are the mysterious soldiers who call themselves Uranus and Neptune! These two are seeking the talismans just like us! For some reason, these two always appear wherever Daimohn are.
Perhaps they know what our plan of attack is.
In that case, use that and lure them instead! Yes! I'll make sure to lure them both out and annihilate them.
Dammit Amazing! Amazing! Haruka won by such a huge margin! Such a superior riding technique! She has a lot of talent to win against all those boys.
This is a problem What's wrong, Ami? I got so excited that I forgot one of my English vocabulary words Here! Thanks, Michiru.
Oh, Haruka! - Oh, buns-head.
- You were here? Yeah.
We were all brought here by Mamo-chan.
Hey, Haruka Tenoh.
You won, and you're a GIRL! You're awfully arrogant.
It doesn't matter if you're male or female.
Whoever is fastest wins.
What? Are you trying to threaten a girl? It's pathetic to watch losers whine.
- What was that? - Stop it! Yamada We just have to win the next race.
Let's go.
Just be careful that you don't get hurt.
Mamo-chan! Who's he? Katsutoshi Yamada.
The guy who placed second in the race that just ended.
He's very passionate about motocross racing.
A very "pure" individual.
He's the type that would have a pure heart crystal.
It looks like we should keep an eye on him.
- Leave it to me! - Please.
Welcome! Welcome! These rider dolls are really popular right now! And they're just First come, first served! Come and get them now! Welcome, welcome.
Hey, it's cute.
Let's see.
This feels good! W-What's this? Wait for me! - Usagi's over there! - Oh, Usagi! She wasn't on this bus? I didn't realize she wasn't! What should we do? She's not a kid.
She'll come later.
Sheesh, she sure is a troublemaker! Oh, no Everyone's gone now.
Let's see, the next bus is I have to wait another hour!? Get on.
Haruka! - I'll take you back.
- B-But Don't worry.
Come on.
A-All right.
Excuse me, then Hold on tight! He's going for me on purpose! Buns-head, make sure you're holding on really tight! Dammit! Sheesh! Why do you have to be harassed, Haruka? I think it was those guys from earlier.
Impossible! It really IS them! Dammit, where did they hide? I feel like I'm in the arms of a man Haruka, you smell really nice.
U-Um, what cologne do you use? Quiet! Do you have something you need from me? You! Get her! Look out! Stop with the unfair tricks! Races should be fought and won fair and square! Dammit Haruka, you're strong! I'll win! In the next motocross race, I'll make sure I win! So, it was him! - This is strange.
- Did something break? Looks like the spark plug went haywire.
The sea's grown stormy.
Get to the motocross practice area, fast! Got it! I have a sudden errand now! Since my bike's broken I don't think I can take you home.
Head over to the road there and you can catch a bus to the station.
O-Okay! I can go home by myself.
I'm sorry! I wonder what the sudden errand was? She seemed a little strange.
I wonder TIREN! I surely have the crystal of your pure heart, TIREN.
I won't let you have it your way! Who are you? By the stormy waters of Neptune Guided by a new era, Sailor Neptune acts with grace! DEEP SUBMERGE! No, this isn't a talisman.
Hurry and run to someplace safe! I've been waiting for you, Sailor Neptune! I don't care if that guy's crystal is a talisman or not.
We've been waiting for you to arrive.
What did you say? DOUBLE TIREN! What!? Die! Wait! So, Sailor Uranus is here, too Both of you can die together! Haruka sure runs fast! TIREN! All right! MOON COSMIC POWER, MAKE UP! Sailor Uranus, don't fight it.
If you fight, your friend's life is over! What? I won't let you do such an unfair thing! Who are you? For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon Battles should all be done fair and square.
I'm not allied with either of you but I won't forgive your using unfair tactics! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Enough of that! DOUBLE TIREN! Uranus, hurry! Take Neptune and run! Stay out of this! Y-You idiot! Hurry and run! Uranus! I'll defeat them! Get out of my way! I don't want to! You should be the one running away! Those two aren't doing anything together! Get them right now! CHAIN RING! Oh, no! TIREN! You don't seem to be good friends.
It's like watching a bad attempt at a 3-legged race! You must hate a partner who doesn't go your way.
You can both die now, hating each other.
Uranus, run away for now! You need to stay alive and complete our mission! TIREN! Neptune! NO!!! W-What? What are you doing? The waterfall is the other way! Follow them! Follow the two of them! TIREN! Neptune might still be alive! Aren't you worried? Are you going to abandon your friend and run away? This isn't coming off.
That hurts! Don't pull on it! Stop whining! It looks like they're gone.
Come on, let's go save her! Don't you care if Neptune dies?! If we go out like this, we'll die! You're heartless! I thought she was your partner! You really are a cruel person!! What do you know?! Neptune and I made a promise.
That if something were to happen to either of us we wouldn't be caught by our emotions to save the other.
Whoever survives completes the mission of finding the talismans.
That is what the two of us decided.
What are these talismans that you have to find so badly? I don't have to tell you! What do you mean!? People whose pure heart crystals are stolen all suffer and die! How can you be so cold like that!? Why?! You're naive.
Right now, silence is approaching the world.
Soon, something horrible will happen.
To save the world from that, we need the talismans.
Nobody wants any victims.
However, if that saves the rest of the world What would you do?! Neptune Is she dead? Where are you? Oh, sorry You're bleeding! It's a deep wound! I'm sorry I didn't notice! I'm all right! It's all right.
Really, it is.
Don't touch me! It would be a mess if it got infected.
Mind your own business! It's all right, really! You don't need to be so humble about it.
Why? I can't stand to leave someone injured without doing anything.
You are such a By the way I have a favor to ask you.
What is it? You might think it's not proper at a time like this but my back's been really itchy for a while and I can't stand it anymore! I'm sorry, but can you scratch it for me? A little further left Yeah, there, there! Oh, that feels good! You're a strange person.
Sailor Moon, huh You always got in my way, and I didn't think much of you, but Being here with you like this What about being with me? They're here This cologne I smell Could it be?! TIREN! We should go look for Neptune! They've come out! Kill them! TIREN! Here, over here, over here! Their movement! They're nothing like the uncoordinated couple they were before! CHAIN RING! Oh, those idiots! But why are they suddenly able to act in synch with each other? She's still alive! DIE! I won't let her die! W-What!? WORLD SHAKING! TIREEEEEN! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! Lovely! I'll get you for this! We did it! Yeah.
I'll give you a little bit of credit.
But I won't let anyone get in the way of our mission.
Neptune! Uranus Why did you risk your life to save me? She was the one who rescued you.
Sailor Moon did?!