Sailor Moon (1995) s03e12 Episode Script

312 - Birthday Blues (1)

It's almost my birthday! I wonder what Mamo-chan will get me as a birthday gift! I want wonderful glass slippers But, but you over there! The Daimohn that completely ruins such an important day! I, Sailor Moon, will punish you in the name of the moon! Kaorinite Have you found our new target? Yes I'm sure of it this time.
Oh, is that really so? This time we have someone with a heart of unbelievable purity.
I declare it to be a talisman without mistake.
I see Then I will hand you the best Daimohn I have.
You're the only one I can count on, Kaorinite.
Thank you very much.
Today, June 30, is my BIRTHDAY! Congrats.
That's great Oh, you had a birthday too, Usagi? Let's try to act our age from now on.
W-What coldhearted people they are! W-W-W-Wait a minute! Is that all you have to say? That's it! Even if it's your birthday today don't be late for our study group at 4:00 PM! See ya! T-T-This can't be happening You guys are all so cruel! Wow, they're beautiful! They're so nice I wish someone would give me such beautiful shoes as a birthday gift I know! It's the prince who naturally brings Cinderella her glass slipper! I'll have my prince buy it for me! Oh Mamo-chan! Hey! What are you doing all of a sudden? Mamo-chan, I've been looking around for you for a long time! Oh Why is that? "Why?" he asks.
Mamo-chan is pretending he's clueless I guess what people really need after all are lovers and not close friends.
Mamo-chan, I want something as my gift.
If I'm getting something from a prince, I want glass slippers.
They're at the glass sculpture shop on the corner of the third block.
Please, buy them, buy them, buy them for me! We can go together right now! I see It must be those glass slippers after all.
Come on, Christmas is still a while off.
Of course it is! Mamo-chan, don't you know what day it is today?! Today? What's today? You're kidding! I'm kidding I'm just joking.
I wouldn't forget an important day like this.
Of course you wouldn't, Mamo-chan! Right I know! It's the day we first met, right, Usako? It isn't, you blockhead! W-What's up with that? What's wrong, buns? Tears don't look good on you.
Here Thank you.
I see, so that's what happened.
Mamoru forgot his girlfriend's birthday He has some nerve.
He's not my boyfriend or anything anymore! Oh, then does that mean I have a chance now? There you go again, Haruka.
I'm not kidding I am rather fond of you, buns-head.
Well, um, er Oh, that's right! I have to go to Rei's place! Bye! She really is cute.
But a girl like that might be the owner of a talisman.
I-Impossible Yes, Hino residence.
Oh, Mamoru? Usagi isn't here yet.
I see I don't really know why but I seem to have upset Usako.
I see.
That's what's going on Sheesh.
You were always like this, Mamoru! You don't understand how a woman feels! W-What do you mean by that? Today is Usagi's birthday, you know.
I see now.
So that's why Usako was so upset.
Maybe I did do something bad to Mamo-chan Sorry.
Did I keep you all waiting? Happy Birthday! Now, now, the main guest should sit down.
Eat up! I made these the best I could! Here you go, Usagi.
A gift from us.
A set of problems often seen on exams.
T-Thanks What's this? We held a surprise party for you so can't you be at least a little bit livelier? Y-Yeah, you're right.
Today we can forget about studying and really party! Yeah, yeah! Let's go all-out and party! It's just for today, guys.
Ami, you're so! Now, now Let's have a drink first.
I really did want a gift from Mamo-chan, too Let's see, the third block This should do it Welcome! Excuse me.
Can I have these glass slippers? Sure, right away That's?! I'm sure that was Kaorinite.
Yeah The target this time might be that guy.
Congrats, Usagi! What's wrong? You don't look very cheerful Y-Yeah I slapped Mamo-chan across the cheek.
It was sorta spontaneous, but I just couldn't forgive him You're saying Mamoru forgot that today was your birthday, right? But, Usagi, Mamoru didn't forget.
He never knew.
Usagi, did you ever tell Mamoru when your birthday was? Come to think of it, I never told him! B-But, but, if you really love each other you'd realize things like that! Then, do you know Mamoru's birthday, Usagi? Of course I do! Let's see October 10 is Sports Day and December 25 is Christmas I don't know! Sorry! I'm going to go apologize to Mamo-chan.
Mamo-chan! Usako! I'm sorry, Mamo-chan! I have been looking for you, Princess Now, let's check to see if it's the correct size M-Mamo-chan Thank you.
What is it?! SENISHENTA! I will take your pure heart that cares about that guy-SHENTA! W-What does this all mean?! Usako! Get out of the way-SHENTA! Mamo-chan! N-No! No, no, no, no, no, NO! Come on, behave-SHENTA In this case MOON COSMIC POWERMAKE-- You tried to punch me with THAT?! You are a tremendously dangerous person-SHENTA! My transformation brooch! What is this?! Now you can't fight back-SHENTA! Buns-head was the target this time? Don't worry-SHENTA! All I'll do is take out your pure heart-SHENTA! NO! Uranus, shouldn't we help her? Well She might be the owner of the talisman.
Oh? It's written all over your face.
What should you do if that really is the case? Don't be ridiculous! Neptune! Oh, this must be the light of a talisman-SHENTA! You're kidding It is different from all the previous glimmers.
What are you going to do? If it is a talisman, we'll take it, of course! Wait! That's not what I mean! If that really is a talisman then you won't return it to her, right? Y-Yeah Then that also means that girl's death.
What's? Who is it-SHENTA?! A pure heart is a ray of light that brightens the darkness of the night.
I will make sure to protect the glimmer of the pure heart!! Take this! Speak to me! Let's go! Dammit, where are you going-SHENTA? Usako You should transform into Sailor Moon as well.
Uh, about that Senishenta What happened to that girl? Actually, we've had an unexpected disturbance.
You idiot! Look for her immediately! Yes, I will look for her immediately-SHENTA! This is Can that girl be?! Uh-oh, this is bad We can't do anything about it.
We should retreat for now.
But, my transformation brooch! Now isn't the time to be saying such things.
The person that they're after is YOU.
O-Okay I'm sorry, Usako It's all my fault that you're in this dangerous situation.
T-That's not true Come on, Tuxedo Mask, let's hurry! Yeah There they are-SHENTA! You found them?! Yes! Follow them! Yes!! Looks like they've found us Tuxedo Mask, please leave me here and run! I'm sure that I got in your way and let them find us! - That's not true! - B-But You should give up.
I won't let you run away anywhere.
I know! Luna! Help me, Luna! It's no use trying to call your friends here, Sailor Moon.
Are you sure about this, Uranus? Yeah.
It's okay Our mission is to collect the three talismans and get a hold of the Holy Grail.
For that purpose, a little sacrifice is unavoidable.
Uranus Should we really have eaten all of Usagi's cake? It's all right! It is! I'm sure she made up with Mamoru by now.
I'm jealous.
Me, too.
I can't quite solve this equation Everyone, we have a problem! What's the trouble, Luna? Something must have happened to Usagi! Everyone, it's time to act! - All right! Let's go, everyone! - Right! Stand back, Usako.
Tuxedo Mask When they drop their guard, run away.
Got that? Now, I challenge you! How stupid Senishenta, take care of him.
You're pretty tough-SHENTA Usako, now! I couldn't do such a thing - Hurry up! - R-Right I said you won't be able to escape.
Usako! Where are you looking-SHENTA?! Your opponent is ME-SHENTA! Don't you want to get this back? T-That's! You don't need it? If you don't need it, I guess I'll destroy it.
Now be obedient and let your pure heart be taken! Otherwise Stop it! Usako!!! Fool! Impossible! U-Usako Mamo-chan!