Sailor Moon (1995) s03e28 Episode Script

328 - Heightened Hazard

Do you know how tough it is to jump higher and more beautifully than anyone else!? Athletes have their own set of problems, too! I can't forgive you for going after such a sportsman's pure heart! You're just jealous because they are so cool! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! This is the story of a distant past Yes.
They traveled a path different from the Sailor Soldier protecting the moon kingdom and had fought against intruders who came from outside the solar system.
They were: Guarded by Uranus The soldier of the heavens, Sailor Uranus.
Guarded by Neptune The soldier of the deep seas, Sailor Neptune.
And guarded by Pluto The soldier of the afterlife, Sailor Pluto.
We were given a stronger power that the other Sailor Soldiers don't have It's a power to protect this Earth from enemies in outer space.
However When we were born in this day and age, and had awakened to our past the enemy had already nested herself secretly on this planet To fight against this intrusion on Earth The greatest crisis of this solar system I will join the battle from the boundaries of time and space Sailor Soldiers given stronger powers than us, huh Those three I had thought that they were somewhat different from us And that's why those three always act separately from us They protected our world in the distant past, on a star of solitude It makes me cry! And they are back, wanting to fight alone once again, working separately from us.
Here, Artemis.
Thanks You're welcome.
Don't Don't think about fighting along with them The world you wish for and what they wish for is completely different.
Wishing for a different world Right hand, Blue 4.
Pretty good But, I have Hayase on my side Hayase! I'll do my best! Right foot, Red 3.
Go for it, Mimet! Go for it, Mimet! Go for it, Mimet! Go for it, Mimet! Go for it, Mimet! Hayase is cheering for you, too! Go for it, Mimet! The new world record is right there! Go for it, Mimet! And this will make you and Hayase the perfect couple! Go for it, Mimet! Go for it, Mimet! The Death Busters are cheering you on, too! Go for it, Mimet! Go for it, Mimet! Go for it, Mimet! With this, you're assured of the executive spot! Go for it, Mimet! Go for it, Mimet! GO FOR IT!! Mimet! I'm impressed that you are training, Mimet Professor!? What's the matter? You coming into a place like this! Oh, it's nothing.
I had heard that the next target was an athlete.
Since I had already chosen a Daimohn most suited for the purpose I thought about bringing it to you for once Why, thank you!! I'm counting on you, Mimet Leave it to me! I, Mimet, will be going now! Now Left foot, Blue 4.
I guess I will try for the world record as well Now, Hayase will finally jump! Let's all focus our attention on this young jumper who appeared out of nowhere! Hayaseis on the run! He jumps! A new Japanese record!! Hayaseis said to have been very frail when he was a child, and often went in an dout of the hospital! And now, he is the proud owner of a new Japanese record! Congratulations, Hayase! Shun I didn't know you had such hobbies! Get out! I told you to knock at all times before entering my room! Oh, my, how strong you've gotten lately! "To Mr.
Shun Hayase" Is it a love letter? Stop it! Kaori, you've been acting strange lately! Perhaps it's YOU who is acting strange, Hotaru To write a letter that you don't have the courage to send I'm home Oh, man I'm pretty beat today, too We have a guest I'm so thrilled that you would come visit me, Hotaru! I'm so sorry I came so suddenly.
Oh, of course it's all right! Stay as long as you want today! Okay.
So it was Hotaru! I'm visiting today.
Chibiusa! You haven't even served tea to our guest!? Oh, don't mind me I can't help it! Mama-Ikuko isn't here right now! If you know how, you do it, Usagi! I'm still just a kid! Is that the attitude to have when you're asking someone to do something for you!? It would be good if you could at least make some tea! I mean, you're drawing a blank when it comes to studying! That's something you shouldn't have said! You don't have to pinch me for it! You don't have to bite me, either! I'm jealous You know, this house It really has a gentle feeling R-Really? Hotaru, you wrote a fan letter to Hayase, the track athlete? What did you write? I didn't write anything much You know I'm not all that strong, right? So It's reassuring to watch Hayase compete, because he was also frail when he was young.
I hope you get a reply! Yeah! But it doesn't matter now This letter I decided that I won't send it Why? Because I don't know where to send it to And besides Then Let's give it to him in person! That's right! Then she can talk directly to him, too! Yeah! Let's do that, Hotaru! Wait for me, Hayase Right now I will come steal your pure heart! Fortunately, today is just a practice, so this place is just for you and me! What is this thing!? Anything that gets between me and Hayase gets THIS! There was a pest to come between me and Hayasein there! Come on! Both of you, you're taking too long! Sheesh This is embarrassing She's talking so loud In the end, it's just that SHE wants to meet Hayase This is where Shun is That must be Hayase There's a rumor that he will break the Japanese record yet again at the next meet An athlete of that caliber might be sought after by the Death Busters Plu! You're here, too, Plu? Hello, little one.
Haruka! Michiru! What's going on? To come here all alone I'm not alone.
Buns-head!? Hotaru Tomoe! Hurry, Hotaru! What are those girls?! Hey, what's this!? You don't have to corner cute girls with so many people!! All we want to do is to give Hayase a letter! You're so mean! It's all right I I'm fine just watching and cheering for him on TV That's Is something wrong? Hotaru, your letter! Your letter! Go! Go! Hotaru! Go, go, Hotaru! Go, go, Hotaru! Hotaru! Did you want something? Come on, Hotaru! What's wrong? Hotaru? I Like I thought What's this? What's this!? I was following the rules, and was Just watching Hayase from far away Appear, Daimohn!! What!? A Daimohn! Undohkai! There you are, you little pests! Get them! Undohkai! ROLL THE BALL! Look out, Hotaru! The letter Undohkai! Serves them right! Undohkai! Rush in and take Hayase's heart crystal! Hotaru! Stay here, and sit still! The letter MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! ROLL THE HUMAN! Finally, Hayase's lips I mean, heart crystal will be stolen.
Forgive me this is myw-o-r-k I'm scared! This is scary! This is too scary! Stop that! Trying to steal someone's dream to jump higher and more beautifully than anyone else lacks sportsmanship! For love and justice! The pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! And her apprentice! In the name of the future moon, I'll punish you! You don't have to! You're not that dependable when you're by yourself, Usagi! Undohkai! Do something about it! Undohkai! THREE-LEGGED RACE! All right while that's going on! Undohkai! You can't! Don't get in my way! You're the one in the way! Just give up! All right! Time to retreat! Undohkai! Oh, shoot! Huh? Something wrong? If you're not feeling well, it's better to go to the medical office W-What's going on? Did you see that That power? That girl she's not normal.
That girl is indeed a dangerous entity HEY! What are you doing!? I'm sorry But I'm not sure what happened myself.
That girl What in the world is she? In any case I was saved because I had this shell on my back PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! That hurts! A chance! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE! Shoot!! Love-Lovely!! I'll get you for this!! Mr.
Hayase! Hotaru came to! Chibiusa You shouldn't do anything too strenuous yet Mr.
Hayase Um I You're a frail girl, aren't you? Yes I was like that, too, when I was a child I know.
Really? Even at this age, when I wake up in the morning I sometimes get the feeling that my current self that's full of energy and playing sports is all a dream.
Hayase I know that feeling! Really? You're the first person who seriously listened to me! Thank you Please do your best at the next track meet! You, too should do your best, so that you can someday be strong enough to play sports! Okay! And he jumps! Hayase cleared it! He has yet again marked a new Japanese record! Congratulations, Hayase!!