Sailor Moon (1995) s03e26 Episode Script

326 - The Shadow of Silence

Chibiusa, I hope you can be friends with Hotaru.
Don't worry, you're pretty wonderful yourself.
Hey, Daimohn! Big Sister won't allow you to force your friendship on someone else! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Bye-bye! See you tomorrow! Bye-bye, Chibiusa! Small Lady Plu! Hello, Small Lady.
Plu! Plu, you never come visit to play with me.
I thought that you forgot all about me! Small Lady, in this world, my name is Setsuna Meioh.
In that case, I'm Usagi, too, you know.
Call me Chibiusa! Then, I'll call you Set-chan! You are as you've always been, Small Lady.
It seems that you've made a lot of friends Is this day and age fun for you? Yeah, it's fun! Everyone is very nice to me.
I see.
I'm sure Neo Queen Serenity sent you to this particular era because she wanted you to make many friends as a normal girl.
I'm sure it will all be of help to you in the future, when you become the Queen.
Hey, Plu I can see you whenever I want to from now on, right? Really? Yes I promise you.
Okay! If I don't get home soon, Mama-Ikuko will be worried.
Yes Bye-bye, Plu! "I can see you whenever I want to from now on, right, Plu?" How cute But to think that little one is the Princess who came from the future Small Lady is the official heir to the throne of the Silver Millennium.
I'll at least try to be careful and not hurt her.
Anyway, we have to find the Messiah as soon as possible.
The Grail has appeared.
To prevent the silence, we must make sure that it lands in the hands of the holy messiah at any cost.
They are still collecting pure hearts.
If that's for them to awaken the messiah as one of evil We must work to deal with that.
The Messiah of Silence must not be born at any cost! I'm sorry I can't continue lying to you anymore I can't be with you anymore.
Please forgive me.
Why!? I love you so much! I'm sorry But I just can't forget about her Impossible! I'm sorry, Hanako I won't forgive you, Yuu! You have me! What's this about Hanako!? Who is that woman!? Yes, Mimet here! I'm currently busy It's me.
Oh, Professor! How studious of you to be so busy right now.
So, I can get the name of the next target, right? Yes, leave it to me.
I'm counting on you, Mimet.
Yuu Kazama You are so cute that this hatred grows a hundred fold! I'll take your pure heart! Oh, no! I want to make this world mine quickly.
I want to make this world beautiful with my own hands.
Please wait a little while longer.
Pure hearts Give me pure hearts quickly Pure hearts This again What have I been doing? It's always like this after a bad seizure.
Hey, Luna-P, don't move.
Is Hotaru here? Hotaru is currently resting.
I'm sorry, especially because you took the time to come here.
Kaori It seemed like someone was here just now.
That girl who's always here was here.
And? Of course, I had her go back.
Why do you do that without asking!? Hotaru.
Don't you think you are acting a little too selfishly? Because your father is nice, I'm sure he's letting you do whatever you want.
But you, of all people, should know that your body doesn't let you play around so much! Such a scary face.
I wonder what's wrong with Hotaru I wonder if she's all right? Chibiusa! Hotaru! Are you all right? I'm glad I finally found you.
Hotaru, you look like you're in pain.
I'm sorry about earlier.
Did Kaori say something mean to you? I was just worried about that Hotaru! Hotaru! I'm sorry Hotaru! Hotaru!! Hotaru! That's? Chibiusa? Chibiusa! What's wrong!? Usagi! Hotaru! Usagi! Save Hotaru! Come on, Usagi! Chibiusa Hotaru Hotaru is!! Chibiusa, calm down.
Ami My mother's hospital is nearby.
Let's take Hotaru there.
Hotaru If I didn't go visit your house, this wouldn't have happened It's all my fault That's not true.
You are a dear friend for Hotaru as well That's why she overexerted herself to come see you.
That's why you should be at her side now, Chibiusa That way, Hotaru will be relieved, too.
She will be all right! Who did this to my goldfish? Who? Oh, my, you're saying strange things This is something you did yourself.
Please hurry and clean it up.
I don't know about it! Good morning What's wrong? Did you get hurt? Are you all right? What's wrong? She's the one who injured him.
That's so mean to ask what's wrong.
She's really scary.
She acts all prim and proper at school, too.
I Apparently, I hurt another friend again.
But, I really don't remember any of it.
It's all right, Hotaru.
Calm down.
You're not the bad one.
You're not bad at all.
I'm not able to make any friends! There's a different person hiding inside of me The part of me that hurts the people I care about Mother will be coming by soon.
I'm glad.
It seems like her seizure has been settled down.
It's all right now Hotaru.
Chibiusa Hotaru! You shouldn't get up yet! I'm fine You don't hurt anywhere? You're not in pain at all? I'm glad I'm so glad! Chibiusa How is it? Feeling any better? Yes.
I think you should lie down for a while longer I'm all right.
It's just one of my regular seizures Are you really all right? I'm sorry to have troubled you.
My mother, a doctor, will be here soon.
I'm sorry My family has strictly told me that I can't have any outside doctors take a look at me.
So I'll go home now.
I'll see you later, Chibiusa.
Thank you.
I'll walk you back.
I really thank you very much Hotaru.
The hotcakes that my mom makes are really yummy.
Come visit us next time.
We'll treat you to them! Sure! That's a promise! Little one! Haruka Yo! Where are you going? If you want, I'll give you a ride Thank you, Haruka This is the right road? Yes.
What's your name? My name is Hotaru Tomoe.
By any chance, are you Professor Soichi Tomoe's daughter? Yes I see Hotaru Can I come visit your place again? Would it be bad? Am I just a nuisance? No, you're not a nuisance I was really happy that you came.
Really? Yeah I'm glad.
Yuu Kazama? You're Yuu Kazama from "Jump Out Friends," right? Yeah It IS you! I'm so thrilled! I'm a huge fan of yours! I see Actually, I have a question I want to ask you I have a friend over there that is a HUGE fan of yours.
Can we spare a minute of your time? You know - Please, just an autograph!! - W-Wait a minute Right now the wind was rustling Over there Is something wrong? I'm sorry I'm getting a little thirsty.
I'll go buy something over at that park.
Okay Can it be? Hotaru Can you wait here just for a minute? You know, I'm troubled by things like this.
Where is this friend of yours? Actually, right here Are you mocking me? It's your fault for finding another woman You two-timer! Appear, Daimohn! Utomodachi! A monster! Let's spread this friendship to the world! I want to be friends with you forever H-Hold on So give me your pure heart! Who is it!? You can't win over a man's heart by force.
A Sailor Soldier! Just as I thought Everyone, a Daimohn has appeared at the park in the fourth block! Got it! All right! MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP! Utomodachi! Make her one of your friends, too! Everyone is friendly to each other, they're all a happy family! Hey, Daimohn! That's enough of that! For love and justice an apprentice to a pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the future moon I'll punish you! That was perfect! Idiot! Don't come over to a place like this! Idiot!? You want to be my friend, too? You silly girl you Little girl, jump right in! This is off-limits to kids! I'm a soldier, too! But we seem to be in trouble Is it my fault? This again Don't be shy and be my friend! Who would!? Hold it right there! A bad guy who hasn't given up and is after pure hearts! For love and justice! The Sailor Team! In the name of the moon we'll punish you! More interruptions! Utomodachi! I'm leaving the rest to you! Lady Mimet!! I was going to be a good friend with you, too! That's it! I quit! You guys I hate all of you! What is that? Oh, no! Hotaru is over there! Out of the way, out of the way! Out of the way, out of the way! My body doesn't move What in the world are you!? T-This is!? Hotaru! Sailor Moon! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEARTACHE! Love-Lovely!! Hotaru Hotaru! Hold yourself together! Hotaru Chibiusa.
Are you all right? You shouldn't see me anymore At this rate, I'm sure I'll hurt you, Chibiusa.
Why? I'm sorry I'm sorry! Hotaru! Sailor Moon.
Yes? It's better to keep the little one away from that girl for a while.
What do you mean by that? Just make sure it gets through to her! What does she mean by that!? She's not a bad girl! I wonder if it has something to do with our enemy? I don't know Hotaru.
It would be nice if you could be friends with that wonderful girl.
It's all right, Chibiusa, we're behind you, too! What's most important is the honest feeling that you want to be friends with her! Yeah! All right, I'm going to do my best! Next time, I'll go say hello to her father! - Hey, I'll go with you.
- Me, too! Me, too!