Sailor Moon (1995) s03e21 Episode Script

321 - Destiny's Arrival

Please, Haruka Michiru Stop chasing after someone's pure heart I'm sure we can work it out.
Because we are the same We're Sailor Soldiers! Even if we don't have the talismans, we can save the world! I'll show you.
I'll save the world! So unfair of you to go off into your own world.
Don't leave me here I saw a dream this morning Yeah I feel it even after I'm fully awake I've never felt this way before You're right Then You noticed it too Of course I noticed I'm sure of it Today, a talisman will appear This should allow me to specify the owners of pure hearts that have the talismans hidden in them for sure.
Ouch! Ouch Who would do such a thing? That really hurt because I was barefoot What's this? What are the lab snails doing in my locker!? Snail Woman in the Station Wagon Should Crash and Die!! Hey, did you hear? Chief Eugeal failed again! Oh, my she made waste of yet another Daimohn that we had the professor make us? She's so calculating, but she's more like Klutzeal.
Really I would like old hags to just retire.
You shouldn't say that, guys Don't say such bad things about our chief Maybe it's finally my turn next! Sorry to break your bubble! I got a phone call from the professor today, saying he wanted to talk to me! Not fair! Why were you the only one to get such a phone call, Mimet!? Dammit How dare they Make such fun of me! They forget exactly WHO taught them their work Especially Mimet! I can't forgive her! She always acts so cutesy in front of me She really has two different faces I'm sure SHE'S the one who put the snails in my locker! Fortunately, today is a holiday If I can resume work with talisman in hand the next executive chair will be MINE And then, I'll show them I'll make sure they all suffer working for me! All right! This will allow me to see who has a talisman! But who in the world has the purest heart to hide a talisman!? So this is the owner of a talisman? We're not home right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Hello, is this Haruka Tenoh's residence? This is Eugeal I wanted to thank you for all your hard work.
Are you surprised? It's easy for me to figure out where you are now that you have shown your true identities tome! I'll surprise you even further! I have finally found the location of a talisman's owner! I will go take it now! The battle will be won by-- We're not home right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Hey, there cording time on this is too short! I couldn't finish what I wanted to say! Ah well so there you have it.
Oh yeah, I hear that you've been searching for talismans as well.
Depending on the conditions, I can have you join us.
Don't worry.
I haven't told my boss of your true identities yet.
If you feel up to it, come to the place I'm going to specify.
I'll send you a map via fax.
See ya.
It's probably true that she found the owner of a talisman.
Yeah, it coincides with our premonition.
It's finally time The sehands have been tainted now No matter what methods I take and what sacrifices I make I will make sure to get a hold of the talismans Michiru? Hey what's wrong? Haruka.
It's all right I like your hands.
Talismans what in the world are they? Our objective is to get a hold of the talismans.
Do you use any means possible to get them? That's right We use any means we can.
We can't work this out? That's right We're going to be enemies But we're both the same We're Sailor Soldiers.
Stop that We're looking for completely different things.
We won't have any regrets, no matter who we sacrifice Even if we have to sacrifice the owners of those pure hearts Hey, idiot! Usagi! Telephone! It's from someone named Haruka! Eh? Usako was called out to go somewhere by Haruka and Michiru? Is she all right? I mean, those two are Uranus and Neptune, right? Yeah but those two aren't bad people, I think What's wrong? This is amazing I didn't know there was an aquarium at the top of this building! Can I bring my friends here next time? Can I? Don't show yours elfin front of us ever again Sailor Moon.
We are both the same We're Sailor Soldiers.
We can't fight together? I won't allow you to slow us down with your half-baked play war You can't! I'll hold onto this Wait! Please, don't go after people's pure hearts anymore! Don't say that.
The next time you show yours elfin front of us you will die! URANUS PLANET POWER MAKE UP! NEPTUNE PLANET POWER MAKE UP! We are searching for the talismans that are sealed inside pure hearts.
The Holy Grail will not appear unless we collect all three talismans in one place.
Silence a time of destruction is approaching this world right now.
The only one who can save us is the Messiah, the one who can use the Grail.
Grail? Messiah? It has nothing to do with you Haruka! Michiru! Will you go rescue them? They have headed off to the place where their destined battle will begin But today, even those two are in danger.
You are? Setsuna Meioh.
An old acquaintance of those two.
Those two are in danger? Will you go rescue them? But you might see even graver danger, as you are unable to transform Please! If you know where I should go, tell me! I can see it now So that's it? A church under construction.
A marine cathedral We'll finally meet the owner of a talisman Uranus You understand that no matter what happens, we will acquire the talismans From here on, we'll ignore each other's danger, and you'll move on by yourself.
What are you talking about now, of all times? You're right For someone who invited us, this is rather unwelcome What's wrong? Neptune? It moved!? Uranus! So it was an enemy trap Idiot of course it is.
Game START! WORLD SHAKING! DEEP SUBMERGE! How's that? URANUS! Neptune!! Sailor Uranus! Now, I have the owner of a talisman! What are you talking about!? I really fell for it as well But then, not even you had realized it What in the world are you talking about!? I'll tell you The owner of a talisman is your partner, Sailor Neptune! I will soon extract the talisman from Neptune.
How do you feel about that? If you want to watch, come to the main hall Neptune is the owner of a talisman!? That's impossible! Neptune NEPTUNE!! You fell for it! Fool, when someone other than myself walks across this bridge, they receive divine punishment!! Divine punishment? Don't worry.
I haven't pulled out Neptune's talisman yet I must pull the talisman out of ANOTHER person first Another owner of a talisman!? I mean, YOU! I'm talking about your heart The one that tried to save the world, without fear of soiling one's hands.
Uranus Talismans are sealed within pure hearts There is no way I could be holding a talisman You'll see soon enough Although with those wounds, the force from this gun will kill you.
URANUS! Haruka I won't let you die Wait, Neptune!! Don't move! NEPTUNE! Haruka They're out of bullets.
So this is a talisman.
I'll take yours next! We are the ones in whom the talismans were sealed O Messiah Is this the punishment we get? Hold it right there! Messiah You're! Drats!! Hold yourself together, Michiru! Please, talisman! Turn back to Michiru's heart crystal!! Please stop that We've found the talisman.
This is the way it should be Impossible! Then, Michiru is You're so unfair, Michiru To leave for a world of your own I'll return that to you You really were reckless.
You knew you couldn't transform.
You can't! - Let go! - Stop that! There is another talisman inside me! Even if we don't have the talismans, we can save the world! What!? I'll save the world It's strange when you say it, it really feels like you will A few minutes ago for some reason, you looked like the Messiah although I don't believe in your powers Haruka Sailor Moon.
Please make sure to find the last talisman, too Stop!! This can't be Haruka Michiru