Sailor Moon (1995) s03e10 Episode Script

310 - Mixed Emotions

If there's love in confessing your feelings with all your heart to that girl you've fallen for there's also love in saying nothing and watching over her bearing it all without a sweat.
A Daimohn is after such a pure heart! You're a little bug that's getting in the way! I'll punish you in the name of the moon! That ominous dream I've been having lately What is it trying to foretell? Yuichiro A young man with many worries.
What are you looking at so late at night? I-It's not that! I'm just worried about Rei's health! It seems that lately, she's doing that all night, every night Still, Rei isn't one to stop, even if we tell her to.
It should be okay once in a while.
B-But! I don't know what Rei is trying to see through but there is only one truth.
We have to let her do it until she's satisfied.
"I am my own Lord through Heaven and Earth," that is.
That is, we have no problem, right? You say that, but Hello, Rei! You shouldn't put too much spirit into it! Have a cup noodle I won't lose! Here you go! HERE! CURRY, okay to eat in 3 minutes! Spaghetti with meat sauce, easily prepared in the microwave! Your favorites: omelet lunch and tuna sandwiches! Friends of all-nighters, roasted rice-balls and natto rolls for when you need a quick stick! And the dessert: Coconut gel and bananas! Rei What in the world are you so seriously trying to foretell? Is there something that I can do to help? Rin, Byo, Toh Sha, Kai Jin, Retsu Zai, Zen.
Oh? Yuichiro? Yes U-Um, Rei? Sorry, but if you want something, can you talk to me later? This is a very important fortune Okay? Sure Oh, then have this.
You can tie your hair back.
So it doesn't get charred.
It's no good, I can't possibly stop her.
I'm so powerless.
GIoria This is the ultimate creation born from chemistry.
It truly is a LIVING art form.
That's right! A living art form The best work I've spent my heart and blood for! But you, Kaorinite! You always make a waste of these Daimohn eggs! Always, always, ALWAYS!! Please don't worry.
My plans, based on perfect calculations and harmony, are also art.
Until now, I've had interruptions that were outside of my calculations.
I will make sure to get the talismans that are necessary to get the Holy Grail.
That's right The end of this world, the arrival of the darkness and the destruction of everything! The time limit is fast approaching! Go, Kaorinite.
As you wish.
All these all-nighters are starting to get to me.
Maybe I should skip the study group Rei must be very tired Rei must be very tired Yuichiro said as he silently watched over the figure of Rei as she left.
To be continued Usagi You want to watch over someone you love forever.
Yeah, I know.
I understand that feeling.
Hey, you, Handsome.
You make me jealous! You're the best guy in Japan! Well, it's not that big N-No, that's not it.
I'm just worried about Rei Worried? Yes.
Lately, she's been saying how she can concentrate more at night, and so she's been cutting her sleep and trying to foretell something.
Her health will suffer at this rate! Oh, so, it really must be THAT! Not even doctors or the hot springs of Kusatsu can help.
Y-You have an idea what it is? Of course, I'm a girl! Something like "I can't sleep at night!" Of course, she's worried about love! L-Love?! Who Who in the world is she worried about? You are so dense! Rei's trying to see if she'll be happy if she marries you, Yuichiro! R-Reiand I M-M-Marry?! Oh, my, you're blushing.
I'm jealous, I'm jealous! I want to live with Mamo-chan, too! Oh, no! You're embarrassing me! Oh, don't tell Rei I told you this! Bye! Reiand I This is adolescence! What's with HIM? So, this is the vehicle known as the city train.
If I use this, I can automatically check all the people getting on and getting off.
This is wonderfully useful.
Now, all we do is wait for someone with a pure heart to appear That can't be! Oh, no, Haruka! I don't open my mouth THAT wide to yawn! See, you have those circles under your eyes! You're kidding! The hand on her cheek Here.
I'll take you home.
If you walk around like that, deprived of sleep you'll cause an accident.
I'm so lucky! R-Rei I-I lose Rei With a guy like that My adolescence is OVER!!!! - Ready? - Oh, wait a minute.
What's that string? You don't put on ribbons or such? This is fine.
It's something like a charm That was insulting.
Despite what you may think, I do ride safely.
Hold on tight! Oh, it's fast! Rei! Hey, wake up! Are you all right? You seem to be deprived of sleep lately.
You shouldn't overexert yourself, even with the exams coming up.
No way! If I could do that, I wouldn't be having trouble.
I'll go wash my face a bit.
I'm jealous Life is short, so maidens should fall in love! Love? Usagi, do you know something? Yeah.
Call it a woman's hunch! But that's not reliable Your hunches for what will be on the exam keep missing, too.
I keep saying exams aren't about guessing.
You don't look like you're lovesick.
Romantic worries can be hard, but you'd look a bit more excited.
Rei, you're worried about something else, right? Maybe about our new enemy? Hey, Rei, you don't have to worry all by yourself.
Care to tell me about it? Thanks, Mako-chan But I don't know myself yet.
What the reason for this unease is If I find out, then Then it will be time for the Sailor Soldiers.
Oh, but I hope it doesn't come on the day before the exam, if they can help it.
Who is that guy? Who in the world is that? Dammit! This is a beautiful song That's! Michiru Is what we are trying to do something worthless? Haruka What's wrong? This doesn't sound like you.
If it's too late no matter what we do Why are we doing this? We started this knowing that.
Haruka, the wheels of destiny have already started turning.
A new awakening will arrive again very soon.
The only thing we can do is to collect the three talismans.
For that Even if it means sacrificing everything I'm sorry.
My will was weakened by the moonlit night.
That guy's two-timing! I won't forgive him! Are you Yuichiro Kumada? Whatever you want, make it quick.
I'm busier than I look, you know.
Shut up and fight me! Do you have some grudge against me? Why don't you ask your own heart!? Here I go! Oh, well Are you all right? Not yet! This fight still is far from over! Come on Y-You're pretty good! Yuichiro? And Haruka? Hey, can you knock it off already? This is adolescence! - Yuichiro! - Rei! Haruka! Yuichiro, what's the meaning of this?! Explain it! Rei So, you're covering for him after all.
No, don't say anything anymore Haruka Tenoh You're a two-timer, but you're probably a very masculine guy.
Hey! Stop all of this that's hurting Rei, and And break up with that other girlfriend! That's all I want to say.
U-Um Who are? Rei Please be happy with him.
Shouldn't you go after him? I don't know anyone like him.
He's such an idiot Looks like it's finally calmed down.
Rei didn't come back.
I hope she didn't get soaked somewhere.
Yuichiro didn't seem to be around, either.
Maybe the two of them are sharing an umbrella, and Maybe - Usagi! - We have a problem! Everyone, come over here! This is a rather sudden departure.
Please forgive me.
Well, I'm sure you'll have a lot going on in your long life.
Fare you well.
I, Yuichiro Kumada, will never forget your kindness.
Wait! What happened? Where are you going? Please, don't ask.
I will depart on a journey tomorrow.
Alone with someone that you don't know.
It was a trip that I was going to take with you someday.
Idiot Yuichiro, you're an idiot.
We have to hurry after him! It's all right now It's not, Rei!! Yuichiro is really going away! That blockhead who jumps to conclusions can go where he wants! Rei! Yuichiro was worried about you! He really cares for you from the bottom of his heart! Then! Then, why!? Why didn't he believe in me till the very end!? Rei You just have to tell Yuichiro that! Usagi.
Don't mope about it! Go and make up! - Rei, I'll hold your bag.
- Do your best.
Thanks, everyone It looks like I won't be able to tell you goodbye no matter how much time passes.
To me, you will always be a bright part of my youth.
I'll board the Azusa No.
2 right at 8 o'clock and I I will depart from you.
TODEN! All passengers, please hurry! Monster! We finally caught one! Toden! Take the pure heart that loves someone! TODEN! All right! Yuichiro! MARS STAR POWER, MAKE UP! Hold it right there! To steal the pure heart of that man! For love and passion, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! I, Sailor Mars, will not allow it! In the name of Mars, I chastise you! Yuichiro! TODEN! Standing passengers, please hold on to the hand straps! This isn't a talisman either.
Looks like another wasted trip.
VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! The pure heart is safe.
You again The slogan of the city train is "No accidents, no violations"! If bad kids can't follow that slogan, then In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Toden, I'm leaving you with the rest! New line creation! W-What!? What's going on? Please wait for the next departure.
Front all clear! Sides all clear! All right for departure! SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! SAFETYFIRST! Look out! TODEN! New line creation! The next stop is the afterlife! Your lives are mine! EVIL SPIRIT, BEGONE!!! E-Emergency Stop!? Move! MOVE!!! Now it's OUR turn! The sin of trying to steal Yuichiro's heart is a heavy one! Prepare yourself! BURNING MANDALA! Carrying dangerous items into the train is strictly forbidden! - Sailor Moon! - OK! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! Lovely! They're pretty good.
Ouch Don't force yourself! You're hurt.
- W-What about that monster? - What are you saying? Did you have some dream after you slipped and fell? T-This is? You should think more about it.
Next time, give me a ribbon! O-Okay.
We're going home now.
Can you stand up? B-But You have to apologize to Haruka later! You picked a fight against a meek little girl! A GIRL?! Ouch You really are absent-minded! Now, give me your stuff! O-Okay Here, do you want me to lend you a shoulder? - I-I'm all right.
- It's all right.
Here, hold on