Sailor Moon (1995) s03e24 Episode Script

324 - Rini's Risky Friendship

I see, so this is Chibiusa's new friend Hotaru Tomoe Hey, she's pretty cute! Elegant, and somewhat fragile Totally different from you! Make sure you aren't rude to her! If you do cause her any trouble In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Oh, Chibiusa, you seem to be in a rather good mood.
I have a new friend! Oh? Come on, tell me, what kinda person? A boy? How far into the relationship are you? Tell me! I won't tell klutz Usagi anything! How dare you! What are you doing, Usagi, you idiot! We have been waiting for you, Mamoru No, Sir Endymion.
The warriors of the Silver Millenium, from the distant past And ones summoned from the future.
Sailor Neptune, guarded by Neptune, the star of the ocean.
Sailor Pluto, guarded by Pluto, the star of the afterlife.
We are the three warriors of the outer solar system! The outer solar system Unlike the previous Sailor Soldiers, we were given even stronger powers.
From the distant past, our duty has been to protect the Silver Millennium from enemies who intrude from outside the solar system.
But, when we awakened in this age the enemy had already quietly nested deep down on this Earth.
We had overlooked it.
The intrusion of the enemy this time is our mistake.
Those are the Death Busters Our new enemy! But why don't you try to join your forces with Sailor Moon's group? They only get in our way What? This battle is too much for Sailor Moon and for Mars, Venus, and the others.
Defeating the Death Busters, the largest and strongest enemies is the job of us three.
Eh? Chibiusa went to all of your places, too? Yeah.
She was saying how she was invited to a new friend's house for the very first time A formal dress? No, no.
As long as you look tidy, you're totally okay! Don't you want to play to your heart's content? She came to me, too, saying she wanted to give something as a gift Hmm I don't think you need to bring anything But how about a book? Your friend will know what kind of books you like to read as well, Chibiusa.
She sure has that friend on her mind, don't you think? Right? Although they go to different schools, I heard that her friend is a very quiet person.
So she's visiting a friend for the first time, huh? I just baked some cookies, so I'll wrap you some.
You can take them to your friend's place.
If I'd known, I'd have baked cookies with a more extravagant way to express her feelings.
H-Huh? Extravagant cookies? I'm a little scared She doesn't know any bounds lately Who-- Chibiusa came to my place, too Rei? Let's see greetings when you're invited somewhere I, Usagi, will lecture you on things like that right on the spot! Usagi! What are you saying, Usagi! You have a study group to attend! Oh! Michael! Where? Where, where? My Michael! Oh, Michael Usagi Sheesh I'm telling you, you should bring a more serious book if it's a gift No.
I was finally able to buy one that's always sold out.
I wanted the new Ukon Katakuri book No! By the way, Usagi, are you serious about tagging along? Well, I am curious.
What kind of person your friend is, and such My friend is cute although a little frail, it seems.
I feel a little sorry for your friend, but that's just the perfect situation! Then, I really should introduce myself as your guardian.
What part of you is my guardian? - Now, now let's go, let's go.
- Don't push me! Our illustrious Messiah of silence, the time of your awakening is approaching! For that, I need powerful awakening energy.
Leave it to me.
I will change perfect, pure hearts of humans into awakening energy.
I hope they suit your tastes Amazing! It's a huge house! Usagi, push it.
Oh? Yeah, sure.
Oh, hello Excuse-- Ka-- K-Kaorinite What are you doing, Usagi!? - Chibiusa.
- Those cookies were for May I ask who you are? Is something wrong? Is it a guest? Professor Oh, you're one of Hotaru's friends.
Oh, she's Hotaru's Hello! Hello and welcome.
I'm Hotaru's father.
H-Hello Oh, this is my assistant, Kaori.
Kaori, Hotaru is a little busy right now.
Lead these ladies to the living room Yes.
Should I brew some tasty coffee? Please, this way.
Okay! She looks exactly like her, but seems to be a different person Well, if you think about it, Kaorinite wouldn't be in a place like this "What are you here for, Drop?" "It's your fault that Andre died.
" "No, Auntie, it is not!" "Yes, it was--" "Hush! Get out of my room!" "Drop!" How, how, how sad this main character is! Yes, this is Mimet.
You finally answered.
Mimet, have you found a new target? Of course, I've checked out a talented pure heart.
This will do.
The target will be holding an autograph session Er, no, appearing at the Juban Bookstore today.
I see Then I will hurry up and make a Daimohn in order for it to make it to the autograph session.
Delicious coffee is ready! Uhenshu! Here you go.
Thank you very much! Please continue to support me.
Yes! I'll cherish this book for the rest of my life! The coffee isn't here yet Usagi! Hotaru is late Chibiusa! Hotaru! A g-girl? Who said it was a boy? Your older sister? My cousin, Usagi.
She tagged along, thinking I was going on a date with a cute little boy! Wha-! C-Chibiusa, I just It's true, isn't it? I-I was just wanting to say hello as your guardian What are you saying? I can see through to what you really were thinking! No, you're wrong! In the first place, it's all because you're chasing after boys all the time! Tee hee! Unlike you, klutzy Usagi, I'm popular with guys! What?! See, she's laughing at me! So it's my fault? I-I'm sorry Welcome here.
I'm Hotaru Tomoe.
Oh, uh, hello I hope you don't mind us here I'm sorry to keep you waiting Please, come up to my room.
Then, we'll take the coffee up to your room That's all right! Don't butt into house affairs, Kaori! I'm sorry My father is a scientist.
Because he's busy with his research, she comes by to help out, but Hotaru, where's your mother? She died a long time ago Oh, I-I'm sorry ur No, it's all right.
But I want to hear more about you guys, Chibiusa! Amazing! It's so beautiful! Amazing, just amazing! It feels mysterious Thanks.
Hotaru! Hotaru, what's wrong? Are you all right? Hotaru! I-I'm fine I was just a little dizzy.
I'm really all right.
What is this? T-This is? It's a strange brooch As long as I touch it, I feel better and better Power fows in Hotaru!? Did I just say something? I'm sorry.
I am rather strange T-That's not I know! Chibiusa, your gift, your gift! That's right, yeah, yeah.
This is really interesting! What's this? What, what? Ukon Katakuri autograph session!? It's already started! Why didn't you realize this earlier!? You were there in the bookstore with me, Usagi! It's your fault! Why mine!? Oh, thank you very much for your hard word! Thank you so much! Thank you! Mr.
Ukon! You are? Thank you for the autograph earlier! Oh, yeah And, I have one more thing I want from you your heart.
Appear, Daimohn! W-What's this!? Uhenshu! Do you follow your deadlines? Autograph session! Are you all right? I-I'm sorry.
Don't say you're sorry.
We're friends.
What's wrong, Usagi? You take care of Hotaru! Oh, got it! Hotaru, we're changing our plans! Since the autograph session is already over, let's go to the arcade! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! Hold it right there! There are people who haven't gotten their autographs yet! Those who harm handsome people in this world For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! I, Sailor Moon will punish you in the name of the moon! You're here again? You're just a pest! Uhenshu, get rid of her! All right, editor-in-chief.
Who's the editor-in-chief? Just hurry up and get rid of her! Ultimate attack! WHITE MANUSCRIPT HELL! Next up is photocomposition! I can't move! Cut and paste! Snip, snip Wait a minute? What are you planning to do? Make sure to get a good snipping of her! Hey!! DEAD SCREAM Pluto.
Leave the fighting to us.
Uranus! Neptune! Thanks.
Hurry up and get away from here! Sheesh, why do they crop up one after another!? DEEP SUBMERGE! I'm all right even in sudden storms! I'm telling you to run! Why? G nibs, round nibs, kabla nibs! Why? WHY!? - We're comrades, we're both Soldiers! - You're in the way! MANUSCRIPT HELL! WORLD SHAKING! The sudden strength right before a deadline! Borderline safe! VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! Sailor Venus! Sailor Mars! Sailor Jupiter! Sailor Mercury! The Sailor Team is here! W-When did they? Guys! Uranus, guys Tuxedo Mask! Our individual ability might be inferior to you.
But Sailor Moon has comrades who combine their forces to fight Sheesh, why do they all get together to What should we do? Oh, geez, just get rid of all of them as a bunch! But, if there are this many What? You have your prized weapons! But I used up all of them - You're no good! - Now, Sailor Moon! Oh, okay! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE! See ya.
I'm leaving the rest to you.
W-Wait a-- Wait! Stick to your deadlines!! Thanks, guys.
I didn't want to help out someone who ditches their study group I apologize for that.
If Chibiusa is with her friend, let's contact her.
I'm sure she's worried right now.
Oh, so you guys went to Crown Arcade.
We had so much fun! You know, Hotaru had never gone to an arcade before! You forgot that we were fighting, didn't you? Her family seems to be rather complicated but she seems like a good girl.
I want to be better friends with her! Hotaru