Sailor Moon (1995) s03e17 Episode Script

317 - Related by Destiny

Haruka and Michiru are very beautiful.
I'm sure that they met each other in a very wonderful way.
Especially since Haruka said that Michiru was "more than a lover" Maybe No! No way! Hey, now You with the perverted thought over there! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Back then, I wanted to become the wind.
I just wanted to be like the wind Wrestling free from the domination of gravity and plunging forth into the vast reaches of the sky That was the kind of person I wanted to be If I think about it, back then I was merely fighting to escape from my destiny.
No matter when it was, what I won from my battles were all new parts of myself.
The wind is rustling about Exercise in moderation is a good stimulus for the brain.
Oh, I think I might have an idea! I guess I'll go for the final touch.
Here it comes, here it comes! The last spurt! Yes, Eugeal here.
This next target, you know How about we have a track-and-field athlete? Okay I have found one.
Then, I will prepare you a Daimohn that is best suited for this purpose Hurdler! I see, a huge gymnasium If I get accepted here next year, maybe I'll start playing volleyball again.
You'll be all right I'm sure you'll be accepted.
You guys have been working really hard lately, Minako.
I said that THEY have been.
Rei What? That nonchalant look For some reason, I was really hurt by that.
Oh, really? I felt our friendship on the rocks, and I'm not kidding when I say that.
Oh? I wonder why? Come on, let's go.
Yeah, you have it easy.
TA Girls School has a high school, and you automatically move up to it like an escalator! What a breeze! You'll be fine too, Usagi.
Ami! No matter what school it is, you can get in if you pass the entrance exams.
That really doesn't make her feel better, Ami Rei, you are such a meanie! I just stated the truth.
- You know Rei, you can - What!? Hey Over there It's Elsa Gray.
Who is that? That's Elsa Gray.
You don't know her? She's a sprinter and hurdler that competes at the national championship level.
She's a celebrity at this school.
I see You're visiting our campus So you're going to come here next year? Well, we're not sure yet.
M-Miss Elsa? You have nice, firm glutes.
Both of you are fit for running track.
If you decide to come here, join our team.
You're a strange person, Elsa.
You can join as their manager, too.
I know that I'm not athletic at all! But I wouldn't expect anything less.
Even though the team has the day off, you're practicing by yourself I used to be confident about my running.
But there was one person who I just couldn't beat She always passed by me, just like the wind.
I heard she already quit running track, but I was never able to win against her.
Even now, I'm still running in her shadow She's kinda cool - See ya.
- Thank you very much.
Target confirmed.
So I have to work hard and study more That's right, Usagi.
You're not stupid, Usagi.
It's all about concentration.
Let's do our best, Usagi.
Where there's a will, there's a way! Guys Yeah.
Captured! Something I could expect from a track athlete.
You sure can run away quickly Hold it right there! I won't allow bad girls to harass someone's wholesome high-school life! For love and justice The sailor team! In the name of the moon we'll punish you! You guys again.
Appear, Daimohn! Hurdler! Hurdler, eliminate those who get in our way.
Yes! Leave this to me, guys! VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! HURDLING! What!? HARD LINE! Let's draw lines so they're all straight! This is Haruka.
I'm at Shirakaba High School in the S district.
Okay The one under attack is Elsa Gray.
I see Yeah.
Help! I won't let you escape! Miss Elsa! Michiru and I knew Elsa Gray.
Elsa was the one who introduced me to Michiru.
That was before I had awakened as Sailor Uranus.
The illusion of destruction had cast a shadow upon my heart.
The silence is approaching.
We must find the Messiah quickly.
The ones who can do that are you, and I.
That again I hear you're very fast.
But I won't lose.
On your marks Ready! Back then, I was just fighting to escape from my own destiny.
No matter what sport I played, there wasn't anyone who could beat me.
Track-and-field was the same as the others I was just running to keep myself from being bored In the end, the only thing that kept my interest was motor sports Back then, the circuit was everything to me.
If I had not met Michiru Kaioh back then Miss Haruka Tenoh! I had heard rumors about you.
You really ARE amazing.
I have someone I want to introduce to you.
Come on over, Michiru.
This is Michiru Kaioh.
She's really intelligent AND she's said to be a prodigious painter.
She says she's interested in you.
You aren't sweating at all Perhaps you were holding back quite a bit? What do you mean? Can't you hear the sound of wind rustling? That was when I realized that she was THE person.
And that she knew exactly who I was, too.
I was born with the destiny of a soldier.
But, in my heart, I didn't want to acknowledge that fact yet because I had a hunch that if I did I was pretty sure that everything around me would change.
You're weird.
So, what do you want with me? Will you be a model for one of my drawings? I'll pass.
I don't like stuff like that That girl is Michiru Kaioh.
She sure doesn't look like a junior high student.
She must be quite popular at school, don't you think? I heard that she doesn't make many friends.
I wonder why.
She looks like a wonderful girl Yeah I heard that she doesn't like people Did you find it to your liking? Thank you for coming here tonight.
Miss Haruka Tenoh, the prodigious racer.
You seem to know quite a bit about me This piece Did you paint it? You're rather famous.
There are a lot of freakish fans of yours at my school as well One of them is a girl, but she says she still wants to go cruising along the beach in your car.
The end of the world, huh? I'm surprised that a well-to-do girl who can't even kill one bug can draw such a tragic fantasy.
It's not a fantasy! I can see THAT scene clearly! Just like you can This is stupid.
I'm Haruka Tenoh, the first Junior racer in Japan.
Memories of my previous life or the end of the world have nothing to do with me.
If someone has to do it, then YOU can do it.
I would like you to stop investigating me like that, though.
Don't say such selfish things like that! I don't want to do it, either I also have a dream -- to become a violinist I can't do something stupid like saving the world from destruction.
Is someone there? Help me What's wrong? Are you all right? Help me What!? You MONSTER! Help me Don't do it! Don't grab that.
Once you grab a hold of it you will never again return to mundane life.
You can't! He was human until just a few minutes ago! Are you all right doing this!? This is murder!! The silence is approaching If I don't do this, there will be even more victims! Are you saying that's why you don't care how you accomplish it!? That's right! I don't care what means I use! Are you really satisfied-- Look out! DEEP SUBMERGE! Where's the monster? He turned back into a human.
He's all right.
I might have killed him.
No Next time, I'm sure I'll kill.
It's not that I'm fine with it.
But I am a soldier Because I chose to do this.
Then why did you cover for me just now? If you hurt your hand, you won't be able to become a violinist.
I I didn't investigate you because you were the other soldier.
It goes back much further than when I realized you were the one.
I was watching you in your first race from close by.
I wanted to cruise along the beach in your car just once You don't rely on anyone at all.
And you are always honest to your feelings.
I'm not honest at all I keep running away.
I know about you more than you do Because I've always been watching you.
You are the one person I don't want to see walking the same path that I did But when I realized that you were the one I was happy I'm sorry I didn't mean to tell you all this I'm sorry And so I Looks like it's time for work.
Yeah Let's go, Michiru! All right, Haruka! URANUS PLANET POWER MAKE UP! NEPTUNE PLANET POWER MAKE UP! WORLD SHAKING! What!? No! Coming out all in a mess Sheesh! Hurdler, I'm leaving the rest of it to you! Leave it to me! HARD LINE! I don't fall for the same trick THAT many times! BURNING MANDALA! DASH! I'm sorry, but you can't run away from me.
Because I am the wind.
Now, Neptune! DEEP SUBMERGE! You can't! Look out! Now! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! LOVELY! How is it? Looks like this isn't it.
It's a little frustrating But the two of them sure do it well.
So, I chose this path.
No, I just acknowledged the fact that I am a sailor soldier Yes.
I must find the Messiah that will save the world I am not allowed to stand in one place.
My days are filled with battles.
But I'm glad I was able to meet you What? Let's cruise together like this forever I won't let you go home tonight.
Oh, my!