Sailor Moon (1995) s03e14 Episode Script

314 - Hello, Sailor Mini Moon

Dear Usagi, how are you feeling lately? I'm so jealous I want to see Mamo-chan, too Yup, I decided to go back there! See ya.
From Chibiusa.
What IS this!? Such a selfish little daughter will be punished in the name of the moon! Yes, this is the Witches 5 Yes, please hold on a moment.
Yes, this is Eugeal.
It's me.
I have looked through your reports How were they? They are rather well done.
Thank you very much.
I've already found yet another person with a pure heart our next candidate for the talisman.
Nothing less from you, Eugeal.
Our target is a girl famous for her skills with the Japanese drum.
I believe that this girl's pure heart is a talisman.
I am trusting you with this I guess we should alter our methods from now on, as per your reports.
I will assign a Daimohn befitting this target as your bodyguard SOYER! Hey, hey! Guys! Why don't we all go to the Juban Festival tonight? Oh, that's a good idea! Don't you think so? Then we can all look sharp in our summer kimonos - Yup, yup! Yup, yup! - Yup, yup! Yup, yup! Ami, it's all right if we take a small breather today right? Yeah, yeah! Our study group already was canceled for today I guess so Taking it easy once in a while can be a good thing.
Yippee! But anyway, I wonder what's up with Rei Why did she want to cancel the study group at the Hikawa Shrine today? I wonder if something happened It's Rei Sure is Oh, Miss Hino! I'm sorry that I'm so late! It's all right.
I just got here myself It's a girl Who said that it HAD to be a date? You can't tell from just appearances.
There are cases like Haruka, you know.
Then, she's the opposite of Haruka, and is actually a guy dressing up as a girl!? It sure doesn't look that way I have no idea what they are talking about from here.
Um How is it? Well Let's see Please! You just HAVE to help us, Miss Tohno Sorry to keep you waiting.
Who ordered the house blend? Oh, I did.
M-Miss? Was it just me? Miss? Miss Hot! HOT!! My head, my head! Why in the world are all of YOU here!? Miss Hino Yes? That offer of yours I will accept it.
Really!? Yes It'd be my pleasure.
Oh, no, the pleasure is all mine.
Juban Festival Promotion Committee? What's that? Just like it says.
It's a group of people trying to make the festival a little bit more exciting.
I take it that you're a member of this committee, Rei.
But why you, Rei? One of Grandpa's friends begged me into doing it.
Sure, that's what you say, but I'm sure you volunteered to do it! Rei, you like festivals and stuff! Like what just happened You guys caused all that! Now, now Mistakes happen to everyone.
They say that water-goblins get upset stomachs.
You mean, "Even water-goblins drown in the river.
" I'm just glad Miss Tohno is a kind person.
Who was that girl? Now listen up! That was Miss Maya Tohno.
She's an prodigious player of the Japanese drums! Japanese drums In other words, Rei -- you were negotiating with her to come play for the Juban Festival.
Correct! If Miss Tohno could beat the drums for us The Juban Festival would be more exciting.
Hey, Rei Let me beat on the drum too! There isn't a drum that you can beat on, Usagi.
Oh, wait Usagi, there IS one drum that even you can beat on.
Really!? Goldfish! How about scooping for goldfish!? Goldfish! It's the goldfish scoop! Why do we have to watch over the goldfish scooping booth? That drum looks pretty good on you, Usagi.
Then change places with me.
I'll pass.
Usagi, you said that you wanted to beat on the drums.
Yeah This one looks strong.
Thanks! See Be gentle You two You're ruining the business Missus! We'll try scooping goldfish! Can you give us scoops? We're customers! Customers! Missus huh? Here you go! Business, business Goldfish! Goldfish! Buns-head? Haruka! Michiru! Good evening.
What's this? Are all of you on a part-time job? Well I guess I know, why don't you two try scooping some goldfish? Try the goldfish scoop! All right just a little bit.
I guess so Please, please! Yeah Aren't you glad we got a cute goldfish? Oh? Cute? What, are you jealous? Perhaps They look so sharp, no matter what they do! All right! I'll try it out once myseIf! Huh? Was it just me? There she is Rei! Usagi Rei, how much longer do we have to watch over the booth-- Miss Tohno? Miss Tohno has been practicing like that for the past three hours! I told her that she didn't have to go that far because we're not paying her for this performance But she said that she can't beat the drum right unless she gets excited by practicing like that.
I thought about it when I saw Miss Tohno's drumming that the Juban festival is sure to be a success if she participates in it.
But I I guess I was a little too unfair about it.
Even amazing people like Miss Tohno work so hard behind the scenes Rei I have to do MY best to make the festival more fun! Yeah! Let's crank up the fun factor, and surprise everyone! All right, we're going to make sure this is a blast! Yeah! I have received information that the target is in this vicinity I guess I have no choice I'll call out for her.
Um, um Test, test, test What's that car? Miss Maya Tohno.
Miss Maya Tohno, please show yourself if you are here.
Miss Maya Tohno.
Miss Maya Tohno, please show yourself if you are here.
There she is! Captured! Miss Tohno's heart crystal! Let's transform! Yeah! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! MARS STAR POWER MAKE UP! I will now go ahead and take the crystal Hold it right there! Those who are after the pure heart devoted to the Japanese drum .
are all enemies of the Japanese traditional arts! For love and justice The pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Just as she said For love and fire, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Mars! I'll chastise you in the name of Mars! I see So you are the Sailor Soldiers I am one of the Witches 5.
I am Eugeal! Witches 5? Eugeal? Appear before me, Daimohn! Soyer! Get rid of those that get in our way! You gotta dance! Guided by a new era, Sailor Uranus acts with elegance! Also guided by a new era, Sailor Neptune acts with grace! Hey! Don't you dare touch MY crystal without my permission! I know this is your all-important first battle, but it looks like a loss for you.
What?! Too bad.
This isn't a talisman Dammit! Soyer! I'm trusting you to take care of the rest! You're not going to help them today? If I help them every time, I would be providing them with too much support That's true.
Now, I think it is about time to beat on this drum! By a drum do you mean US? Here we go! Please, try her out first! What are you saying!? Because that looks like it'll HURT! Hold it right there! Who is it this time!? You really are worthless without me! You should really hold yourself together! T-That voice For love and justice, an apprentice to a pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the moon from the future I'll punish you! Chibiusa? All right! I'll get rid of YOU first! PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! That's strange Ouch What's the matter? PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! There! Now, Sailor Moon! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! LOVELY! Usagi! I can't see well! Do something about it! You sure have an attitude for someone getting a piggyback ride! Oh, she's a cute girl Oh, thanks That girl Don't you think she looks like you, buns-head? We don't look alike at all! She's just my cousin.
Everyone! We would now like to start Miss Maya Tohno's Japanese drum performance.
Miss Tohno, please go ahead.
By the way, Chibiusa Why did you come back over here? My mom told me to get some training in the 20th century.
What does that mean!?