Sailor Moon (1995) s03e15 Episode Script

315 - Tainted Tea Party

Come on, Chibiusa! If you're going to be coming by again, tell me in advance! Even without you, we're REALLY busy because we have new enemies and mysterious soldiers! I'm fine with having Sailor Chibi Moon around, but if you trouble the others I'll punish you in the name of the moon! I, Chibiusa, also known as Small Lady, have returned to the 20th century for some training.
I hope you guys will be nice to me! Returning here Who decided on that? Oh, that's right I have a letter from Mom.
A letter? Let me see Can you read it for me, Minako? Oh, sure.
- Wait a minute! - Okay, I'll read it.
"It seems that you are able to train our Small Lady.
" "Oh, my, how can I thank you!" "Thanks, and I trust you with my daughter.
" so it says.
What, that's it!? Neo Queen Serenity really is Usagi in a way Yeah, yeah.
What do you mean by that? I know what you mean, Luna.
Because this letter has no kanji in it! Oh, my god, you're right! See? There are traces of where she erased kanji that she made mistakes on Why doesn't she check with a dictionary? I'm sure because that's too tedious.
It really IS Usagi in that way Um If we have time for that, we should worry about Chibiusa now, right? But training? What in the world will she be doing? If she's getting training to be a real princess she doesn't really have to come over to this era.
I just hope Usagi's clumsiness doesn't rub off onto her Really That's what I'm worried about Mars from the future said that too! She also told me many stories about Usagi's stupidity.
REI! What did you tell Chibiusa!? I don't know.
The one that talked to her was Mars-from-the-future.
S-S-Same difference! You were badmouthing about me! Don't worry.
I'm not going to be clumsy and make mistakes like Usagi.
We'll help out in whatever way we can, so feel free to ask us.
Well, I'm going to go train now! There's something else in here.
Usagi in the 20th century--" "Studying while young really was important.
" "Make sure you do it well," she wrote.
She really IS Usagi after all I don't want to study!! The 20th century is a great place after all I can relax so much here! Small Lady, you have to learn something in the 20th century.
That is how to make friends.
Friends? Yes.
These valuable encounters will help mature you.
Wait! Hurry, hurry! ValuabIe encounters, huh? Valuable encounters H-Hey This Did you drop this? Yeah, that's mine.
Got a problem with that? Hey, girl, which do you prefer, bell peppers or shallots? How about some coffee-- oh, wait, since I put milk in it coffee-flavored milk-- with me at dawn? Are you all right? Hold yourself together! The wound is deep! Don't give up! This calls for the last resort Look at this! My little elephant! You idiot! Ouch! Is it punishment in the name of the moon? I'll punish you when we get back home! Y-You monster! Who's the monster!? Even though she said "a Iot of friends" I do want to choose them, at the least.
I'm sure he was over here Hey, Chibiusa.
Mamo-chan! It's Mamo-chan! It's Mamo-chan!! Come on now You know, I came here for training.
Training? Yeah.
Mom and Dad in the future said that I should, too.
Come on! Chibiusa! Mamo-chan is on a date with me right now! He's MY Mamo-chan! No, you can't! - Get away from him! - I don't want to! Hey, how about we all eat takoyaki together, and not fight? Here, I'll feed you some, Mamo-chan.
No, that's what I do! No, ME! Oh, and here I thought it was some happy family.
The last time I saw you was at the festival, right, kiddo? Haruka.
They're so pretty They're just like Mom and Dad.
Chibiusa, Haruka looks like that, but she's a woman.
And your mom from the future is me, right? That just HAS to be a mistake! Mamo-chan I can understand, but I've been thinking all along that you You know What!? Will you two cut it out already? Okay We're going to have some tea now.
Would you like to join us? - Oh, no, I'll pass for today-- - Oh, tea? Sounds wonderful.
I wanted to have some right about now.
And cake with lots of whipped cream, and cookies Oh, pudding a la mode is also something that I wanted to have right now huh? By tea, you meant You're He's Tamasaburo, the master of the famous Japanese tea style "Yaburakoji Burakoji.
" Welcome.
It's destiny.
Tea is great Your heart finds peace.
It's too HOT, you idiot! I think I've had enough for today.
Oh, I have an idea! Yes? Japanese tea ceremonies? I have found one.
Very well.
Then, I shall now prepare a Daimohn most fit for that purpose.
CHA-GA-MA! Ch-Chibiusa, my feet fell asleep! Let's go home! I'm going to sit through this! I'm different from you, Usagi! I see that the little one is doing a better job.
Wow, odango! Thanks, I'll have some! If it's too strenuous for you, feel free to sit in a more relaxed manner.
No, I'm all right.
I shall show you something nice, then.
Master How considerate of others The master is doing all of this on purpose to relieve the tension of the tea ceremony for you little ones.
That bowl Its rarity is at the level of a national treasure, and if you were to buy it it would be over 10 million yen.
O-Over 10 MILLION yen!? Oh, I'm all right.
Please, s-s-s-stop! Something that costs s-s-several million My feet are asleep You're a little heavy Sorry I just I hate this! You embarrassed me in front of Tamasaburo! I HATE you, Usagi! I was embarrassed too in front of Haruka and Michiru.
You got what you deserved.
What was that!? Usako! Are you getting fond of Tamasaburo, Chibiusa? Um Mom told me She told me to make a lot of friends in the 20th century That it will create valuable encounters I see.
You didn't have that many people to play with in the future world, did you? So that was it? If you had told me so earlier, I would have encouraged you.
If you encouraged me, Usagi, things would be in a bigger mess! Wha--! Well, at least we now know what's going on.
Both of you, make up.
I I'm going to make sure I can be his apprentice! Don't get the kimono dirty.
You're so cheap it's not like you're going to be wearing this again.
- You don't have to call me cheap! - Cheap, cheap, REALLY cheap! If you're going to call me that, give me my kimono back! That was Eugeal! She went into Tamasaburo's house! Luna! What are you doing!? I seem to be stuck here, and can't do anything Maybe you should go on a diet then At least you can help me out a little bit! Oh, did I hit something? May I ask who you are? Captured! Tamasaburo! MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE UP! Such a piece of cake.
You can't! I won't let you take Tamasaburo's heart away! For love and justice, an apprentice to a pretty soldier in a sailor suit! - Appear before me, Daimohn! - Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the moon from the future I'll punish you! Eh? In the name of the moon from the future I'LL PUNISH YOU! Chagarma! Someone is getting in my way! Get rid of her! Now, hand over that pure heart WORLD SHAKING! DEEP SUBMERGE! Guided by a new era, Sailor Uranus acts with elegance! Also guided by a new era, Sailor Neptune acts with grace! So you appear in front of me again! Thank you We weren't trying to save you.
Tough luck.
This isn't a talisman.
A failure.
Chagarma! You can do whatever now.
If it ends up THAT way, you can do THAT, so do THAT! Selfish woman! In that case I'll get every single person that gets in my way! Where are the others!? W-What? They're gone!? PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! Delicious.
Ouch! OUCH! Hey, you, stop that! Oh, Chibi Moon is fighting by herself! Usagi, hurry up and transform! I know that! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! Chibi Moon, leave the rest to me! Sorry to keep you waiting! The original, the true, the master! For love and justice A pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! You're LATE! What? You're the one who ran ahead! Sailor Klutz Moon! Now, I will entertain the guests! Here you go! And have the next one! And another! Ouch Look out! Here! Here! Here! Entertainment! Ouch! OW! Ouch Those who do not understand the soul of an entertainer This is the last event for you! Cherishing the fleeting encounter, and entertaining guests with a warm heart is the true meaning of the tea ceremony! I will not allow you to stomp upon such a warm heart! Tuxedo Mask! It seems that the time has come for me to truly entertain someone You shall be surprised at how I truly entertain.
Now, Sailor Moon! Okay! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! Oh, ur, I'm not ready yet I said LOVELY! This is the way it should be, Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon You know What? You know Thanks.
The little one sure puts up a fight.
So awesome I'm going to make sure I can be his apprentice THIS time! Oh? Haruka and Michiru They seem like they came back in a hurry Sorry to keep you waiting! In the awe I felt from the soldiers in my dream I found a new path for Japanese tea ceremonies.
For courtesy and manners, the handsome master in a sailor suit! Sailor Tamasaburo! YEAH! L-Let's head back