Sailor Moon (1995) s03e16 Episode Script

316 - People Who Need People

Mako-chan is training in a temple up in the mountains.
What's wrong? Are you worried about something? Mako-chan, your worries make all of us worry, too! Don't forget, all of us are right behind you! Why Why did I lose to someone like that.
!? IRONDER! It's my turn if you want power! Dammit! SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! LOVELY! I need to find a way to power myself up even more! I would like to speak with Eugeal.
Eugeal here.
I have already selected the next target.
Nothing less from you, Eugeal.
And, the next target is? A Nichiren school monk by the name of Kakusui Yakushiji.
He's been training in the mountains, for 4 years and 4 months now, to find the true meaning of life.
He is the owner of a heart with a purity rarely seen in people as of late.
By the way, Professor What shapes do the talismans come in? If the pure hearts are the real talismans They should transform into the shape of the three divine objects In other words, a mirror, a sword, and an orb.
And when the three divine objects gather in one place the holy grail is sure to appear.
DARUMAH! Oh? This postcard is from Mako-chan Mako-chan is currently training at a temple Training? OH! The temple that Mako-chan is in is right near the hotel where Mamo-chan is at! Mamo-chan is working part-time at a resort hotel right now.
This makes me a lucky girl! Y-You can't be I'm so thrilled! This is why I can't stop traveling! Come on now You should calm down a little more when you eat.
You have pieces of your lunch stuck on your cheek! Usagi, I'm hungry.
Mina, can you give us some, too? Oh, sure.
Hey, Usagi.
I'm surprised that Chibiusa didn't tag along.
I showed her that I was worthy of being her future mom and she was satisfied with my explanation.
She told me she was going to the bathroom! Then she went out the back door, leaving me here!! OOH! I'm not going to forgive her! W-Why does it end up this way? According to the guidebook, there is supposed to be a great hotel around here.
Oh! There it is! It's wonderful! Hey, why don't we sleep over in that hotel? But we're here to help Mako-chan with her training.
It doesn't matter where we sleep.
I mean, we're fine as long as we can help Mako-chan out Oh, you're saying pretty decent things today, Usagi.
I don't care where we go, as long as we can study.
Then, let's change our plans! STOP! Everyone, don't fall for Usagi's little conspiracy! What is Usagi's conspiracy? I-It's nothing Mamoru is working in that hotel! Then, how you said you wanted to help Mako-chan's training and how you wanted to study were all lies! I-I wasn't lying! Come on, it's a TRIP after all wouldn't it be more fun if there were many objectives? Right? Right?? Let's go to the temple, like we originally planned! How many steps are there? Compared to the Hikawa Shrine it's about 52 times as long.
This is killing me Mako-chan! What are all of you doing here? We're here to help your training, of course! That wasn't nice of you to come here without telling us! We'll help you in any way we can! Isn't he amazing? He does 50 laps around these mountains every day! You fell in love with that monk, didn't you, Mako-chan T-That's not it! Now, back to training! Even though it's summer, the river water is cold! Please, let me join you.
I-I can't How can I be like you, Mr.
Kakusui? I'm in a slump right now I can't give you the details, but my attacks are no good against the enemy.
If I could achieve a mental state like yours Mr.
Kakusui, I think I could get out of this slump! Why won't you speak to me!? I-It's so cold that my mouth doesn't move I might have caught a cold That smile suits you well.
"There is no path that lets me live my life other than this path.
" "Therefore, I walk this path.
" That is my favorite quote "There is no path that lets me live my life other than this path.
" "Therefore, I walk this path" However, despite this being the path I chose, whenever my training doesn't go quite as well as I want, I keep wondering if this was the right path Even you wonder about that, Mr.
Kakusui? I won't lose against anyone in terms of wondering about my life.
Found the target! Hey, Mako-chan.
Why did you come up with this idea of training so suddenly? I-I really don't have a particular reason.
Is that really so? If you're worried about something, tell us.
It's better if you don't keep your worries piled up inside you.
Though, there IS a problem if you don't have anything inside you, like Usagi What do you mean by that, Rei!? How dare you!? Take that! And that! I have nothing to do with it!! You guys came all the way out here just for me But this problem is something I want to solve on my own It's noisy What is it? Mako-chan It looks like we'll be better off not helping her after all Seems that way! W-What is this!? Oh, no I can't get any energy from this! But this gets your brain working better.
And eating this food definitely will make you lose weight! Usagi, this is the perfect opportunity for you! I don't care if I get fat.
At least when I'm traveling, I want to eat something yummy It looks like Mako-chan already left.
Makoto sure is working hard All right! Let's go to that hotel for breakfast today! Don't you think about anything other than food!? Y-You don't have to be so harsh when you ask All right, fine, we'll go to the hotel.
What are we going to do with this meal? I feel bad, since they prepared it for us.
Of course, I'm going to eat it! Speaking of the hotel Tadah! My, you are prepared Actually, me too I brought one too! See, see? I guess Ami was the only one who was seriously thinking about Mako-chan.
Ami is in a class by herself, after all! A-Actually, I Oh, man! A meal just has to be like THIS! M-Mamo-chan! Oh Usako? Is everyone here? What a coincidence, to meet here of all places! Gee, you really can't lie well Mamo-chan, let's go out somewhere and play! Sorry, but I don't have time for that.
This place pays really well, but the workload is pretty tough Hey, Chiba! Come over here for a sec! Sure! How boring.
Cute All four of them aren't bad.
That girl is rather cute.
Hey, why don't you go talk to them? That girl's eyes really catch my attention! So wonderful Hurry up and go over there! Come on! Hey, those girls over there are even better! Oh, you're right! Let's go over there! W-What was that? Huh? It's Haruka and Michiru! Oh, so you're here too, buns-head? Yeah! Hello! What a coincidence Michiru, your swimsuit is gorgeous! Thank you.
But your swimsuits are all lovely, too.
I-Is it really that great? Usagi, why don't we start heading back? B-But, I want to stay here a little longer Usagi, no matter how long you hold out here you won't be able to go on a date with Mamoru! Hah! Bull's-eye! Sheesh, Rei, you're so mean to me! Take that! The wind is bringing me the scent of the humid sea.
Something IS going to happen.
Just like Rei said, I couldn't go on a date! H-He's asleep Sorry about that You're in the middle of your training Sometimes it is important to relax and get rid of the excess power.
Was that a poor excuse? Get out of the way! Captured! Mr.
Kakusui! People cannot live alone Don't force yourself Mr.
Kakusui!! JUPITER STAR POWER MAKE UP! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! Oh? I, Sailor Jupiter, will not forgive anyone putting their hands on Mr.
Kakusui! A Daimohn is enough to fight against you.
Appear before me, Daimohn! Darumah! Hold it right there! Even if your evil plans make heroes of justice stumble 7 times they will always stand up an 8th time! For love and justice A pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! And we'll chastise you, too! Leave this to me! This time, I'll make sure I defeat this thing by myself! SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! Thanks for the hard work, but this isn't a talisman.
She sure runs away quickly Shall we help? I'll do it myself I'll defeat it by myself! Don't force yourself to do so.
Jupiter, don't force yourself to do this! We can combine our powers! The five of us come together as one! Believe in everyone! We all fight together! People cannot live alone Don't force yourself I'll believe in everyone And I'll fight with everyone! Now! Sometimes it is important to relax and get rid of the excess power.
SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! It looks like Mako-chan resolved whatever it was that was worrying her.