Sailor Moon (1995) s03e27 Episode Script

327 - Thorny Weather

A beautiful flower has thorns Just kidding -- I didn't mean me! A rose always comes with thorns.
But the flower is beautiful and calms the spirit down! Hey, you over there who stomps down on such feelings for flowers! I, Sailor Moon, will punish you in the name of the moon! How about this? It's cute! Mamo-chan, thank you! Why is Chibiusa the only one who gets all the stuff!.
? I can't help it.
It's because she has a picnic.
Yeah, yeah! Why are you agreeing, Luna? Sheesh, it's no use taking such a petty thing out on Luna That's right! I'm not a backpack I know! Mamo-chan, let's go on a picnic, too! Just the two of us! Oh, come on Come on! No fair! - Me, too, me, too! Me, too!! - Let's go, Mamo-chan! Let's go, Mamo-chan! Hey, now All right, all right! Oh, Hotaru! Wait, Hotaru! Don't run away We're friends, right!? Friends? That's right! We are right!? Chibiusa That girl She must have some big reason behind all this Haruka also said that I shouldn't let Chibiusa near that girl, too But she's not a bad girl! She can't be! Right? Hotaru Release my powers! Hurry! Can you not hear the voices of time calling for me!? Let us hurry, using the pure hearts of humans You are? Um Please, give this to Hotaru! Good-bye! Kaori, that? It's that girl again She told me to give this to you, Hotaru "Hotaru, let's go on a picnic tomorrow.
" "I'll make plenty of lunch! So, Hotaru, you come with this backpack! From Chibiusa.
" So selfish She knows that you're a frail girl, too.
How wonderful! Papa Since I can't spend much time with you with all of my research You go and have as much fun as you want.
We're going now! Is this all food? Yeah! I got up early to make it all! Will it fit in the trunk? Hotaru can't come after all, I guess Chibiusa! Hotaru! You can come to the picnic! This place is huge! Woohoo! Hotaru! Usagi! Hurry, hurry! Wait for me, Chibiusa! Ready, set, toss! Tie, set, toss! Tie, set, toss! I told them to not get near her Are you saying she has something to do with our enemy, the Death Busters? I'm not sure but I have a bad feeling about this.
I feel the presence of something tremendously evil.
But it looks fun Are you all right? Y-Yes A graduate of my school works here.
He's a botanist, with his lifework being his research on roses.
Wait, Chibiusa! Catch me if you can, Usagi! You're slower than a tortoise! You did that on purpose, didn't you!? Yes, Professor? Mimet, what is your favorite color for roses? Oh, my! If I could have any, it would be a million red roses! Improving and breeding of roses is a job that requires good sense and patience! There apparently is a botanist with good results in that field, I take it? That MUST be an owner of a pure heart! The target has been determined.
All right Let me make a Daimohn most suited for that man.
I'm counting on you.
Ubara! - Amazing - This is beautiful! There are so many of them! Yo! Is that you, Mamoru? Sir! How've you been? You've still got beautiful women with you! "Still"? I-It's a joke! Sir! Papa! Mama's lunch! The main dish is a croquet? - You're right! - Correct! So many There's even more of them Oh, Professor! You have to use proper sense to choose the targets! And stop! From here, you will help Mama back home! Okay! Don't trip! Bye bye! You're kidding! It's a croquet! How goes the research for new types of roses? Oh, I think I'm almost there! Hotaru, don't be bashful and eat up! Okay.
Here! Chibiusa! You have to eat the bell peppers, too! Mamo-chan isn't eating them, either! What was that? Mamo-chan! Eat! You have to eat! But, you know EAT! All right, I understand Now it's your turn, Chibiusa! EAT! A-All right! Hotaru, you don't think the lunch is yummy? It's not that I was just thinking how I haven't eaten like this with Papa in quite a while There are times when adults are hellishly busy.
It's more fun to spend that time playing with your friends than to complain about it! Right!? What are you doing, Chibiusa!? Better! That guy is much better!! Appear, Dai-- I'm counting on you, Mimet.
P-Professor! Almost every variety of rose growing in Japan are planted in this greenhouse! Amazing and they're all so beautiful! Are you tired? No They're beautiful, aren't they? Other than these, many different types of roses have been grown thanks to improvements made to them.
Improvements! It's hard to believe that an old man like him improved these It would be better to just let it go free, and let it bloom wherever it wanted to bloom Hotaru These are tropical plants.
Come over here.
Let's go! I'm tired You can go on ahead.
Um Can you tell me the name of this flower? - Oh, I don't know - You should ask the researcher over there! Oh, I totally thought that HE was the researcher You look so intelligent! If you don't mind, how about we have a conversation in private? I'm sorry But I'm here to spend time with my family.
O-Oh, are they your sisters? No, they're my future wife and child.
Now, excuse me W-What was that!? Fine, I will have to take the pure heart by force! The heart of the botanist The heart-- The future wife wife wife Wife, is it? It's not something to be that thrilled about now, after all this time I'll be with Hotaru! Yeah Be at her side.
I should go back before anything happens W-What is this? It's hailing out of season? It's coming down pretty hard Oh, no, this is bad! Oh, no! We have a problem! Let's help! Yeah! Hotaru! Hotaru--! Dammit! Thanks! It's all right I have to protect these saplings, if nothing else I was finally able to make a species that was strong against illness.
Strong against illness? Improvements aren't just about making it more beautiful! Are you all right? Hold yourself steady! Who is it!? Work is work.
The path to the chief executive is more important than romance! I'll take the old man's pure heart! Appear, Daimohn! Ubara! Bara bara! Petals with no luster Too much fertilizer.
S-Shut up! Hurry up and finish your job! W-What are you doing!? Hey, stop it! It's a Daimohn! MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP! Those who don't take good care of flowers! That's the type of people who will ruin the Earth! For love and justice, an apprentice to a pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the future moon I'll punish you! A pesky little girl! Ubara! Ubara! Bara bara! Attacking with a rose is a move that I use as a last resort.
I am troubled by copycats.
D-Damn you! It's too early to be so angry.
The main event finally appears.
Sorry to keep you waiting! For love and justice the pretty solder in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Ubara, kill every last one of them! THE RED ROSE OF PASSION! PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! What are you doing, losing to a little girl like that!? Beautiful roses are full of thorns! EMBRACE OF ROSES! Give them a good squeeze! Oh, no! Take this! Are you all right? What are you doing!? There's no way you would lose to girls like them! Damn you! Jealousy is the meaning behind yellow roses!! W-What is this!? Oh Tuxedo Mask!! T-This hurts! I did it! I finally did it! I'm withering! What's wrong, Ubara? Now, Sailor Moon! Yeah! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE! I'm already withered! Bara bara! That's why I wasn't too thrilled about doing this! What was that? I felt a strong power for a moment It's an eerie pulse of darkness! Please be careful, Small Lady Hotaru! I'm so glad! Chibiusa? Papa! Are you all right? Oh, I'm fine! I'm fine! But did I have a dream? It was a terrible storm! But let's come here again! Yes