Sailor Moon (1995) s03e11 Episode Script

311 - Individual Happiness

Minako was on the volleyball team.
And she had a wonderful boyfriend! You can't! The Daimohn is after the pure heart of an athlete who sweats so healthily! I, Sailor Moon will punish you in the name of the moon! Matching clothing?! There was a good outfit at that store in Shibuya.
But isn't matching clothing unfashionable? It's REALLY unfashionable.
Oh, come on, one outfit won't hurt.
Well, I guess it'll be a memory of our days in junior high Once you start looking for memorabilia you won't last much longer! - What should we do today? - Head straight to the library.
If we don't hurry, the movie will start! Don't tug me so much! Go ahead, show yourselves off! Artemis I input all the data we've gotten so far into our computer but, unfortunately, we can't figure out who the enemy is.
What in the world are those unknown life-forms that fuse with a material from this world to become those monsters known as Daimohn? Minako Aino.
Ninth grade.
I feel doubts towards my own life in this twilight What we lack the most right now is information.
I lack something completely different.
"One who looks at love is looked at by love.
" Which philosopher said that? Nobody has ever said such a thing.
Won't a handsome man carrying a bouquet of roses suddenly approach me and say "Young lady, will you spend an evening with me?" Or something like that? Nope That won't happen.
When will I meet the one destined for me? Sorry! Oh.
Asai Aino.
Thank you.
Asai, you still play volleyball? I want to do my best until the summer tournament.
I want to win at least once.
That'll also help me focus on my entrance exams, too.
I see Yeah, you should do your best! Yeah.
You know Well, why'd you quit volleyball after you came back from England? Your flying, spinning dig was pretty amazing.
And yet, you quit so suddenly Yeah Actually, I wanted to continue playing volleyball Hey, Asai! Don't be ditching practice! Sure! Isn't our manager a pesky one? See ya! Yeah, bye Mina-- No, nothing Professor, the tea is ready.
I tried baking cookies today.
The tea is fine, Kaorinite but haven't you located the talismans we seek yet? Not yet.
I don't want to say this, but with these continual failures Perhaps your approach is mistaken? I apologize.
No good.
No good at all.
Because I've been researching so much I'm getting out of shape That's it, Kaorinite! They say that a healthy spirit resides in a healthy body.
That's it! An athlete! How about a plan that goes after a pure young heart which has a passion for sports? A wonderful idea.
I shall send a new Daimohn now, then.
It's been a while.
I should go play some sports as well.
By the way, what is your favorite sport, Professor? Stair-stepping.
- Hey.
- 'Morning.
You're unusually early for someone who's always tardy.
I haven't been lately.
So, Aino, do you have a boyfriend or something? Why? Well, I was just wondering if you did.
What kind of girls do you like, Asai? Me? I'm pretty clear about that.
If I'm going to go out with a girl, it'd be best if we could do the same extracurricular activities together.
You know, I What? Well, I looked up to you a lot when we were in 7th grade because I was always second-string and you were already the team's ace striker.
I was planning to ask you out when I made it to the starting lineup.
Oh, that was a good one! I see Oh, I get it! You're not going to play volleyball anymore? Well, we're in It doesn't matter that we're in 9th grade.
Yeah But I'm pretty busy as is.
Studying? Well, there's a lot going on.
I see That's a shame.
Well, I have morning practice now.
Hey, Usagi.
Take a look at this! Mamo-chan Right here! Where they talk about the identity of Sailor V! Oh, my See? Isn't this beautiful face under the mask amazing?! But then, that's expected, since this character was based on ME! What's wrong, guys? You all look so depressed today.
Come on, I bought these Sailor V diet chocolates and Sailor V vitamin drinks for you guys! Go on, eat up! Yeah It says I won.
Congrats! You can get a special Sailor V badge with three winning tickets! Oh, I see I'm pretty lucky.
It looks like your studies aren't going along well There it is, our teacher Ami's best line! Sorry, ma'am, but Minako, the girl of love and justice is actually a bad girl who hates to study.
She cheats on tests once in a while.
But she's totally all right! Should I stop being a Sailor Soldier for a while? Just kidding A joke, a joke.
Sorry, I'm not feeling up to this today, so I'll go home now.
Mina Artemis, take a look at this! What is it? Nothing.
Hey! Idiot! You really are as stupid as a guppy! Everyone has a time when they want to be alone.
Take that, and that, and that, and that! Sheesh! Yo.
Haruka What's wrong? Your rhythm was off in your race today.
Haruka Do you have a boyfriend? I don't.
I said that before.
But you do have someone you like, right? What kind of person does a genius female racer like you like, Haruka? Would it really be a man who has special talents? What kind of an answer are you looking for? Don't you ever wish you were a more averageschoolgirl? Do you ever get lonely because ordinary happiness is so far away? Are you sacrificing some ordinary happiness right now? No Let's see I'm not exactly sure what "ordinary" happiness would be but I don't think my current self is "abnormal.
" What I am now is what is closest to my true self.
That's what I think.
Haruka Tenoh, who fell in love with motor sports can only live in this manner, no matter what she does.
I have something more valuable than "ordinary" happiness.
I guess.
Something more valuable I'm sorry.
I have to go now.
No, I'm sorry I asked a strange question.
No Minako, was it? We should race together at the Crown again.
See ya! Something more valuable The sea is getting stormy again You're so cold! You're going home by yourself? I'm going ahead now! You have to go out with me on Sunday.
I know See ya! Yeah.
W-What is this?! HIKYUN! Everyone, the enemy has appeared! Venus Star Power, MAKE UP! Look out! Hold it right there! For love and beauty, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Venus! In the name of Venus I will have you through divine intervention of love! Don't get in my way! VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! Such a thing won't work on Sailor Venus! Oh, drat! You touched the net! Idiot.
If you weren't a sailor soldier, you could have lived a long life.
I will take that pure heart which resides inside your healthy body! Asai! No This isn't a talisman.
This was a wasted trip.
Hikyun, kill Sailor Venus and that boy.
Venus! MOON COSMIC POWER, MAKE UP! This is "Attack No.
1" for giving villains what they deserve! You only have one life, so you should go as far as you can! For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Hikyun, get rid of her.
Sailor Moon, can you crush this ball? Sailor Moon, be careful! Don't break that ball! Then What should I do? Mars! -NICE! - And that's about it! Everyone! So cunning What?! - No good - It's hard enough just dodging! I can't possibly catch something like that.
I'll take you on! Daimohn, I challenge you! SERVICE ACE! LIGHTNING HIKYUN! I am a Sailor Soldier There's something that only I can protect! Let's do it! What?! That flying, spinning receive I get it Sailor Venus is Sailor Moon! Right! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! JAPAN, GO GO GO! We did it! That was amazing, Venus! Nice receive! We didn't have much to do today.
Yeah YEAH! No We should go to a concert on Sunday.
But we can't change plans now! Aino Hey! You know If If you were able to meet Sailor Venus somewhere could you tell her thanks for saving me? What's that? Well, if I see her, I'll make sure to tell her.
Let's go.
Yeah See ya.
Young lady! Will you spend an evening together with me? Well, I'll consider that offer.
Oh, man