Sailor Moon (1995) s03e23 Episode Script

323 - Show Stoppers

We have to find the Messiah now!? On top of that, strange enemies are appearing, and we're in a bind! Hey, Chibiusa! What are you running around at a time like this for? What happened to your "cherished meetings"? Bad girls who forget their training get punished in the name of the moon! Our messiah of silence How are you feeling today? My head feels a little heavy Hurry up and give me a perfect pure heart I understand.
I need to take perfect pure hearts from humans and transfer them into energy for your awakening.
As you can see, cormorants dive underwater to catch fish and keep the fish deep in their throats.
"Ukai" is a fishing method using this trait of these birds and we will use this method as reference in getting pure hearts from now on.
First, we approach the target, and release a Daimohn.
The Daimohn will swallow the pure heart and come back to me.
Then, I will make it spit out the pure heart.
It is a very safe yet effective method Mimet! Are my lectures that boring? Um To bring such things into your work place It's nice following trends and all, but it is troubling if you forget your work Do you have clues as to where the pure hearts are in the first place? Of course, Professor! I have already found someone with a heart of amazing purity! I see Then I shall sit back and see how you work, Mimet.
Sailor Moon isn't the true messiah, anyway.
When the time comes, the Grail will choose its own user.
In other words, we will awaken the messiah of silence first.
That is correct, Mimet.
Western! Celebrities who show dreams to their fans must have hearts that are purer than most I will use that energy to awaken our messiah! If the correct person gets a hold of the grail the world will be filled with divine light, and evil of all sorts will be crushed.
However, if evil hands get a hold of the grail the entire world will be ruled by darkness, and the age of shadows will begin.
If that happens, the future will change as well, of course Then, that foretelling dream!! Setsuna, you came here from the future to tell us about that, right? Yes Well, I'll be going now.
Eh?! Why? I must find the messiah along with Sailor Uranus and Neptune.
W-Wait a minute! Why just the three of them? Oh, man, she could have told us a lot more stuff!.
Don't ask for too much! I'm sure she has all sorts of reasons of her own But, you know But It's a shame that Usagi isn't the messiah.
In any case, we have to think of how to find the messiah.
But where do we look? You know, how about zeroing in on the diners? They say the messiah, so she just has to be in a "meshi-ya"! (food place) Sheesh Hello! Hey Where's Plu? Setsuna left, saying she had something to do.
Darn I was planning on going to the park with her Hey, no way! I can't! I have no time for that now! Darn.
Chibiusa, which park were you planning to go to? Juban Natural Park Then, I'll take you there! Really!? Come on Minako! We're in the middle of an important discussion, right!? Usagi, don't say that, you sound like Ami Minako what is in that park? Minako! Oh, all right! I'll confess! Actually, there's a filming for a Yosaku Eda movie there today! Filming a Yosaku Eda movie!? Amazing! Chibiusa! I'll go along with you! You know Yosaku Eda, huh? He's so cool, it's a little like HI M See? See? Don't you want to see the real thing? Okay, that's it! You're coming with us, right, Rei? Well, I guess I can go along All right! Hey, let's go, Ami! Usagi, what are we going to do about the messiah? Well, well! You never know, the messiah could be in such a place! Why? Why? Well, that's because uh I-In other words, a hunch! My hunch! All right, let's go.
Even Ami You guys aren't being serious! We need to change our pace every so often.
I think it's better than worrying about something and not getting anything done.
That's right! And studying in the great wilderness might help us learn, too! Oh, no, I thought we were going there to have fun? Oh? All right! Let's all go to Juban Natural Park! Yeah! Oh, boy Yosaku Eda is filming the movie "The Akafuji Gunman" on location today That must be it! Yosaku is There, that's him! He really is handsome Yosaku Before I abduct his pure heart and kill him I should at least have him eat a handmade cake! Yosaku! What are you going to do, approaching Yosaku like that!? Yosaku is in the middle of very important work right now! It's distracting to see you in such an outfit loitering around here! Yeah, really! All I wanted to do is to have him eat a handmade cake A cake? Ha! Yosaku hates sweet stuff!.
Even ants won't touch a cake like that! Right? Yeah! Take this as your lesson, and don't get near Yosaku! My cake What's wrong? Those girls were my fans, right? Oh No Lately, they've been rather abrasive This cake was it actually for me? Y-Yes You took the time to bake it, but it all went to waste It's delicious.
Thanks! - See ya! - Stay and watch for a while.
Yosaku They said that he didn't like sweets It's love! This must be love!! Yosaku He must have fallen deeply in love with meat first glance! But I am destined to take your pure heart and kill you I'm sure it's tough for you, but give up on this romance Don't come any closer! You're going to get into another fight anyway.
If you're going to leave me alone don't come after me! I won't leave you all alone! Joe Oh how handsome Yosaku If I steal your pure heart this movie will remain incomplete But I won't forget.
I will engrave your last performance deep into my eyes! The hat that Moma-Ikuko bought for me! Someone catch it! It's an important hat! Wait! Here Thank you! I'm glad it didn't fall into the river.
Are you all right? It's just another seizure Don't worry.
But It'll be over in a minute.
I'm all right now.
I'm glad.
I know! Do you want to play with me? I'm Chibiusa! I'm Hotaru.
All right! Time for a break! Is could get at least an autograph before I kill him Yosaku Is it all right? In a place like this We don't have time to see each other unless it's sometime like this, right? - That's true - Yosaku He has me, and yet How dare he!! In that case Appear, Daimohn! Western! Western! Run! Yosaku really is after that woman! Western! Take Yosaku's pure heart! Hi-yo, Silver! Western! Western! Western! Western! Hi-yo! Help us! What's going on!? Bang! Bang! I haven't paid you back for the cake yet! Western! Make sure you take good care of those girls!! Bang! Bang! Bang! - Oh, my god! - Help! What should I do? I can't transform in front of Hotaru Woohoo! Mako-chan's box lunch! But how far did Chibiusa go to play? It's rather rowdy Is break over already? That's A Daimohn! Everyone! Let's transform! Western! That's enough! Hurry up and take Yosaku's pure heart! Okay! Western! Hold it right there! Interrupting the shooting of a fun movie for people an outlaw chasing after innocent people with a gun! Even if Wyatt Earp forgives you, we won't forgive you! In the name of the moon we'll punish you! Shut up! Western, get them! Yeah! Western! Leave it to me! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! Bang! Bang! Bang! The attack doesn't work!? It's different from previous Daimohns! Western! Now's your chance! Yumi! Dammit! You're kidding She ate it! Well done, Western! Let's go back to the professor now! Yeah! Western! WORLD SHAKING! DEEP SUBMERGE! What!? Guided by a new era Sailor Uranus acts with elegance! Sailor Neptune acts with grace! That's it! Western! Grab those kids!! Look out! Chibiusa! Western! Chibiusa! Don't move until we're far, far away! If you move even just a little bit, this girl Well I won't care what happens! Chibiusa DEAD SCREAM Plu! Sailor Moon! Under go your second transformation! CRISIS MAKE UP! Western! RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE! Love LOVELY! I'll get you for this!! What was that? It seems like our new enemy Usagi! This is really tough Chibiusa Hotaru! Ouch Chibiusa! Oh, no! You're hurt! I'm sorry it was because you covered for me It's just a scratch.
I'm all right! Let me take a look at it.
Amazing! Everyone in my class is scared of this And they won't come close to me It really is creepy, to have powers like this.
That's not true! It's wonderful! It really is! Really? Yeah! Thank-- Are you all right, Hotaru? I'm all right Hey, Hotaru? Hold it together, Hotaru! I'm glad But why are they still after pure hearts? Sailor Moon! I'll let you hold onto the Grail for a while.
Wait! Hey, let's look for the Messiah together!! That can't happen.
We're different from you.
We'll look for the Messiah.
What do you mean by that? Why Pluto as well? That's right, where's Chibiusa? She was here until a moment ago.
Sheesh, that girl really I'm sorry to make you worry It's really all right! Oh, it's Papa.
Is that you, Hotaru? What happened? I was worried because you were so late.
I just had a seizure Papa, this is Chibiusa.
She walked me all the way home.
I see Thank you, Chibiusa.
See ya.
Can I see you again? Yeah! We're already friends! Friends I'm happy for you, Hotaru.
Papa Well, I'll see you later! See you! Come visit us again.
We'll be waiting for you! Sure! I want to see my papa, too Good night, Papa.
Good night, Hotaru.