Sailor Moon (1995) s03e25 Episode Script

325 - Mimet's Mess

What is your dream? No matter how far away it is if you have a heart to keep wishing for it your dreams are bound to come true.
So stop doing evil deeds and be a true good girl.
If you can, Mimet, you'll be the star tomorrow! Pure hearts Hurry up and collect the pure hearts that will complete me Our messiah of silence.
Now, my excellent minions are planning as such.
Please, bear with us for just a while longer I suddenly look back thinking someone called my name.
A pale fower of doubt suddenly bloomed.
Now, the next song Sorry to keep you waiting! That's right, it's Jinta Araki's new song, "Blue Crisis Love"! Araki He's so wonderful! Amazing.
Just like ants crawling over sugar.
I wonder if those chasers have nothing better to do Chasers? The people who chase after musicians and other celebrities.
What do they do, chasing after celebrities? They don't do much about it Yeah.
I don't know how these people think.
Right, Minako? Minako? W-What? What's wrong? You look dazed.
O-Oh, nothing, really Even for us, chasing after celebrities really isn't something O-Of course not! Hey, Mina? Jinta Araki is We're going to be in high school next year! We can't be chasing Yeah, we got entrance exams coming up, too Usagi.
- Do you really realize what that means!? - and you have an announcement? Yes.
We would like to select the heroine for the movie coming out next July that I'll be the lead in from one of you.
A public audition.
The first cuts will be from 4:30p.
tomorrow at the Town Hallin Minato ward.
Since there'll be a swim suit competitionas well, don't forget to bring your best swimsuit! Let's have a hot summer with me next year! My heroine-- A-About this problem Oh, this is Mimet.
Our messiah of silence is waiting.
I hope you have the next plan already in gear.
Of course! Look at this, Professor Excuse me.
Look at this.
He's the next target.
Oh? Jinta Araki, also known as Alazin! An 18-year-old with a wonderful smile.
His newly released song "Blue Crisis Love" is on the rise! At the rate he's going, it's a matter of time before he gets to the top A singer? Mimet It seems like all your targets are celebrities If you confuse our objective with your hobbies you won't go far here in Death Busters.
Y-You're kidding! T-That's not it.
Hobbies, that really isn't I choose celebrities only because the hearts of people with higher charisma are more effective in awakening the true messiah.
Calling that my hobby I think I'm going to cry! No, Mimet, you don't have to cry I am just worried about you, because you have potential for a bright future.
P-Professor Keep doing a solid job from now on, all right? Sure! The next high executive is you, Mimet! I'll do my best! Do a solid job.
"I love you, Araki!" "I love Araki with a golden tan!" And you substitute this X over here Usagi, you're amazing! How do you understand this? Not at all! Hey Where's Mina? She said she had a fever from her cold, so she'd stay at home and rest.
That probably means that Mina I'm here After all, I want to see just one glimpse of the real Araki I didn't start being his fan just recently! Um Yes? A-Araki When is Mr.
Araki arriving? He won't be coming to today's audition.
He'll be appearing as a guest during tomorrow's second round.
That can't be! I thought I could get one glimpse of him You're! You're! This The original T-shirt that Alazin released right when he debuted Not bad.
We both put in some years, haven't we? I'm Minako Aino.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Mime- no, Mimi.
Mimi Hanyu.
Humans just have to put everything into things they love! Yeah! Next, please Yes! Minako Aino! I'm in 9th grade, and my charm is my energy! My special move is a flying, spinning dig! There might be a kissing scene in the scenario.
What would you do? Well, I will keep the whole movie deal a secret from both my parents! If you were to be accepted, and were invited to dinner with the director What would you do? Oh, I'll be fine! I don't dislike any foods! I can eat anything that is served to me! Oh, but I'm not too fond of shitake mushrooms Next, please Oh, yes I-I'm Mime-- Mimi Hanyu.
My best wishes to all.
Why did you decide to take this audition? Y-Yes um, ur uh You can talk slowly.
Just calm down I'm sorry U-Um er Thanks, that's enough.
I will announce the results of the first cuts.
Today, these 5 contestants will move on.
Only 5 will pass It's all but impossible Oh well, I just wanted to catch a glimpse of Araki #251 .
You're kidding! That's amazing! #252.
Those accepted, please step forward.
We will have these people move on to the second cuts tomorrow.
Now, as we informed you earlier, the final winner of this audition will be playing a role in a movie slated for release next summer If I get accepted tomorrow What should I do? Maybe I can be accepted NO, I'm sure I will be! I'm beautiful, I got the right curves I, Mimet, can't possibly lose against HUMANS! Mimet! Oh, Professor, you came! How nice of you! Mimet Yes? It seems you have a fever and your eyes are bloodshot Working hard is nice and all, but be careful of your health.
I don't want to lose talented workers like you S-Sure.
That's right I had totally forgotten.
I'm supposed to steal Araki's pure heart! But then, Araki would die My loving Araki is going to die How pitiful Maybe this audition really doesn't have any effect and my professional debut as well I see If I don't attack Araki, I'll end up being a traitor just when I'm about to fill the role of the highest executive I'm counting on you Humans just have to put everything into things they love! That's right! That's got to be it! I don't care about the Death Busters anymore! I will burn the summer away along with Araki! I can become a traitor to a syndicate like this for Araki! In the first place, I'm a good girl deep down, who can't do anything evil! Who will wear the crown of the heroine? Today, we will have the members of the audience helping us decide.
The person that 80% of the audience backs up is the winner of our audition.
Now, the first person, please! Artemis!! Oh, no, how did you know It's not like you, Mina to keep it a secret from everyone Well it became rather hard for me to tell them that I've been chasing after Araki Now, please push the switch! Mm how unfortunate! Next, #68.
I'm after the next one.
If you get accepted Yeah! An idol pretty soldier will be born! That's pretty ama-- This morning, I had my favorite omelet.
In the future In the future, I would like to become a big actress a big actress who can handle any role I want to become an actress, no matter what I do I want to be an actress We'll do our best How unfortunate.
Next, #251 Okay! #251 , Minako Aino.
I'm a 9th grader at Shiba Park Junior High, in Minato ward.
It's a small world I give my best to you.
This was really close! Then, next person please - Do it well.
- Y-Yeah Oh, man, the dream of becoming an idol pretty soldier But I guess it's okay because I got to see Araki.
I'm honored.
That was really close.
But another chance will come by soon.
Araki I'll keep cheering for you forever Thanks.
But you will someday forget about me No, not just you.
Everyone will forget about me at some point But that's all right.
Even if you forget about me the feelings you felt for me will remain.
After they move on from idols, girls take their feelings of love and learn what real romance is about.
Araki! But for now, give me your full support.
I don't plan to end as just an idol, either.
T-This morning, I had my favorite omelet.
In the future, I would like to become a big actress who can handle any role Thank you for your consideration.
This is our final challenger.
Please push the switch! This is most unfortunate.
Unfortunately, we end this audition with no one making the cuts Are you all right, Miss Hanyu? Miss Hanyu? I am Mimet of the Death Busters! I applied for this audition to take the pure heart of Jinta Araki standing right there! Appear, Daimohn Utahime! Utahime! CHARM BUSTER! Everyone is shaken up by my charm! They're in pain Utahime! Oh, sorry, they're shaken up, right.
Get to it! Yes! A-Araki MOON TIARA ACTION! What are you doing!? That hurt! You're the singer, and I'm the listener! Songs are everyone's friends! Bad guys who assault our idols! We, fighters of love and justice the Sailor Team will punish you in the name of the moon! Guys! VENUS STAR POWER MAKE UP! Mimet! Pretending to be a chaser, only to assault Araki You are the enemy to every fan! Ally to every idol in the world Sailor Venus! I'll have the divine punishment of love fall upon you.
Shut up! I wasn't pretending! But I'm Mimet of the Witches 5! Then, you really care about Araki? That's none of your business! This way, Araki's heart is ours forever! Chasers have their own set of rules! They're not supposed to cause trouble to the idols that they chase! Sheesh! Araki is going to die! Geez! Of course! The Death Busters is an evil syndicate! Utahime! Kill all of them with your killer songs! Utahime! What's wrong? Hurry up! To get a perfect song, please wait while I warm up my voice.
Hurry up! KILLER SONG! I forgot the lyrics W-What!? N-Now, Sailor Moon! Yeah!! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE! I remember now L-Love is Love-Lovely! T-This I can't VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! I'll get you for this! They seem to be gathering pure hearts For what purpose now? Pure hearts can become energy for the ones who move the world.
Or, they have already found the evil one the messiah of silence Here.
You return it, Venus.
You've been a fan since 7th grade, right? I heard you've been chasing after him all this time.
Amazing! You blabbermouth! I am terribly sorry.
I have failed.
I'm so frustrated! I really am frustrated, Professor! There is always tomorrow, Mimet