Sailor Moon (1995) s03e19 Episode Script

319 - Everything Comes Up Rosy

The moon whispers in the breeze.
A waltz drifts in the air of the mansion of roses.
And a song of hope for the future, sung in a high voice by a Daimohn Hey, wait a minute! That's not a waltz at all! You're just singing a strange yodel! The rhythm of a waltz is un-deux-trois! An afternoon in the late summer heat.
In your nicely air-conditioned room the happiness as I have a romantic daydream.
USAGI!! It's no time to be daydreaming! Sheesh, Usagi.
You're so You have to keep yourself together.
You said you wanted me to tutor you Let me guess, the air conditioning was what you were after? No, not at all The herb tea is delicious too Oh Thanks for the compliments Ami, what are you doing? Did you find an interesting book? Yes all academic books of very high caliber.
Basic Dictionary of Ancient Babylonian Language.
Fluid Mechanics and Wave Mechanics.
Computer Programming Languages and Symbolic Logic.
You Can Make Your Own Curry Dishes from Around the World.
But, these subjects don't seem very consistent All of them are really interesting.
I just can't bring myself to specifying any one field as my major.
Wow, that's amazing! Wouldn't you say that you're a jack of all trades but a master of none? Just for reference That's not really a compliment.
You guys really DO need to study some more.
Well, we'll start with the English readers.
I'm terrible at English! In your case, Usako you're terrible at English AS WELL, right? Hey, someone's here! Coming, coming! U-Uh We're fine if you're selling newspapers I AM English NO, NO, CAN'T see? Young lady, is Mamoru around? M-Mamoru IS here, that he is Oh, man! You can speak Japanese! Edwards! Hello, Mamoru.
Long time no see.
Hello, young ladies.
Mako-chan, I don't think that's quite it I was afraid of that.
If you'd like, you can have some tea No, don't mind me.
Actually, a group of youngsters are coming over to my place again today.
They told me to invite you to the gathering.
Thanks for coming all the way out here Oh, I just came here as part of my daily walk.
Oh, yes, if they would like to come, the young ladies are also invited.
It's a very fun party.
Party!!? Edwards is an English gentleman who lives in the European mansion on the outskirts of town.
So he's the much-rumored English gentleman who lives in that European mansion! Yeah.
Edwards often invites young exchange students to his mansion, and holds parties for them.
The mansion on top of the hill The graceful melodies of a waltz It's wonderful that you can communicate between cultures with people from various countries.
In a wonderful European mansion a party with Mamo-chan! Starting today, I too am a global person! But the fact that it's a party for exchange students Yeah.
Most of the conversation is in English.
Most of the conversation is in English.
So, in order for you not to be embarrassed at the party let's brush up your English skills.
Party with Mamo-chan But in English.
T-That's why we're going to go over English now, right? Party with Mamo-chan But in English.
Hello? Usako? I guess we're calling it a day now We couldn't study at all again today The elegant melody of the waltz.
The three-beat rhythm represents intelligence, education, and the will to fight.
It is the ultimate music that represents us, the Death Busters.
Excuse me a moment The song title is ""Hope for the Future.
"" It's a piece I composed when I was young.
In other words This time, we're targeting someone with a pure heart that fits the images of a waltz well.
Yes and the "Hope for the Future" as well.
Yes An owner of a pure heart who loves a waltz and is passionate about hope for the future.
Gloria! I-I didn't know that this was a waltz at all P-Professor!? Professor!? Professor!? Sheesh, what part of that was a waltz!? Boy, I have a bad feeling about this Chiquon! You're kidding! W-What was that!? Wow, lots of handsome guys! Lots of tall people! They really ARE talking in English!! Usagi, love has no boundaries!! The one who talks wins! You say that, but Usagi, this is a chance to really use English! Try your best! I haven't studied enough to think that this is a chance! L-LONG TIE T-They're coming!! Mamoru, please hurry up and introduce us to these lovely young ladies.
They are very good at Japanese.
We do attend a Japanese university.
We lucked out, Usagi.
Where's Usagi? Maybe in the bathroom? H-HOW ARE YOU NICE? NICE TO? MEAT No, not that MEET YOU Everyone is so amazing! Even Rei and Mako-chan are speaking in English Well, for now, I'll drink some juice and calm down.
Mamoru, you should pursue theoretical physics.
It's a wonderful field.
George, you shouldn't force your likes on others What are you studying, Ned? They all study very advanced subjects They are reliable young individuals.
It's my pleasure to provide this mansion as a place for them to socialize.
A beautiful waltz, and young individuals who are full of possibilities.
Life is rosy when you have those two things.
That is what I believe.
That's amazing I think I can see that rosy future.
I want you to become one of those people who create that rosy future.
Yes, I will do my best.
All too amazing.
The conversation level is so high, I can't keep up.
Ami really IS a genius.
Hey, Mamo-chan! Usagi? The pudding of relativity? Let's see Well, in other words, you take eggs, milk, and sugar, and you stir it all up.
Then you put a lid on it, and for about 30 minutes you steam it Oh! If you forget the whipped cream, you're no good as a woman.
Interesting to make a metaphor out of the theory of relativity and pudding That's a pretty unique perspective.
Oh, mister, you're speaking Japanese! You're such an Edo kid! Have some sushi, yeah! U-Usako? Now, Mamo-chan, you too.
About international socialization Make it flamboyant! Usagi, you are an individualist.
DON'T WORRY Big bowl, curry! Lady, if you could come over here SEE YOU AGAIN! I won't give you anything! Mamoru, escort the young lady over to the balcony Right Everyone, we have invited two new guests tonight.
Please direct your attention to the stage.
Miss Haruka Tenoh and Miss Michiru Kaioh.
Haruka!? Michiru, too! Everyone, listen Usagi is? Here, have some water.
How did she drink booze-- I didn't drink booze at all I drank some juice.
Like this Just like this - Usagi, wait a minute! - Usagi, pull yourself together! Show time.
Are you all right, Usagi? Somehow Hello, girls.
Good evening.
This is a wonderful party.
A waltz just started.
Mamoru, would you care to join me in a dance? No! Mamo-chan's dancing with ME Oh, my then buns-head can dance with me.
Yes, gladly! That's it You're pretty good.
Yes it's just like I'm having a dream.
Usagi is dancing.
It's thanks to Haruka's lead.
I'm jealous I want the next dance All right! We'll arm-wrestle for who goes next! C-Can we make that paper-rock-scissors, at least? G-Guys Ready, set The master of this mansion apparently helps young individuals, and he never holds out.
When he was young, Edwards gained his wealth by stomping on top of other people.
He'd firmly believed that money was what you needed to build a brighter future.
However, he realized something one day.
Without family or friends, he was all alone.
He wondered who he could entrust the rosy future to Rosy future? He's a romantic person, isn't he? A future is something that you need to pay a huge sacrifice to attain.
Even a future that you get by paying many sacrifices means nothing if there is nobody to look after it.
It's impossible to do that by yourself Ready, set, toss! Tie, set, toss! Tie, set, toss! Tie, set, toss! - Hey, Rei put her hand in a bit late! - Hey, I haven't done such a thing! - Sure you did! - Did not! Oh, tres bien! Khorosho! What a fitting couple! U-Um Can I ask for the next dance? Hey, that's not fair.
I would like the next dance Young lady, I would like the next dance No, with me U-Um, hello? Oh, boy, the next dance already started.
Hey, Mako-chan, guys What are all of you doing? Hey, Mamo-chan H-Haruka I-Impossible! What in the world have we been doing? Young ladies Dancing is a fine thing, but how about something else? Can I ask you to join me for a little while? I can show you a very special place.
A special place? Wow, this is beautiful! How beautiful! Hey, that area must be the Juban district.
I feel like I'm in some dream! I take it that you are satisfied with this? Yes! It truly is wonderful! Thank you very much.
My dream is that young individuals nurture a beautiful future much like the flowers in this garden.
I am looking forward to all of your futures as well.
Well, I will have drinks and some cake brought out now.
Yippee! U-Usagi To make such beautiful flowers bloom Mr.
Edwards is such a kindhearted person.
A waltz, young people full of hope, and Mr.
Edwards' pure heart It's just as though this mansion is filled with a rosy future No! Don't open that door! Oh, no! W-What in the world is this? Y-Young lady Hurry outside! Young lady? Edwards! Captured!! Well, you do want to choose your own cake.
What is this smoke!? This one looks very likely NEPTUNE PLANET POWER MAKE UP! URANUS PLANET POWER MAKE UP! DEEP SUBMERGE! We can't let you take this.
Daimohn!! Backing up, backing up Appear, Daimohn! Daimohn? Hey, what are you doing!? T-The dress is heavy Oh, I have a headache I want to go home now Not so fast! The bell for midnight hasn't struck yet! If you're already saying that you're going home, you definitely aren't Cinderella.
An intruder, an uninvited one! The witch in Sleeping Beauty, the evil lord in Swan Lake Villains who disrupt parties are always defeated! Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Odette, and ur In the name of all the others! We'll punish you! Another cause for a headache! This isn't a talisman.
There you have it.
It was a wasted trip, Eugeal.
So my bad feeling was right! Chiquon! Chiquon! So, I'm leaving the rest for you! Chiquon! UN DEUX TROIS! UN DEUX TROIS! Sailor Moon! Chiquon! I can't stand to watch this.
WORLD SHAKING! Uranus! Whoops, was that unnecessary? How do you do? Chiquon! Oh, it hasn't been defeated yet! It's rather persistent! Chiquon! Hell's Waltz! What in the world is this!? What is this!? Even if you throw musical notes This is totally unfair! If you're a record player, why can't you fight using music like a record player!? Sheesh! You have a good point there.
In that case A brand-new composition that I just finished right now! The Devil's Yodel! It hurts! W-What is with this sound!? This sound stimulates and destroys the central nervous system of people! Who is it!? The sound of music is meant to be appreciated! It is not something to give pain to other people! Tuxedo Mask! I will not forgive anyone who defiles beautiful music! Oh, no, my last weapon! Now, Sailor Moon! Okay! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! I shouldn't have thrown away the bell! LOVELY! Did I fall asleep or something? Oh? I didn't notice anything Oh, man, they look so happy I'm jealous Oh, yeah, where's Haruka? I have to ask her for a dance! All right! We can play rock-paper-scissors again! - All right! - Y-You guys Believing only in a rosy future, and entrusting that dream to the next generation.
I guess that's one way to live.
But we have no time left.
The silence of this world is quickly approaching.
To prevent that from happening, we must hurry up and find the talismans