Sailor Moon (1995) s03e22 Episode Script

322 - The Purity Chalice

An evil trap by Eugeal!! There were talismans inside Uranus and Neptune's pure heart crystals! Haruka, Michiru -- don't die!! Just watch! Even if there aren't any talismans, I WILL save the world!! Uranus What should I do? How can I return these talismans to your bodies? Buns-head No, Sailor Moon I don't care what happens to us Please, protect these talismans And find the one remaining talisman.
Haruka! Hand the Grail to the legendary Messiah The legendary Messiah? Who is that? Our savior, who can rescue us from the time of destruction the horrible world of silence When the Messiah gets a hold of the Grail, the world will be saved NOOOOOO!! I can hear it.
It's faint, but I hear a pulse! Dammit! How can we return these talismans these crystals of their pure hearts back inside them!? Sure enough, I have received the two talismans.
You can't do that! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! Those two talismans are the crystals of Haruka and Michiru's pure hearts! Give them back!! FIRE BUSTER!! How is the power of Fire Buster II, with its pending practicality model patent now with even more firepower than before? SHINE AQUA ILLUSION! I can't believe Shine Aqua Illusion didn't work! An eye for an eye, a fame for a fame! BURNING MANDALA! Mars, it's no good! The fire grew even bigger! Your attacks will not be able to extinguish the fame of my Fire Buster.
Now you'll all burn to a crisp, into crispy black charred masses! See you! If we don't think of something, we'll all die! LUNA-P FIRE EXTINGUISHER! Sailor Chibi Moon! Tuxedo Mask! I was wondering what was gonna happen to us! Whew, I'm glad we made it in time.
Thank you, Sailor Chibi Moon, Tuxedo Mask.
Hurry, the talismans Right! Wait for me, Uranus, Neptune! I will make sure I will make sure to get the talismans back! I I was able to obtain TWO talismans!! Damn those pesky girls! STICKY LIQUID! What!? M-My legs are stuck.
Take this! Now there! And there! See you later! Watch out, Sailor Moon! Eugeal is! W-What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? Sorry, guys! Sorry! I'm really sorry! I'm sorry! There! And there! She's just like the white rabbit of Inaba Does that make us sharks? D-Did it hurt!? I won't forgive you if you let Eugeal get away now! Do your best, Sailor Moon! We'll make sure to follow you! I have to save them! I have to get the crystals of Uranus and Neptune's pure hearts I have to get those talismans back! So you're here! I can't forgive you for stepping on someone's heart and then trying to do away with their life as well! For love and justice The pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!! Acting tough, are we? I do hope you remember that I defended myself against your ultimate attack before.
It's obvious that I'm much more powerful than you are.
If you don't want to die, it would be better for you to run away right now! Even if my body breaks, I'll make sure that those talismans are back in my hands! MOON SPIRAL FIRE HEART ATTACK!! BUSTER!! Just like I told you Fire Buster II is a wonderful piece of equipment.
I made it by making alterations to Fire Buster I.
That weak little attack of yours is nothing against it! Sailor Moon, you have gotten in my way so many times before Today, I will give my thanks for all of those times! FIRE Hold it right there! Who are you!? Miss Setsuna Meioh? Eugeal, I will have you return the talismans to us.
What!? Sailor Moon! Who are you? PLUTO PLANET POWER MAKE UP! You're! Sailor Pluto! It has been a while.
Why are you here? The remaining talisman is in my possession! This is perfect I don't have to go searching for the third one.
I will not let you evil beings get a hold of the talismans!! Oh, wait! Uranus! Neptune! The crystals of their pure hearts? They're going back I'm so glad The true talismans didn't have to sacrifice anyone Talismans have this much divine power? W-What just happened!? Depending on who uses it it is said that it can lead the world to destruction or salvation it is the Holy Grail that has infinite power.
The Grail I'll take that! I won't let you have it! You're in my way!! Sailor Moon is!! Sailor Moon! Is this a new awakening!? Oh? My, my, my FIRE BUSTER!! Sailor Moon is the Messiah that will save the world from silence!? Dammit Sailor Moon, I will make sure to pay you back for this!! Chief Eugeal, your jobis over.
Mimet? I've been tolerating all of your failures until now.
But they really were unbearable to watch.
W-What!? You're tarnishing the name of the Witches 5, the pride of the Death Busters! Please die and repent for that! Die? Impossible! The battle has just begun! T-The brakes aren't working!? What!? Snail Woman in the Station Wagon Should Crash and Die!! Mimet!! Thanks for the hard work! Sailor Moon! Mamo-chan Are you all right!? Hold yourself together! I'm feeling really lethargic I'm feeling weak all over.
Perhaps Sailor Moon isn't the Messiah The true Messiah can use infinite power.
If she collapses from fatigue with just this much, Sailor Moon isn't Then, the true Messiah is somewhere else It looks like we have a new mission now.
Professor, the Grail has appeared! Furthermore, the Grail has landed in the hands of the Sailor Soldiers! What's the matter? Mimet It's true that the Holy Grail has appeared.
However, it seems that someone who can truly control the Grail has yet to appear.
If someone who could control the Grail was really among them this building of the Death Busters as well as all the Daimohn eggs, should have crumbled into ruins.
However, look around you.
Not one crack has emerged.
Perhaps there is someone who can control the Grail for us, the Death Busters somewhere amazingly close.
I see!