Sailor Moon (1995) s03e20 Episode Script

320 - No Turning Back

Well, it's true that of the five of us only Minako hasn't had her pure heart hunted.
But none of us are thinking that Minako doesn't have a pure heart! No, not at all! So please calm down, Minako! Sheesh, who said such a thing!? In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!! Hello? This is Eugeal.
Actually, I'm calling because I noticed something strange Oh? A human shadow appeared amongst the data for the Grail.
Just as I thought That is the user of the Grail.
The user of the Grail? Yes.
If the Grail ends up in hands that will aid us the world of darkness that we long for will be completed.
However, if someone who is against our beliefs gets a hold of it our objective will be crushed! We must get a hold of it before anyone else, no matter at what cost! We must!! Where is this user of the Grail? We must first get a hold of the Grail See you later.
By the way, Professor You broke the phone receiver just now, didn't you? I will have there pair costs Deducted from your paycheck.
I want the Sailor Soldiers to pay for it I'm done! You did it! 23 minutes! That's a new record! These were really hard problems! I'm so amazing! You did it! Congrats.
That was pretty well-done for Usagi.
Thanks! It's all thanks to you guys! Oh, wait.
The calculations are off right here.
So, the answer becomes this.
Why? WHY!? Usagi, you are doing what you can There, there I don't wanna do this anymore! Don't cry each and every time! But Although I said it's a mistake See, it's a simple one.
You just have to be careful next time.
I know I'm going to make a mistake somewhere else next time! I'm sick of all of this! I don't want to go through such pain!! So what about this much pain!? Have you forgotten about when a Daimohn took out your pure heart crystal!? That's right.
Compared to the pain we felt back then, studying can even be thought of as fun! Let's do our best, Usagi! All right I understand It really was painful back when it happened.
Yeah It felt as painful as when I chugged down a 1.
5-liter bottled soft drink! That was it!? Oh, maybe the pain was that plus about 10 balls of rice! Yeah! I see Something wrong? Hey, Artemis Why do you think Daimohn don't come after me!? Everyone other than me had the crystals of their pure hearts sought after Maybe you're not pure? Oh, no, that can't possibly be it! It can't, right? Maybe because I quit playing volleyball that I loved so much I'm not as focused on one thing? Are you worried about it? Not really Usagi! I'm sorry, did I hit you? Are you all right? I'm okay, I'm all right! But enough of that.
Are YOU all right, Minako? About what? You know You mean how I'm the only one that Daimohn hasn't come after? Of course I'm not worried about that! Geez! Anyway you look at it I'm not convinced that I'm the only one without a pure heart! Of course not! This time, for sure Hey, are you REALLY not worried about it? Of course not! Maybe you are thinking too much, Artemis.
That's right! Minako wouldn't be worried about something like that So what part of me isn't pure!? Sheesh! If they don't realize how pure I am, the enemy really isn't that formidable.
Hello? Minako You can't possibly be considering getting yourself targeted, right, Minako? You can't! You absolutely can't do that! It's better if you don't.
What would happen if they took out your pure heart crystal!? If that happens, I'll get it back myself.
That's impossible! You just CAN'T do that! Please!! I was just kidding Now let me go! - You're kidding.
- You're kidding.
Hey, Minako.
You know, Usagi has a pure love for Mamoru But she has a pure love for eating and sleeping as well.
And she has a pure hatred for studying, so she purely wants to ditch studying.
But if you're saying that THAT is a pure heart then you have to realize that she's just an idiot.
Thanks a lot Even the enemy can't see through to your true purity, Minako.
As I said, I'm not worried about it! Sheesh! Usagi Yeah? I have a favor to ask you.
What? Can you take half of these? I kinda don't want to Let's leave her alone for a while You're right.
Considering how Minako is, she won't do anything too irrational.
You think so? A pure heart is A heart that deeply focuses in on one thing at a time That's true, Usagi is one who concentrates on one thing at a time, so much to be considered foolish.
Compared to that, I think about so many aspects of things Maybe I'm more mature in that sense? Hey.
Oh, hello.
Haruka, Michiru What do you think a pure heart is? What are you talking about? Can it be that she knows about the talisman!? T- T-!? T-!!? T-aking for instance, is there something that someone with a pure heart is likely to be doing? T- T-? T-ry doing something that is for the good of others.
Doing something for the good of others!? Please help us with the Blood Donation of Love.
We currently are short on blood for transfusion.
- For instance, donating your blood - Thank you very much! I guess we read too much into that.
Perhaps we are starting to be rushed But, she took us seriously, although I said that off the top of my head A dangerous purity.
Um Take these! They're tokens of my thanks.
I don't want this Donate blood! Donate blood! Donate blood! Donate blood! Please go ahead! Don't be bashful, you can take as much as you want! It's for the good of others, for the good of the world! Eugeal Have you found a new target? Yes.
The owner of a pure heart type that I can't yet figure out However, I feel that the Sailor Soldiers will once again get in our way.
Well then, I shall prevent their intrusion! I will make a Daimohn to do just that! I'm Minako Aino, and I'm here to donate blood! I may look young, but I'm 18! So, you can go ahead and take as much as you want! I'm doing something for the good of others I'm so pure I'm TOO pure! Yeah, and every day she lies about her age, going from one donation area to the next! I'm surprised she's able to keep it up Well, just stay by her side in case an enemy attacks her.
And make sure she's getting proper nutrition.
Yeah, you're right Donate blood! Donate blood! Donate blood! Donate blood! I still think we should stop her If Minako's heart crystal turns out to be a talisman, it would be too dangerous.
But If that's the case, she'll be targeted sooner or later That's true So, in the end, we have to save her when that happens.
But, thinking about this Is Minako, who's running around donation areas for her own pure heart, really pure? T-That's Minako! I got you Morimorin-C and Vitavitan-A! Drink these, and do your best! Thanks! That hits the spot! She's p-pure! Minako is pure too! - Pure, pure, pure.
So pure.
- Yeah, pure! She is pure.
Well, off to the next spot! Captured! Minako! A pure heart It came out! I'm glad for you, Minako Now, hurry up and put it back inside Impossible! Minako! Wait! Eugeal!? - What does this mean!? - Guys, hurry! Artemis! There are bottles at your feet! - Artemis! - I'm sorry W-What horribly strong mental powers Wait! Don't come any closer to that girl! What!? How arrogant! Come out, Daimohn!! Doorknobder! When going out, one word to your neighbor, and lock the door! Go lock up.
I will go lock up! Completed! Who is it? Haruka, and Michiru too? If you didn't stick your nose into other people's business, you'd live longer.
What should I do? If I transformed here But We can't possibly transform here Hold it right there! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! What!? So it WAS her! Wanting to cherish a pure heart To come after the innocence of such a maiden is something I can't forgive! For love and justice the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Doorknobder, kill her! - Huh? - Don't give me "Huh?"! I'm for locking up, and not really good at combat - DO IT! - Sure.
DOORKNOB RELUCTANCE ATTACK! See, you can do it if you try.
Now You can't! I can't give you that.
Doorknobder, get rid of them first! RELUCTANCE ATTACK! We have no choice.
I agree.
NEPTUNE PLANET POWER MAKE UP! URANUS PLANET POWER MAKE UP! Haruka and Michiru were Three Sailor Soldiers!? WORLD SHAKING! Most unfortunate.
Wait, stop that, Michiru! Please! Please return that crystal! This isn't a talisman.
What!? BURNING MANDALA! SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! SHINE AQUA ILLUSION! There are Sailor Soldiers outside as well!? Doorknobder! Get every last one of them!! DOORKNOB DESPARATION ATTACK! DEEP SUBMERGE! I told you, I'm not good at combat!! Now, Sailor Moon.
Y-You should get rid of HER first! Out of my way! MOON SPIRAL WITCHES EUGEAL HEA FI RT ATTACK! RE BUSTER!! LOVELY! Don't move! Even Sailor Moon's ultimate attack was no match for this Fire Buster which is currently being registered as a practical model! Now, all of you get together into one bunch.
Otherwise, I'll make a roast out of that girl lying right there.
I'll send all of you to the afterlife in one group! What!? VENUS STAR POWER MAKE UP! T-They're ALL Sailor Soldiers!? VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! Dammit! Just you wait and see! I saw who you REALLY are!! Backing up! Wait! Haruka Michiru Please, tell me.
What is your real objective? Why do you try to get the talismans, even if it means sacrificing human lives? Don't probe where you don't have to.
It's better if you don't get too deeply involved.
But Enough! Haruka and Michiru are Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune!? Does that mean that they really are enemies? I don't want to believe that They found out who we are.
We might have been foolish to transform back there I don't regret it.
That so? If we hadn't, we wouldn't have survived And I wanted to save those girls.